Sunday, July 31, 2022

just don't!


"Just don't". Nice title to let you think about why "just don't". She is crying and drinking but why is she crying and has the drinking to do with the crying? And what is he doing? Helping her or is he apologizing or trying to calm her? For me it is clear. She just doesn't want to talk about it, turning her head away. 
The scene is sexy because of the sexy dress of *SK*. A sort of corset dress it is. Available in several colors at the Kinky event.
Nic is using for the first time at this blog her LeL EvoX head Ryn. The Ryn head has a bit an Asian face in my idea and I love that for Nic.
I was working hard to make her look a bit a look-a-like with the old Nic. I am not so much a face changer and was happy with Nic's old face. But for my blogging I want to stay updated and I like to follow new developments. First I thought the much used head  Avalon is a bit like Nic's old head. But Nic got deeper sunken eyes and she was looking tired then. Also depending of course on the skin for EvoX that i had in my inventory ( I know). I went back and compared the faces and this Ryn head turned out to be better for me. The skin that Nic is wearing now I got at the lucky board at 7 Deadly s[K]ins. A skin for head and body in all tones. Good to use as a starter for my EvoX experience. The tears are in the hud of the head. For those who want to give such a change a try I can recommend the tutorial video at YouTube from Naria Panthar.  

Leather dress: * SK * at Kinky - * SK * ODETTE FATPACK (NEW)
Stockings: Blushed - Blushed Seamed Pantyhose with appliers
Eyeliner: Sap -  Sap ~ HD Eyeliner Gift (Lelutka Evolution) (1ld)
Head: LeLUTKA - LeLUTKA Ryn Head 3.1
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins- 7 Deadly s[K]ins - TABEA skins ( free/ lucky board/ group join fee)
Drink and Cigarette : :::ChicChica::: - :::ChicChica::: Bourbon with cig (75 ld/ Saturday sale)
Hair: TRUTH - TRUTH VIP  Forever (old group gift)
From inventory: Jewelry - EarthStones; He is wearing Deadwool

Bye bye, Nic

Wednesday, July 27, 2022

how hot can it be!

Yes, how hot can it be? What do you mean Nic? Hot in sl or the temperature in rl or the set of clothes that you are wearing? She is showing you the newly released set of Adorsy at the Cosmopolitan's Sales Room. Uhm yes i know totally not free and a fatpack.... well you know that is quite expensive. Forgive me please but all these things are so nice to show. I did choose a combination that you can make with the fatpack. Today Truth released a new hair, Mischief. The first 48 hours the regular packs are now 200ld. The hair comes also with two sorts of bangs.The sweet little spaniels I found at Foxwood in the Saturday sale. They are all static. You also get a wearable one.

Top/skirt/ shoes: Adorsy at CSR - Adorsy Pamela top fatpack/ skirt/fatpack and shoes pack (NEW)
Hair: TRUTH - TRUTH Mischief (NEW)
Litte spaniels: Foxwood - Foxwood - Little Spaniel (Saturday Sale)
Ice cream form the car behind Nic
From inventory: necklace - EarthStones

Bye bye, Nic


Tuesday, July 26, 2022

hopefully in time


Hopefully I am in time for you to show the bonbon hair. I bought it in the Fifty Linden Friday sale. This morning the FLF hair was still available in the shop. Nic is showing a top and a cardigan. At the moment Tetra has a 50% off sale, July 22 - 27. Nic is wearing Mosquito's Way shoes Chloe. Comes with a color hud. You can change several parts of the shoes. In the early morning I stood at the lucky boards at Ydea. They change very fast. I got a spring outfit set with a cute black skirt. I was also waiting for a midnight mania gift this morning, the jeans skirt in the third picture. Clicked the board yesterday evening and many friends helped. Thanks all!!! I think Nic needs a coffee now.

