Saturday, March 31, 2018

Easter butterfly patio

Click small picture to enlarge. My Flickr picture is here. I love faves ;)!
Easter sphere in the patio. But be aware of the foxes ! they like eggs!
Nic is dressed sexy like a bunny. She is showing you some presents from the anniversary of the Project Se7en. You see the blush from Zibska ( also other colors in the hud), the bow from Zenith ( with a color hud), poses from An Lar and the parasol from ((Lovely Alien)). From her inventory vintage nail polish from Alaskametro. Lipgloss and eyeshadow from Laq, from the Wilma make-up.
The clothes are from the Easter hunt at `L e s t y` . Each piece is 15ld. You need three pieces (bra, pantie and dress). Find a tiny Easter bunny. The set is very nice for role-play. Nic's hair is the easter gift from no.match ( for male and female). Group join is just 50ld. Patio table and chair are from a patio set from AXL Pro. On the table tea from unKindness. The other bunny decor pieces are all from Mesh India, available at the Cosmopolitans Sales Room.

Dress, pantie and bra:`L e s t y` - `L e s t y` Easter HUNT ( 3 pieces / each 15ld / hunt)
Blush: Zibska at Se7en - Zibska ~ Ronia Blush (free)
Pose: an lar at Se7en - an lar [poses] The Fine Mini Series (free)
Bow: =Zenith= at Se7en - =Zenith=lolita Bows (all color) (free)
Parasol: ((Lovely Alien)) at Se7en - ((Lovely Alien)) Silken Parasol Minty (free)
Hair: NO_MATCH - No Bunny Groupgift NO_MATCH ( free/ group join 50ld)
From inventory: make- up - LAQ; skin - LAQ ( Wilma); Nailpolish - Alaskametro; fruit drink - Tentacio (old gift); body - maitreya; head - LeLutka; eyes - IKON

Decor: Easter bunny items: Mesh India at CSR-  MI Easter Connect4 Gacha (gacha)
From inventory: patio table and chair- AXL Pro; Foxes - JIAN; tea pot and teacups - unKindness ( teatime delights gacha)
Pictures made at: the looking Glass
Bye bye, Nic wishing you a Happy Easter

Thursday, March 29, 2018


Click small picture to enlarge. My Flickr picture is here. I love faves ;)!
Although she is glad with what she has and nothing is wrong with her, she is feeling a bit depressed and tired. The sim is beautiful. Called Borneo.  Borneo is an all-new sim designed as a beautiful destination for those looking to explore, or simply pass the time with friends.  This intricately detailed sim is open to all visitors, and offers a breath-taking landscape created by NevaCrystall. Nic is badly waiting for sun and spring. She needs vitamins.

Nic is showing you a sweater with shirt from Amitomo. Available in the gacha at SaNaRae. Hair from Doe. A very old backpack from pesca. I think that shop is gone.The jeans is an applier jeans from ZD. Shoes from Tabloid at marketplace

Sweater and shirt: AMITOMO at SaNaRae - AMITOMO - You Are Blossom GACHA - S - 4 ( gacha 69ld per play)
Choker: LEPUNK - LEPUNK Lilia choker *gold* also in black and silver and color hud for 6 colors ( free)
Hair: Doe - 1.Doe: Morgan V1 - Blondes (gacha)
Jeans: *ZD* - *ZD* High Waist Jeans Blue
Shoes:Tabloid - Tabloid . REBOUND boots . Brown .

Pictures made at: Borneo
Bye bye, Nic

Monday, March 26, 2018

another greenhouse

Click small pictures to enlarge. My Flickr picture is here. i love faves ;)!
It is because i love gardening and springtime so much that i couldn't withstand making another blogpost in a garden shed or greenhouse. I saw this one during the Easter egg hunt at the Land of Rainbows and loved it immediately for picture making. You see Nic in a spring dress from [satus Inc] . Her hair is a new release from Entwined at Uber. Yes the new round at Uber started and as you may be know a new item i promised myself to buy every month. Nic is surrounded with items from the Easter Egg hunt, for example the nests and the book with eggs and the box with eggs and a rabbit. I came in the shop from Naive Design ( see credits) in that very small shop are many very inexpensive cute things. I was amazed about the pack with daffodils for just 20ld, filled with so many daffodils! Also gifts there... a yummie cake stand for example.

