Monday, April 30, 2018


Click the small picture to enlarge. The Flickr picture is here.
Sorry for the mess. But that is what you can get when you are babysitting. Isn't the little one ( from the gacha from Black Bantam at Kustom 9) adorable? Watch her she is already interested in Second Life!
And what about the patio isn't it a good place to be? I love decors that gives the impression that there is being lived.
The dark wooden pergola is from Unkindness. Showed it before on the blog.You can see the top of the patio when you click this link. The light maple wooden bench and ottomans, the table with the cloche, the trellis planters, the outdoor clay oven and the wall fountain are all from the "Jardin de Ville"patio set from [CIRCA]. Many items you can buy separate. In the fatpack you get two bonus items: the stand with bird bath & feeder and a special the table. The textiles from table cloth and  cushions from the bench are changeable with a menu. Many poses are in the bench and ottomans. Two versions of the ottomans are in the package. Go to the Illuminate event to buy all. Running: Apr 18 - May 12.
The Wisteria Vines are from [TIA], in the box are also white and pink Wisteria vines included. Really a must have for decoration patios.  I used from Nic's inventory decor items from Mesh India, Apple Fall, !Follow Us!, dust bunny, unKindness and !gO!. See the credits.

Nic is wearing a skirt from [QE] Designs, from the Glam or Grunge hunt. You need find a black rose (1ld). It's close to where you land. The top is from adorsy at The Cosmopolitans Sales Room. You can buy also pants there. On the pants you have the possibility to write something. The name of your love for example ;)! Nic is wearing lace stockings from Reign. Bought them last month at Shoetopia. I presume they are in the mainshop now. The tattoo is from Juna. The baby rattle is from marketplace, a dollarbie

Skirt: [QE] - [QE] Dina Denim Mini Skirt -Distressed- (1ld/ glam or grunge hunt)
Top: adorsy at CSR - adorsy - Demi Top Black - Maitreya (NEW)
Tattoo: Juna - Juna: Noemi tattoo Woman
Baby girl: Black Bantam at Kustom9 - *[Black Bantam] Bath Time Baby Girl Pink 04 (65ld each try)
Baby rattle: ABC - ABC Baby Rattles (1ld)
Bath duck: Kinokoko - Kinokoko Duck Bath collection
Sitting pos: FOXCITY - GSits VOL 2-2
Standing pose: FOXCITY - SelfieVOL 3-4
From inventory: Hair - no.match (no_heat); Shoes - H@S; Head - LeLutka; Body - Maitreya; Skin - LAQ; Rabbit dolls - !gO!

Patio set: [CIRCA] at Illuminate Event- [CIRCA] Pkg - "Jardin de Ville" - Full Outdoor Patio Set (50% Off regular/NEW/)
Rug: [CIRCA] at Fantasy Fair ( till May 7th)- from  [CIRCA] Pkg - "Nahla" - Full Room Set - Cocoa & Nut Wood (NEW)
Wisteria vines: [TIA] -[Tia] Rebecca's Wisteria Vines - 3 Colours
Art: unKindness -  uk - Her Wall & Floor Art -  was at the Dollhouse (soon in maainshop) (NEW)
Pergola: unKindness - uK Spring Lights Pergola
String lights: {what next} - {what next} Bellevie string lights (old FLF item/ now normal price)

From inventory: laptop (with my own picture) and wooden trunk - Apple Fall ; Silverleaf Vase - [TIA], Food on table and tea cups - unKindness; Glass decor - Mesh India; Tetris and Light Houses - Mesh India; Pots - Mesh India; Lemon vase - dust bunny; Family dogs - JIAN; Scrabble (lust) game - !! Folow Us !!
Pictures made at La Beatrice
Bye bye, Nic

Sunday, April 29, 2018

what's hidden deep inside you?

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Don't be so me your hidden secrets... that's what you say to me..

