Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter time Spring Fling

I wish you all a happy Easter. For this occassion Nic is dressed in a very cute dress from Fable BlaydZ. There is an hud in the packet. So you can choose from many nice textures for your dress. Love also the nude back of the dress. It is from the Easter hunt at the Spring Fling market. Search an egg. The green mesh legging is also from that hunt. Nic wears her cute bag with little chicks and cloverleafs and dandelions. It is an old groupgift from !gO. Not sure if it is still in the shop.

Back home Nic immediately spread the floor rug from Zinnia with the cushions in her garden near the small harbour and was on the phone for hours with Soraya. They where thinking and talking  about a new trip somewhere.

Dress:  Fable BlaydZ at Spring Fling - Spring Fling Hunt Egg ( free)
Legging: Tableau Vivant at SF - Spring Fling Hunt Egg ( free)
Cushions and Rug: Zinnia - *Zinnias Spring Fling Hunt Egg 1 of  2 ( free)
Ring: Finesmith at Spring Fling - FINESMITH Spring Fling Egg 01 ( free)
From inventory: Green top - Sassy ( see post before this one); Hair - EMO-tions. Jewelry ( except the ring - WTG (  Easter groupgift)

An Encore D-lab groupgift  two ducks for on your shoulder.With animation. So CUTE.
Ducks: D-Lab -  -d-lab duck mini GG ( free)

Bye bye, Nic

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