Dress: [satus inc.]  - [S] Alycia Bow Tied Dress Pink (Promo)
Hair: Entwined at Uber - .Entwined. Drew / Blondes (NEW)
Nails: IP Nails at Easter Egg Hunt - IP Nails  Freaky Fatpack Lor Egg Gift (free)
Necklace: amias - amias - IVONA 1
From inventory: shoes - H@S; head - LeLutka; body - Maitreya; skin - LAQ

Decor: taxi to Land of rainbows is here
Book with eggs and nests: Apple Fall at Easter Egg Hunt -
Box with rabbit and eggs: Serenity Style for Easter Egg hunt -Serenity Style- Not Without My Egg (free)
Basket with chicken and daffodils: TLC Land of Rainbows Hunt ( free)
Plants: {vespertine} at FaMESHed - {vespertine}- exotic plants  FATPACK
Baskets with light ( hanging and standing: XENO -  XENO basket lights white
Greenhouse: [FOURTH WALL] - [FOURTH WALL] - The Lost Greenhouse
Potting table ( behind Nic): Second Spaces - Second Spaces Potting table
Garden tools: [InsurreKtion] - [InsurreKtion]  Garden Tools (gacha)
Seedbeds: [InsurreKtion] - [InsurreKtion] seed bed A, B and C (gacha)
Pink flower jug: Raindale - Raindale Littlevale Flower jug
Flower post: Raindale - Littlevale Flower Pots
Lights: E.V.E  - E.V.E Ray of lights with glitter
Crate with pots: Feather & Nest - Feather & Nest  crate with pots

On other long picture:
Gardening rack  : Feather & Nest - Feather & Nest - gardening rack RARE ( gacha)
Daffodils in clay pots: Naive Design - Daffodils in clay flower pot
Tools Rack: [InsurreKtion] - [IK] Tools rack  (gacha)

From Nic's inventory: seedlings in egg box - Sari-Sari; yellow flowers- Plaaka; garden pots - mesh India; clay vases - BAZAR; sprout on glass - [keke]
Pictures made at: The Land of Rainbows
Bye bye, Nic

alone at the courtyard

Click small picture to enlarge
A moment alone at the courtyard. She knows that she can't be watched by eyes of strangers. She leaves her place at the side of the yard and goes into the water of the pond. The water feels nice and cold at her feet. Still wearing the slip-on kimono in case suddenly someone appears. But now this moment of joy is hers.

Slip-on kimono: Silvery K at Japonica ( till April 6th) - *:..Silvery K..:*Slip-on Kimono(in 6 colors available) (NEW)
Earring: !IT! at DC the Event  - !IT! old lamp earring ( free)
Body: Jana & Littles SL World - -JL- Indira Bodysuit
From inventory: head - LeLutka; hair  Monso (Joy); body Maitreya; skin - LAQ

Roomdivider: Raindale - Raindale - holiday gifts (free)
Ottoman: Roawenwood - {RW} Seductions Burlesque Dance Ottoman
Pictures made at: Roawenwood
Bye bye, Nic

Saturday, March 24, 2018

view over a French village (Land of Rainbows egg hunt)

Click small picture to enlarge. My flickr picture is here. I feel flattered because the picture became the picture of the day ( March 26th)  in the We Love To Decorate group. You can read the description there. Oh and i love faves of course ;)!
Soon it will be Easter. Nic is at the attic of a high building looking over the roofs of a French village. This brings scenes from the movie Amelie in my mind. The attic is cosy and decorated with Easter decorations and plants. The Easter decorations and the desk with chair, Nic's outfit, hair and nails  are from the egg hunt at the Land of Rainbows. The hunt is running from 23th of March till the 6th of April. Many well known shops are participating in the hunt. You will not regret doing it. It's very easy to find the eggs.
The plants are from Vespertine at FaMESHed.  The glass jar with sprouts is from Apple Fall from the hunt. The cute bunny in a basket with tulips is from a gacha from Ispachi.