"Take of your clothes.. Blow out the fire ...Don't be so shy...You're alright
Just lay down ..turn my side...Do you feel my heat on your skin
I drown myself in your holy water... and i saw god... i see your smile.."
(text parts from a song from Imany)

Hidden secrets are also in the shells she found. They are from the gacha from Naminoke at The Fantasy Fair Ten. Closes on may 7th. Many beautiful sims you can visit.  Nic is wearing again the hair from Sintiklia. Forgive me please. I am so in love with this hair. The dress is from Pseudo. A release from last december, too cold then to wear on sims with snow or ice. Now it's the time for such dresses. A sort of shirt dress with ruffles on the sleeves. New to show you is the necklace from Meva. A release at the Blush Event that started yesterday. The necklace comes also with a collar. Many possibilities to wear and possibilities to choose colors. It was a must have for me because of the collar of the dress. The dress asked for this necklace ;) The sitting pose is from Foxcity. I used for the pictures mystic dew drops and fairy fog , both from unKindness.

There is a new promo bento head from LAQ out now. Promo for this weekend only! For those who already have the LAQ bento head hud this is your chance to try another head for an affordable prize. Others who don't have the LAQ bento hud need buy one. I can recommend to buy this head now.

Dress: Pseudo - Pseudo- Kimber Dress Nude
Necklace: MEVA at Blush Event - Meva Mandy Necklace Box (NEW)
Shells: Naminoke at The Fantasy Fair - *N*Kai-Awase sakura#1<box> and *N*Kai-Awase higanbana#1<box> ( 50ld /each try)
From inventory: head- LeLutka; hair -Sintiklia; body - Maitreya; skin - Glam Affair; dew drops and fairy fog - unKindness
Pictures taken at: Theatre of the Mists
Bye bye, Nic

Saturday, April 28, 2018

i got my red dress on tonight

Click the small picture to enlarge. My flickr picture is here.
"I got my red dress on tonight... dancin' in the dark in the pale moon light... done my hair up real big, beauty queen style...high heels off i am feelin' alive
Kiss me hard before you go...summertime sadness...i just wanted you to know.. that, baby, you're the best".
(parts of songtext from Lana del Rey)

Nic is already wearing her red dress and she did her hair up real big. But first a walk with the dogs with her twin sister. She is wearing a sweet girly dress, the 2ld hunt item from Siss Boom for the World Tour Hunt. Find a globe.
Both are wearing the shoes from #Empire from the lucky board. Lazy me ;).
The updo hair from Nic is an old group gift from TRUTH, still available in the shop. The hair from her twinsister is from Sintiklia. Nic showed this hair before on the blog.
The red dress is a limited time gift at GothiCatz. The model is the same as a dress that i showed before on the blog from *MIRUS*. No problem because also this one i like. And Nic needed a red dress for the night, isn't it! "honey i'm on fire, i feel it everywhere".
The necklace is from !IT! for the Avenue&White Nights, April round, 35% off.

Nicis wearing:
Red dress: GothiCatz - >>GothiCatz<< Chun GUAVA (free/ limited time)
Necklace: !IT! for the Avenue&White Nights - !IT! Haute Elegance Necklace (35% off)
Updo hair: TRUTH - TRUTH Sugar ( old groupgift/free/ group join fee)
Shoes: #Empire - #Empire Xeranthemum (free)

Twinsister is wearing:
Black/white dress: Siss Boom - siss boom-world tour 2018 cafe paree (2ld/hunt)
Shoes: #Empire - #Empire Xeranthemum (free)
Hair: Sintiklia - Sintiklia LLona
From inventory both : Skin - Glam Affair; body- maitreya; head - LeLutka; dogs - JIAN and {anc}; pose left - Le Poppycock; pose right - Yuna
Pictures made at: hive//
Bye bye, Nic

Friday, April 27, 2018

time outside

Click small picture to enlarge. My flickr picture is here.
Again i can present you a gazebo. Already many times on this blog garden sheds or gazebo's, but today again another one. Decorating a nice gazebo is a pleasure for me. I love the garden and relaxing in the sun.
Behind the gazebo from Mesh India you can see a beautiful goldfish pond, a 3rd anniversary group gift from TLC. Love it. I think the pond gift will be there short time. So hurry to TLC. The watering cans are one of the other group gifts there.
The chairs are from Pixel Mode. I showed them long time ago on the blog. The Chinese cups and tulip vase and the basket with wellies and a cushion are all from Fancy Decor at Collabor88. The table and the frame with a rabbit are also available at Collabor88 from Loft&Aria The parasol is a group gift from[TIA} Many items are from Mesh India. At collabor88 i also bought the hanging dried flowers. You get several length in the package. The trees around the gazebo are from , the Fifty Linden Friday item from today.

