Tuesday, January 31, 2017

the rose speaks of love silently in a language known only to the heart

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Valentines day is coming. Time to spoil a beloved one with something that speaks to the heart. Mesh India has many super nice and detailed gifts in the gacha at The Cosmopolitans Sales Room. Each try 60ld. Click the small picture with the table and you can see how nicely detailed all is. The "be my valentine" doll has a mark for the washing machine. And a bar code with a heart. I love it all. The dining table with poses is the rare item. You can change the wood color and the color of the heart in the middle of the table.
In the gacha are also the doll, the hanging hearts a box with roses, a box with candy's, chocolate kisses, a valentines card in a box, cute eggs, a bottle and a cup.
Nic is wearing a dress from the Moolto "love is in the air hunt" from Emberotic. Participants will need the “Magic Glasses” to collect gifts. Click the hunt  kiosk to get the glasses. The hunt runs, February 1, 2017 to March 1, 2017. You need find cupid's bow.
The gloves are a groupgift at MMC. Group join is free till 31 januari. Many nice groupgifts there.

Dress: Emberotic's - Emberotic's Love is in the Air HUNT GIFT Moolto  (free)
Gloves: .:MMC:. Lolla Gloves - .:MMC:. Lolla Gloves - Group Gift (free/ group join free till 31 januari)
Shoes: Basta! Footwear- [B!] :WYSTERIA: (Black) Sandals - BASTA! Footwear (NEW)
From inventory: Hair - Blues. (Dakota/free/ LB); necklace - Cara Creations CC

Decor: Mesh India at CSR - MI Valentine Gift Gacha Set - (each try 60ld)
From inventory: Curtain - ANE; text board - unKindness; Side table - Pixel Mode, plant - Kazza
Pictures made at:  healing of the heart
Bye bye, Nic

Monday, January 30, 2017

free... no cage

She freed them ....no cage.
You know i like casual wear. So the beautiful new release from Blueberry had to be mine. The cardigan comes with the inner shirt, but you can also put the shirt off. In the hud you choose the colors for the inner shirt, the ties and the inner dress. Yes you read this well.. also a dress under the cardigan is included.! That is why i choosed the soft pink one because with a dress it will be a super spring set. You can combine the cardigan with the jeans with boots from Katak, that Nic is showing you on the other pictures.  In the We Love To Blog group i got this from Katak. The shop you can find on marketplace. The sweater from Katak with the denim shirt is available in several colors. The boots are a one-piece with the denim pants. Nic is still wearing her valentines necklace from yesterday. The hair is from her inventory from Shi. Good hair when it's windy outside.
Today no free items .. i am sorry. I promise i will do a post with free items tomorrow.

Cardigan: Blueberry - Blueberry - Cutieberry - Maitreya/Belleza/Slink - Pixie ( NEW)
Sweater and shirt: :.: Katak :.: - :.: Katak :.: Sweater Shirt Denim K2 Black (NEW)
Pants and laced high boots: :.:Katak:.: - :.: Katak :.: Pants & Laced High Boots (NEW)
Necklace: Cara Creations - Cara Creations CC - ILoveU Necklace Red (NEW)
From inventroy: Hair - Shi., Head - LeLutka, Skin - LAQ, body - Maitreya
Pictures taken at: Neva River Village
Bye bye, Nic

hot tramp i love you so

On the corner of the street in the rain in the red light district.. a bit slutty but with style.
And yes there was a passer-by who asked Nic: "are you a hooker?" So i knew the effect of the picture is like what i wanted.
The dress from H@s is a sexy dress  but also very useful for more decent occassions. Comes with a color hud . You can change the color of the upper, middle and lower part of the dress. You even can make  a dutch flag with it. Red /white /blue. The vest from CNZ is also very useful for other occassions.  Comes with a color hud  for the main part and the fur part.
It will soon be Valentines day. The Valentines items are already appearing in sl. I love this necklace from Cara Creations. Comes in gold, silver and pewter. You can buy a pink or red heart version . The jewelry vendor is on the back wall in the shop. You need scroll the vendor to get this necklace.
The free item in this post are the boots from Reign..they are still available. But there is group join fee.

Dress: H@s  -H@S Gina Dress  with color hud(NEW)
Vest: *CNZ* - *CNZ* Mariska Vest (NEW)
Necklace: Cara Creations CC -Cara Creations CC - ILoveU Necklace Red (NEW)
From Inventory: Hair - Tableau Vivant; Boots - REIGN (free and still available in the shop/ but group join fee); Head - LeLutka, Skin - LAQ
Pictures made at: Midnight Glory 
Bye bye, Nic

Sunday, January 29, 2017

do more of what you love..