Taxi to the hunt is here
Sweater with bagpack: M&M 16. Land Of Rainbows Easter Egg - M&M STYLE ( with color hud)(free)
Hair: MINA - Milena blond Land Of Rainbows Easter Egg hut  hair (free)
Nails: Meva Bento Nails 3 Box  with color hud  (free)
From inventory: jeans - hottest Fashion Store  ; body - Maitreya; skin - LAQ; head - LeLutka

Office  chair and desk: Fancy Decor - 08. Land of Rainbows Easter Egg - Fancy Decor (free)
Basket with chicken and daffodils: TLC Land of Rainbows Hunt - Easter Basket*(free)
Lamp: EASTER LAMP 2018 by "sources" (free)
Chocolate bunny: 44. Land Of Rainbows Easter Egg - HEXtraordinary (free)
Spring wine basket:  part of a set with a picknick cuddle blanket 70. Land Of Rainbows Easter Egg - unKindness (free)
Basil sproutlings in a glass jar, a book with eggs  and a nest with eggs: Apple Fall Easter Hunt Prizes (free)
Painting cart: ~ASW~ -  Ostara Painting Cart (free)

Home: Scarlet Creative - Scarlet Creative Huntsman Manor
Basket with  bunny: Ispachi - ISPACHI [GARDEN FRIENDS] Sniffles the Bunny (gacha/ see  marketplace/ shop isn't active anymore))
Plants: {vespertine]  at FaMESHed - [vespertine} Exotic plants pack (NEW)
Pictures made at Scarlet Creative
Bye bye, Nic

Friday, March 23, 2018

the whisper of the birch leaves ( Designer Circle presents)

Click small picture to enlarge. My flickr picture is here. I love faves ;)!
Nic found a beautiful place just to listen to the wisper of the leaves. Behind her the mainstore building from Scarlet Creative. She is wearing a gift from * TentatioN *at the anniversary of the Designer Circle the shoes named Adele. Come with a color hud. The dress is also a gift at DC from anny's fashion, the Clarita pencil skirt dress. In her ear a cute earring from !IT!, also a present for the anniversary. See for the decor items de credits.

Shoes: * TentatioN * at DC- * TentatioN * FATPACK Shoes ADELE ( for Slink only) (free)
Dress: anny's fashion at DC - [AF] Clarita Pencil Skirt Dress(unpack) (unpacked)
Earring: !IT! at DC - !IT! - Old Lamp earring
Bracelet: !IT! Avenue  White Nights - Vintage bracelet  White Nights 35% offs March
From inventory: Hair - Monso ( Joy); skin - LAQ; body - Maitreya; head - LeLutka

Lounger: Trompe Loeil at the Arcade (ends 31st March) - Trompe Loeil - Emmeline Lounger Bouquet  (gacha)
Table with the bread : Roawenwood -  {RW} Finders Keepers Hunt Gift - March ( St. Patricks hunt ( ends 24th march (free)
Candle: Raindale - Raindale - candles gift  (free)
Hat: Raindale - Raindale - summer hat gift (free)
Vase: [Tia] - [Tia] Valarie Silverleaf Vase
Grass: part of gift from The Little Branch - LB_GoldenBirch{Animated}*4Seasons_GroupPack (free)
From inventory: corgi - MishMish ( from old luxe box); stool with books - Shutter Field ( gift); piglet - JIAN; lemon Tree - The Little Branch; vase with lemon branch - dust bunny ( from the at home baking gacha at the Arcade)
Pictures made near the mainstore building from Scarlet Creative
Bye bye, Nic

