Sunday, July 31, 2016

love and dream

This new released dress from monaLISA, i wanted wear with something under it. But what i tried peeped through the dress or i had to wear a huge dress. It made Nic a very fat Nic then. But yesterday i landed in the Lalba Centre to check something and there i came upon this applier jeans. And that was exactly what i needed. The applier jeans comes with a top ( also cute). Nic is wearing her normal size dress  now and the jeans fits perfectly. The dress has a hud with many colors and comes in a transparant and a non transparant version of the texture. Nic is wearing a groupgift hair from [MALO] (with a hud for three color versions). The shoes are new from the groupgift gacha machine at Pure Poison. Nic is in a sporty mood. The hockystick is from +ILO+. I met the designer from +ILO+ by accident. She was wearing this hockeystick and told me she just  made it. It will be in her shop in some weeks/days or so. The oldschool skateboard is a dollarbie at marketplace.
The armband with texts (with a hud) is the new gift at Pixel Box.The bandana in Nic's hair is not available anymore. The necklace is an oldie from Shi.

Dress: monaLISA - -mL- Delisia Dress (Maitreya/3Belleza/2Slink/TMP/2Tonic) - HUD
Jeans ( with top/not shown)ZAFIA -  ZAFIA Top and Jeans Gift
Hair: [MALO] - [MALO] C01 Hair Group GIft Version
Bracelet: PIXEL BOX - PIXEL BOX - Bracelet Thematic Emotions - copy -  (b) (free)
Shoes: Pure Poison -Pure Poison - Lavinia Sandals - Nude ( groupgift gacha/ free)
Skateboard: Motorcycles - Oldschool Skate board V3.8 (1ld)
Hockey stick - +ILO+ will come soon in the shop.
From inventory: Dog - JIAN ( see post before this one)
Pictures take at: Baja Sands
Bye bye, Nic

Friday, July 29, 2016

you're so wild

Yes ..he is so wild...Isn't he cute .. her little companion. It's so funny to watch all his wild playful animations.
Thanks Nadja. It's a very sweet present. The dog is from the gacha machine at Epiphany. With a hud you can change the color of his eyes and the color of the bandana. I real fashion dog isn't it!
The milkshake i got from a machine in the Birdy shop. You can choose many flavours.
Nic is enjoying also her boho puff bench. Showed the benches before. They are from unKindness at Shiny Shabby.
She is wearing a new released bikini from .:SP:. . It has a super hud with very good texture and color possibilities. The hair is a gift at Letituier. You get the hair in 4 colors with hair bases.

Bikini: .:SP:. - .:SP:. Lily Cross Wrap Bikini ((NEW)
Hair: {Letituier} - {Letituier} Kate Hair - Group Gift (free)
Dog: JIAN at Epiphany - JIAN Countryside Collies :: Companion Pup Tri (gacha/NEW)
Milkshake: In the Birdy shop - peach Flowey's original (free)
Benches and pillows: unKindness at Shiny Shabby - uk - Boho Puff Benches and Pillows (NEW)
Bye bye, Nic

Thursday, July 28, 2016

remembrance from daylight to darkness..

There are special remembrance days in life. This is one of those days for me (28 july). The lights on the water are there for those who passed away i suppose the surrounding fits my theme.

Nic is wearing a new released kimono from Silvery K at the Okinawa Festival. Okinawa Festival 2016 runs  from July. 16th - August.21th.
She is wearing on her Nic mesh head a skin from LAQ. I used the skin applier Wilma. Her hair is from the Hair Fair from Amacci at the sim Osmium. The hair has a hud with different colors for the left and right part of the hair. I used the colors that are nearly the same. The flower earrings are from Izzie's, a gift at Epiphany. A hud for more colors is included. The yellow sakura petals around Nic are from  Le Poppycock  a gift from sometime ago from the Spell hunt but now in many other colors in the main shop.  The dragon necklace is an old gift from EMO-tions.

