Sunday, June 30, 2013


She looks like a goddess from the ancient greek times. She wears a dress with jewels. A collaboration from Designer Enchanted and Vendome Jewelry. The lace, the gold, the sexy  shape of the dress, the red jewels....i love all of it. At daybreak she looks fragile and at night she looks mysterious.

Dress: Vendome Jewelry - VENDOME Jewelry Athena Lace complete
From inventroy: Hair- Wasabi Pills; lingerie- Insolence

Bye bye, Nic

Saturday, June 29, 2013

tops parade

Tops parade. When i was busy making the first pictures from the lemon top i remember the white top that i also found and then the top from the bloggersgift. So the idea came in my mind to make a sunny tops parade. Nic shows the tops on a sunny beach location. The lemon top with a lemon background. Pink top with pink behind her and  the turquoise...hmmm no turquoise around... well what ever..the tops are cute.
First top is from the Kiyomizu hunt at the Kiyomizo shopping mall, a japanese area. You need find a cat. Look high in the Mimi Noir shop at the ceiling. Very easy. The white top you can find in the thrift store. A store with clothes from so many shops. This top is a gift there from Somnia. The turquoise top was in the bloggers packet that i got from Frutillitas. You can find the outfit on marketplace.

And i am so happy with my new slink mesh hands. I bought the casual ones. But wish to buy also the elegant ones. It was a bit a study how to use them well. But with the good explanation in the notecard and instruction on you tube you need not be insecure.

Lemon top ; Mimi Noir - MIMI NOIRE::Strap chiffon top [lemonade]( free)
White top : Somia at the Thrift shop - .: Somnia :. Thrift Shop Gifty! ( free)
Turquoise top: Frutillitas - .:*StraWBerrY *:. Candy Outfit (10L)
Skirt: coldLogic - coldLogic skirt - glass.white ( i recolored the skirts)
Hat: BSD at United fashion project - {{BSD Design studio}} Miss Daisy Hat- pink
Shoes: BSD at SLfashion week - {{BSD Designi studio}}guardian angel-strawberry
From inventory: Black shoes - BSD; Bag is the packet from Xen's Hats; Jewelry- Vendome Jewelry; Hair Wasabi Pills

Friday, June 28, 2013

for Dancer and Questula

For two friends from Tirol. For Dancer, who always make me happy with tips for this blog. She asked me to make an 4th july post for Independence day. And for Questula, that sweet person from the USA, who always comes in Tirol  but is still a mystery for many Tirol visitors. She often says: "Questula doesn't exist".
Nic wears a bikini from Farspire Fashion, a groupgift. Dancer found it.The necklace is a groupgift from WTG. Sorry for those who are not in the group because you have to pay for joining. But i can recommend to join the group, because you get nice things and the luckyboards and MM are also for the group.
The hat is a new release  from Xen's Hats. I recolored the flowers to fit the 4th of july theme. In the shop you can find this white hat en also flowered ones. Very cute.
Towel and sneakers and the spinning pinwheel are all from marketplace. The towel has many poses.

Necklace: WTG - +:+WTG+:+ 2013 The Independence Day Group Gift (free, butt groupjoin fee)
Bikini: Farspire Fashion F -  [FF] -ff- Womans SUMMER Group Gift! 2013 ( free)
Armband and earrings: Vendome Jewelry - VENDOME Diamond of Venus ( free)
Chucks: Viviane Fashion - VF USA sneakers ( 10ld)
Spinning pinwheel: You're the one- Patriotic Spinning pinwheel ( 1ld)
Towel: My Pretty Pixels - -MPP- Beach Towel- USA (40ld)
Hat: Xen's Hats - Xen's Hats Checotah (NEW)
From inventory: Hair - Wasabi Pills

Bye bye, Nic

endless summer

Nic enjoys life. Vacation on a boat in a beautiful harbour. Sun sea and a lovely small town. This top from The Endless Summer hunt is so sunny and tropical.The hunt is till 20july 2013. You need find a round box. I recolored my skirt from coldLogic and i am happy with the summer set i created.. The jewelry is from Vendome Jewelry. This set is not free. But i can tell you there is a new groupgift in the shop out now.