Top: Tetra - TETRA - Geena ruffle top (Purple) (bought in 50% off sale)
Cardigan: Tetra - TETRA - Off-shoulder cardigan (Onyx) (bought in 50% off sale)
Black skirt: Ydea - part of *Ydea Style Spring outfit* (free/lucky board)
Jeans Skirt: [QE] - [QE] Hannah Denim Skirt (Add Me!)
Hair: bonbon - bonbon - morina hair (naturals fatpack) (FLF sale)
Shoes: Mosquito's Way - Mosquito's Way - Chloe
From inventory: necklace and earrings - CAE( Rowan) ; dog - Rezz Room; poses - Belle Poses ( group gift Joss);Bag- Foxes (Old luxe box gift); tattoo - Carol C
Bye bye, Nic

Saturday, July 23, 2022

cheaper shopping


What a generous gift we got for the 8th birthday of Addams. 300ld store credits that you have to use within seven days. And there is a sale in the shop. I hope you got your credits in time. The board to get them is in the beginning of the shop in the middle. It was good to shop for 300ld when all items were below 100ld, because of the sale. Here you see what Nic bought, the blazer with top and the skirt with the fishnet stockings. You can choose the color of the stockings and you can wear them with a low waist. You also can use the skirt without the stockings. All is in the hud. For the top is a color hud. You can also use the blazer without the top. The wine tote is from e.marie at marketplace, an old gacha item. The delicious ice cream is one of the many groupgifts of kotte.

Blazer: Addams - Addams Studded Blazer Philomena (free/bought with birthday store credits in the sale)
Skirt: Addams - Skirt with belt Philomena (free/bought with birthday store credits in the sale)
Bag: e.marie - e.marie Wine Tote 2 
Ice cream: kotte - kotte - cup o' soft serve (comes in 4 tastes) ( groupgift/ free/group join 99 ld)
Hair: Kuni - KUNI - Hanna (Color HUD Pack) (v2.0) 
Styling hud Kuni Hair: Kuni - KUNI - Hanna (Style HUD Pack) (v2)
Necklace: Kibitz - Kibitz Marla necklace - gold
From inventory: dogs, TLC Animals and Jian ; booties - Mosquito's Way (Colette)

Bye bye, Nic

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Mexico Sonora


Visiting Mexico Sonora. Long time ago I took pictures there. My inspiration to go there were the nice feather earrings of Meva. You can buy them in the Happy Tuesday Sale. They come with a very good hud. I really recommend them. Kenny Rolands has after a long time a new group gift. The withe dress that Nic is wearing. The shoes are a gift near the counter at StephaneL. You need to join the Mesh Body friends group. 

Earrings: Meva at Cosmopilitan Hello Tuesday - Meva Hazel Earrings Box (50% off)
Dress:[KR] ( Kenny Rolands- [KR]  ISATIA DRESS -WHITE- (free/group gift)
Heels: StephaneL - [StephaneL] ANNA SHOES- (free/Mesh Body Friends Group)
Hair: Magika - Magika - Hair - Victoria 
Waist sweater: Blueberry - Blueberry - Lila - Wrap Around Sweater - Fat Pack
From inventory: feather necklace- Silvery K; chickens - TLC Animals Gacha; horse pack full perm - marketplace

Bye bye, Nic
Time to go relax in the sun now. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2022



This tank and suit is in my opinion super loungewear. Loungewear is so comfortable. I found this tank and suit when I was looking at Gild for male group gifts.The nice thing about this tank and suit is that it is also sexy. The tank shows nearly the left nipple. The right side of the tank shows much more of the nipple and the breast. You can hide that like I do under hair and with the tattoo nipple appliers that I found for 25ld. The suit is sexy at the back. The set is available in more colors. Nic is wearing the latest group gift hair of Truth. The necklace is the same as in the post before this one.

Tank and suit: [Gild] - [GILD]chill suits tank and loop with pants Red set 
Hair: Truth - TRUTH VIP Eclipse (free/group join fee)
Nipple cover: Commotion -Commotion Nipple Covers 8 Colors BOM (25ld)
Necklace: Kibitz - Kibitz Marla necklace - gold ( Saturday Sale)
From inventory: boxer pups - Rezz Room; melon bag - Chez Moi ( part of floating picnic set); handbag - Movement ; Ears - Mandala; just love tattoo - Carol G.
Bye bye, Nic 