Kimono - *:..Silvery K..: at  Okinawa Festival *:..Silvery K..:*KimonoMesh(Noshime)(NEW)
Hair: Amacci at Hair fair ( sim Osmium) - Amacci Hair - Zip Duo - Hair Fair 2016 GIFT (free)
Earrings: Izzie's at Epiphany - Izzie's - Little Flower Earrings (Epiphany Gift) (free)
Skin: LAQ - LAQ Wilma applier (NEW)
From inventory: sakura petals - Le poppycock ( now in gacha in the main shop); Dragon  necklace _ EMO-tions ( old gift)
Pictures made at: Hakoniwa
Bye bye, Nic

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

les reves perdus...(Luxe Box party gifts / Hair Fair/ Has#Urban Event)

Come inside.. i will play for you...... the music will touch your heart.... it's about lost dreams and love...
Nic is wearing a pencil skirt from the Has#Urban event. It is part of a warm set. I choosed a lesser warm top. The top is from Wicked for the pastel party hunt . The shoes are from Reign, one of the Luxe Box gifts. The hair is another gift from the Hair Fair. This one is from Damselfly ( sim Platinium). Because i also wanted you show the warm set from Butterflies Boutitique  below another picture from "la pianiste" waiting for her love.... She is wearing the other shoes from Reign for Luxe Box.

Skirt ad top picture below: Butterflies Boutique at Has#Urban - part of Hashtag's GIFT - {BB}Navy's Rose outfit (free)
Shoes on first pictures: Reign at Luxe Box - REIGN.- Peep Toe Pumps- LUXE BOX EDITION(free)
Top: Wicked - WICKED * May - Feather T-shirts ( free/hunt)
Shoes on picture below: Reign for Luxe Box - REIGN.- LUXE BOX EXCLUSIVE GIFT!- (free)
Hair: Damselfly at Hair fair ( sim Platinium) - damselfly~Hair Fair Free Gift (free)
Eyes: IKON - IKON Triumph Eyes - Armor ( was some time ago a gift)
From inventory: dog - anc
Pictures taken at  Lost Dream
Bye bye, Nic

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

be sure to wear some flowers in your hair ( Hair Fair/ Has#Urban Fashion Event/ Luxe Box party gifts)

Be sure to wear some flowers in your hair. will going to meet some gentle people there. Summertime will be a love-in there.
Text part from the well know song "San Francisco".

Nic is wearing a dress from the Has#Urban Fashion event. it's a gift there. Nic's shoes are a gift from ChicaChic in the new shop. The bag is one of the 5 gifts at Luxe Box. May be not long time there so run.
You will find two pair of shoes from Reign in all the sizes you can dream of...
- a lovely cropped outfit from Foxes in mint, silver, purple  and blue - only mesh body sizes: belleza, maitreya and slink.
- a great black bag from Foxes (the one on the picture).
Nic's hair is from No.Match , the Hair Fair gift. The flowers are from Xen's hats.

Dress: LSR at Has#Urban Fashion - Sexy Mini Dress Dress Melissa Rigged Mesh (free)
Shoes::::ChicChica:::: -  :::ChicChica:::: NEW LOCATION Gift (free)
Hair: no.match_  at Hair Fair ( sim - Platinium) - no.match_ ~ NO_LUCK B ~ all COLORS (free)
Necklace Bizarre at Hair Fair  (sim Iridium) -  part of [Bizarre Hair] "LouLou" Hair Fair 2016 (free)
Bag: Foxes at Luxe Box  - Foxes - LuxeBox Gift - July - Thank you ! <3
From inventory: Hair flowers- Xen's hats
Pictures made at Swayland

Bye bye, Nic

Monday, July 25, 2016

butterfly kiss

Nic is amazed in her little oasis about what she sees on her hand. Do they kiss? The oasis is now near the waterside.
Nic is wearing her scaloped butterfly dress from La Gazza Ladra from the Around The Grid in 80 Days Hunt 4. Find the air balloon. Nic's shoes are in the info and notices from Loordes of London. Around Nic you can see boho puff benches and boho puff pillows. The ones with the small balls at the sides. You can find all at the new round of Shiny Shabby. It is the first round from unKindness at Shiny Shabby. Those colorful benches sure will make you happy. Pilows are in stack or flat or upright. So decorate your porch or beach home or also buy the little oasis from unKindness. I also decorated with some items from Pixel Mode: The hammock chair  ( in the mainshop) and the ottoman and pillow seat ( at the picture below right/front) from a gacha. Will be in the mainshop friday july 25th)

