Sunday, January 31, 2016

where's our chauffeur?

We can't walk on those killer heels. Both are dressed in a sort of vintage style. Dancer in a complete outfit from Ghee, groupgift. Love the cute hat ! Nic wears a dress from TBO. Comes with a hud for more color combinations. Under the dress Nic wears stockings and garters from Maai. Below a picture of how sexy these are under the blueberry dress and the leather jacket from PrincessD ( or Clockhaus)

On Dancer: Outfit: Ghee - Ghee groupgift January 2016 (free/ but group join fee)

On Nic: Dress: TBO -  .:TBO:. Betty - pin up dress - (NEW)
Dress last picture: Blueberry - Blueberry - Sophia - Side Split Dress - Pink
Stockings and garters: Maai - MAAI Ivana lingerie * Black (free)
From inventory: Leather Jacket- Clockhaus ( showed some posts earlier); Hair - fiore ; Shoes - Shey; Necklace - MAxi Gossamer( see post earlier)
Pictures made in : ST. Pete City
Bye bye, Nic

Saturday, January 30, 2016

be my baby

The night we met I knew I needed you so...And if I had the chance I'd never let you go
So won't you say you love me,...I'll make you so proud of me....We'll make 'em turn their heads every place we go...So won't you, please, be my be my baby

Some findings from friday and saturday. Fifty Linden Friday items are the two bags. I also bought a lovely dress ( Fifty Linden Friday item), but that one already was away, before i could post it. The bags are still in the shops. The bag from C'est la Vie has a color hud for many colors.
The nice lilac dress however is also a lovely one. A groupgift at Orchid. Another groupgift is a dress from Gabriel for the Mimi's choice group. Nic wears a trench coat from the MENstuff hunt. I liked this one more for a woman. You just need make your boobs smaller and use the XL or L size. Under the coat a very sexy dress from Blueberry. The hoops necklace and earrings are the new groupgift from Maxi Gossamer.
Tjip wears several clothes, a watch and eyes from the MENstuff hunt.
Lilac dress:***Orchid Store*** - Dress Clary Pink (free)
Brown/green dress: Gabriel for Mimi's group -GizzA - Laila Dress [Camo Brown - Green] (free)
Trench coat: Timaron Forge - Trench - Hunt Gift [TF] - (free/ MENstuff hunt)
Jewelry: MG - MG - Necklace - Esme Set - GOLD (free)
Small bag: C'est la Vie - ::C'est la vie !:: Harriet Bag  -wear- (50ld/FLF)
Big bag: David Heather - -David Heather-Lars Bag/Black (50ld/ FLF)
Hair:.: fiore :. - .: fiore :. MERINA Hair
From inventory: Black dress - Blueberry
Tjip wears:
Grey Sweater: Only Yours - MENstuff Hunt #031 - Only Yours
Eyes: PBM Enterprises - (free)
Peacoat and shirt: Glam Dreams - Glam Dreams " Men's Brown Peacoat Set " ( GG )  (free)
Watch: G&T Creations - G&T Creations Menstuff hunt 2016 (free)
From inventory: Jeans - B&C; Hair - no.match
Bye bye, Nic

Friday, January 29, 2016

baby i love you

Have I ever told you..How good it feels to hold you?  It isn't easy to explain
And though I'm really trying..I think I may start crying..My heart can't wait another day
When you kiss me I've just got to say..Baby i love you
It will be Valentines day soon. 

He came on his motorbike because he knew she likes motorbikes very much and .. she likes his cool look. First picture he shows his tattoo more. On the other pictures he wears a tank from Razor under his jacket from Gabriel. The tattoo, the tank top, the pose on the second picture ( you get more poses)  and the jeans are MENstuff hunt presents. Nic wears a summer dress with hat and bag from Yokana. The new openingsgift. The shop has moved. The hair is a new gift from Virtual Diva. In Nic's bag is a clutch from Baby Monkey. with the Australian falg and a skull.