Nic is wearing two pieces from Aleutia from the lucky boards there. I discovered the purple shoes from Essenz in Nic's inventory. A good match! Nic's hair is from Truth at the new round of Uber.

Top: [Aleutia] - [Aleutia] Aloy (Maitreya) Pink Lavender (free/LC/ but groupjoin fee)
Pants: [Aleutia] - [Aleutia] Dana with color hud (Maitreya)
Hair: TRUTH at Uber -  TRUTH / Panny grayscale (NEW)
Shoes: Essenz - Essenz - Ireland (purple)
Pose first picture: Bauhaus Movement at Pose Fair -  Disseminated Anime Style 16
Poses last picture: Roy Mildor at Pose Fair - Roy Mildor - Catwoman
From inventory: skin - Glam Affair; body - maitreya; head - LeLutka

Gazebo: Mesh India - MI Lisa Gazebo Pack
Cabinet, hibiscus in red and yellow: Mesh India for Pocket Gacha -  MI Siddartha Gacha Decor
Watering cans: TLC - TLC GROUP GIFT_watering can* (free)
Goldfish pond : TLC - TLC 3rd Anniversary GROUP GIFT_Goldfish Pond* (free)
Hanging flowers: +Half-Deer+ at C88 - +Half-Deer+ Hanging Dried Flowers [Spring Set](NEW)
Bird Cage: Mesh India at Tres Chic - MI Indira Bird Cage (NEW)
Flora bowl, Flora Tulip Vase, Flora Basket: Fancy Decor at C88 - Fancy Decor Flora (NEW)
Table: Loft&Aria at C88 - Loft&Aria Dixie Side Table (black) (NEW)
Rabbit Frames: Loft&Aria at C88 - Dixie Frames (NEW)
Parasol: [Tia] - [Tia] Junebug Garden Parasol - Group Gift (Boxed)(free/gg)
Trees: Anhelo for Fifty Linden Friday - --Anhelo M49BT- 184GA - broadleaf tree (FLF/50ld)
From inventory: yellow flower tiles- Mesh India, bottles- mesh India; bowl with yellow flowers - Mesh India; dog - {anc}; Butterfly chair - Pixel Mode; books with apple - Mesh India
Scene created at hive//
Bye bye, Nic

Thursday, April 26, 2018

get your motor running..

Click the small pictures to enlarge. My Flickr picture is here.
All i want is love...Come on.. give a chance to desire. I wish a dream would last.

Come on Uber is open. The theme is biker. Time to take a road trip!
Nic is showing from Uber the love swallows necklace from Dahlia. The sexy body is from ::Una:: for the next Kinky Event. Opens 28th of April. Many very good designers are in the Kinky Event. You get in the package the body with or without roses, a hud for the color of the roses and a skirt ( transparent or not transparent). The set is available in 6 separate colors. The fat pack has more colors, fabrics and leathers. Such a sexy body combines good with the biker theme. Nic is standing near the tattoo shop wearing a tattoo from Juna. Nic's hair is from the Taketomi West club. For members fat packs are 50ld. Nic's shoes are from Reign ( old Luxe Box item)

Body: ::UNA:: for the Kinky Event - ::UNA:: Yanni (NEW)
Hair: Taketomi West - #taketomiWEST - KylieJ - Fatpack (50ld/ for club members)
Bento Gloves: Mystic - Gloves Maitreya Bento with color hud  (50ld)
Necklace: Dahlia at Uber - Dahlia - Sonny - Love Swallow - Necklace (NEW)
Tattoo: Juna - Juna: Dala tattoo Woman Bag WEAR
From inventory: Shoes - REIGN; head - LeLutka; body- Maitreya; skin - Glam Affair; dogs - Furtacor ( old gift); rose - NikotiN; bike - Pose-By-uUs
Pictures made at: Soap
Bye bye, Nic

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

hot evening in the desert

Click small picture to enlarge. Here is my Flickr picture. I love faves ;)
How to survive in the desert. She is here for fuel. Fuel for her car and for her mind. Alone in the desert. Everything is feeling dry but she will survive.

