Monday, September 30, 2013


On a sunny autumn place Nic shows new or free items
To begin with the first picture. You see the skirt  from The Falling into Autumn hunt from D.o.R.k.
The skirt has a menu with several skirt color options. A nice silky mini skirt.
On the next three pictures a super parka from Chemistry, not free, but so beautiful.  From the same shop is the blond / brown hair.  You get a long and short version. And it comes with a flower hair attachment. Also with a colorhud with many colors. On the last pictures the new groupgift from B!asta

Skirt:  {D.o.R.k} -{D.o.R.k} Carlos Autumn (Gents) ( free)
Crow Tattoo: Silent Sparrow : crowjane Tattoo
Jacket: Chemistry - (Chemistry) Parka Coat -- Brown
Blond hair: Chemistry - (Chemistry) Hair Tamora Hud 1 or 2
Dress: B!asta - [ B! ] :SILVER DEW: Long shirt/dress and skinny jeans (Yellow) ( free/ group join 50ld)
From inventory: Shoes - BSD, Leg warmer - Monso; Hair Truth (Roxanna)
Bye bye, Nic

school now and in earlier days

They both take the Academy Line to go to high school. No not the Hogwarts Express. The outfit is for today and for earlier days. Nic shows you for today the purple Sunday School dress from B!asta.This one is free for members of the SL Frees & Offers group! (group join is free, the dress is available at the B!ASTA store). Does Nic looks like hermione Granger?
And from earlier days and for the Harry Potter Hogwarts fans: the Mischief Managed Free Female Uniform. You also can get a free male school uniform. The female uniform has also a long coat or a sweater and the suitcase.There are more tie options. All free! So if you don't like uniforms like this, you still can use the tie.
The tights are free from Orange*Pekoe. From the same brand is the gatcha machine for nice flats ( 20ld)

Modern school dress: B!asta - [ B! ] :SUNDAY SCHOOL: Strapless dress with bow (for SLF&O)( free)
School uniform :Mischief Managed - Mischief Managed Free Female Uniform ( free)
Tights: Orange*Pekoe - Orange*Pekoe free tights ( free)
Flats: Orange*Pekoe - Orange*Pekoe Gatcha!mesh flats ( 20ld)
The Academy line is at the steampunk city New Babbage 

Bye bye, Nic

meditation or sleepy

I love those sweaters from tjip. The first one is from the Falling into Autumn hunt from D.o.R.k. The leaf is near the gatcha machine, very easy to find.
The second one is from LinealRise design, the october groupgift. Walk through the shop and you will find the sweater somewhere behind.
The shoes on the bench are from the second star from the Falling into Autumn Hunt. The leaf is behind a curtain..
Tjip wears hair from Redgrave  and eyes from IKON, necklace and armband from Ronsem, chucks from Kapone, jeans from Rispetto.... All from his inventory.

Sweater on the first pictures: {D.o.R.k} -{D.o.R.k} Carlos Autumn (Gents) 9 free)
Hoodie: LinealRise Designs - LRD Men's Group Gift October Hoodie (free)
Shoes on bench: the second star - the second star**FIA hunt gift hallow flats unisex ( free)

Bye bye, Nic

Sunday, September 29, 2013

parrot and peacock

Nic in dresses. The first one is in parrot colors and the second one in colors of a peacock. The peacock bag is from BSD and combines very well.
The parrot colored dress is from the Feeb's Rascals market. Told about it on saturday. The dress is from Liv Glam and just 5ld.
The peacock color dress is a groupgift at M&M.
The red summer shoes are from BSD Design studio. The skin is a free skin from Asteria Creations. The skin comes with eyelashes and a shape.Thanks Dancer for the tips and ideas.
And below a red dress from LinealRise Designs. Many groupgifts in that shop.

Parrot color dress: Liv Glam at Feebs Rascals - [LG]K-Collection Who's that Girl MiniDress ( 5ld)
Peacock dress: M&M-M&M-BOGNA DRESS MESH GIFT ( free)
Red dress: LinealRise -LRD Gift sunny dress ( free)
Skin: Asteria Creations - Asteria Creations - Alara Tan - Skin-Sahpe-Eyelashes ( free)
From inventory: Red shoes  and red bag and peacock bag  - BSD; White bag - Ricielli

Bye bye, Nic

Saturday, September 28, 2013

with his beer and chips

Although you already could see these clothes on some blogs, i wanted them on this blog, to show my followers all good quality free clothes for males in the way i like it. And i hope you like it too.
This sweater from American Bazaar is realy perfect. Thick, nice colors, nice pattern and good for outdoor leisure time in autumn. It is from the Falling into Autumn hunt. Search the leave in the curtains.
The shoes...oh those shoes..when i was young this sort of shoes where a hit. I weared them in  black  and with black clothes and felt very sophisticated like people, who introduced existentialism. Those shoes had in Holland a nickname. The nickname was "bordeelsluipers" which means, that it were shoes for men who frequented the red light district. They could walk very softly on these shoes. The quality of the shoes are very good. The leaf is on the side of a red bench.
Tjip uses a jeans from his inventory.
The hair is again from the subscribe-o-matic gift from KMADD. I recolored the hair. It is darker and has some streaks now.