Dress and hat and bag: Yokana - YK - Adela 1 (free/ no group needed)
Clutch in her bag: Baby Monkey- BM Skully Clutch - Australia ( free/  group join fee 20ld)
Hair: Virtual Diva - Mirna Hair  BrownsGroupGift (free)

Tjip wears:
Tattoo: TAOX - TaTToo & Appliers - Menstuff Enjoy Life VU (free)
Tanktop: Razor -!M&E-Nst*u f f H un t F!ve - Razor///( free)
Jeans: HORR -HORR- MSH Rough Rider Jeans (free)
Pose:  *PosESioN* - MENstuff Hunt #028 - *PosESioN* (free)
From inventory: Jacket - Gabriel; hair - No. match; boots - Oddity (free)
Pictures made at: Crossing Sands 

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

in the army now ( also MENstuff hunt)

Night is falling and you just can't see, is this illusion or reality?
You're in the army now, oh-oo-oh you're in the army, in the army now
You're in the army now, oh-oo-oh you're in the army now

Two times tjip and Nic in camouflage clothes. The men in MENstuff hunt outfits and Nic in a dress with a  very sexy backpart from monLISA. Comes with a hud for 10 textures.

Dress: monaLISA - -mL- Selah Dress (Maitreya/Physique/Venus)
Boots: ODDITY - ODDITY *GIFT* BOOTS ~Casey~ Basics [150130U] (free)
Glasses: ODDITY - ODDITY GIFT Glasses -TopGun- DARK [151120U](free)
From inventory: hair - Exile; bag - breath

Tjip left:
Outfit: B Barbie Style - (BBS) Menstuff Hunt Prize
Scarf: Mr. Poet - ::[ Mr.Poet ]::Wide Scarf (Free Gift) (free)
Hair: Damselfly - MENstuff Hunt #050 - Damselfly (1ld)
Boots: Stone Militaria - SMS Gridwalkers, Black (free)
From inventory: Bag: Mr. Poet
Tjip right:
Outfit ( scarf included): ~EccentriciXi~ - ~EccentriciXi~ Menstuff Hunt Gift 2016 (free)
Boots: Gabriel - GIFT_::GB:: Snap Camoflage Boots (free)
From inventory: Hair - Argrace
Pictures made at: Kaleidoscope
Bye  bye Nic

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

was it my fault?

I found lovely leather clothes for Nic. The leather jacket with shirt at ClockHaus ( an old groupgift but still in the shop) and the leather gloves at Oddity. On my way with tjip at the MENstuff hunt i found for Nic the gloves and the boots ( and other boots..not shown here) and glasses all unisex groupgifts at Oddity. With the leather pants from monaLisa with the special part on the front it makes Nic a good ( uuh good?) bikergirl. Below a close-up from the boots and the pattern at the pants.

Pants: -mL- -mL- Olwen Pants (Maytreia/Physique/Venus/Fitmesh) - HUD
Boots: ODDITY - ODDITY *GIFT* BOOTS ~Casey~ Basics [150130U](unisex/free)
Jacket and shirt: Clockhaus - .:: PrincessD ::. Leather Jacket - BLACK - (free)
Gloves: ODDITY * - ODDITY *GIFT* GLOVES ~Casey~ Basics [150131U] (unisex/free)
Glasses: ODDITY - ODDITY GIFT Glasses -TopGun- DARK [151120U] (unisex/free)
From inventory: hair - Exile
Bye bye, Nic

Monday, January 25, 2016

das leiden des jungen Werthers (many MENstuff hunt items)

It's the role of a suffering student. He suffers not  like the suffering of the young Werther from Goethe. Werther's suffering was because of an unfullfilled love for Lotte. He fell in love with her but she was already married. At the end he committed suicide.
Tjip's suffering is from an different order. He suffers like  students do..thinking about things like: ..why am i here ..and what is the meaning of my life. He can't study. But Nic comes to help him. His other realy severe suffering is because of the terrible situation of so many people at this world. Poor refugees!!! Must be terrible suffering!

On the last two pictures it is another scene. It was a late night and he got drunk. Nic walks away. And he will leave.

Tjip shows MENstuff Hunt items. Nic shows a groupgift dress from monaLISA and another  dress from the same shop. The group join is 100ld. But you immediately can grab also many older presents.I made a student from tjip because of his skin from the hunt, a gift from Deluxe Body Factory. Watch the close-up below. I added a beard.