And yes...she does more of what she loves...for example she is now in her Karma Tropical Cuddle Beach Hut from AXL Pro ( a groupgift). I rearranged the beach hut a bit. I added the wind chime and the curtains from Unkindness, the round floorlamp from Dad Design and the frames with quotes from Chez Moi. The floorlamp has a hud so you can change the color of the lamp. It's a gift at Ultra (till the 15th febr.)
Nic is wearing her shorts and top for sunny or sporty days from.:SP:. , a new release. The colors in the hud are beautiful. Nic's poses with her bags are from Frimon store. Thanks Dancer for the tip.You get the poses with the black bag and a brown bag ( not shown),  the iphone and sunglasses.

Shorts:.:SP:.  .:SP:. Hanna Shorts (Wear) (NEW)
Top: .:SP:. -  .:SP:. Helen Top (Wear) (NEW)
Hair: Lamb - (Group Gift) Lamb. Lovesong - Fatpack ( free/ but group join fee)
Poses: [Frimon Store] - [Frimon Store] #Pack Women 01 (20ld)
From inventory: Shoes - REIGN; Bag -

Round Lamp: Dad Design at ULTRA - Dad Design Floorlamp (free)
Beach hut: AXL Pro - AXL pro box - Karma Tropical Cuddle Beach Hut ( free/ but group join fee)
Inspiring quote frames: CHEZ MOI-Group Free Gift CHEZ MOI (free)
From inventry: unKindness- Curtains and Wind chimes ( old Midnight Mania gift); cushion - {what next}
Pictures made at: healing of the heart

Closer look at the  lamp from Dad Design at Ultra ( with color hud)

Saturday, January 28, 2017

it's a beautiful day at le Sixieme Sens

It's a beautiful day and not because you said goodbye like in the song from Michael Buble.
It's a beautiful day just because the sun is shining...it's just a beautiful day and i can't stop myself from smiling.
Nic at a lovely place in sl called Le Sixieme Sens.
I love the set ( a one-piece) , that Nic is wearing. Its a very affordable set from BlackRose for 65 lindens. A good leather skirt and a knitted sweater with cute threads. And is it coincidence or not that i found those free shoes exactly in the good color? No it must have been my sixth sense. The shoes are  a groupgift from G&D Shoes, the Italian Style. Nic's hair is a new groupgift at Lamb. Group join is 100ld. But this is a fatpack with all colors and there still is another hair gift available, also a fatpack. Nic is wearing the omega Unorthodox hairbase. When i see Nic ..i love this all.

Outfit: BlackRose - BlackRose Adelle Set Salmon (65ld)
Shoes: G&D Shoes, the Italian Style - G&D Shoes Magda Salmon Group Gift (free)
Hair: Lamb - (Group Gift) Lamb. Lovesong - Fatpack ( free/ but group join fee)
From inventory: hairbase- Unorthodox; head - LeLutka ; Skin - LAQ, Body - Maitreya
Pictures made at: Le Sixieme Sens
Bye bye, Nic

Friday, January 27, 2017

she has style.. a lengendary woman

Nic in classy black and white .. she has style.. a lengendary woman in a groupgift dress from Legendaire. I love this dress. I hope you are already in the Lengendaire group because group join costs 99ld. But when you join you can grab more old gifts. I love for example also a group gift coat there very much. The dress on the picture comes with the boots. There is an color hud for the dress so you can give yourself a totally different look. Nic is again wearing the sunglasses from yesterday but in another color. Nic's hair is the Fifty Linden Friday hair from Elikatira. Comes with an exclusive hud.  Don't forget to check the Seraphim sl blog to see what FLF items there are this day. There is for example a very nice dress between the items from Miss Chelsea and a good skirt and top from Tetra.
Nic's  bag is an oldie from Nic's inventory. I checked it and you still can get this bag in the shop for 50ld with color hud. Pose with coffee is from Label Motion.

Hair: Elikatira - [e] Tonya - Exclusives (FLF / 50ld)
Dress and boots : LEGENDAIRE - LEGENDAIRE ARIA OUTFIT (gg/  free/ but group join fee)
Bag: IAF - IAF Chain Bagwith color hud  ( 50ld)
From inventory: Head - lelutka, Skin- LAq; shape- Maitreya; stockings - Blushed
Pictures made near the Glam affair shop
Bye bye, Nic

Thursday, January 26, 2017

longing for warm and golden days

The silver and blue light from winter is still here in rl  and it's cold,  but she is longing for warm and golden days. May be that is why her clothes are in warm golden colors. Walking with her dogs.... a yellow field behind her.
The jumpsuit is  a new release at .:SP:.. It comes with a color hud.I mixed and matched the colors of the hud till i got this combi. I love it. The hair from Exile is an oldie from Nic's inventory. I recolored the cap a bit. The golden sunglasses and the clutch are in the Pop Art Hunt at Legendaire. Each hunt item is 20ld. You need find an elephant. Easy to find in the shop.
The shoes are from marketplace from Ferina's Creations. This one is 10ld.The red one is 1ld.