Sunday, July 10, 2022

Crossing Currents

It's been a long time since I went to the beautiful white beaches of Crossing Currents. It's a nice place for picture making with clear open water for swimming. I think the person who went with Nic to the beach is putting his swim shorts on in the beach tent of Serenity Style.
Today I want to show you the lovely top and skirt of Adorsy, available in many colors at the Cosmopolitans Sales room. Nic could wear the free heels that you can get at Shop&Hop. Today is the last day of the event. The little festival seats are also a gift at Shop&Hop. The hair with hat is in the Fifty Linden Friday sale at Mina. For more colors of the hat you can buy also for 50ld a color hud. 
Top: Adorsy at CSR - Adorsy Carina top (NEW)
Skirt: Adorsy at CSR - Adorsy Carina Crochet Skirt (NEW)
Hair with hat: Mina in FLF sale - Mina  Hair Ananada ( all colors included) (50ld/FLF)
Hat color hud: Mina in FLF sale - Mina Hat Style hud (50ld/FLF)
Necklace: Kibitz - Kibitz Marla necklace - gold ( Saturday Sale)
Heels: [MSN Design] at S&H- [MSN Design] Dory Heels FATPACK [SLB] (free)
Festivals stool: OCR at S&H - OCR Festival Stool ( click for color menu) (free)
Bag: David Heather - David Heather -Tote 2  (at marketplace sl)
From inventory: beach tent - Serenity Style; seals - TLC Animals;parasol and blanket - {what next}  
Bye bye, Nic


Friday, July 8, 2022

with the pugs in the pool


Enough items I got to make a pool scene for Nic. Base is the {YD} summer pool that I already had in my inventory. At one side I placed a wall with columns, the Minimal april group gift 2020. Behind Nic you can see the hanging bench, the latest Minimal group gift. I recolored the cushions a bit. They were white. Long time ago i joined the Minimal group for free. Group membership is 350ld now. 
Gifts that I got at Shop&Hop are the ice popsicle floatie, the floatie with a pattern, the amphora vases, Nic's flip flops, the lemonade dispenser set and the chairs. The chairs are wearable chairs. I rezzed them as decor pieces. Rezzed you can't sit on them. The wearable chairs come  in two versions (males and females). There is a hud for the textures. I wanted to make the pool scene because I bought the bikini with hat with store credits of Belle Epoque. The group join is just 10ld. In the shop is the board that you need to click to get the credits. You get a set in one color. Uhm yes i confess I bought two sets with the credits plus a bit extra payment. I couldn't decide what color I wanted. 😏
As regards to the gift of [QE] you  need to know that you get a gift with paintings and goodies. The goodies folder contains: shorts and tops,flip flops and a bikini all with color/texture hud and a banana plant. 

Bikini with hat: Belle Epoque - Belle Epoque - Rafaella - Sky (free/ bought with groupgift store credits/see my text)
Flip flops: [QE] at S&H - [QE] Beachcomber Flips -End of Summer- (free)
Hair: RAMA.SALON - 'RAMA.SALON - Jessie Hair 'Naturals Pack'
Lemonade: DUST at S&H: - DUST: Lemonade Giver BOX (free)
Pose and prop/ floatie and drink: BellePoses - BellePoses - Livia. 
From inventory: drink floatie - e.marie x Ariskea; Summer Pool - {YD}; floaties for the dogs - {what next} ( old groupgift/available); sitting pug- Dench Designs; swimming pug - Black Bantam

Hanging chair decor: Minimal - Minimal July Group Gift (NEW/groupgift/ join group costs)
Wearable Camping Chair: {what next}  at S&H  at S&H - {wn}  Wearable Camping Chair - (free)
Popsicle floatie: [CIRCA] at S&H - SL19B Gift Set - [CIRCA] Living (free)
Pattern floatie: !TYLAR'S at S&H - !TYLAR'S SL19B Shop and Hop GIFT Pool Float (free)
Vases: Myth - Myth - Amphora Vase (free)

Bye bye, Nic

Thursday, July 7, 2022

summer kimono


At the new round of Japonica is this new release of Silvery K, the sparkle lace kimono. Event Closes: 2022/07/25. In the morning at the edge of the Ying Yang Water Fountain she is waking up. The little chinese crested at her side. A beautiful place with lotus candles. Nic's hair is from an old gacha of Silvery K, called Sakura Style hair Gacha. Check the marketplace for that. In her hair are two ornaments ( the butterfly ornament and the so-called kanzashi, the hairpin at the right side in the picture).