Nic is wearing a summer dress with ruffles from Mirus, the new group gift. Comes with a hud for more colors and textures. I love clothes with ruffles at the moment. Just the glance of the dress is a bit strong (due to high material, i think). At the pictures i changed the glance a bit. The bag from [sYs] give a gypsy sphere. Nic's shoes are from Empire. I could change the color of the shoes so that they are in the colors of the bag. The hair is from Doux.
The cacti are from the Redeux Event. Could grab this present at the last day. Sorry too late for you.

Dress: *MIRUS* - *MIRUS* Margarita Dress w Hud 1 (free)
Hair: DOUX - DOUX - Rhonda hairstyle [Brunettes]
Shoes: #Empire -  #EMPIRE - Alchemilla (old Luxe Box item from Januari 2017)
Bag: [sYs] - [sYs] GYPSY bag (rigged and unrigged mesh ) - grey

Cacti: Painfully Divine - Redeux Gift - Painfully Divine ( past Redeux gift)
From inventory: skin- Ys&Ys; head - LeLutka; body - Maitreya; grass - The Little Branch
Pictures taken at: Desert Ruins
Bye bye, Nic

Monday, April 23, 2018

just in time

Click small picture to enlarge. Here is my Flickr picture.
Puh .. just in time. Why didn't they take the zebra crossing? It's a misty morning in Paris and she wants her coffee. And then back to the shops.
Nic is wearing her glasses just for fun on this grey day. The sweet dress is a gift at {Vision}. Comes with a very good color hud. You can give the top of the dress and the skirt different colors
, if you want.
The necklace with key from !IT! you can find at the Dark Side 3 Event. Running from 14th of April to 5th of May 2018
The shoes she bought nearby at [VERSOV]. Also with a very good color hud. I like such sneakers in white in spring- or summertime. Nic's hair from Wasabi i showed before not so long ago. Watch here. Available at the Season's Story till April 30th.
A big thanks to Laura for many good tips.

Dress: {ViSion} - {ViSion} //Annie Dress - GIFT (free)
Necklace: !IT! at Dark Side 3 - !IT! Fae Realm Key Necklace (10ld)
Glasses: #Foxy - #Foxy - Jetta Sunglasses GROUP GIFT (free)
Bracelets: Cae - Cae :: North Star :: Bracelet (old groupgift/ available/ free)
From inventory: head - LeLutka; body - Maitreya; skin - Ys&Ys; Hair- Wasabi (Everly); french bulldog - Alchemy; big dog - {anc}; poses - an lar [Poses]
Pictures made at : Wulf Creek
Bye bye, Nic

Sunday, April 22, 2018


In a hurry in the street. When will that taxi come? She is clearly not amused. It's raining, she is tired and her feet hurt. Here is my Flickr picture.
The only good thing is, that she loves her streetwear outfit. The pants are from SPIRIT with a color hud for the stripes at the side and the ribbon. You also can choose a text on the stripes and ribbon. The top is a new release from Lush, comes with a hud for more textures and also texts. The tattoo is also from Lush. Nic is wearing her snake necklace from CODEX at the Epiphany ( the rare item). The bag with perforations is from Baiastice at Collabor88. Remember the perforated boots from [Gos] Boutique, the last group gift? I think it will be a good combination with those. For the shoes from the lucky board at Empire i waited long time, but i got all now. The soles from these shoes are high, platform shoes. See below.

Pants: SPIRIT - SPIRIT - Alexix pants [GRAY]
Top: Lush - Lush Dark Ruffle Top (NEW)
Tattoo:  Lush - Lush - Flown Away - Tattoo
Necklace: CODEX at Epiphany -  CODEX_ Rare Snake Choker (gacha)
Bag: Baiastice at C88 - Baiastice_Anello HandBag-Powder (NEW)
Shoes: #Empire - #EMPIRE - Heliotrope (with hud) (free)
Hair: Sintiklia - Sintiklia Hair Llona
From inventory: Skin- Ys&Ys; head - LeLutka; body - Maitreya; rings - Meva; poses - an lar [Poses]; bastet sphinx  Pixicat ; motor bike - Pose by us
Pictures made at: Insilico
Bye bye, Nic

