Saturday, April 30, 2011

I wish you can smile again

Because posting on the blog is so fun, again a post from me. May be this outfit has been posted by other bloggers but it is so nice and sunny. It was free from " low" hunt. The flowers and cake on the table complete the really relaxed situation. The cheesecake has nice words on it .. "i wish you can smile again" And yes also free all.
Here a closer look. The outfit is with teal boots ( but.... sorry to say not my taste
... and so no picture here... hehe)

Outfit: *Unique Clothing* - Unique Clothing Kozy Cute teal.. search the letters LOW at the kiwi... but you need first subscribe the LOW group here ( free)
Plants and cake: Poche - Spring flowers (on board on the wall near lucky board) and Cheesecake (from Lucky board)( all free)
Skin Laqroki, Hair Cake ( posted before)

With a smile.... Nic

Thursday, April 28, 2011


It is all about lace ( may be because of the royal wedding in England :) ? ) I show you the dress i got from lucky board. It has nice stockings too. My lace cardigan from Coco combines sweet. The boots make the combination not as sweet as sugar. At least that is my opinion.
Here you can see the three sorts of stockings you get from that lucky board.

Dress: *.::Luna:::Sabia::.** - *LS* linen dress beige, 3 sorts of stockings included, Lucky board item ( free)
Cardigan: *Coco* - *Coco*_Cardigan_Lace. This is not free but Coco has many super groupgifts on the wall on the right. Coco lemon is a super designer.
Boots: J's - J's 3way engineer boots
Hair: Cake - Cake_ Faith_Black_II _Flexi_Hair

Have a nice day, Nic


I have been enjoying the lovely weather the past few days, sunshine and the smell of spring in the air. I hope most of you have as well.

Couple of things I love: I went crazy on the hairsale @ Elikatira, so be warned those hairs will be featured on this blog a lot. The skin from IrEn at TFG is sooooo nice, and such a bargain. The Baby Monkey pumps, so nice and easy hud for easy skin adjustings. The top from Aoharu is just simply beautiful. Aoharu released a lot of great new items, I had a hard time choosing. The shorts from Fishy Strawberry at TDR are the bestest tho, I wanted a pair just like these for a while.

Go shopping!

Kus Nere

Skin: Iren - Anna for TFG (available @ TFG)
Hair: [e] - Rush red 05
Eyes: LeLutka - Ellis Vine M
Eyeshadow: LeLutka - previous groupgift
Lashes: Exodi - freebie in pack
Top: Aoharu - DotChiffonShirt Green (new)
Shorts: Fishy Strawberry - Cargo Shorts brown (available @ TDR)
Pumps: BM - Ultimate Claire Pump Gold (new)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Deviant Girl

Oh i was so glad to find this cute dress from deviant girls. The shop is very sweet.
I show my dress and a super skin from Mynerva. I bought a more darker colour ( skin tone 6) because i often wear brown or black hair, but with blond hair a lighter skin colour is super ( skin tone 3)
And at least i found these super Boots on modavia fashion week (E U P H O R I A ss2011 fashion Week) ..with a giftcard from the Modavia group it was totally free!!!!!! Watch those leather suspenders. There is a menu so you can choose with or without the socks.Well i hope you all enjoy what i found

Dress: deviant girls - *dg* cotton dress vanila
Skin: Mynerva - ~Mynerva~ Jane Shade 6
Boots: EUPHORIA Fashion Week - [m] Sella Stivale Brown. Join the Modavia info and notices and open the euphoria fashion week present. wear the card on the fashion week spot...left click on the vendor you wish to purchase...once you see a menu, select * BuyBy Pts*..and you get the item ..and i recommend these boots (free)
Pants: Calypso Giano - [CALYPSO GIANO]Jeans Classic
Hair: Maitreya - Maitreya Alex - Nuts pack
Shirt: C'est Moi - C'est Moi! bandeau top blu (posted before - free)

Enjoy all these nice things!!!!!, Nic

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

I wish you all a Happy Easter! And because of that many eggs around me on the picture. The shirt is from an egg hunt
Here you see the spring outfit i created. The top is from cupcakes (egg hunt). Short pants from Cutie knife. Sandals from *Ordinary Design*

Tanktop: Cupcakes - *Cupcakes Spring Hunt Egg #15 ( free) from Alice in Wonderland is the print
Short pants: Cutie Knife - *Cknife* Kakigori Series
Sandals: *Ordinary Design* - *Ordinary Design* sandal Black. I once got it from a lucky toilet ( but it is gone) they are just like Birckenstock sandals.