Kimono;*:..Silvery K..: at Japonica - *:..Silvery K..:*Mesh Kimono (Sparkle Lace)(NEW)
Fountain: Tsunami Creations - TC Ying Yang Water Fountain
Lotus candle( on the ground): Tsunami Creations: TC - Lotus Candle Holder
Sakura tree: Hayabusa Design at Poppy -Hayabusa Design - Inworld Shopping June 2022 (free)
Lotus candle at the fountain: unKindness - uK meditation Candle
Chinese Crested: *HEXtraordinary* - 10. *HEXtraordinary* Chinese Crested - companion ( see at Marketplace)
From inventory: Hair and ornaments  - Silvery K (Sakura hair Gacha /see marketplace)
Bye bye, Nic

Tuesday, July 5, 2022

for a garden party

We can make a party place of our own. But the SL19 Birthday party is nearly over. The end of SL19B is coming soon. But there is still time for you to go to all the places where you can find the gifts to make this patio. The table of ~PPC~ I unlinked. The typewriter and a steampunk guitar and some more accessories that were attached to the table I took away, because I needed a table for the treats. I hope you enjoy what I combined. 

Pergola: Noveny at Poppy - Noveny - Pergola Birthday SL - GIFT

Coffee cups: FOXCITY at Snapdragon - FOXCITY. Decor - Pride Mug & Coaster decor only (free)
Donuts and milk tray (dispenser): Magic Party at Lupine - <Magic Party> SL19B GIFT (free)
Cupcakes: Dahlia at Lupine -Dahlia - Maggie - Cupcake - Blueberry ( rezz and hold version)(free)
Panda cookies Madras at Lupine - MADRAS Panda Cookie SLB19 Gift decor only (free)

Sakura pink tree: Hayabusa Design at Poppy -Hayabusa Design - Inworld Shopping June 2022 (free)
Planters: Shutterfield at Chickory - SF Tin Flower Bed V1 and V2- Gift - (free)
Wobbly Cactus: Soul2Soul at Forsythia - Soul2Soul. Wobbly Cactus Set. SL19B GIFT (free)
Tulips: Chez Moi at Halcyon - CHEZ MOI Spring Decor (free)
Old Stone vase with berries and eucalyptus: Nutmeg at Poppy - Nutmeg Flower Gift -1 ( free)
Lavender Bucket: Sparrows Nest at Lupine - SN LAVENDER BUCKET(free)
Pink pot with flowers: Sparrows nest at Lupine - SN A free gift from me to you comes with animated butterflies(free)
Wood planter with blue flowers: Sparrows Nest at Lupine - SN Small Worn Wood Planter (free)
Tall vase with white hydrangea: Sparrows Nest at Lupine - Sparrows Nest - Hud Bees (free)

Stone bench with ivy and flower pot: Bad Katz  at Chickory - Bad Katz S&H Gift comes with animated  butterflies and light sparkles (free)
Hammock: Lacrime dell'Anima at Gleaming - SL19B Shop&Hop GIFT *Lacrime dell'anima* (free)
Paper lanterns: *Artisan Fantasy* at Gleaming - *AF* Paper Lanterns (free)
Steampunk table: ~PPC~ ( Prim Pile Creations) at Forsythia - ~PPC~ Steampunk L-Shape Desk (free)
Floor Pillows: 3D Republic (TD) at Chickory - TD Floor Pillow Stack decor (free)
Log Stool: SLAM // at Lupine - SLAM // log stool set 2 versions // SL19B Shop & Hop gift (free)

Bye bye, Nic

just what I like


After so many blog posts with free items now some new items that i like. This is easy loungewear in my opinion. Wearing and walking in this is a pleasure. From the happy weekend sale is the suitcase and bag set. Still available in the Movement shop. The silk top is a Fifty Linden Friday item at Ison. I took the green one and then discovered there it has a hud with more colors. Like this sunny golden/yellow color. The trousers are a new release of erratic at the Access Event. Love the front. Under it Nic is wearing the bottom of the bikini sold at the same place. Nic's bracelet is from an old set at NyDesigns, called summer dreaming outfit. Still available in the shopThe choker of Glitzz come with a good color hud

Top: ISON for FLF - ISON - miah satin corset top (earth)(50ld/FLF)
Trousers: erratic at Access - erratic / akira - trousers / black (NEW)
Bottom of bikini: erratic at Access - erratic / daphne - bikini / black baroque (NEW)
Bracelet: [NyDesign] - part of [NyDesign] Summer Dreaming Outfit
Hair: *barberyumyum* - *barberyumyum*P18(02)
Shoes: Lapointe/Swear: -  L&B Swear Old School Womens Low Tops 
Suitcase and bag : MOVEMENT- MOVEMENT- Holiday travel medium luggage - Black (Happy Weekend Sale)
Choker: Glitzz - [Glitzz] Diamonds Choker
From inventory: dog - Rezz Room; locket- EarthStones; pose - Belle Poses; body chain _ Amias