Jumpsuit: .:SP:. - .:SP:. Dalia Jumpsuit v2 (Wear) (unpacked)
Shoes:  Ferina's Creations - Ferina Sandal d'Oro ( 10ld)
From inventory: Hair- Exile, Head - LeLutka, Skin - LAQ; dogs - {anc}
Pictures made at: Lula 
Bye bye, Nic

Monday, January 23, 2017

it's hard.. missing you

Looking through the window..longing for him.. it's hard missing you guy...

Nic is again wearing a Fifty Linden Friday (FLF) set that i bought last friday.  This one is from Dead Dollz. Love this sexy set. And no it aren't stains on her top..it are small diamonds (see below for a close-up). Nic's hair is in soft blue the januari groupgift at red Mint. I bought them in brown. The circlet on Nic's forehead is a gift at the Vintage Gacha Fair. The rug and the half round table are also gifts from that fair. The elegant grey shoes are in the lucky board at Like Design

Hair: red Mint - (r)M Hair, No.48'17 (Brunettes/ not free) (in soft blue / free)
Shoes: Like Design - .: LIKE DESIGN :. Simply Elegant (free)
Top and skirt: .::Dead Dollz:.. - .::Dead Dollz:.. Cassandra - Pearl (FLF 50ld/ last friday/ now normal prize)
Armband: OXIDE at TVGF - Oxide Aeni armband ( with hud ( free)

Rug: Runic Design at TVGF- Green Scratchy Rug [Runic Design](free)
Table: Lilith's Den at TVGF - Haldf round side table Vintage Gacha gift box Lilith's Den(free)
The cupboard with decorations - dust bunny; Gardenhouse - DRD
From inventory: Head - LeLutka, skin - LAQ; pomeronians - MishMish
Pictures made at the Caboodle Sim
Bye bye, Nic

Sunday, January 22, 2017

just me and the lie catcher

Nothing more ... just me... and the lie catcher to keep all secrets inside.
I am so happy with this super nice set from Caboodle, that i bought last friday, that although the FLF item as FLF sales items is gone, i still wanted to blog it. You can get it now for the normal prize. It's so beautiful. In this post also free items. The long hair from Like Design, you can get from the lucky board. The rose jewelry is a gift at Designer Showcase. That funny Lie Catcher is a gift at The Vintage Gacha Fair. Shoes are from Nic's inventory.

And i don't lie when i write here that there is a free mesh body in the Midnigh Mania at Lucyshoes. with mesh feet and a good hud ( Laura told me). So run ..you who doesn't have a mesh body. You can wear nice mesh shoes, that they sell everywhere and use appliers for this body. And change the body like you want ( may be like you are with your system avatar) . Go here.

Outfit: Caboodle - Caboodle Raven Outfit pack 1( flf item from 20/1/2017/ now normal prize)
Jewelry: J&W Jewelers  at Designer Showcase - J&W Jewelers - Helena Collection pink (free)
Lie Catcher: Faida at The Vintage Gacha Fair - [Faida] Lie Catcher PACK (free)
Hair: Like Design - .: LIKE DESIGN :. Manar Hair (unpacked)( free/ lucky bord)
Lucy Mesh body: Lucy shoes  In the Midnight mania (free)
From inventory: Booties - Essenz
Pictures made near the Cheeky Pea Mainstore
Bye bye, Nic

Saturday, January 21, 2017

the path of destiny ( the 11th Vintage Gacha fair)

For those who build castles or like medieval role-play some free furniture is welcome, isn't it?  Tjip isn't in medieval roleplay clothes, so let's assume he arrived in a hotel with a medieval style ok? He is a bit rough styled with his metal spikes earring and his sturdy necklace and his boots. But the coat is an elegant one. Comes without the shirt. I took an old hunt shirt from Legal Insanity from tjips inventory.
The medieval furniture i found on the Vintage Gacha Fair as gifts. You can find the rustic supper table, a box with  bread, pies and chocolats, the light rug  and the floor messy cloth, the Celtic ottoman and the potted palms all as gifts there. The pictures are made in a rustic pavilion from Trompe Oeil. The pile of books are from Cheeky Pea

Taxi to The Vintage Gacha Fair (TVGF)