Dress: La Gazza Ladra - ~LGL~ Caitleen . Scalloped dress - Red/Butterflies (hunt/ 1ld)
Shoes: Loordes of London (in group notices)Loordes of London-Leather Bound(free)
Benches and pillows: unKindness at Shiny Shabby - uk - Boho Puff Benches and Pillows (NEW)
From inventory: Hammock chair - Pixel Mode; Ottoman and pillow seat ( see below) -Pixel Mode; Hair - Exile (dancing on my own); butterfly's - NanikA ( pose props/ LB /free)
Little oasis: unKindness at The Liaison Collaborative ( ends july 30th) - uk - Our Little Oasis (NEW)
Bye bye, Nic
Click small picture to enlarge

a teaser for you

If you follow my blog you know that i am slowly getting used to Nic with a mesh head. I am also learning about what you need to know to get it all functioning well. The pitty is that all is so expensive. Although i have to admit all is lesser expensive then a rebuild of your rl body. Why this talking about a mesh head while you see Nic with her well-known face. Well it is Nic, but with a mesh head. Someone made for me a copy of her casual head as mesh head. She is doing this only for friends so i can't tell you who she is. I was glad to hear she wanted do this for me, because i am attached to a sort of uniqueness of Nic's being (grins).
So thanks a lot to the secret person who made my Nic mesh head and thanks to her and her adviser for all their help.
And what about a teaser for you. Nic is wearing shoes from H@s. Those elegant shoes will soon be released in the shop. You have to wait a bit and then you can buy them. It is with a multi color hud. You can give parts of the shoes every color you want. I took silver grey and black because of Nic's dress.
The dress is a gift at the Has#Urban Even. The necklace i showed in the post before this one. The collar is also a gift at Epiphany. Nic's hair is from the lucky board at Moon. From Nic's inventory a clutch from FA Creations and a huge ring from Kosh.
The drawer at the side of the bench is a gift at Epiphany. It is a Kimono Drawer. The sakura branches and the kimono hanger are from Silvery K.

Shoes: H@s - H@s Peep toes leather ( soon will be released)
Dress: at Has# Urban - Silver Cocktail DressGIFT - HAS#TAG URBAN ( free)
Hair: Moon - Moon. Hair // - Brunettes - Tangerine (LB/free)
Collar: Faida&Fallen Gods at Epiphany - Whistles Collar in Leathers~ Faida .(free)
Drawer: [[RH]] Design House- Kimono Drawer Epiphany Birthday [[RH]] Design House(free)
From inventory: sakura branches - Silvery K. ; Kimono hanger- Silvery K; long necklace - Yasum ( at epiphany); Sunglasses - ANE; clutch - FA Creations; Ring- Kosh; items on the drawer- Nonino ( shop gone?)
Pictures made in the Moon shop
Bye bye, Nic

Saturday, July 23, 2016

sunny urban girl (Epiphany, Has#Urban Fashion Event and Hair Fair)

Urban life can be good life. Nic is often surrounded by nature, but today i could build my own street with gacha buildings from unKindness. The Gacha is at Epiphany. For builders from streetlife scenes this is a must have. Behind Nic you can see shabby victorian houses. There are 4 colors of these in the gacha. You can also win a concrete jungle old Factory ( an exclusive), street houses in several colors, public housing and more.
Nic was already dressed like  a sunny urban girl when i was building. She is wearing cute shorts from Bueno ( in the mainshop) together with an oldie from Pixicat, the grey knotted shirt ( see on marketplace). The watch, the necklace, the drink, and the armband are gifts at Epiphany because of the birthday of the event. The sunglasses are from Has#Urban Fashion Event, started today.....and gifts there.
And this time from the Hair Fair a hair that i bought. This hair is from LeLutka. It is such a special one with the cool cap. The cap you can wear in four colors.

