Tuesday, March 31, 2015

welcome home... hugs and kisses

Where ever you go, whatever you do...I will be right here waiting for you. A warm welcome for you.

Aren't the grass rabbits cute. It's a bit a pity that they have so many prims. Otherwise i could use them near my front door as decoration. But with the wear pose they are also lovely. Nic shows 2 groupgifts from Sentinus Design. The black/white top and the blue skirt with white shirt. I recolored the lace shirt from Jane to match with the skirt. But you can also wear the set without a top.

Black/white top: Sentinus Design - Sentinus Design Irina black&white shirt (free)
Skirt and white shirt: Sentinus Design - sentinus gift (free)
Grass rabbits: Zenith - =Zenith=Grass Rabbit (April Group Gift) (free)
Hair: Moon{hair} - MOON{Hair}. Exhale - Naturals 2
From inventory: Boots Rowena's Designs; top - jane ( on marketplace)
Pictures taken at Scribbled Dreams

Bye bye, Nic

Monday, March 30, 2015

i'am just a dreamer but you just a dream

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I am just a dreamer but you just a dream. You are like a hurricane, there's calm in your eye, but i am blown away.You could have been anyone to me. Before that moment you touched my lips....

Nic and tjip are showing some presents. Nic also shows you a new release from Blueberry. The asymetrical top with two colors. Many colors in the mainshop. Love that top. I combined it with a suede mini short from Drift. The armbands are from Pixicat. Showed them some time before already.
Nic also shows a skirt with blouse(comes with a hud). It is the groupgift from TentatioN.
Tjips denim pants and jacket are from the Cosmopolitan Sales Room, the gift from this round. The camo outfit is the male groupgift from TentatioN.
Cute is the pose. It is the way the pose from fashiowl was packed. The pose i got at the Four Seasons market.
And wow the brooche from Chop Zuey for Fabulous Free is gorgeous. Free for everyone, no group join needed. You find the gift in the main store.

Asymetrical top: Blueberry - Blueberry - Avela - Tank Tops - Black (NEW)
Shorts:  DRIFT - DRIFT Simple Shors [MESH] Suede w/Color Change HUD
Skirt and blouse: TentatioN - * TentatioN * GIFT Group (free/ group join 30ld)
Brooche: Chop Zuey - Heart of Hope Gld Brooch (free)
Pose with owl: Fashiowl at FSM - = fashiowl poses  = First Date (free)
Denim outfit tjip: *MSS* for CSR - *MSS* - Faded Denim Outfit - Blue (free)
Camo outfit: TentatioN -* TentatioN * GIFT Group (free/ group join  30ld)
From inventory: Hair tjip - Argrace (Hayate); sunglasses - Paul Polo (part of an outfit); Nic's hair - Mina (Shiny Shabby event)
Pictures taken at: Scribbled Hearts 

Bye bye, Nic

spirit in the sky ( medieval Role play hunt)

When I die and they lay me to rest
Gonna go to the place that's the best
Goin' up to the spirit in the sky

But first today... down to earth.
What a difference with real life now. Role-play makes fun. But i am glad it's just SL. No way to have such a life in rl...i like my life with computers. I can send my spirit in the sky. Need not catch my fish for diner this evening. Need not protect myself against wild animals (uuuhmmm males included?). Need not cook in a cauldron and cut wood before i can go cook. Just relax on monday morning with a cup of fresh hot coffee and doing a photoshoot in sl to show the fur clothes from Blue Velvet. A new release.
The furs on the ground are from the Mediaval Fantasy Hunt. I always wanted a fur on the ground at my homeplace, but the ones that i wanted were too expensive. This is free and the textures are very good. Plus nice animations include!
The necklace is a gift in the tent from the fortune teller at Sweet Revolutions . Click the silvery white thingie.

Outfit: Blue Velvet- Blue velvet Furs Mesh fur outfit (NEW)
Necklace: ~*SR*~ - ~*SR*~Poison necklace (free)
Fur carpet with fur cushions: Wonderland creations - # 30 MFH XIII
From inventory: Hair - Truth, Sandals - ANE
Greetings Nic
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Sunday, March 29, 2015

me and you

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Nic and tjip in loving poses. A bit a strange idea when you know, that they are both my avatars. But my sweet helpers were not online this afternoon and i wanted make this post already to inform you about beautiful clothes and other stuff. Nic got this lovely dress this morning from dally, designer from Toxic Candy. Tjip was the one who arrange the contact. I love the delicacy of this dress and that back part. Realy beautiful. More colors in the shop. Nic wears wedges from the lucky board at milky-way. Her hair is an oldie from Truth. Necklace and armband oldie from League.
The couple standing pose is from The Four Season Market from Fashiowl, a gift. The bench from NiNight Creations ( with tree with birds and butterflies and grass and stones) has 33 couple animations and 11 single animations. Tjip wears a sweater from Marketplace. I not totally agree with the text in red on tjips sweater haha. The glasses in his hair are gift at Black Label Men's wear.