Enjoy your Easter day

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Inspired by the avatar of a good designer, i made this look. The off shoulder shirt i liked so much. I combined it with a dress from Emery.
The hair is from *Dura*. I like the wild short boyish style of it.
And here the total look. Good for shoppingtime. The bag is from Emery. The shoes in fitting colour from Maitreya.

Hair: *Dura* - *Dura* Group Gift ..out since 21 -4-2011 join the group and touch the board in the shop ( free)
Dress: Emery - Emery Dress Rock & Glam ( old present)
Bag: Emery - Emery Bag Sailor ( this one was half prize)
Off shoulder shirt: Mr. Poet ::[Mr.Poet]::Off Shoulder shirt White
Shoes Maitreya - maitreya Frenzy - Lipstick

Greetings and kisses, Nic

Friday, April 22, 2011


First present i got today was this green jacket with flower print inside. It is from the lucky board. I waited and waited and yeah!!!!!!! i got the boots too. Also from the lucky board.
Here you can see them very close
And this is my total new look of this day. I wear the jacket with the skirt from the seasonshunt (earlier post) and with an old freebie tanktop from !ohmai ( shop ís gone/ only an!Ohmai hair shop still exists). The hair is from D!va an old groupgift ( still available)

Jacket: sabbia - S@BBIA:: jacket Cotton Quilt:green
Boots: sabbia - S@BBIA:: Flower print boots: beige
Hair: D!va - ""D!va"" hair "Haruka" groupgift ( go to the first floor)
Skirt: from the Seasons hunt ( see earlier post)

Have a nice day on this special friday, Nic

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fall into decay

This long skirt is so feminine!!!!! When you walk or turn around it swings softly around your legs. It is so lovely fitting to this time of the year. I combined it with the top of SZD. Got it from the lucky board there. The i-pod on my upper arm was included. I took the picture near the shop... lovely made place.

Skirt: fall into decay - *fid*SeasonsHunt-SpringSkirt .... search the bee (on the picture near me in the garden wheelbarrow.( free)
Top and i-pod: SZD - !-Bag- :SZD: Distraction ( Woman Outfit) Free from lucky board

Have fun, Nic

Monday, April 18, 2011


Again a picture in the sim of siestabril Nitely : "embryo" But to show the blouse better i also took a picture at my home location: "Lovina"
The blouse is from the Mix & Match hunt and i like it so much. i wear it with the jeans skirt from Calypso Giano. A very good quality designer.

Blouse: artMEfashion - M&MH 89 artMEfashion - ME_SpringRoseSalmon. Search the flower. It is on the second floor under a pendulum. Free
Skirt: Calypso Giano - * [CALYPSO GIANO] Denim Skirt - Rock - Blue
Hair: Maitreya - Maitreya Alex - Hazel ( the hair on the first picture)

Ciao Nic


Ooooh how cute is she...isn't it? This cute doll i show you be cause Nereisse told me about this skin at Mother Goose. It is like porcelain. I took the picture at embryo


Skin: Mother Goose - .::Mother Goose's::. tilly - Group Gift ( join the group open info and notices and open the attachment)

Dress: Junbug - NSA2 #46 - Junbug 4 (search the flower)

Hair: Shop Seu - *SHOP SEU* --kurukuru hair long blond

Bye bye Nic


Springtime is all soft pink colours match good with the flowers and the blossomtrees. Nicandra wears a striped dress with her torn white jeans and her white sandals. Sitting on her favorite bench in Tempura sim. That sim i can recommend to you. It is very beautiful there. Try to find the cave with diamonds.

Dress: Beautiful Dirty Rich - ..::Beautiful Dirty Rich ::.. Take It Off ( Group Gift April)
Jeans: Luck Inc - *Linc* Hunt Gift Outfit (old hunt gift)
Sandals: lassitude & ennui - "L&E" Signature sandals - white ( free)
Hair: Iren - ::::Layla3:::: onyx

Greetings Nic

!Admiral! Spicy!