Thursday, March 22, 2018

turn the lights on

Click small picture to enlarge. My Flickr picture is here. I love faves ;)!
Is this a sweet dream or a beautiful nightmare? It must have sprouted from my feverish brain. Then you get such hallucinatory fantasies. Nic is showing you a release from ::UNA:: for the Whore Couture Fair ( ends 31stMarch). You can get this set with skirt and top or a dress. See the dress below.  For the pictures you see the set without pantie, but i confess, when i go elsewhere i wear a pantie. For the boots and jacket i went to R2, the shop for boots and clothes for such a world as Insilico ( the sim where i made the pictures).  The hair is from DeLa

Set: ::UNA:: at WCF  - ::UNA:: Shay and  (blow) Shayreixa (NEW)
Hair: =DeLa*= -  =DeLa*= Mesh Hair Bianca
Jacket: R2 - r2 2 A/D/E shikura[black]Maitreya
Boots: R2 -r2  2 A/D/E shun boots[black]Maitreya
From inventory: Ring - Hudson's; head- LeLutka; body - Maitreya; skin - LAQ
Car: BILLIONAIRE MOTORS - Billionaire Motors Large RR SUV w/ body kit Black (free)
Pictures made at Insilico
Bye bye, Nic

Wednesday, March 21, 2018


Click the small picture to enlarge
Still sick in rl. Told about it in a earlier post. I could only think about warm clothes to blog about. I was wearing a warm onesie near the fireplace that day. A warm coat was also a possibility, i said. But i first made another post yesterday with tjip. Now it's time for the coat. I think i show you a realy beautiful one with the tweed and the silk texture. Eve one of the friends in Tirol was wearing this one. Immediately i thought that's the coat, that i want show on the blog. The coat is from Finale Couture (for Maitreya, Fitted, Slink, Freya, Hourglass and Venus) comes with elegant shoes ( only for Slink). Together for a very affordable prize in my opinion. The jewelry is from a gacha from Belle Epoque.  Nic is wearing stockings from Blushed. They have appliers for Slink and Maitreya.

Nic went outside at the sim North. A northern landscape themed environment meant to induce an experience of something unspoilt, raw and serene.
The snowdrops are a sign of hope for me. The birch trees are from Skye

Coat/dress: Finale Couture - Finale Couture Tatum - Gold ( more colors available)
Jewelry: Belle Epoque - Belle Epoque { When Doves Fly } Jewels Pink (gacha)
Stockings: Blushed - Blushed - Seamed Pantyhose with Appliers
Ring: Hudson - Mypearls Right hand Ring Bento
Hair: Truth - TRUTH/ Makena (old groupgift/ group join fee)
From inventory: body - Maitreya; head - LeLutka, skin - LAQ; snowdrops - [keke]
Pictures taken at: North
Bye bye, Nic ( thanks Eve)

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

get it started

Click the small pictures to enlarge.
Personal training for tjip with his sexy coach Nic.  They are in his man cave. She has been given access in his sanctuary. She was astonished to see sport items together with alcohol, but she wisely held her mouth. This is the first step, the rest will follow later, she promised herself. Aren't we women like this often. Ignorant about this all he offers her a drink and after that they get it started under the inspiring leadership of Nic.
Nic is wearing her silk green shorts, a limited time group gift from Bueno for St. Patricks day. Today the gift is still there. The cardigan is from ISON. The tattoo from LUSH, a new release. Tjip is wearing a new outfit for sporting, a group gift at Gutchi. the set has a color hud.You can change many parts of the set. Tjip is wearing sneakers from a set from paul polo. Hair from Argrace and a beard from [Deadwool].
In the decor you see the cellarette with all the alcohol from Mesh India , a new release at Tres Chic.
The bowling stand decor is from MESH India for pocket gacha (the RARE)

Cardigan: ISON - ISON anne fall sweater
Shorts: BUENO - BUENO-Pattys - group gift (free)
Tattoo: LUSH - LUSH Flown away tattoo (NEW)
From inventory: Hair - LeLutka (Clarice) ; head - LeLutka; body - Maitreya; skin - Glam Affair; shoes - H@S

