Friday, September 30, 2011

moss green

Moss green ( for Luna Jubilee's blog) brings forest in my mind.. with moss on the ground. So i teleported to Tirion Forest to make my pictures. I found a nice spot near the water in Uhre Dragon Quest, did my fotoshooting and then arrived at a place, as if i was in the far north of Europe, Uhre Dragonsea.
The light and the sky was so special. There was a whale swimming and i saw seals and sea gulls.

I had some trouble with the colour moss green. It differs from the one Luna shows. My moss green is more yellowish. I took light and dark mossgreen: the outfit is from *DP*YumYum. Argrace was the place where i found this hair with cap. Longtime i wasn't in that shop. But i spotted someone with this new cap. They have many new hairs there now. The fluffy open cardigan makes this look cosy and warm for outside in fall. The cape was at the Modavia fashion week in an outfit. Now you can get the parts in the shop.

HOMAGE to japanese designers in sl! Their designs have such a good quality. Many japanese shops belong to my favorite shops.

Outfit: **DP**yumyum - **DP**yumyum:long voluminous SK/green and **DP**yumyum:romantic sweater/green
Hair: Argrace - *ARGRACE* KnitCap "Smooth shiny" ~ (Black)
Cardigan: Fishy Strawberry - *Fishy Strawberry* Fluffy Open Cardigan - Black
From inventtory: Moccasin boots made by Lost Therian..picked up in a little shop at Naughty (but sim is under construction)

Have a nice walk in the forest, Nic

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

hanging around

When i was hanging around in Itutu Café, i decided that this was a good place to take some pictures from my new jacket and bag from the +grasp+ shop. I love the silverdenim jacket so much. For men is the same jacket in the shop. So you can be unisex with your bf. By the way also very good groupgifts there. The bag from +grasp+ is from choice 2011 event. You have visit 20 shops to get a stamp. But first you have to buy something in the shops, that participate to get the stamp card. For all info look here.
And watch my cute natural bird!!!!! isn't he cute?
Oh and i want show you the shoes. From the dressing room (TDR) the right one and the dressing room blue (TDR blue) the left one ( 1 ld)

Jacket: grasp - +grasp+/Loosestyle denim shirts/White/womens
Bag: grasp - +grasp+/Python leather bag(choice 2011)( free)
Bird: NCparis Design - NCparis-Touch me i sing !-natural- (free)
Shoes: TDR and TDR blue -TDRgift All right shoes TDR - half of gift! (2x 1 ld)
From inventory: pants: sweetest goodbye ( shop closed), belt (old groupgift: maitreya) hair: detour,skin: LAQ, wristband and gloves : Hermony ( see post from 25 september 2011) tattoo: Devol ( shop closed) top: WWI

Hang around, Nic

Notsonew anymore

I've had these pics taken a while ago but didn't like them much... then today I opened the folder again and thought "notsobad"... ah well, I do adore the items featured in them so I thought I'd share.

The cardigan I came across when visiting Pivaaca for the first time, cozy and perfect for the chilly autumn days when you're not sure how warm to dress. The jeans are new Plastik slacks (well maybe notsonew anymore) and I love me a good pair of jeans. As usual Plastik items come in a bunch of options of which I chose to wear the skinnileg.

Rockberry Skins have been out of the loop for a while if you ask me... I rocked them a few years back but I kinda lost track of them. Then I spotted this Apple skin and I love its natural cuteness. It's free also if you have the patience to wait on the luckyboard in store...
The hair is by Vive9 and tho not everyone will like their textures I'm digging them a lot.

So at the time I took this picture this necklace was a new release by Kosh. Had to have it coz I adore anything owly and this is so well made... gorgeous piece of jewelry.

Kus Nere

Skin: Rockberry - Apple 8 Natural (Lucky Board)
Hair: Vive9 - Lindsey in Edge
Eyes: Poetic Colors - new line preview grey sky
Cardigan: Pivaaca - Long Bolero/Cardigan Gray
Top: Dutch Touch - Top V Neck Sheer Nr 4
Pants: The Plastik - Aeda Slacks Skinnileg Cloudy
Pumps: Maitreya - Treaders exclusive groupgift Rosewood
Necklace: Kosh - Wise Owl

Sunday, September 25, 2011


When you visit a roleplay sim like the Hogwarts yourstory roleplay sim, you have to follow the dresscode. I weared steampunk clothings, but may be better wearing there a school uniform. Most people there weared school uniforms as you can see on the picture. I don't know where they got those, but i know a good schooluniform in M*Motion ( prize camp) and see for many tips this page. So if you need a uniform for roleplaying. Go there. The knitting lady was so funny. Don't know where she got her knitting from ( can anyone help find?)
I wear my a necklace from NSD. It is in the basement of the shop. Gloves and armband are from Hermony. Near the entrace is cool ( so worth paying for) stuff.

Dress: League - *LEAGUE* Steampunk Apocalypse
Necklace: NSD - * (NS) Rock'n'Rolla Chain
Gloves: Hermony - .:Hermony:. / LeatherGloves / Black Pack ( just 1ld)
Wristband: Hermony - .:Hermony:. Wristlocker ( just 35ld)
Hair: Detour - [Detour] Nocturne II - Black - Flexi Hair
Knitting and Knitting animation: Fotzi Latzo ( not the one on the picture ..but just 10ld)
Schooluniform: M*Motion - prize camp ( free)
Pictures taken at : Sim The Accio( but they are closed now)

Have a good role play time: Nic

Saturday, September 24, 2011

love me

Found this cute jacket. I love the well-made details: The buttons, the white border, the way it hangs down in folds. I wear the same bag and pants and hair as in the post of yesterday. But now in brown.
And a new nice sim to explore..i am on stage on in the sim called "the looking glass" (Horizon dream) beautiful names.