Nicandra is doing here make up at her dressingroom table. If you like to get a copy of such a dressingroom table just write me. You see funny poses in the mirror when you sit on the chair.
Tee: !Admiral! Spicy! - !Admiral! Spicy! Subscribe Gift ( touch the subscribe-o-matc....touch again..and take nr. 1)
Jeans and underpants: !Admiral! Spicy! - !Admiral! Spicy! Gift (on the counter)

Enjoy your day , Nic

Sunday, April 17, 2011


Here friends together relaxing on free cushions with many poses. Nicandra is relaxing on the right. Already totally tired because of blogging so much today. But this is the last one for today.

Right Nicandra:

Dress: Twisted&Spoiled - :: Twisted&Spoiled :: Kaftan & Bikini Set Nude

Middle Nita:

Top: C'est Moi - bandeau top brown ( see earlier post)

Left tjip:

Hair: D!va - ""D!va "" more then 10000 group member gift

Sweater: Ronsem - RONSEM* 1st anniversery Tee (gift)

Chucks: Machienen werk - see earlier post

Cushions with poses: Sassy Kitty Design - DSM - Sassy Kitty Design #9 ( search the flower on the ground) Very dark there

Greetings from the three of us,Nic

SF Designs/Ydea

Oh and here is Nicandra as a man :) i hope it is not shocking for you. May be the blog is only frequented by women, but you can drag you boyfriend to this place to get him dressed sportsmanlike with the sf design outfit ( free). It is worthwhile because the sportshoes are included. Or a little bit sexy with the open shirt from the Ydea outfit( free)

Outfit : Ydea - **Ydea Torres**
Outfit: SF Design - sf design andy casual outfit search the blue "W" there in the hand of the board with a skelet

Skin: ..::Skin Morena Free::.. secondlife marketplace ( 10ld)
Skin: skin Darkness 5 ( 10ld)

Be a goodlooking man!!!,Nic


Because posting on the blog is so fun to do, another post today for you. On the picture you see my younger sister Nita.

Socks: Beatnik - Gift .::Beat::. SweetSocks ( 5 colours)
Chucks: Machienenwerk -Machienenwerk walk in the shop..immediately to the right..take the chairs to the second floor
Shirt: C'est Moi! - C'est Moi! - bandeau top blue ( free)
Hair: Cabelo emo castanho ( from my inventory.. i can give it to you when you ask me..write a notecard or im me)
Skin: Iren - ::::Shane:::: sunburned_nude_ frex ( old groupgift from Iren)

Sister greetings, Nita

MAX MARA/ Acid&Mala

This dress from Acid &Mala in sl is like the dress behind me on the picture from MaxMara at the catwalk fashion week 2011 :)))))

Outfit: Acid&Mala - M&MH 18 Acid & Mala Creations
Mix&Match the flower in the flowerpot in the entrance of the shop

Fashion greetings,Nic

Saturday, April 16, 2011


Hallo all This is the first time i write on a blog. I hope i do all well LOL Thanks Nereisse for inviting me :) Let me introduce myself shortly: Since 2007 i am in Second Life...and i am loving it. For 7 groups i make "shoppinglists" ; all about good quality freebies and dollarbies. I hope you will enjoy my posts

Dress: Paperdoll - DSM - paperdoll #8
Skin: Laqroki - LAQ ~Elena - [Nougat]
Hair: Truth - TRUTH Krystel - espresso
Shape: self made... i changed the shape Sara from Sweet Faces


Friday, April 15, 2011


Hello... remember me? So yah I was a little ehm... uninspired. But then Tuli's Sara knocked me off my feet and made me stare at my avi for quite a while and then take pictures... And I still can't get enough of her.

I'm wearing Tuli's Sara shape as well. It felt pretty comfortable right from the start, which is quite amazing since like most avi's I really prefer my own.

I'm not doing any nude shots or reviewing this skin into detail, just because I think its perfect as it is and a skin this gorgeous is going to get picked up by most other fashion blogs as well. Instead here's me being al vain and pretty :)

Kus Nere

Skin: Tuli - Sara pearl 01 (with Light Blonde brows tattoolayer, Apricot lips tattoolayer and Freckles tattoo layer)
Shape: Tuli - Sara
Hair: (love) - Agitha (for 65l at The Fashion Garret)
Eyes: LeLutka - Ellis Vine M
Lashes: Exodi - freebie in pack
Top: Willow - Cinched Waist Tank Floral (Seasons Hunt freebie, already out instore)
Jeans: .hc&co. - Basic Jeans
Pumps: LeLutka - Saffron Pumps neutral black