Hair: LeLutka at Hair Fair ( sim Platinum) - .LeLutka.HF04 hair.Blonde (NEW)
Shorts: Bueno - Bueno- Summer Shorts -Pink Floral
From Epiphany (taxi here):
Buildings: unKindness - uk - Concrete Jungle Gacha - Epiphany (new)
Necklace : Yasum**ADD ME*Epiphany Gift*Om Necklace (free)
Armband: MINIMAL - Epiphany Gift (free)
Drink:* Glucose Girl* Epiphany Birthday Gift (free)
Watch: *BAMSE* Epiphany Birthday Box Calculator watch (free)
Glasses: seekstore at Has# Urban  - Style glasses (free)
From inventory: Shoes - Shake (NEW in mainshop now ); grey shirt - Pixicat  ( at marketplace); poses - Le Poppycock
Bye bye Nic

Friday, July 22, 2016

i stand for peace

On flickr is a group named: "i stand for peace".This group is a collection of pics by artists who opt for peace and disown the mindless violence around us. The group is managed by The White Canvas gallery. The White Canvas gallery presents an open challenge to enable you to stand united for peace. Here you can read the rules.
It's not the challenge but the theme that made me enter the challenge. I tag Darkyn Dover, L♥na Lenroy, Beloved Ruby and Babih Loon  to enter the challenge. They sure will make a beautiful picture.
Nic is wearing a gown, sub-scribe-o- matic gift, from Artic STorm.  She is wearing her LAQ mesh head  with the included Wilma skin. The hair is from Tableau Vivant.

And may be you want fave me if you have a flickr account. If you do so it would be a great pleasure to me.

Gown: Artic STorm - **Artic STorm July GG Sophia Lilac Subscribe-o (free)
Body: Maitreya - Maitreya Mesh Body - Lara
Mesh head: LAQ  - LAQ ~ Mesh head Trinity 1.0 (NEW)
From inventory: Hair - Tableau Vivant; Eyes - .ARISE. ( sunny eyes); dove- Anc
Pictures taken at: The Outer Garden
Bye bye, Nic

Thursday, July 21, 2016

i would rather be sleeping ( Hair Fair, the Epiphany and the Seasons Story)

A loose style, a casual look today for Nic. I love all sorts of jeans so this overall from fame femme is a must have. You can buy this one at The Seasons Story in several colors. And fame femme has a nice tank top and a bra there too. I used a tank top from my inventory from FA Creations and a bra/ top from No Cabide ( see below). The FAC tank top comes with a hud with several possibilities. I took mint stripes because of the tumbler in mint. I recolored a bag from ISON( a white one was in Nic's inventory) and i recolored these super sweet lazy sunday sneakers from Beetle Bones from Nic's inventory too. Free is the hair from little bones and the Argrace cap  (comes in 3 colors) at the Hair Fair ( sim Platinium).
The bra/top is from the newest groupgift from No Cabide. A beautiful shorts is also included.

Overall: fame femme at The Season Story - fame femme : Denim Overall - Original (NEW)
Tank top: FA Creations - ::FAC:: Britt Tanktop
Hair: little bones at Hair Fair (sim platinium) - little bones. Gem - Variety (free)
Cap: Argrace  at hair fair (sim Platinium) - *ARGRACE* GIFT limited color for Hair fair 2016(free)
Tumbler: brocante at Epiphany - brocante. tumbler gacha / sleeping [box] (gacha/25ld each play)
Shoes: Beetle Bones - ::BB:: Lazy Sunday Sneakers (recolored/ CAMEL)
Top/bra: No Cabide - Part of set :: No Cabide :: Alicia Outfit FitMesh - Gift Group (free)
From inventory: Bag: ISON (recolored); Posh pup- Jian; poses - Overlow poses
Pictures made at: The Outer Garden
Bye bye, Nic

