Friday, August 31, 2012

the skater in Paris

"Who is that handsome skater", Nita is asking by herself. They are in Paris. Nita wears clothings from a hunt in an Italian style shop. Shop name: Innuendo. Hunt name: Summer Hunt. The hunt started 28th of august 2012 and will end on september 12th 2012. Nita got 8 item from that hunt. The dress, the bag , a ring, the necklace, the sunglasses and the shoes you can see on the pictures. She forgot to wear the black belt and the bangles. You need find golden stars. For men you can get 3 items, search for silver stars. The mens hunt items are not shown.
Soraya found  a nice free mesh shirt and nice soft shorts. Good for skating. The skateboard is included with the poses. I changed the board with my own pattern.
Under the mesh shirt tjip wears a long t-shirt from JStyle. It is very  crowded in that shop, because you can get so many gifts there for men and women. The shoes are also from the JStyle shop ( in a box from Zorritas group).

On Nita:
Dress: Innuenda -  #Summer Hunt-NINFEA- Dress  INNUENDO 8 ( free)
The other items all in that shop. See the board near the entrance. (all fee)
From inventory: Hair -Dura ( old gift)

On tjip;
Mesh Shirt: LogiQue - [LQ] PROMO Noir V-Neck Shirt ( free)
Shorts: FBI -  FBI black shorts - (30ld)
Long striped shirt: JSTYLE  - GIFT JSTYLE  on the wall ( free)
Shoes: JSTYLE - JSTYLE GIFT in a box from Zorrita (free)
Skater poses and board: HIS - HISkate [phatpac] (boxed)

Thursday, August 30, 2012

non je ne regrette rien

There she walks like a diva in the misty streets of Paris. She feels someone  behind her. She turns around and a big smile appears. There he is: her good old friend Niclas. They talked standing in the morning mist. Both happy to see each other back after long time.

Nic wears a new promo (99ld) from Gabriël.Yes Takuya Jinn did it again.  HURRY up just 3 days there. Till 31 august. And i love this elegant and sexy dress with dots. Combined it with the elegant Gabriël sandals. A necklace from Gabriël ad an updo hair promo from A&A on marketplace. I think this all fits for Parisian streets and for seeing someone back ))) after long time.

Dress: Gabriël - ::GB:: Mesh Casual dress-Limited Dot-brown (99ld/promo)
Hair: A&A - A&A Raissa Hair Blackberry, (free)
Sandals: Gabriël - ::GB:: Stone  Sandals (Brown)*(old groupgift  still there/0ld)

Au revoir mon ami, Nic

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Nic's new stuff

This new jacket from Grasp i combined with two different skirts. The black one is from a groupgift at Bella's Lullaby. The black/grey one is a part of a dress from a hunt at Censored. The grey pumps are also from that hunt. There are 5 hunt items. You need search a flower. Each flower costs 20ld.
The loose jacket comes with different t-shirts.You can change the pattern and color of the t-shirts with a menu.
The necklace is an gift at U&R Dogs.
The hair is just 20ld from HairARt. Go upstairs their is a discount area with all hairs 20ld.
The bag is from Lucky Board at Bella's Lullaby.

Jacket with t-shirt: Grasp - +grasp+/Loose style shirts(Mesh)/Denim_Pink/Womens (new)
Black/grey skirt: Censored - GBH #02 .::CENSORED::. ( 20ld)
Black skirt: Bella's Lullaby - BL Groupgift - Moustache Tee & Ruffle Skirt ( free)
Pumps: Censored - GBH #01 .::CENSORED::. ( 20ld)
Hair: HairARt - HairARt - Shinne Hair Dark Brown ( 20ld)
Necklace: U&R Dogs - :+*R*+: Repetitor Necklace Ottava Silver ( free)
Bag: Bella's Lullaby - LB prize - Mesh tote bags Perfectly Imperfect ( free/LB)
Glove: Hermony - .:Hermony:. / LeatherGloves / Burgundy Pack ( 1ld)

Bye bye, Nic

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

once upon a time

Tjip could have been a moviestar from the movie "once upon a time in the west" Now visiting a rainy town in Europe. What a tough guy he is, isn't it. I hear the melancholic music and the harmonica  from the movie.
I love this coat and the boots from Deco. The boots i bought in the sale, that i told you about in another post.The sale is over now. When i was in the shop i saw this coat and immediately thought about  styling Tjip with it. The hat with gun hole is cool.