Dress: {TC} - {TC} Lola Crossed back dress (NEW)
Wedges: milky-way - **milky-way *14-17 High Strap Sandals-denim pink-For Slink (free)
Standing pose: Fashiowl at FSM- = fashiowl poses  = First Date (free)
Bench and more: NN at FSM - ..:: NN ::.. Bench Spring (free)
Sweater tjip: Adham de Cuir - Bro Collection casual tee (1ld)
Glasses: Black Label men's wear - BLM MESH - Rampage Mesh Biker Shades
From inventory: Tjips hair - Argrace; pants - Pekas (free/ see earlier post)
Pictures made at Sarawak

Bye bye, Nic

Saturday, March 28, 2015

the answer my friend is blowing in the wind

Heavy wind in rl at the moment.. is this spring?  For Nic the same:  the leaves are blown around her as you can see. The rabbit seeks protection near her. Good to wear a hair band in this weather. Nic wears new hair from Mina at the Shiny Shabby event. The pink jeans and the black jacket are from marketplace. Dancer sended me a list with marketplace tips. Thanks Dancer again! The green shoes and the clutch are gift at the Four Seasons Market.

Jacket: Sugar&Cyanide - Mute. Biker Jacket - Black (10ld)
Jeans: !Majestic! - !Majestic! Hick pants Valentine Gift ( 1ld)
Shoes: Odelitte at FSM - Odelitte Elvie Polka Sandal - Gift (free)
Clutch: Glam Dreams at FSM - Glam Dreams " Spring Roses " Clutch Shopping Bag ( GG ) ***(free)
Hair: Mina at Shiny Shabby - MINA - Jacky - Light brown ( 5 colors for band)(NEW)
From inventory: Glasses ieQED; Tattoo - Body Factory (free); Necklace - mandala; wristband - Hermony; armband - grasp
Pictures taken at: Rosewoods 
Bye bye, Nic

Friday, March 27, 2015

i'm missing you

I'm missing you  as soon as you leave. And then i'm going to dream to feel you near.
Nic wears a very lovely dress from Leri Miles Design fot the March round of my Attic. My Attic ends at 31ste of March.

Dress: Leri Miles Designs  at my Attic - Leri Miles Designs Mesh Bobby Sue dress (NEW)
From inventory: Hair - Truth
Pictures made at: Sarawak

Bye bye, Nic

spring meadow ( Kiyomizu spring hunt)

Nic shows her Kiyomizu spring hunt items in the meadow. Good place to be in spring. Although the animals are huge and a bit frightening.
The hunt is from 14-03-2015 till 05-04-2015. I am a bit late,  but well you have enough time to go. search a cat. The outfit on the last picture you get with a black legging. I combined it with my spiked legging from Shey. Shoes are also from Shey on all pictures.

Purple skirt: M.I.X -  kiyomizu Hunt#1 M.I.X.*leather skirt(purple)(free)
outfit on second picture: **milky-way *- **milky-way *15-04 Sakura-Saku (Kiyomizu Hunt)(free)
Outfit  third picture: M*Motion - M*Motion C15-07 Spring Shirt [KYMZ](free)
From inventory: hair -D!va; Shoes - Shey; Legging- Shey; Sweater- Maitreya

Bye bye, Nic

Wednesday, March 25, 2015


Yes sometimes she can be naughty but mostly with a decent touch. ;)
Naughty but awesome dresses Nic shows you. The gray dress is from Kaithleen's from the Spring market. I also found the nice red pants there. The necklace is from B!asta from the gatcha machine at the luck of the Irish Gatcha Fair. At that fair there are sooooo many gatcha machines. Unbelievable! The nice new red shoes are from Shey a new release ( with ofcourse the well-known super hud with many colors) and for an affordable prize. The black retro shoes are also from the Irish Gatcha Fair from B!asta.

Grey Dress: Kaithleen's at ZH Spring market- Kaithleen's Naughty Dress - Just Awesome Black ( 1ld)
Red dress: Shey: In info /notices from the Sheyholic group ( free? but group join fee)
Red pants: :::KC::: at ZH spring market - :::KC::: Danaris Pants Red (1ld)
Necklace: B!asta  - [B!] :PIER 12: Jewelry sets (Gacha)
Shoes: B!asta - [B!] :DE JURE: Heels for SLink high & Maitreya (Gacha)
Red shoes: Shey - SHEY Tuana Stilettos (NEW)
From inventory: Hair - Mina; armband - Tokyo.girl; bag - Moon}
Pictures made at: Blithe, Lost Angel
Bye bye, Nic

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

first day on the beach again

First time to the beach this year. Not very sunny but always beautiful at Baja Norte.
Nic shows a short dress from Pekas, the female groupgift. And a nice long dress from siss boom,  and a shirt with jeans ( not this one but short jeans)from CandyMetal. The sweater i got on a market with many gifts.