Saturday, April 21, 2018

wet and dripping

My flickr picture is here.
Salt&Pepper has a very cute,funny and sexy gacha at the Epiphany event at the moment. In the gacha are dresses and bikini's with a special effect. When you walk in SL water the dress or bikini is getting transparent and starts dripping. You need to go in the sun on the beach and the dress or bikini will dry. You can see the difference at the pictures. Many colors available in the gacha. I am sure many sl partners will like this dripping and transparent effect. Nic is wearing another hair from rezology from the sale at Marketplace. Her towel is from ::K:: in the mainstore. With a hud for several colors. On one of the pictures Nic is wearing slippers from the lucky boards at #Empire. The necklace is an oldie from her inventory, from DECO ( still available at Marketplace). The surfboard is from a gacha at Silvery K in the mainstore.

Dress: Salt &Pepper at Epiphany - S&P WET 20. dress  Lara salmonflower (NEW/gacha)
Bikini:Salt &Pepper at Epiphany -  S&P WET 8. bikini Lara salmonflower (NEW/gacha)
Hair: rezology at marketplace- rezology Wisp fatpack ( sale/25ld)
slippers: #Empire - #EMPIRE - Penstemon with color hud (free LB)
Necklace: DECO - DECO Seaside necklace
Towel: ::K:: - ::K:: Beach Towel
From inventory: skin -Ys&Ys; body - Maitreya; head - LeLutka; surf board - Silvery K (beachparty gacha); rings - Meva
Pictures made at La Beatrice

Friday, April 20, 2018

i know there's a path that's leading towards the Master...

Click small picture to enlarge. My flickr picture is here. My picture is added to the Gallery "Nature in Art". You can see the gallery here. I feel very honored.

Love devotion and surrender...
A place for devotion, in the wood. Sounds of birds and the smell of the forest ground. The bird in the cage will soon be set free. No doubt about it.

Nic is wearing a skirt from M.Birdie from a gacha. Reminds me of the sixties. The top from Spirit is available at Uber. You get a sparkling version and this one. The cute necklace has a text "you are my sunshine". It's a  group gift from Cae. Comes with a color hud.
Rezology has at marketplace a big hair sale. Nic's hair is one of those sale hairs. Some hairs are 1ld, most 25 or 28ld. Lovely hairs in my opinion. You get fat packs. I like the blond color from rezology.
The cage is a release from Mesh India at Tres Chic (resizable). The lotus lamps, the holy kundalam and the Siddharta Face decor are all from Mesh India, released in the new Pocket Gacha. Get your pocket gacha hud at marketplace for free .From your armchair you can do the gacha without the problem of a laggy place to go.

Skirt: M.Birdie -  `M.BIRDIE / Merry look-skirtA4 Maitreya (gacha)
Top: Spirit at Uber - SPIRIT - Tia sweatshirt [PEACH]  also a sparkling version (NEW)
Hair: rezology - rezology Cloud Nine ( 26ld/ sale at Marketplace/ many more hairs)
Necklace: Cae - Cae :: Sunshine :: Necklace [bagged]
From inventory: flats - #Empire ( old FLF item); head - LeLutka; body - Maitreya; skin - Ys&Ys

Lotus Lamp, holy kundalam, siddharta face - Mesh India for Pocket gacha - MI Siddartha Gacha Decor (NEW)
Bird cage: Mesh India at Tres Chic - MI Indira Bird Cage (NEW)
From inventory: {anc} swallows ( gacha); lights - [CIRCA]
Pictures made at: Witchwood
Bye bye, Nic

Thursday, April 19, 2018


Click small picture to enlarge. My Flickr picture is here.
Breakfast or a lunch in nature can be disturbed  by little creepy creatures. Nic seems to be unaware of them. Enjoying her sunny morning outside.
She is wearing an 1 dollar gift, the bodysuit from Scandalize. Will be in front of the shop for 24 hours. Don't know when this offer started. Nic is showing you the set with and without the scarf. You can also see a snake choker, the rare item from the gacha from Codex at the Epiphany Event. The shoes ( with color hud)  are again from the lucky boards at #Empire. Hair from Sintiklia, another Midnight Madness gift from last saturday. For those who want Sintiklia hair it is good to know that the shop has lucky boards.