Coat: Deco - **DECOmpose - MESH Gunslinger Duster (gravel)**
Hat: Deco - DECOmpose mesh gunslinger Hat
Boots: Deco - **DECO - MESH Harness Boots (soil)**( was 50ld in sale)
From inventory: V neck long shirt _ Gabriël

Bye bye , Nic

for Nelly's birthday

"Nic can you help me", Soraya asked yesterdays evening. "I want to make a sl picture for my rl friend. She has her birthday today". And there we did go immediately, making pictures. First picture shows Soraya's exitement about the shop and the birthday of her friend. She went inside the shop and was impressed about the huge cake. As you may be know, when you read this blog more: Soraya is a HUGE bag lover. So it was important to make a picture  with a good view on her bag ( pic. 3). See  the luxurious boxes for the cupcakes. It must be a famous shop with delicious cupcakes. And all done we went back home. Happy Birthday Nelly.

Top: Top: Ce_Cubic - !_Cubic effect Sheer knit
Hair : Analog Dog - Tavern - black
Shorts: Emery - Emery Short Leather Mischa Khaki
Bag: Ricielli GLAMOROUS HUNT item#19 (15ld)
Pictures made at: Cupcake sim

Bye bye, Nic

Monday, August 27, 2012


Love these dresses from marketplace: the green one was an offer on sunday, because of the 52 weeks of ColorChallenge. I am sorry that i am too late to tell you in time. Now it is 75 ld and i think affordable. The dress is a tube dress and very elegant.
The other dress is an offer at marketplace. The japanese dress has a feminine look. I love it. The silk and pattern is beautiful. The shoes are included.
The hair is from CaTwA. The offer there is: buy 1 get 1 free. This is till 30th of august.
You need follow these instructions. Join the Catwa group (free) Wear the tag before purchasing. Buy any hair from the new selection ( ONLY NEW SELECTION). Then buy any hair from any selection. Left click what you want buy and choose credits. The hair in honey from the first picture is what i bought from the new hair selection. The dark hair with ponytail was my second choice and i got that one free.

Japanese dress: NS:: - NS:: Japanese dress ( offer 50%/50ld)

Green dress: Lizz and Jim: Lace top tube dress - Feldgrau ( was an offer on sunday, but now 75ld))
Hair: CaTwA - ^;^CaTwA^;^ Mesh Bella HairStyle/Winter Blondies ( 250ld)
Hair: CaTwA - ^;^CaTwA^;^ Jasmin HairStyle/Dark Browns ( free)
Bye bye , Nic

beautiful promo for men at Crickets

Where can you better show your New York Varsity jacket then in New York Manhattan? This promo from Crickets is gorgeous. You see the total set on the last picture. Also the shoes are included. I like the pants from the Crickets set not so much. It makes a bit too thick. Therefore on the other pictures, i show you combinations with other pants. Tjip showed these pants  before here on the blog.The combination with the blue sneakers is the coolest in my opinion.
Tjip also bought new hair. It is an oldie from Uw.St. but i was happy to find it back on the new location.

New York outfit: Crickets - Crickets New York Blue Outfit Set ( promo/99ld)
Hair: Uw.St. - [ -7R-]    Scott 02-Hair    Meteor
Pants and born boot : Gabriël - ::GB::MOH2_Limited set ( old hunt item)
Blue sneakers: Kapone - Triptik Mesh sneakers Leather Blue
Jeans ( on picture 4): not so bad -  not so bad . mesh . VINCE jeans . black

Bye bye, Nic

Sunday, August 26, 2012

a beauty, but not the sleeping beauty

No she will not lay in that coffin. She is just here to show the dress the shoes the bag, the photoscene and last but not least the gorgeous skin all from the Fairest of them All! Hunt (Fota Hunt) The hunt started yesterday and will end on september 15th. You need find a glass pump. Each item is 5ld.