Sweater: American Bazaar - [AB] @ Falling Into Automn Hunt ( free)
Shoes: Shoenique Designs - **SD** Mens Desert Rat  Boots BSM (free)
Hair: KMADD - KMADD VIP Gift ~ Logan  Welcome to KMADD!( free)
From inventory: Jeans - Rispetto Designs
Pictures taken at: Drobak Village 

Bye bye, Nic

a lot of sl events

Hello Fashionista's. Hope you see this blogpost in time, because the skin that Nic is wearing is the Fifty Linden Friday skin from Belleza. Belleza skins are on my top list of good skin designers. But the skins are a bit expensive. This is your chance to get a very good beautiful skin for just 50ld. It is the Autumn skin in medium skintone with soft freckles. I love this skin very much.
The shoes are the new release for BSD fot the Sl Fashion Week.  I created two looks with my new leggings and my new necklace and tops.

The leggings are from The Seasons Story. The Seasons Story is a new event in SL that focuses on… the 4 seasons of the year! This round of the event is centered on the Fall season so lots of sweaters, reds and oranges, apples, acorns, everything fall!  Really great designers and creators made some amazingly cute autumn products! The Seasons Story will happen every three months and the theme will be according to whatever season is coming up next.
The necklace is from the new round of Fi*Fridays (Fifty Five Linden Fridays .. a weekly event)
The golden top is from Ruxy from the acorn hunt at Old Europe. It is a mini dress but i use it as a top.
The  black lace top is from A&C.  You can get this at Feeb's Rascals St. There is a market with fundraising for homeless animals ( Feeb's Rascals & SPCA Navarra)
The Navarra SPCA is going through some pretty grim circumstances right now as they’ve suffered some seriously inclement weather in recent months and as of now they cannot afford to move to a larger parcel out of the flood zones; their animals are running low on supplies and have no dry and safe places to exercise and play. These folks (all volunteers) have been working tirelessly over 30 years to help take care of the abandoned, homeless, and feral animal population and they’ve done it with volunteers, donations, and the help of kind hearted citizens and groups.. (Running from September 22nd to October 6th).

Black lace top: A&C - {A&C} Sweet-Baby Sweater Lace (Black)Gift ( 5ld)
Golden top: Ruxy - Ruxy-Camila Sexy dress with Lolas tango(free)
Skin: Belleza - -Belleza- FLF Autumn Skin (50ld, FLF)
Necklace: Bens Beauty at Fi*Friday - ..:: Bens Beauty ::.. Egyptian Necklace Silver and gold ( 55ld each)
Leggings: Monso at The Seasons Story -  [monso] My Leg Warmer - Color Pack2 and 3
Shoes: BSD at SL fashion Week - {{BSD Design studio}}Classic Beaute'-grey diamond
From inventory: Hair - Truth; pants- Drift
Pictures made at Whispering Wind

Bye bye, Nic

Friday, September 27, 2013

savoir vivre

Tjip in his new green sweater with glasses. It is a groupgift from SS. A feel good moment in the Serenity Gardens. The boots are from Death Row Design from the lucky chairs there. Tjip waited also for a jeans, but it took too much time. Now he wears a jeans from his inventory.The beautiful eyes are the new september gift from IKON ( released 23 -09-2013). Most of the time just for 1 week in the shop.
The hair is from the subscribe-o-matic at KMADD.

Sweater: SS - .:SS:. Army Green Pushed Up Sleeve Tee
Eyes: IKON - IKON VIP Group Gift - September 2013 (free)
Boots: DRD - DRD CB boot2 (box) CA3 redlace pack 9 free0
Hair: KMADD - KMADD VIP Gift ~ CRUZ  Welcome to KMADD!( free)
Pictures made at Serenity Gardens
Bye bye, Nic

the color of this month

Nic in red.She is the eyecatcher on a dark day. This red dress is like a flame in the dark. It is another gift from The Acorn hunt at the Autumn market in Old Europe and it is from Flame Fashion. Search the acorn on the cart from that shop.
The necklace and earrings are groupgifts from Pure Poison. You have to pay for that group, but you get so many nice jewelry sets at once. Very worthwhile. This is the1000 members gift.

Dress and boots: Flame Fashion at Old Europe market - Flame Fashion-Hunt Item ( free)
Jewelry: Pure Poison - PP - The 1000 Jewelry Set (free/ but groupjoin fee)
From inventory: Hair - D!va, Fishnet tights from your library from Linden.
Pictures made at Death Row Island

Bye bye, Nic