Wednesday, March 20, 2013

with a little help of my friends

Where to start. I got so much help from my friends for all the goodies in this blogpost. Thanks all !!!!

First ofcourse from Dancer, who always tells me when there are new items in the Midnight Mania at Poison. I already had the torned jeans but now you can get the jeans jacket. Then she warned me about the red shoes in the Midnight mania board at Patulas House. Patula House has also a gift near the entrance, a blouse.

We started to invite our friends to help click the MM board and so arrived Alehandrita. She sudddenly gave me these beautiful yard benches. They are in her shop. Thanks so much Alehandrita.  I love them. You also can buy a dark brown version. She makes such cute things!. Go have a look in her shop and click the boards to see better. I bought for just 35ld three earthenware vases with flowers. With all i made a lovely corner at my home place. Alehandrita is such a versatile designer.

Then Joeylin came to click the MM board and we started talking. She told me about the jewelry that Nic shows you. At two places in the Lazuri shop you can get these jewelry. In the groupgift corner and in the discount corner.
"Make a good post about the jewelry Nic" , Joeylin said. And i will try. What we love about the jewelry, beside ofcourse the beauty of them,  is the very good menu. You touch the necklace for example and choose a color and then the necklace and the earrrings change at the same time. So easy! The one with the many stones has many stone options. That is why this post has so many pictures.

Last but not least i got tp from Verdant for a Midnight Mania from Kapone. I arrived just in time, there came just 1 person after me and the board was locked. Nic is so happy with these black sneaker boots.
But today we couldn't find the MM back at the shop.

Nearly forgot to mention Nic's hair. It is from Alice Project, from the Anime Hunt 2 ( from March 15 - april 15) Search an anime puppet picture.  You get white hair, but i recolored it. Two hair options in the packet.  The butterfly head phone is also from Alice Project from the Music is life hunt ( from March 1 -April1) You need find a music note.

Jeans: Poison  - >>>Poison<<< Original jeans_blue_worn_broken (old MM gift)
Jacket: Poison - >>>Poison<<< Rising sun jacket_blue_female and male (free)
Red heels: Patulas House - *Patulas House Red Ribbon Heels. ( free)
Yard bench: Alehandrita Design - Yard Bench - White with Blue Pil Pose Items (F2) ( just 160 ld)
Yard Bench: Alehandrita Design - Yard Bench - White Wood & Pink P Pose Items (F2)( just 160ld)
Earthe ware Vases: Alehendrita - 35l sunday - Flowers In Eartenware - Set of Three ( 35ld)
Jewelry: Lazuri -Lazuri Maysoon Emerald Earrings (free)
Jewelry: Lazuri - Lazuri Maysoon Emerald Necklace (free)
Jewelry: Lazuri - Lazuri Multistrand Necklace Earrings - Color Change ( free)
Jewelry: Lazuri - Lazuri Touch Of Stone Fuschia ( free)
Sneaker boots: Kapone - Kapone - Fuzion Boots black ( free was in MM)
Hair: Alice Project - -{AH}-# 12 ALICE PROJECT (free)
Headphone: Alice Project - MLH#7 Alice Project (free)

Bye bye, Nic

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