Credits: love me - loveme.for you<3 ( just 1 ld)

Kisses, Nic

dark sphere

Traveling around i made some pictures. So not in new clothings, it is just what i was wearing. But one of my favorites i weared, the pink denim jacket from Aoharu. The bag i just bought ( has many colour versions and wearing possibilities). I combined all with pants that i showed before on this blog. I was trying other colours and ended up with this pink combination. It is the eyecatcher in the dark sphere of the nice sims i visited.

Jacket: Aoharu - AOHARU_BT_RollupRidersJK_WithDenim_Pink ( sale)
Pants: Loop - LooP *KickOut Pants V2 / pink / female ( free)
Bag : Izumiya - =IZUMIYA=Kinchaku Bag(Apple&Border)( 80 ld!)
From inventory: tank from Jane ( free) athletic sneakers old from Redgrave
pictures made at: The Dire Marsh and Cape Poge

Go have a look there, Nic

Friday, September 23, 2011


Say: " khaki " and many think of safari and jungle. I did so too, but already made two safari posts on this blog.( 10 june and 16 june). So i wanted something else. Something warm because i got a cold and was sneezing. I found this coat. The warm furcoat combines good with the khaki clothings that i had in my inventory. Such a coat i weared in my hippy period ))))) in rl. But it has become classic wear over the years. And i still love such a coat. Isn't the gift from Fairy Tail at the Jewelry Fair cute? The fair ends at sunday 25 september! The shoes are from lucky board at Nerd Project.
The outfit on the first picture is so worth paying for just 30ld

Outfit : MGS -.:: M*G*S ::. All-in-one *khaki*( 30ld)( new!)
Coat: Bukka - [BUKKA]Fur coat ::brown::
Pants: Connors - *Connors* Rolled up Jeans Khaki for Ladies'
Tank: Jane - JANE - intrinsic khaki ( free)
Shoes Nerd.P - [ NERD.P ] Gacha loafers GREEN
Necklace Fairy Tail -[Fairy Tail2011]Jewelry Fair GIFT (free)
Belt: Sole - ::: Sole Antique patch belt ::: Gold ( sale- 125ld)
Hair: Maitreya - Maitreya Bo - Blonds Pack
Shawl: Mr. Poet - ::[ Mr.Poet ]::Wide Scarf (Free Gift)
Pictures made at: Nerd Project

Kisses, Nic

Thursday, September 22, 2011


Sitting on the famous Barcelona chair from Mies van der Rohe, waiting for my photo shoot in the studio. "Ride bike to your home town" is written on my sweater, but i dream of riding on this motorbike. The beige sweater ( see on last picture) is available in lucky board. Also some good sale items in that shop.

Sweater: Sheep Door - [Sheep Door] Layered Short Tshirts blue ( anoter in lucky board free)
Shoes: Mischief - **MIS** Pumps and handbag flower ( free)
Sunglasses: Bitter Candy - *BC* Oculos de sol ( free)

Kisses, Nic

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

bedtime fairy

A fast post before bedtime, to show another nice mesh dress. It is from Pixel Mode. I like the pure simplicity. Combined it with my wedges from Gfield. And a black and white necklace.

Credits: PixelMode -[PM] Group Gift -Sara Satin - Mesh - Final Version ( free)
Shoes: GField - *GF* Knot Wedge Sandal -white
Hair: Maitreya- Maitreya Bo - Blonds Pack
Necklace from inventory
Picture made at: Elderflower

Sleep well, Nic

warm colour

When you move mesh clothings follow the curves of your body. That is why i took more pictures with different poses from this subscribe-o-matic mesh dress from Hucci. Just the problem is, that when you sit and have a closer look, you can't see the body under the dress because of the alpha prim, that you have to wear under the dress. I hope the designers solve this problem.

I combined the dress with slimfit silver pants and booties to give it a sturdy look. The colour of the hair comes so close to the colour of the dress. Even the reed in the water has a slight touch of that colour. Although may be many bloggers posted about the dress, i couldn't withstand making a post on this blog, because i like the dress so much

Dress: Hucci -::HH:: Hucci Ruched Mesh Dress - Sorbet Gift ( free)
Booties:Hoorenbeek- [ hoorenbeek ] Pro Boots - Bordeaux( groupgift -free)
Hair: tram - tram A811 hair / group gift ( free)
Pants: Coco designs - *COCO*_SlimFitPants_Silver
Bracelet: Mandala - [MANDALA]SINRA bracelet,ring,Nails/chocolate brown
Necklace : Mandala - [MANDALA]SINRA Necklace&earrings/chocolate brown

Have a nice day, Nic

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Dire Marsh

Tough clothings..tough sphere. I didn't know it is so much fun to make posts for men. A place were men can be hanged..suddenly the man changes in a crow. The dire marsh is the name of the place... a good name for such a cruel place. Signs of they make in Iceland along the road. After making the pictures, i discovered, that when you allow the group to change your windlight, the place becomes more sinister ..the sky is so misty and grey then. Super to see !!!

Two outfits from lucky boards of Delirium Style. The hair with the cap is included. The boots are from Gabriel ( groupgift).The gloves are from Redgrave.

Gloves: Redgrave - [*RG*] Biker-Gloves [1/2-finger] -Ash-
Boots: Gabriel - ::GB:: Leather Bootie Brown ( free)
Outfit: Delirium Style - Delirium Style - Madcon LL ( free)
Outfit with checkered pants: Delirium Style -Delirium Style - Insider LL ( free)
Crow: Grendel's - American Crow - Grendels/Birdworx Edition ( now they sell another type)
Belt: Sole Accessory - :::Sole Lily buckle BELT::: (Black)( sale 88ld)
From inventory: necklace and bracelet ( here)

Kisses, Nic