Skin: JeSyLiLo - FOTA Hunt # 6 - JeSyLiLO ( 5ld)
White silk long dress: Sakide - [ SAKIDE ] White Fairest Dresses - FOTA Hunt (5ld)
Flats: Duh! - ::Duh!:: Ruby Slippers (FOTA Hunt)  (5ld)
Bag: Le Poppycock - FOTA Hunt # 19 - Le Poppycock Gift 1/2( 5ld)
Photo scene: HPC - #45 *HPC* Sleeping Beauties Photo Scene (5ld)

Happy hunting, Nic

making ready for the day

Early morning Nic is brushing her hair. So glad with the dress from yesterday, that i show you the black lace version. And another dress that i found. It is the groupgift from M*Motion, that is released today. The dotted bikini, that Nic wears as lingerie, is also in the package. But there is a problem with the long dress. because of the lace part there is an alpha included that just can go as far as a mini dress. The skirtpart of the dress is narrow so when you have an animation overrider with wide legs standing or when you walk, the legs come through the dress. Its is such a pity. Designers is there a solution for something like this? And that cute hair that is Nic is brushing is from Dura. Relatively new i guess. Hair from Dura has a very affordable prize.

The mirror and the pouf ( with many animations) are in the groupgift from Alb Dream. The gift is a total villa in oriental style.
Oh and for the groupmembers there is a gift: tanktops (changeable). Here  you can find it.
Finally dressed up like this with the mesh black pants from Blueberry group. See info and notices  from the group (free)

Black lace dress: TGA Designer - Draped Dress ( full perm promo 500ld)
Long dress and bikini: M*Motion - M*Motion C12-13 Group Gift( new) ( free)
Hair: Dura - *Dura-Girl*37(Dark Brown)
Hair brush: Quark Yifu - Hair brush (sculpted ( 10ld)
Villa:  Alb Dream fashion - ALB VILLA LAMU (89prims) furniture (262prims) GROUP GIFT Analee ( free)
For the jewelry  see my post from yesterday.

And here for the evening in sequin.

The brown crochet top is from NV. In the shop are some clothings prized down to 50ld. The boots are a groupgift from blueberry store group

Boots: Blueberry store - Blueberry *Mesh* Group Gift Boots Black
Crochet top: [NV] - [NV] Lil Sweater -Brown ( 50ld)
Bye bye , Nic

fringe in feldgrau

Many parts of my outfit have fringe. Even my hair has a sphere of fringe. The idea to use much fringe was born when i was searching for clothings in feldgrau for the 52 weeks of ColorChallenge. Beside searching for the color challenge i also search freebies, dollarbies or good quality items, that are worth paying for, for the blog. Double challenge actually.
The fringe top in feldgrau is from the luckyboard at Snowpaws. The sale at coldlogic helped me to the next green item, my capri. My bag is from my inventory (old hunt item from the with love hunt from vive 9). Then Joeylin told me about a nice belt, groupgift from WTG group. And i was happily surprised, because the belt has fringe. Going to Deco because of the sale for shoes and boots ( all are just 50ld) i saw the seaside necklace.When you have a very close look you can see the threads of the necklace ( sort of fringe yeah?). The "fringy-like" beams of the sun on the bracelets complete it all ;). The bracelets are also in the groupgift from WTG.

For green and the name feldgrau = ( field gray) a wood or field would be the location for making pictures, but a sea necklace and wood? No that isn't okay. Beside this: i am such a sea and water lover. So what to do. Then i thought about my beloved sim, Tempura, there would be both water and wood. After landing there, i flew to the water side and landed on this nice spot. Not wood green or feld grau but so beautiful. So i immediately decided this is THE spot. And the pink of the environment brightens up the dark sphere of feld grau. So all the better, because fall colours and dark spheres will come soon, when fall arrives, but please not now already.

Green fringe top: Snowpaws - Serene Fringe Blouse Teal (free)
Capri: coldLogic - coldLogic capri - lepore.greens ( pre labor day sale 50% till 29th august)
Belt and bracelet: WTG - +:+WTG+:+ August Group Gift 2012 (female) (free/ 100ld group join)
Necklace: Deco - **DECO - MESH Seaside Necklace**
From inventory: Hair- EMO-tions; Boots - Lost Thereian

Bye bye, Nic