Coat: American Bazaar - [AB] Trench Coat (free)
Necklace: [Fallen Gods Inc.] at TVGF - 03Vintage Gacha gift box [Fallen Gods Inc.] 03 (free)
Earring: ERSCH at TVGF - Vintage Gacha gift box [ERSCH] (free)
Hair: [INK] - [INK] Hair_Seed Black
From inventory: shirt- Legal Insanity ( old hunt gift);skinny jeans - paul polo;

Celtic ottoman:Kitty Creations at TVGF - Vintage Gacha gift box - Kitty Creations (free)
Rustic supper table: Velvet Whip at TVGF - [V/W] Rustic Supper Table (free)
Pies and bread and more: Kei Spot  at TVGF - Kei's Sweets 2 - (free)
Rug: Lacrime dell'anima  at TVGF -  dell'Anima Rug - Set Traditional I(free)
Floor messy cloth:[Libertine] at TVGF - Vintage Gacha gift box [Libertine](free)
Potted palm:  Simply Shelby at TVGF - Vintage Gacha gift box - Simply Shelby
Pile with books: Cheeky Pea - Book Nook Strapped Books (gacha item/
Rustic Pavilion: Trompe Loeil - Trompe Loeil - Rustic pavilion
Pictures taken near the Vintage Gacha Fair 

Friday, January 20, 2017

in the water

Although she is wearing new  clothes from More Than Ever, she can't resist to go in the water because of the cute little humming birds.  You can get the set in more colors. Each set has two colors of skirts and two colors of tops, which can be worn separately. Nic is wearing a new ring from the gacha at Oh my Gacha! from !IT!. Her necklace is a gift at the Vintage Gacha Fair.

Outfit: More Than Ever - Lace-Up Sweater & Skirt Sets - More Than Ever (NEW)
Necklace: !IT! at the Vintage Gacha Fair  - !IT!- Gitana necklace 15 (free)
Ring: !IT! at Oh my Gacha! - !IT! - The Pink Thing Gacha 24 (NEW)
Pose picture 1: Come Soon Poses at The Vintage Gacha Fair - *CS* Hail (free)
From inventory: Hair - Monso; Sunglasses - Eclat; skin - LAQ; Head -LeLutka ( bento)
Pictures taken at: healing of the heart
Bye bye, Nic

Thursday, January 19, 2017

a beauty nap or winter day dreaming

Before she goes to see him she does a little beauty nap. And then dancing in her long new dress from .:SP:. The dress  has a color hud with many possibilities. You can choose for sequin for the short skirt part or plain. Nic is in a summer cabin from Scarlet Creative at the beach, although it's winter. The decoration is from [Circa] at the Oh my gacha! event. It's a retro room collection, which has a main star theme. Perfect for the winter days and winter dreaming. You can see on the pictures a cabinet, a star table, star chairs, a room divider a cocoon seat, star stripes and a star wall decoration. The bed is from [[RH]] Design house. The cute retro juke box radio is from from Nic's inventory from % Percent. The nice tree is from Soy ( from an old Arcade gacha). The curtains with lights are from Silvery K

Dress: .:SP:. - .:SP:. Kaila Dress with a large hud (NEW)
From inventory: Hair - HoMage; Hair base- Unorthodox, shoes - Essenz, glasses - Eclat; necklace - Mandala

Cabinet, a star table, star chairs, a room divider a cocoon seat, star stripes and a star wall decoration:[Circa]  at Oh my Gacha! - [CIRCA] Blogger Pk - "It's In The Stars" Gacha II @OMG! -Jan'17 (NEW)
From inventory: summer cabin - Scarlet Creative,; wash basin - unKindness; Bed -[[RH]] Design house; Radio- % percent; tree- Soy., curtain with lights - Silvery K
Pictures taken at; healing of the heart
Bye bye, Nic ( sorry this time no free items)
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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

the knitting shop

click small picture to enlarge

Waiting for clients in her new knitting shop. I got the idea to change this basement from the maple cottage from Dust Bunny into a knitting shop, when i got the nice decor items from Mesh India. They are in the gacha at the Cosmopolitans Salesroom. Includes: tables, laptop table, a big and a small yarn collection, playercards decor,  2 sorts of fabric colors and the old gramophones and the butterfly decor. I bought for Nic a cash register at marketplace. The knitting pens are also from marketplace.
Nic is showing you a new release from FA Creations. The sweater dress. No the cats didn't ruin her leggings. They are also new at FAC.More colors available. Don't forget to pick up the groupgift there.  On such a dress is a long necklace beautiful. The necklace is from the 12 days of savings from Mandala at marketplace. With a color hud. The cute boots with cats ( wearable and decor) are in the new groupgift from JIAN. Good for cosy times.
Important for me is, that i found for Nic's new head, my very much beloved hairbase from Unorthodox. This hairbase has cute babyhairs. I used it before on my system head. And now with this bento head i found out that Unorthodox made them with omega appliers. Super. When i wear brown hair you will see it better in another post.