Tjip is wearing:
Sweatpants & Shirt: GUTCHI - GUTCHI - Sweatpants & Shirts Premium (free)
From inventory: sneakers - paul polo ( from set BANG BANG); hair - Argrace; beard [Deadwool]

Cellarette: Mesh India at Tres Chic - MI Cellarette (NEW)
Bowling cupboard: Mesh India for Pocket gacha - MI Bowling Stand Decor from Pomme Decor gacha ( Gacha/ New)
From inventory: get lit sign and rug - unKindness; headphones - BAZAR; clock - [ blissiere], tv and doberman statue - Mesh India; hanging lamp- [CIRCA](Kryon); framed blueprint - Fancy Decor; guitar - {what next}
Pictures made at: Backdrop City
Bye bye, Nic

Monday, March 19, 2018


Sick in rl ...fever.. cold shivers, muscle pains...  I couldn't think about something else then wearing  something in sl, that could give me a warm feeling. This rabbit costume is like a warm onesie. I added also a scarf from Mr. Poet. Sitting near the fireplace with tea and orange juice and an extra heater. No sexy dress today. On a day like this i am not in the mood for that. Only a warm coat could also be a possibility to show to you. May be tomorrow.
The rabbit costume is a group gift at [NyD]. Comes with a color hud. There are also very sexy other gifts in the shop.
The problem with this costume however is, that your hair comes through the cap. I therefore recommend to go to SF Design to get yourself a box with free hairs for under hats and caps. Find it upstairs in the women part of the shop. It's a large box.

Rabbit costume: [NyD] - [NyDesign] Easter Group Gift -  Bunny Costume - HUD Driven (free)
Hair: SF Design - sf design free hair to wear with hats (free)
Boots: ROC - ::ROC:: Patchwork Leather Boots with color hud

Chair: LISP Bazaar - LISP Maria Chair Tartan
Fireplace: Pixel Mode - Pixel Mode Remington Fireplace
Table, slippers and heater, easter cake ( but with a chocolat frosting): {what next}- {what next}old groupgifts
Hydrangea and easter eggs: Ariskea for pocket gacha (get the hud and try your luck while sitting in your chair near the fireplace)
From inventory: sleeping puppy - Ispachi
Bye bye, Nic

Sunday, March 18, 2018

dozing off in her garden shed

This garden shed makes me happy and dozing off in the sun there too. The opposite from how the weather is now in Holland. I am longing for warm sunny times and falling in a light sleep in the afternoon. Click the small picture for a better view. My flickr picture is here. I love faves;)

Nic uses her garding shed for her baking hobby. I love the at home baking set from Dust bunny at FaMESHed. You can see many items on the table. From the pocket gacha from Ariskea are the table, the table top dollies, the chairs ( in green and blue), the hydrangeas in blue and green and the easter eggs. From TLC are the free items: the window boxes with  flowers, the spade, the path lights, the flower pot with creamy flowers and a butterfly. The plants are from hive// and Soy. Behind Nic  is a grungy Panel , a subscriber gift from cinphul ( showed them before on this blog), but i think it's very decorative for a garden shed.
From mesh India are apples and Cinnamon powder, milk bottles on stool,notebooks decor and ele and apple tree decor, a release for pocket gacha.
Nic is wearing a golden sexy dress from the lucky boards at[Cynful]. Her hair is from the taketomi club. When you are member, you regularlyhave to opportunity to buy a fat pack for 50ld.