Jumpsuit: Scandalize. - Scandalize. Stacy. PinkPale (1ld/ 24 hours)
Shoes: #Empire - #EMPIRE - Trachelium (free)
Hair: Sintiklia - Sintiklia - Hair Sara - Special pack ( Free for MMM from last saturday)
Necklace: Codex at Epiphany - 13 CODEX_SNAKE CHOKER RARE (gacha/NEW)
Day bed - junk. - junk. Vintage french daybed
From inventory: Blueberry pancakes - dust bunny, coffee - 8f8; skin - Ys&Ys; head - LeLutka; body; Maitreya; beetle - [kosmii]; bento rings - MEVA
Pictures made at: The Ruins of Deepmarch
Bye bye, Nic

Wednesday, April 18, 2018


My Flickr picture is here. I love faves ;)!
"Wait here at the bar" he said and left all his stuff behind. But that is already an hour ago. Embarrassing!
She is feeling so much anger inside. But most of all sadness. He will not send a message because his phone is here. What to do? See below

Nic is dressed in a set from Scandalize. It's a free set. Group join 100ld. But a wall of free items there. A set that i love to show you on the blog. You get a fuzzy version ( as shown) and the non fuzzy version. Under the top a bra from FAC. Available at marketplace. Nic's boots are from the lucky boards at  #Empire. An evening waiting with finally the shoes as result yesterday. The shoes have a large color hud. Nic's hair is from the Midnight Mania Madness from last saturday from Sintiklia. Glasses from Eclat at marketplace.

Set: Scandalize - Scandalize. Velure. (free/ group join fee)
Shoes: #Empire - #EMPIRE - Lavender (free)
Hair: Sintiklia - Sintiklia - Hair Kelly - ( free/ Past Midnight Mania Madness )
Sunnies: Eclat - Eclat Mirrored Sunnies
From Inventory: Skin - Ys&Ys; body - Maitreya; head - LeLutka; Hat on chair - Gabriel (free/ available old gift) ; bag on ground - BAZAR, bar stool - [tmk]; fufu black bag - Maxi Gossamer; lipstick - [CIRCA]; bra - FAC ( Victoire); rings - Meva
Pictures made at: Black Milk Club, Neva River Village

She went home ;)

Monday, April 16, 2018

walking in whispering reeds

Click small pictures to enlarge.
They are walking at the sim Weed. Beautiful there. And a good place to try her new free boots from Gos Boutique. Released yesterday and they are gorgeous. Many spring colors in the hud, but Nic is wearing grey because of her new black dress. Watch the perforations in the leather. That realy makes them stunning. Behind the group gift board you also can pick-up all the old group gifts.
Nic's dress is from::UNA:: released at We <3 Roleplay. Comes as a gown and as a short dress. the dress has two parts the short dress and the vest ( at the right side). You can also choose transparency. For the belt are several colors. The fatpack has more colors. Black for example is in the fatpack. So many possibilities with this dress! It's a promo 25% off during the event.
Also very glad i am with the bento rings in silver from Meva. In discount at the little shop at Cosmopolitan for the Hello Tuesday event. Outside in the shopping cart. Just 130ld. Comes with an easy hud to choose which ring must be off or on.
Nic's hair is from the Cosmopolitans Sales Room from Fabia. Lovely hair in my opinion.
The necklace is a 50ld necklace at Marketplace. An oldie but still nice and available.
Nic's sheepdogs aren't good in hunting. Behind her in the field are pheasants. They didn't see them. Tha's better! They just found the found the little mouse.

Dress: ::UNA:: at WLRP- ::UNA:: Alana ( NEW/ and 25% off promo)
Boots: Gos Boutique - [Gos] Rihanna Perforated Boots - Spring (free)
Hair: Fabia at CSR - -FABIA- Mesh Hair   < Dara> Blond (NEW)
Rings:  Meva at Cosmo Satellite Store -  Meva Heidi Bento Rings Silver Maitreya Box ( 50% off)
Skin: Ys&Ys at eBento - *YS&YS* Giada Tone 02 Skin Applier for LELUTKA Heads (NEW)
Necklace: [7891.] - [7891.] Hage cross necklace siver ( 50ld)
From inventory: mouse- Pewpew!; head - LeLutka; body - Maitreya
Pictures taken at: Isle of May, Weed 
Bye bye, Nic