Dress first picture: monaLISA --mL- Germaine Dress (Maitreya/Physique/Venus/Fitmesh) with color hud
Brown dress: monaLISA - -mL- Jordi Dress - GIFT (free/ but group join fee)
Tjip wears: First picture: 69 Park Ave - 69 Park Ave GQ 2016 Menstuff Hunt (free)
Shoes first picture ( and close-up below) -RFYRE GRES MENS DRESS SHOES - TAPESTRY - BLACK (MST - free)
Skin first pictures:[DBF] - [DBF] Asher skin w. appliers (MSH/free)
Beige pants: Wilson's Designs - SHFORM-twentyseven - Wilson's Designs (MSH/free)
Sunglasses: Native Urban - MENstuff Hunt #045 - Native Urban (MSH/free)
Brown  jacket with shirt: Freya Iron works - Mens Mesh Cruiser Jacket - Brown (MSH/free)
From inventory: Hair Nic; Exile and little bones gift ( free); Hair tjip - Argrace; Brown shoes Tjip - Gabriel(free);  nerd glasses - (rs); bag- ::K::; suitcase- Shiny Shabby (free)
Bye bye, Nic
click smaller pictures to enlarge

Sunday, January 24, 2016

meditation weekend in Japan

A place for meditation and being alone. But what do we see? He took his wallstreet paper with him. He need to learn TO LET GO this weekend for a good future. Am i right hey?
Tjip wears a super gift from the MENstuff hunt. Polo, cargo and boots. Many color possibilities!! Other color totally different look. Try the hud and make up your  mind. This time tjip is a blondie. The hair with cap is a 75ld hair at Cheveux. Just 1 color hair. But i like it.

Outfit: Stone Militaria - Stone Militaria Gift for Menstuff Hunt 2016 (free)
Tip: watch in the female USA chuck
Hair with cap: .:cheveux:. - .:cheveux:.KASASAGI special Hair (75ld)
Pictures made at: embryo
Bye bye, Nic

Saturday, January 23, 2016

friday night streetgirl dreams

Everybody is having fun at the party inside the bar, but not the streetgirl. She is waiting for him to come. It's getting later and later. The party is over and she is sitting in her dancing clothes lonely at the bar. Still waiting. But there he is. She knew he would come.
Nic as streetgirl is wearing  a warm hoodie from ::K::,  a new release at Shiny Shabby. Her hair is the groupgift from SHI, named Street Look Hair. In the shop are now also placed some old very good groupgifts. Nic wears her huge ring from that box. The jeans is a new release at Blueberry.
The top from her party clothes is from Braham Design, the new groupfit (outside near the entrance). For some details scroll. Nic wears it on trousers from Ever'an Angel ( old christmas gift). Her high heels are the new groupgift  from Shey. Tjip wears a new suit from th MENstuff hunt. This suit is from Zanze men, an exclusive for the hunt.

Streetgirl wears:
Hoodie: ::K:: at Shiny Shabby - ::K:: Chunky Hooded Cardigan Femme Gray NEW)
Hair streetgirl: SHI - .Shi Gift : Street Look Hair (GG/free/ but group join fee)
Ring: SHI - .Shi : Luxe Gift {Love Ring} #Throwback Hits (gg/free/but group join fee)
Jeans: Blueberry -  BlueBlueberry - Tink - Maitreya/Belleza/Slink - Light Blue (NEW)
Shoes: Essenz - Essenz - VIP group gift 1/21 (gg/free/ but group join fee)
Part girl wears:
Dress ( or top now): Braham Design - Braham Design Tanja Red Black Mini Dress Mesh (gg/free)
Heels: Shey - Shoes: Shey: Shey No Way Out! Lavardin Stilettos (gg/free/ but group join fee 50ld)
Tjip wears:
Suit; Zanze Men - MENstuff Hunt #009 - Zanze Men(free)
From inventory: necklace- Clockhaus( former CSR gift); choker- TLG (shop gone); trouser Ever'an Angel (old christmas gift)
Pictures taken at: Forever Young

Friday, January 22, 2016

inspecting his mesh head

Some days ago tjip got this free mesh head Adam.(sorry that i  am too late to inform you. in time). For me a way to get to known a bit about mesh heads. Since i read somewhere, that you also can change the mesh head, i got more interested. I don't want walk around with the same head as everyone else. There are more women mesh heads and more is possible.  I am looking forward to buy one for Nic and then change that face  in the face she now has and profit from all the benefits from a mesh head. The Adam head helped me to find out how some things had to be done. I was not disappointed about the result. But i still prefer tjip with his more Asian styled face. So here he is for one time. Nic is turning around him to inspect him. She is wearing the groupgift from TheBeautifulOnes. Comes with the scarf and the boots. The hair is from the lucky board at Alice Project.
Tjip wears a jacket with shirt and jeans from the MENstuff hunt.

