Tuesday, March 12, 2013

where do you go to my lovely

Tjip will go by bike. Where does he go to in his new outfit? He bought the jacket at the Fi*Friday for 55ld. Then combined it with an old groupgift from Shiki. All old groupgifts are in the basement of the shop.
Tjip went to the wood and walked around in another new outfit. Same jacket but now in brown, combined with a sweater with collar from again Shiki, also an old groupgift. The brown mesh jeans he got last year's Christmas from Rispetto designs

Grey Suit: Shiki - SHIKI-Denim suit CHARCOAL ( free)
Brown sweater: Shiki - SHIKI-VIP gift-autumn sweater ( free)
Brown jacket:autres + bt at Fi*Friday -  bt. smooth blazer - brown (55ld)
Black jacket: autres + bt at Fi*Friday - bt. smooth blazer - black ( 55ld)
Brown jeans: Rispetto design - Rispetto Designs - Logoro MESH Jeans - Brown (old gift)
From inventory: shoes - Coco; Hair Uw. st (  Scott 02-Hair    Meteor)

Bye bye, Nic

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