Dress: [Cynful] _ [Cynful] Wish Dress - Gold 2 (free)
Hair: #taketomiWEST - #taketomiWEST - KylieJ - Fatpack (50ld when you are a club member)
From inventory: Shoes - H@S; body - Maitreya; skin - Glam Affair; head - LeLutka

Garden shed: Mesh India at CSR  - MI Garden Shed Pack (NEW)
Baking items -  dust bunny at FaMESHed - dust bunny . at home baking (NEW)
Pocketgacha items from Ariskea( see text) - Ariskea
Pocketgacha  items Mesh India - MI Pomme Decor gacha (NEW)
Decor garden items from TLC ( see text) : TLC groupgifts ( free)
Grugy Panel: cinphul - cinphul gruny panel (free)
From inventory: plants - soy. and hive ( now at C88/ blogged before)
Bye bye, Nic

Saturday, March 17, 2018

the color of healing

Click small pictures to enlarge.
Green is the color of healing. It gives rest and gives us a save feeling. It's a very basic nature color and the symbolic meaning stands for fertility. Today it also stands for St. Patrick's day.
Nic's moods are changing you can see on the pictures from a bit sad to happiness. I hope not because of the alcohol from the St. Patrick's coctails.

This is a bit a lazy blogpost. Hair, make-up and stockings from yesterday. The blogpost from yesterday was more laborious to make. Now she is in the fields. The morning fog is still laying over the fields. It's cold but the sun did come through the clouds and will drive out the fog. Pictures are made at Izzie's, now decorated for spring.
Nic's dress is from the lucky boards at Cynful. It's from the Take Note Set. In the package are the dress ( with and without a pantie and the corset and tie. All for Maitreya, Belleza and Slink. Good also for a secretary. Nic will wear this at the St.Patrick's feast at the place with her friends this evening. Nic's St. Patrick's coctail is from a hunt at ChicChica. Very easy to find. It has a good bento holding animation. Made with good details.
Nic's shoes with reptile texture have the super color hud from H@S. You can match the shoes with every color of your outfit. So worthwhile to have these.

Dress: [Cynful] - [Cynful] Take Note Set - Olive (free/LB)
Coctail: :::ChicChica::: - :::ChicChica::: Special coctail (free)
Stockings: !!! Karla Boutique !!! - !!! Karla Boutique !!! Stockings -Appl  Maitreya & Belleza
Shoes: H@S -  H@S Grace Reptile Leather - Multicolor
Eye make-up: Zibska - Zibska [Gift] ~ Viki ( old gift)
Nails: DaneMarkZ - DaneMarkZ primula
From inventory: earrings - Izzie's ( old gift Epiphany gift); skin - Glam Affair; head - LeLutka; body - maitreya; greyhound dog - JIAN ( March the Arcade); pose: *StArPoSeS

Rustic Lavender Cart: Alehandrita -  Alehandrita Rustic Lavender cart ( 99ld)
Path: Two Moon Gardens - TMG Winter Farm path 1 and  2
Trees and grass:  Hayabusa -  Hayabusa Prunus, sakura prunus, populus, field grass folia and Trembles tree ( with wind effect with a menu to manage speed and amplitude
 From inventory: bunny and chickens - 8f8 ( gacha);
Pictures made at Izzie's 
Bye bye, Nic

Friday, March 16, 2018

glamour boudoir

Click the small picture to enlarge.
It's still Glam Hollywood time at Swank. You see Nic now in her Glam boudoir. The furniture is this time from [CIRCA]. You see the make-up table and chair. The chair has 36 poses. You get some make-up props. All so cute! The chair in blue and periwinkle  is a groupgift from [CIRCA] now in the main shop. You can also see the roller rack with dresses with shoes, the mirror, the curtains and several make-up items on the table and on the chair beside Nic. With a click i could open that eye make-up box. The flower on the table has a color menu. Click the glass and choose your color.
In the boudoir you can see plants from a set from 3 plants from hive//. Comes with three sorts of pots. The happy hour tray is from dust bunny. The round paintings on the wall were a present from random.Matter. I changed the pictures in it to get a French sphere. The hanging lamps are from a gacha from Silvery K ( the october gacha). The lady Art Deco lamp is from Compulsion. Shoes on the ground are from an old VIP group gift from Essenz.

Nic is wearing a dress from Dead Dollz, the Fifty Linden Friday item, with a nice back and gloves. Her shoes are a gift at AMUI.