Dress: .:TBO:. - .:TBO:. Michelle - dress, scarf & boots  outfit - fitted GIFT (free)
Hair: *Alice Project* - *Alice Project* Kimberly ( mini medly hud/ lb/free)
Suit and boots tjip: angelDELUXE - angelDELUXE - Oh! yes, I'm relaxed MENstuff hunt/free)
Hint; upstairs under a blue chair.
From inventory: Head - Adam; hair - Argrace
Pictures made at; the Epiphany event
Bye bye, Nic

Thursday, January 21, 2016

it's my pleasure Mademoiselle

Waiting for Dancer. Nervous and shy. But then she arrives. "Nice to meet you ma'am". "My  pleasure  Sir". "Please follow me to the ballroom. And please be seated." Both shy. We could hear this in the last century, a period that Dancer likes very much. Tjip ofcourse will do her a favour. For those who love to do role-plays from last centuries: this are your clothes for an evening with royalties.
Tjips wears a suit from the black or white hunt. Dancers total outfit (with the boots) is from the Midnight Mania board at Cog&Fleur. The hat is also included. The system blouse and underlegs comes with omega layers. Mademoiselle is a turn of the last century governess outfit, stylish but not frivolous. Her red hair is a good match with a pale skin. Tjip wears his hair from no.match  like a dandy. Bought it at the Cosmopolitain Sales Room. That means lesser expensive then the normal hairs guys!

Dancer weared this  hair from the lucky board at Alice Project already in another post, but now in an Irish or English color red. It's from Alice Project. At the moment you can get every day a new hair free for one day only ( in frosted stripes and lovely naturals) after the free day they are 50ld. From january 16th till february 14th. For hair fanatics like me ..this is gorgeous.

Tjip wears: Outfit - Dark Water Designs - # BoWH-Hunt Gift (Black) - No.18 - Dark Water Designs (free) Tip: watch under the longskirt of the asian woman.
Hair: no.match_ at CSR - no.match_ ~ NO_PATIENCE ~ Pack of BLACKS (sales prize)
Dancer wears: Dress: Cog&Fleur - C&F Mademoiselle 2 balck and white (free/ MM)
Hair: Alice Project -Alice Project Yolanda (free/LB)
Pictures taken at: the Angel Manor Estate
Bye bye, Nic

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

for ever yours

Preparing the things for a good time together. I will welcome  you in the morning with sweets and coffee. Nic travelled in sl and found the For Ever Yours mall. Nice place and a good shop for her breakfast shopping.
Nic shows you the new set from Silvery K. It's a release at Wayward Winter event (Jan. 18 - 31).
A knitted sweater with bijou and shorts. Love the set very much. Many colors available. The second set is the new groupgift from Alien Gizmo. Nic wears this set with shoes from Rowena's Designs. The last set with jewelry and shoes ( see below)i found in the For Ever Yours Mall in a smal shop  called: TaNs. The gift is outside the shop. Forgot to add the bag that is included. The yellow clutch is the box in which i got some new clothes from Rowena's.

First set: Silvery K at Wayward Winter  - *:..Silvery K..:*Bijou Knit (New)
Second set: Alien Gizmo's - Alien Gizmo's Groupgift Januari 2016 (free)
Shoes: {RS} Kadri Heels - {RS} Kadri Heels High Slink (NEW)
Third set: TaNs - *_*TaNs*_* Gift January 2016  fitmesh, belleza , maitreya, slink hour glass, slink physic etc.(free)
Clutch: Rowena's Designs - box from new clothes
From inventory: Hair - Rumina; pink shoes-N Core ; sunglasses- Addams (free)