Saturday, March 9, 2013

just for you

With all those special events in sl at the moment (The Arcade, Whore Couture Fair and the Fashion for Life event) we must not forget the hunts and the freestuff we can go for to get dressed well. Nic shows you therefore the sweater with mini skirt from the hunt at Prism Designs. Let Your Creations Been Known Hunt is going on. From 1 March till 31 Marz. You need find a small bench. It is  a grid wide hunt with 48 stops. Love the frilly sleeve parts near the hands.
The boots are from ISON from the gatcha at The Arcade. This are the tomato ones. When i got them i first was startled. I thought oh noo tomato red boots i don't want ... but they turned out to be more brown then tomato pffff >> Nic happy. The soles from these boots are from wood.
The necklace  is the last groupgift from Sweet Leo Needful Things.
And now i go eat the cookies( just for you is written on the notecard) and drink the delicious warm chocolate

Sweater with Skirt: Prism- Prism Collette by Journey Hunt: L.Y.C.B.N-PRISM-gift #30 ( free)
Boots: ISON for The Arcade - ISON - hawkin boots ( tomato) (100ld)
Necklace: Sweet Leonard - ::Sweet Leonard::  My lil Peaceangel (free, but groupjoin fee)
From inventroy: Shoulder pet - d-lab at The Arcade ( showed before); scarf- Pepper.

Bye bye, Nic

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