Sunday, April 15, 2018

whatever the weather

Click small pictures to enlarge. My Flickr picture is here. Please fav my picture if you like it.
Whatever the weather she did go gardening. These blue flowers of innocence with the color of the sky she is offering to you.
Nic went gardening on her bicycle cart. You can see it at the left side of the "what ever the weather" stand with bench from Mesh India. The stand and the bench is from the Deco(c)rate from April. The Monthly Mystery Box. Pre-order your  May Deco(c)rate before the 8th of the month.
The cart is from Captured Waters by Alexa, the newest release in the store. For the sphere i used the dreamer lights from [Circa]

Nic is wearing a top from Jana&Littles SL World. Comes with panties (not shown here). All has a color hud. Nic is wearing the top on the new skirt from Blueberry. It is the collaboration item with the top from Addams ( see post before this one). The white tattoo with the blue heart is from Carol G. for the Teleport Hub group. Group join is 10ld. Nic is wearing an old group gift hair from Truth, Athena. All old grupgifts are available in the shop. Nic's rings are from *AvaWay*, an old gift near the entrance. The hanging flowers are from Mesh India from the MI Kale Vase Gacha. The blue bouquets are from NSP from Nic's inventory. No in world store anymore, only at Marketplace SL.

The Blueberry store has the 6th anniversary sale atm (ends April 20). 50% off of everything except for the most recent releases and gachas. Every day Blueberry will be giving away 10 gift cards selecting customers from social media, in store, in world group and shoppers of the sale.

Top: Jana&Littles SL world - -JL- Aby Outfit (HUD)
Skirt: Blueberry - Blueberry - Calliope - Skirt & Belt - Light Blue
Rings: *AvaWay*- *AvaWay* SINDY_Ring (for bento hands) (free)
Tattoo: Carol G. for Teleport Hub group - Carol G. Mehndi and Heart Mouth tattoo ( free/ group join 10ld)
Hair: TRUTH - TRUTH VIP - September available (free/ but group join fee)
Pose last picture: Salacity at Pose Fair  (ends 30th of April) - Salacity Vargas Girls (change a little bit with the animare hud); blue hair flower - Izzie's

What Ever The Weather set: Mesh India for Deco(c)rate - MI Whatever the weather decor set
Bike cart: Captured Waters - Captured Waters Go,n gardening (NEW)
From inventory: dream lights - [CIRCA]; hanging plant - Mesh India
Pictures made at: Nymphai
Bye bye, Nic

Saturday, April 14, 2018


Click the small picture to enlarge. My Flickr picture is here. i love faves ;)!
Lace is the link between Nic's tattoo, top and her pants. The tattoo is like lace on her new skin. The skin is from Ys&Ys for LeLutka, available at eBento. Nic is wearing eyeshadow, lipstick, blush and eyebrows from the hud from Ys&Ys. Many options available.
The super top is from Adams, a new release. Love the lace arm parts. All so delicate! The top is made in a collaboration with Blueberry. Blueberry made a matching skirt. That skirt is also very lovely.
Nic is showing you the top with a jeans with lace from Pacagaia. I bought the skinny jeans with the new April group gift  from the shop, a 500ld store credits card. Join group is 100ld. But an easy calculation tell us this: You get for 100ld 4 group gifts and the possibility to buy 5 clothes in the shop ( because many items are 100ld). Isn't that very affordable?! The clothes have a good quality.
The tattoo is a  group gift from Carol G. The Carol G. group has a group join fee. But you can go there for another white  tattoo for just 10ld. It is a tattoo from Carol G. for the Teleport Hub group.
On Nic's foot you can see a snake toe ring from Candy Crunchers. It's a gift at the anniversary of the BodyFy event. You can grab many gifts there till 24th April. Hit the Panic buttons.
Nic's hair is the new release from Sintiklia at the Black Fair Event. Love this way of wearing with the loose hairs over the shoulders. More options are in the styling hud.
The sitting pose is from Salacity Poses for the Pose fair.