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

i'll bring him back (Hair Fair, The Season's Story and Uber)

He needs the sea.. he isn't a toy.. But this seal is super cute with his dark sweet eyes. Nic got this one at the gacha from Pink Acid at The Season's Story. There are also seals with cream and a cherry on the head. Funny ones. Nic shows you a gift from the Hair Fair ( this time from the sim Iridium). The hair is from ICONIC. The hair comes with several huds.  Over the dress in grey from Tetra at Uber Nic is wearing a sweater from Shey. The sweater comes with a color hud with many beautiful colors.  Love the knotted skirt part of the dress. The dress without the sweater will give you a real summer feeling. We need this now in Holland because the days are very hot at the moment.  The glasses, a bit broken, are a gift from TOIZ. Nic is wearing her favorite Reign booties.
Dress: Tetra at Uber - TETRA - Sahara Dress (Gray)
Sweater: Shey -SHEY - Alinja Shirt ( relatively new)
Hair: ICONIC at Hair Fair ( sim Iridium) - ICONIC:HAIRGIFT 2016 ALL HAIR DYES (free)
Seal: *Pink Acid at The Season's Story - *Pink Acid Baby Seal - Black (65ld / each try)
Glasses: Toiz - [Toiz] broken silver glasses (gift)(free)
From inventory: Booties - Reign; tattoo - Queen oF Ink; Hat - Xen's Hats (at Swank)
Pictures made at the Seasons Story sim
Bye bye, Nic

Monday, July 18, 2016

extravagant, elegant and blue ( Hair Fair and new dresses)

Pictures from above, because the ground patterns are so beautiful.
Nic is wearing three new dresses. First one a new release from H@s. Comes with a color hud for more sexy variations ( because of the glow). The second very elegant dress is the new groupgift from Hilly Haalan with a color hud ofcourse. The third is the denim dress groupgift from S@bbia. The shoes on all pictures are from H@s.
On ever picture a gift hair from the Hair Fair 2016. The .Shi hair (pic 1) comes with good color huds. The BarberYumYum hair (pic 2)comes with a hud for a beautiful headband. (Pssst Nic was wearing the fringe jacket with the top from the post before this one... and the headband was  super with that set and also with the last dress!)). The [Mello] hair ( pic 3) comes in all colors. From the hair fair is also the necklace with earrings ( from EMO-tions) I recolored the set ( original is in white). The head flower is from the clearance pack 3 from Izzie's ( told about that one recently).

Shiny pink dress: H@s - H@S Cheryl Dress (NEW)
Shoes:H@s - H@S Celebrity Sandals - Multicolor
Sweet bow choker: Fashionably Dead at Hair Fair ( sim Platinum) -(fd) Hair Fair Freebie (free)
Hair: .Shi at HF ( sim Platinum) - .Shi Hair Gift : Valiant / Unisex . All (free)

Hard pink dress: Hilly Haalan - [hh] Sophie Dress - 20 Textures (free)
Hair: *barberyumyum* at HF ( sim Platinum) - *barberyumyum*HairFair(GIFT)(free)
Necklace and earrings( recolored): EMO-tions at HF ( sim Platinum) - .:EMO-tions:.  GIFT(free)
Hair Flower: Izzie's - Izzie's - Clearout Package 3 hair flowers( 10ld)
Pose and camera's at 2 pic's: le Poppycock - +H-D+/Le PC - Say Cheese {Set 2}

Blue denim dress: S@bbia - S@bbia :: Denim dress ( light blue) ( free/gg)
Hair: [Mello} at HF( sim Platinum) - [Mello] Beyond Stars - ALL HF Gift (free)
From inventory: Bag - Moon} ( boho bag gacha/old); brown camera - ANE
Bye bye, Nic

Sunday, July 17, 2016

fashion for harbour and beach

Many pictures from Nic in the harbour and on the beach. At the moment there are very good sets in  marine or summer style. And i wanted show them all. On the first picture is the groupgift marina  from {CD}. You get the set with the flipflops from the third picture. On the first picture Nic is wearing the set with shoes from EmilyC. Many gifts in that shop. The dress with boats is the july gift from BN Designs. From No Cabide is the marina set with fringe jacket. For the bikini from M*Motion you need go to the Okinawa Summer Festival 2016 . Click the cat's mouth in the stand from M*Motion.
Around Nic some gifts from Swank: the gone to beach sign, the vintage chair and on the third picture the wooden cuddle pier behind Nic. The pallette with cushion and flippers is a gift at the Crossroads Event.