Bye bye, Nic

Monday, July 4, 2022

Happy 4th of July


While my American friends are still sleeping with beautiful dreams I went to get my 4th of July gift at ChicChica. It is the so-called Popsicle Chammy. See the close-up how well made the treat is. I already had the other ice lolly in my other hand. I was surprised to see I was wearing it in the same colors.That one is a gift of Lavish at Shop&Hop. You can change the colors with a hud and you get it with poses also a loop pose with face animation ( licking, chewing or swallowing). The dress fits well in the color scheme. By the way in the Belle Epoque group you get 500ld store credits. Group membership is 10ld. Go to the store and click the board. The heels i could get for free with a 500ld gift card of StephaneL. Group membership is 15ld! I went to Vision to get the jacket with the credits that I got at Shop&Hop.

Dress: Belle Epoque at Shop&Hop - Belle Epoque Lara GIFT for several bodies (free)
Jacket:{ViSion} //-{ViSion} // Eva Jacket - #1( free bought with S&H store credits)
Posicle chammy: :::ChicChica::: - :::ChicChica::: 4th July Popsicle Chammy (free)
Ice lolly: Lavish /- Lavish / N.ICE S.CKER Ice Lolly / GIFT (free at S&H)
Shoes:[StephaneL] -[StephaneL] LUSIANA SHOES  with color hud fatpack ( free/bought with groupgift credit card)
From inventory: hair - Stealthic (Fleeting); Bikini Gigi ( comes with a wrap) - Narcisse ( was once a gift/ now normal price fatpack at Marketplace); lounge boat - Evhah
Haha is she teasing or seducing at this picture?
Bye bye, Nic

Saturday, July 2, 2022

lap sit


Cosy time together. That is so good. Aren't they cute? They show you some clothes that will not cost you much. Tjip went for the credits of [Vagrant] at Shop& Hop. You get 500ld. I didn't know they have a small part in the shop for males. I read about it here. Click to see also the outfit that is shown there. Tjip bought the jacket and the pants. Nic went to hunt at Witchwood. You see at the landing point what you can get. Search for the Route 66 road signs. The presents are 10 or 20ld. Nic took ths leather jacket with the blouse. She is wearing her Humblebee pants. Bought with her Shop&Hop credits. Her hair band you can get in the C'est la Vie shop. Do the Womenstuff hunt there. I showed the hair band before here. Her shoes you see in the picture below here.  
Nic is wearing:
Leather jacket with blouse: Witchwood -Witchwood- Leather Moto Jacket & Blouse (20ld/hunt at Witchwood see text)
Pants:Bumblebee - Bumblebee - Gretel Suede Pants - White ( free/  with the gift card of S&H)
Hair band: C'est la vie! - ::C'est la vie !:: Tinka Headband (free)
Shoes: friday at Shop&Hop - friday Parker Sandal ( Toffee) (free)
From inventory: Hair - Truth (Adore); Cat - Jian; necklace - Earthstones

Tjip is wearing:
Jacket and pants:[ vagrant ]  - [ vagrant ] Ewan Jacket and pants ( free/bought with  Shop& Hop  credits)
From inventory: hair - Argrace (Hayate)
Bye bye , Nic

Friday, July 1, 2022


This dress gave me a retro feeling. The model and the length of the dress gave me that feeling. Picture making in a park with her parasol I had in mind. I thought I could find a park in old styled Berlin. But this background with Sarotti and Kranzler and Nic waiting for her chauffeur to bring her to the park was also good. 
The dress is available at the Sense event at the moment. Ten colors are available. The parasol and Nic's gloves I had in my inventory. They are part of the Summer Romantica kimono of Silvery K. All was in a gacha. The gloves are at Marketplace. 

Dress: * SK * at Sense - * SK * THEA Yellow (NEW)
Hair: DOUX - DOUX Zoe 
Pretzel cart: KraftWork - KraftWork Pretzel Cart (group gift/free)
Light bulb ( see in the cart): Schadenfreude -  Schadenfreude Hot Air Balloon Lightbulbs (free/S&H gift)
From inventory; necklace, parasol and gloves - Silvery K; Pug companion - Jian; Car - Serenity style
Bye bye, Nic