Dress: FA Creations - ::FAC:: Inger Tunic Dress (NEW)
Leggings: FA Creations - ::FAC:: Frankie Wool Ripped Legging (NEW)
Boots: JIAN -JIAN :: Kitten Booties BOX 1.1 (gg/free)
Hairbase: Unorthodox - Unorthodox Frenchie Hairbase Plastics = blondes OMEGA Applier
Necklace: Mandala - [MANDAL] Hannya Chain Choker ( 12 days of savings)
Knitting pens: *Fotzi Latzo* - *Fotzi Latzo* knit knit knit ( 10ld)
From inventory: Hair - Catwa; head - LeLuka; skin -LAQ

Home: dust bunny - dust bunny maple Cottage
Tables, laptop table, a big and a small yarn collection, playercards decor, 2 sorts of fabric colors and the old gramophones and the butterfly decor: Mesh India at CSR - MI Lakshimi Collection Decor Gacha- (NEW/ each try 60ld)
Cash Register : ~JA~ - JA Tip Jar Cash register ( 10ld)
From inventory:  rocking chair - dust bunny; work tabe and folded shirts- Soy ( free groupgifts); fireplace with books - ChiaMia ( old gift); rugs, white hutch - The Loft
Pictures made at: healing of the heart ( thanks Betty)
Bye bye, Nic
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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

healing of the heart

Pure enjoyment. A healing of the heart? The forbidden fruit? Oh no it aren't apples. But it is pure enjoyment like Eva enjoyed the apples. So sexy this Nic tasting the strawberries. I hope no one discovers her theft.  May be her dress draws more attention. I love the side part of this dress very much. It's an applier dress. I found it at the Designer showcase as a gift and also the pagode earrings. It depends on the light, that they catch, if you see the earrings black or a bit silver. The necklace is another gift at the Designer Showcase. The shoes are from [Moda]  a gift for anyone. [ Moda] has also groupgifts but the group join is extremely high.
Nic's hair is new Truth hair in the gacha at Epiphany gacha event. Truth has 3 sorts of hairs in that gacha. Very beautiful all. 50ld each play.

Dress: Artizana at DS - Artizana Kiasi Shark (free)
Earrings: Fulo at DS - Fulo "Pagoda"earrings ( free)
Necklace: Moondance Boutique at DS - Moondance Boutique Nancy necklace (free)
Hair: Truth at the Epiphany - 13. TRUTH Ice [Black & Whites] (NEW/gacha/ each try 50ld)
Shoes: [MODA] - [MODA] Danity Leather heesl ( free)
From inventory: Bento head - LeLutka; skin -LAQ; stole -T.Whore
Pictures made at: healing of the heart

Monday, January 16, 2017

gonna pick up her child at school ( presents from Ultra)

As a good mom she is going to pick up her child at school. Afterwards an icecream at the caravan with sweets and drinks? But oh so much to take with her.. her childs pet bunny, bags and her childs bike. She is a bit tired.
Nic is wear a nice streetwear from Modulus, the Riano jacket. a one-piece with the long shirts. It is a male gift but females can wear this too.You can grab this one as a present at the event Ultra. Ultra has returned with fabulous clothing, skins, hair, shoes and even babies!  There’s definitely something for everyone and you will be kicking yourself if you miss it!  Doors close on February 15th, so get a move on! From the presents Nic is also showing the cute bunny, a present at Ultra. It is in a box with some baby accessories. The coffee colored bag is a gift from Clef de Peau at Ultra and the necklace is a present from Modish there. The brown bag is an old (jan. 2016) gift from REIGN at FaMESHed. Long boots a groupgift from REIGN.

Taxi to Ultra here
Jacket: Modulus at Ultra - Modulus - Riano Jacket - M - Brown (free)
Bunny: -NOeditiON- at Ultra-NOeditiON- Our Little Babies Collection (free)
Necklace: Modish at Ultra- Modish Nadine Gem necklace gold ULTRA (free)
Bag: Clef de Peau at Ultra - Clef de Peau.ULTRA SOCIETY Group Gift (free)
From inventory: Hair - Monso, Sparkle bag - REIGN; Boots - Reign; Bike - Bueno; Bento head - LeLutka; Skin - LAQ; Poses - Le Poppycock
Pictures made at: healing of the heart