There is a photo contest running at Backdrop City. That is where i made the picture today.The theme is Classy Touch. I will send in my picture. Many super photographers are in the contest. Winning a prize i don't expect at all. But it's nice to join. You can watch already here. My picture at Flickr is here. Please help with faves.;)

Hair: Stealthic - Stealthic  Vivacity brown
Dress: Dead Dollz - .::Dead Dollz::. Flo Dress&Gloves - Wine FLF (50ld/FLF)
Shoes: .:AMUI:.  gift for Telehub - .:AMUI:. "MIU" SHOES - SILVER
Stockings: !!! Karla Boutique !!! - !!! Karla Boutique !!! Stockings applier maitreya &Belleza
Eye make-up: Zibska - Zibska [Gift] ~ Viki (old gift)
From inventory: necklace - Maxi Gossamer; bags on chair- fufu ( Maxi Gossamer) and tea time sac- Le Poppycock; body - Maitreya; Skin - Glam affair; head - LeLutka;  Lipstick - LAQ (Wilma); cigaret- The Sea Hole

Art Deco set: [CIRCA] at Swank - [CIRCA]- "Glam Hollywood" Art Deco Vanity Set (NEW)
Roller Rack - [CIRCA] at Swank - [CIRCA] Pkg - "Glam Hollywood" Roller Rack
Chair: [CIRCA] - [CIRCA] Pkg -  "Glam Hollywood" Vanity Seat Set - (GG '18))free/ but group join fee)
Chair: dust bunny at Uber - dust bunny . velvet shell back chair . pink . (NEW)
Plants: hive// at C88 - hive // potted plants . full set (NEW)
Tray: dust bunny - dust bunny. happy hour tray .
Shoes on the ground: Essenz -Essenz - VIP group gift 8/13 (old gift)
Birth bath ( outside the window): TLC - TLC GROUP GIFT_bird bath* (free)
From inventory: round painting - .random.Matter ( but filled other pctures);rug - [DDD] ( old FLF item); dog - {anc}; hat box ( near window) - [kusshon]; Compulsion - Lady Art Deco Lamp; hanging lamps - Silvery K
Pictures made at Backdrop City
Bye bye, Nic

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

something to keep me warm

Click the small picture for a better view.
Something to keep me warm.. that is ofcourse love. But here in the narrow super cute winter street at Senses it is also something else. The movements of her new animation overrider are keeping Nic warm. In the beginning of my sl period i learned from someone how to fill an empty animation overrider with animations, that i bought. Filling and changing the notecard in the animation overrider etc. And yesterday i did this again, after longtime, with bento animations from Oracul Animation. The shop is already long time in sl and the animations aren't expensive at all. The result is so cute. Some poses you can see on the pictures.
Nic is wearing a skinny jeans and a sweater from the lucky boards at Cynful. I love street wear looks, so i was happy to see there these clothes and more. Go have a look and try your luck. The sweater has also a duo color in the hud. The  wedges i got from a lucky board at Lotus. Thanks to Love Trill ( may be you know her from the Fabulous Free group in sl) because she offered me a teleport to the shop, when my letter was at the board. I was too late then, but today i got the shoes.
Nic is wearing a skin from the clearance sale at WoW skins. All sorts of skins for 50ld.
Below you see how you can combine the set with a jeans jacket from N- Uno when it's cold.

Hair: Exile - Exile:: Slow Dancing
Skin: .::WoW Skins::.  - .::WoW Skins::. Kate TAN Lelutka-Omega ( 50ld in clearance sale)
Jeans: Cynful -  [Cynful] Anyday Skinny Jeans - Coral 2 (free/LB)
Sweater: Cynful - [Cynful] Exposed - Sea Foam TDR (free/LB)
Wedges: LOTUS - LOTUS. Nayeli Wedges / Peach BOX (free)
Eye make-up: Veechi - Veechi - Duochrome Shadow (free)
Animations: Oracul Animations - Oracul D6032-Stand.N, D6580-Stand.N, D6405-Stand.N and D6576-Stand.N (each 20ld)
Jeans jacket ( see below): N-Uno - N-Uno - Mia Jacket Denim Dirty Blue (1ld)
From inventory: ~Nerido~ Kitty Necklace-Blue ; head - LeLutka; body - Maitreya; scooter - [Con.]; bikes- Salacity pose prop.; dog - JIAN
Pictures made at: a winter story,  Senses
Bye bye, Nic