Top: .:* LOULOU&CO *:. - .:* LOULOU&CO *:. - Top :: MOHO :: Yellow ( free)
Skirt: coldLogic - coldLogic skirt - glass.white
Jewelry: Vendome Jewelry - VENDOME Jewelry ROSA SET
Ring: Vendome Jewelry - Part of VENDOME Diamond of Venus ( free)
From inventory: Hair - Amacci

Bye bye, Nic


That's my cool tjip. He is wears the free skin from Unique megastore. Told about how you can get that skin in this post. The hair you can get at EMO-tions , when you click the voting tool to tell from what part of the world you are. You get the hair in black and blond ( hair for women i showed in the post before this one). The hoodie is from Redgrave. Soraya found it on marketplace. Its is a super cool hoodie. You get the hoodie in DirtySnow, Blackwashout and MidGrey. All colors in the box  for just 130ld.

Hair: EMO-tions -.:EMO-tions.. *HE* - (free)
Hoodie: Redgrave - mesh hooded sweater REDGRAVE ( 130ld)
Skin: Unique megastore - Male Pack Promo (by Unique Megastore) ( free)
Shoes: Kapone - Kapone chuck leather ( free lucky board)
From inventory: jeans - Rispetto; shape - red (sand)

Bye bye, Nic

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Japanese bride

Nic in a wedding dress. The first time for her on this blog. The dress is inspired by japanese style. I love this dress very much.The silk, the jewelry is all so perfect. The dress is on the cover of the BeStyle magazine from june 2013. You can find this dress in the Vendome Jewelry shop.
The hair with jewelry is from EMO-tions. Marja Mills the designer of EMO-tions wants to know from what part of the world you are. Go to the shop and click on the voting tool and as a reward every voter gets free hair. Hair for male and female in blond and black.

The colors of the pictures from Nic standing in the water remind me of some paintings of the French painter Degas. :)

Hair: EMO-tions - .:EMO-tions.. *THANK YOU* - (free)
Dress: Vendome Jewelry - VENDOME JAPANESE  WEDDING
Thanks Designer Enchanted for this great gift.

Bye bye, Nic

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

dots, ribbons and rings

Nic shows a short dress from Liv-Glam. You can get 4 dresses from Liv-Glam, all groupgift for Avenue Magazine Readers. Slowly i found out how to combine it with jewelry and a bag. I was a bit insecure about what sort of hair Nic should wear. Then i saw someone wearing this hair from LeLutka and i liked the bit diva style of it. But it needed something more in my opinion. And then someone out of the blue sended me a bloggers pack because she knew my blog. And in the pack i found the dotted hairband.The ring was also in the packet. Looking for a black and white bag on marketplace i found this vintage style one with rings. Shoes in black with rings and there you are... the look was ready. As finishing touch i stumbled upon the new subscribe-o-matic gift from Pure Poison, the necklace with ribbon and dots. The eye make-up is a gift from Mons at the Cosmetic Fair Summer Edition. several colors in the box.

Dress: Liv-Glam - [LG] Boutique-[Summer 13] Riyeko Print Dress 3 Hud ( free)
Hair: LeLutka - [LeLutka]-DOLCE hair/Naturals
Ring: Frutillitas - .:*StraWBerrY *:. Fantacy ring (10ld)
Hairband: Frutillitas.- .:*StraWBerrY *:. headband-polka black ( 10ld)
Shoes:BSD - ~~~~{{BSD Design studio}}Chic model black
Bag: KKBB -  !!KKBB!! Deirdre shoulder tote ( 1ld)
Eye make-up: Mons - MONS / Makeups - Eyeliner Drama ( free)
Necklace: Pure Poison - **PP - Ribbon Necklace ( free)

Bye bye, Nic

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

in Nani's Garten

Verdant tp-ed Nic to show his new skin and avatar shape. She arrived somewhere in a dark shop and waiting for the tp to the skin and shape shop i made the first picture from Nic with her new pink hat with hair.

In the next shop Verdant explained how to get a free nice skin. Nic wears the free female skin on the pictures with Verdant. And Verdant wears the free skin and shape for men. Go to Unique Megastore. Click on the box to win a free skin. You get a hud.Wear the hud. In your screen opens a form to fill in. You need write there 10  avatar names. Then press send and share, then click the box in the shop again and choose fatpack you get the fatpack with skins and shape. Many skin options are in the packet. They are realy good.