Skin: Ys&Ys at eBento - *YS&YS* Giada Tone 02 Skin Applier for LELUTKA Bento Heads (NEW)
Body skin: Ys&Ys  - *YS&YS* - Tone 02 Basic Body Applier v2.0 - Omega System
Top: Addams - Addams // Isabella Boho Shirt // N*1 (NEW)
Tattoo: Carol G. - Tattoo Pendant Loop white [CAROL G] ( free/ but group join fee)( see text for a 10ld white tattoo for 10ld)
Skinny Jeans: Pacagaia - :PC: Lory Skinny Jeans
Hair: Sintiklia at the Black Fair - Sintiklia - Hair Llona - Light blondes (NEW)
Snake toe ring: Candy Crunchers at Bodyfy - Candy Crunchers Snake Toe ring  (free)
Pose: Salacity Poses at Pose Fair - Salacity Poses Vargas Girls (NEW)
Eyes: IKON  - IKON Promise eyes Glass
Bye bye, Nic

Friday, April 13, 2018

all together

Click the small picture to enlarge. My Flickr pictures are here and here.
Relax time with the family, including the dogs. Tjip and Nic are under the fence pergola from unKindness, a release at FaMESHed. I made a wooden floor under the pergola to create a place to wash the dogs and sit and relax. A sort of patio it is now. I also made the sunscreen outside the patio.

In the patio you can see a garden table and chair set from a hunt at X-Clusives Animations. You find the gift  inside a black candle on a "family portrait" frame on the wall.
The bath is from Salacity. In it all sort of poses.
The brown leather cushion on the ground is a window seat cushion from Salacity from the Evil Bunny hunt. Salacity is sponsor of this hunt ( April 5th - 30th). In the cushion G/PG solo poses as well as his and hers "private moments" solo poses. In the patio i placed a fountain from unKindness and a bathroom table from [Tia] with a flower set. In the fountain are plants from a little pond from a dollarbie at Marketplace called Orient. The hanging yellow flowers and the white flowers are from Mesh India available in the mainstore. Potted plants from Soy. Plants outside - Heart Garden Centre.

Nic is wearing a sexy dress ( or is it lingerie?) named "sweet sin" a dollarbie at marketplace from !Black Swan! Her shoes with a super color hud are from the lucky boards at #Empire. Hair from no.match ( unisex). The pose on the overview picture is from the Pose Fair from Salacity.
Tjip is showing you the Fifty Linden Friday jacket with shirt from etham ( also one with a light grey jacket you can buy). His hair is from Modulus

Dress: ! Black Swan ! - ! Black Swan ! GIFT Sweet Sin  ( 1ld)
Shoes: #Empire - #EMPIRE - Xeranthemum (free/LB)
Hair: no.match - no.match_ ~ NO_HEAT B ~ Essentials/OMBRE
Pose: Salacity at the Pose Fair - Salacity Poses Vargas girls ( NEW)
From Nic's inventory: head - LeLutka; body - Maitreya; skin - LAQ; dog - JIAN ('dorable Danes gacha); necklace - (Kunglers) see also here in light color.

Hair: tjip: Modulus - Modulus - Scott Hair - Monochromes
Jacket: etham - etham - Josh Blazer - Light Blue *FLF*( FLF/ 50ld)
From tjips inventory: jeans - American Bazar (Barry); skin - 7 Deadly s[K]ins; basset - Amu

Garden set: X-Clusives Animations - X-CLUSIVES ANIMATIONS Moakley Mahogony conversation chairs and table (l ld/ hunt)
Leather cushion: Salacity  for the Evil Bunny hunt - Salacity Window Seat Cushion (hunt gift)
Pergola: unKindness at FaMESHed - part of  uk - Contemporary Garden Sets (NEW)
Bath: Salacity at the XXX event - Salacity - Tawdry Tub (NEW)
Silver bathroom table:[Tia]  [Tia] Sylvia Bathroom - Side Table
Bubbles: Aquatics - Fyn Little Rock Bubble emitter (6ld)
Flower set:[Tia] - [Tia] Sylvia Bathroom - Flower Vases
From inventory: lace curtains - Knick Knacks; hanging flowers - Mesh India ( spring gacha/ mainstore); wall - Apple Fall; lattice - pomponne; plants and towel- Soy.; fountain - unKindness; silver vase - [Tia]; roses - from Marketplace; soap -AXL Pro; floxgloves - Heat Garden Centre; grass - The Little Branch; perfumes - [CIRCA]
Bye bye, Nic