Short dress: Pekas - PKS Coralina  (free)
Sweater ( bermuda/not shown):CandyMetal at ZH Spring Market - `CandyMetal~ZH Market Gift (free)
Dress: sb - sb  agenda teal (free)
From inventory: Hair - Catwa; shoes- BSD
Pictures made at: Baja Norte

Bye bye, Nic

Monday, March 23, 2015

break time

A cigarette on the street. Monday, work day..but a cigarette outside and a moment to relax. A good talk also is always important. Tjip wears casual clothes, the new groupgift at Pekas.  Nic shows a new release from Rowena's Designs. And watch the nice boots from Silvery K.

Tjip wears:
Jeans and sweater: Pekas - PeKaS Urban Patrich (free)

Nic wears:
Dress: Rowena's Designs -{RS} Catrin Dress (NEW)
Boots: Silvery K for FFL - RFL of SL 2015 _silvery K(Black) (NEW)
From inventory: Neckwarmer - C'est la vie !; hair- Catwa
Pictures taken at: Lavarock Creations

Bye bye, Nic

Sunday, March 22, 2015

greenhouse time

Time to relax and think about beautiful moments. The start from springtime yesterday.
In this cosy greenhouse Nic relaxes in her new chillin Kurta clothes from ::K:: at Shiny Shabby (round march/april). For men and women. The boho bag is also from the Shiny Shabby event. The cute sandals are from Tee*Fy. In Nic's hair is a sakura hair ornament from Silvery K. New at the Fashion For Life. Proceeds from the sales at FFL go to the American Cancer Society. This year's theme is seven  of the most influential Fashion Capitals From Around the World: NYC, Paris, London, Los Angeles, Milan, Berlin and Tokyo. Silvery K's special for the event are boots. I will show them in a later post.

Outfit: ::K:: at Shiny Shabby  - ::K:: Chillin Kurta Femme White and  Babypink (new)
Bag: United Colors  at -Shiny Shabby - UC_Boho_bag_women_ (NEW)
Head ornament: *:..Silvery K..: at FFL - :..Silvery K..:*Head Dress(SAKURA)( new at FFL)
Sandals: Tee*Fy - Tee*fy Betty Sandals White
From inventory: Hair - Mina
Chair with cats -  Ionic;  bed - {tarte}, greenhouse- dust bunny
Pictures made at: Blithe, Lost Angel

Bye bye, Nic

Friday, March 20, 2015

burning heart

Does it feel the same. When he calls your name. And does it feel the same...

Nic's  set has many styles in it.The flower embroidery reminds me of traditional folk embroidery from East Europe or Spain. The roses and hearts are symbols from the Rock and Roll Fifties. Red, black and roses you can find in asian styles. Because of the rose hair ornament from Naminoke i came in an asian styled environment. Nic's hair from fashionably Dead has asian influences.
See how nice the heart necklace combines with the hearts on the dress.
Nic wears the bustier under the jacket. There is also a lace top for under the jacket.Watch the quality of the textures.Very good!

Poses: Kirin - Momo pose pack and pose gift (free)
Outfit: ::FAC::::FAC:: Dollie & Gabriella Outfit (NEW)
Goldfish hanger: Naminoke - *N*KINGYODAMA  WEAR R&R BLK (gatcha)
Hair stick: Naminoke - *N*ROSE HAIR STICK
Hair: Fashionably Dead - (fd) Marie (Grayscale)
From inventory: Heart necklace - ANE see earlier post
Pictures made at Naminoke

Bye bye, Nic


It feels like an eclipse when you not here. The light of the sun is away, when you not around. But now you're back and the sun shines bright immediately.
Nic went to France to see the eclipse this day. No she didn't watch the sun with that telescope. It would harm her eyes.
She wears a pink dress from the lucky chairs at Zhora Design. Laura Azalee from the Freedeology group discovered this shop from a very nice Mexican lady. I went there and got the set from the Midnight Mania, the jeans with sweater and flats and the bag. And i got the pink dress. It is a non -mesh dress but well... not bad on Nic hey? It has all sorts of appliers.

Outfit: Zhora Design-  *ZD* Anna Outfit in Grey (free/ MM)
Pink dress: Zhora Design -  *ZD* Sahara Dress Pink (free)
From inventory: Necklace - ANE ( see post before this one); Pink flats- Orange*Pekoe; hair - Eaters Coma; armbands- Mandala
Pictures made at: Heart Song

Bye bye, Nic