Nic's hat with hair i found in the Mimi's choice shop. The dress is a present for the Seraphims birthday. The retro bag, the bangles sunglasses and the shoes are all from BSD Design studio.
On the picture below i show you also the armband with ring from E-clipse a gift at the Zenshi mall.
Dress: Razor at Seraphim HQ - Razor /// Seraphim Gift - Wallflower Dress ( free)
Skin and shape ( male): Unique - Male Pack Promo (by Unique Megastore) ( free)
Skin and shape ( female): Unique - Female Pack Promo ( by Unique Megastore) ( free )
Hat with hair: OC at  Mimi's choice -*OC* Summer Hair ( 1ld)
Shoes:BSD - ~~~~{{BSD Design studio}}Chic model black
Bag and sunglasses:{{BSD Design Studio}} RETRO model- red set withbag
Bangles: {BSD Design Studio}}Iconic Beauty Bangle
Bangle: E-Clipse - E-Clipse LaSchiava Rubin-Gold ( free)

The last two pictures are made by Verdant. Click on them to see larger.
Bye bye, Nic

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Black is beautiful

Mexico...warm place .. red soil .... a black beauty and a man in black. Elements for passion you could think.
But the reality was different. I was looking for a nice place for a photoshoot and tp-ed at random to an unknown landmark of my inventory. Landing there i discovered to be in Mexico near a man in black. He was counting the tiles of the square, he explained, because he had nothing else to do. I realised that he combined well on a picture with Nic and so i asked him to assist me. And he was so kind to help me. Danke schön Ping fuer deine Hilfe.
He said he had no idea from clothes but i discovered he weared very good stuff. Later on he explained that he looked at marketplace at the best sellers and then bought what he liked and combined all. Good idea for you guys.

Nic wears jewelry from Lazuri. The groupgift in the renewed shop. The black gown is a gift for Seraphims birthday. The short groupgift hair from Dura ( showed in the post before this one) is also beautiful with a classic outfit as you can see.
Ping wears  a coat from Deco . His boots are from Deadwool at marketplace. His pants are from Lapointe&Bastchild

Ping wears:
Boots: Deadwool - [Deadwool] Western Boots
Coat: DECO - DECO MESH his peacemaker leather black
Hat: Harm's Way - Harms Way cavalry hat
Pants: Lapointe &Bastchild -  L&B S'Wear Mesh (M) Zip Leather Pants - Plain Black

Nic wears:
Jewelry:  Lazuri - Lazuri Delia Bracelets Ruby, necklace and earrings ( free)
Dress: JStylez at Seraphim HQ  -  JStylez Sheryl MESH Gown *Black* ( free)
Hair: Dura - *Dura* The 3th year Anniversary hair/Group gift ( free)

Bye bye, Nic


Nic walks around again in marine style. I found this marine striped skirt at My Attic at the Deck.
And i had to add these marine stripes to my list of posts with marine stripes clothes. You also can get the skirt in salmon, black and pink stripes.The hair is the new groupgift from Dura, the 3th year Anniversary hair. You get a fatpack. The necklace with the starfishes is a groupgift from Sweet Leonard. The bag and necklace with anchor are from my inventory. The shoes from BSD, i showed them before. Top also showed before already.
Some poses are from a new gift at Diesel works ( in the back of the shop)

And not all is marine is this post:
I show you below a gift from Sakide for the Seraphim turns two Birthday. Seraphim is a blog that shows sales and events. They give an overview with pictures from what you can get. Very helpful for bloggers and sales and events lovers. Congrats and thanks Seraphim team. Go to the Seraphims headquarters, go upstairs and you find walls with lots of gifts. Nics pose on the picture below is also in one of the gifts.

Hair: Dura - *Dura* The 3th year Anniversary hair/Group gift ( free)
Skirt: Emery at My Attic - Emery - Mesh Skirt Striped Fiji Blue ( 95ld)
Necklace: Sweet Leonard - ::Sweet Leonard:: Summertime Necklace -short-  [V.I.P.GIFT] ( free, but groupjoin fee)
Poses: Diesel Works - Diesel Works Stand - June 2013 Gifts ( free)
Dress: Sakide at Seraphim HQ - [ SAKIDE ] Blossom Dress Green ( free)
Poses: Flash  at Seraphim HQ - Flash Friendly Poses ( free)
From inventory: Shoes: BSD - {{BSD Design studio}}supermodel Drunna -black velvet; top - Moon Amore ( marketplace)

Bye bye, Nic