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

don't blame it on me

Don't blame it on me. Blame it on the weather. Going outside is may be not possible with those clouds. You can expect rain.She wants to go outside and walk with the dogs at the beautiful sim Whimberly from Staubi (Engelstaub). Click small pictures to enlarge. My flickr picture is here. I love faves ;) !!

There is a photo contest going on at the Whimberly sim. Always nice to join such a challenge. I need  to decide what i will send in.
Nic is wearing a dress from Jana&Littles RLWorld. Comes with a hud for more textures and colors. The updo is from D!va. Nic is wearing again the eye make-up from Veechi but in another color now. Bags are oldies from Zenith from gacha's and also the hat is from Zenith. Shoes again from G&D. Lazy me this day. The yellow flowers are from a gacha from Mesh India.

Dress: Jana & Littles SLWorld - -JL- Zara Dress HUD (NEW)
Mules: G&D - G&D Mule Pamela Antique Pink Group Gift (free)
Hair: ""D!va"" - ""D!va"" Hair "Tessa" (Cat's eye)
Eye make-up: Veechi - Veechi - Duochrome Shadow (free)
From inventory: bags and hat - Zenith; skin - LAQ; body - maitreya; head - LeLutka; marguerittes- aLaFolie (old); dogs - {anc} and JIAN

Yellow flowers: Mesh India- 13 MI hanging flower MI Spring Flower (gacha)
Pictures made at:Whimberly
Bye bye, Nic

Monday, March 12, 2018

the color of sorrow

Sometimes things change in life. Pain and sorrow can overwhelm. But sometimes something beautiful will bloom unexpectedly. The missing will always guide you, but you can feel strong bonds for ever. We are part of a great mystery.
Click small picture to enlarge. My Flickr picture is here. I love faves;)

Nic is in the color purple, the color of sorrow. She is surrounded by purple color tones from the Looking Glass Sim. It was by accident  (was it by accident?) that she was dressed like this and standing there, listening to a sad story. The blog post is a reflection of this all.

The dress is a release from Una for We <3 Roleplay. The colors are beautiful. Sold seperately are red, brown, purple, blue, pink and black.  The dress comes also with an modesty with embroidery. In the fatpack are more colors and also more modesty colors. Available at the event are a fatpack with veils in transparent and opaque. I didn't choose for Nic to wear the modesty, because i like the way you can see a small part of Nic's bra. She is wearing a bra from lingerie from FA Creations ( available at marketplace, because the shop is already long time gone). Nic's eye make-up is from Veechi, a group gift for Catwa and LeLutka in 6 duo colors.
The necklace from !IT! from the post before this one, Nic is now wearing in purple.
Under the skirt Nic is wearing an antique mule. You can see a close-up below.

Dress: ::UNA:: at We<3 Roleplay - ::UNA:: -LadyAria purple(NEW)
Make-up: Veechi - Veechi - Duochrome Shadow (free)
Hair: Sintiklia - Sintiklia - Hair Raphael - Group gift ( free/ but group join fee)
Bra: FA Creations - ::FAC:: Victoire lingerie (8 colors/ omega applier)
Mules: G&D - G&D Mule Pamela Antique Pink Group Gift (free)
Necklace: !IT! at DC - !IT! it takes 2 !IT! - Designer Circle #174 (NEW)
Flower: *LODE* at TCF - *LODE* Head Accessory Vanilla (gacha)
Fro inventory: body - Maitreya; skin - LAQ; head - LeLutka
Pictures made at: The Looking Glass 
Bye bye, Nic