Outfit on first picture: {CD} - {CD} Outfit Marina (free)
Beach Pallette:22769 ~ at Crossroads - 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Beach Pallette (free)
Chair: [Park Place] at Swank - [Park Place] Blue Swirl Sand Chair (free)
Gone to beach sign: Vintage Touch at Swank - Touch Beach Lover Head Sign (free)
Shoes: EmilyC - EmilyC shoe Maitreya Slink TMP #5 Gift (free)
Dress: BN Designs - regalo julio 2016 (free)
Outfit at picture 3: No Cabide - :: No Cabide :: Marina Outfit_FitMesh - Gift Group (free)
Shoes picture 3: part of {CD} - {CD} Outfit Marina (free)
Wooden cuddle Pier: [.:Tm:. Creation]at Swank - [.:Tm:. Creation] GIFT SWANK EVENTS(free)
Bikini: M*Motion at Okinawa Summer Festival - M*Motion Group Gift 2016 (free)
From inventory: all sorts of things around Nic ; anklets  - Kotolier (50ld); necklace - Kotolier (not in shop anymore) swim bag - Loordes of London ( old gift); bag with anchors -C'est la Vie; striped bag - {*I <3 FashiOn*}; blue wedges - Bens Beauty; hair - Magika (Shimmer)
Pictures made:  near my home place
Bye bye, Nic

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Ubume x Origami

After some time Nic is showing you again a kimono. The kimono ( with shoes/ in more colors available too) is from Silvery K. It is a new release for a Japanese horror event that will start in august. But the mall with the shops are open since yesterday. The name of the event is Ubume. The name of the mall is Origami. All happens between July. 15th - August.31th. Read more about the event here.
Nic is may be looking different because of her outfit today you think. Well it isn't because of that is because of her first mesh head. I was waiting for the release of LAQ's first mesh head, because Nic mostly is wearing a skin from LAQ. The start with a mesh head is then lesser expensive for me. And i thought may be she will not change then so much. But it's a pity she has smaller eyes now.
 Features are:
- Animated expressions
- Fully Omega compatible, no system kit needed
- Eyebrows, makeup and hairbase layers
LAQ also released 5 of their most requested Glow and Essential skins as appliers. All Omega friendly. My next step will be buy the new applier and use other mesh heads.
Free or nearly free in this post are the head chopsticks and the fox on Nic's shouder. They are from The Ugly and Beautiful Designs. An unknow shop for me till yesterday. I discovered nice lucky chairs and upstairs good old groupgifts. Many presents very good for role-play. The fox has a silver shoulder pauldron but i could make that one invisibleand could use it with this outfit. Foxes are often used in Japan  near temples.

Kimono: *:..Silvery K..:* - :..Silvery K..:*KimonoMesh(RAN) (NEW)
Mesh head: LAQ - LAQ ~ Mesh head Trinity 1.0 (NEW)
Skin: LAQ - Skin Elena
Fox: Aii The Ugly and Beautiful Designs - + Fox Pauldron + {aii}(free)
Hair Chopsticks Set:Aii The Ugly and Beautiful Designs -   + {aii}+ Hair Chopsticks Set + {aii}(gg/10ld))
From inventory: hair Chemistry; flowers - Naminoke
Pictures made near the Aii shop
Bye bye, Nic

Friday, July 15, 2016

how can the sun come back into their lifes?

Yesterday when i was making this blogpost the news arrived about what happened in Nice. It totally shocked me to see the truck first slowly driving and then making speed to kill peaceful harmless unconcious people. No words for that.....
May be that is why i choosed the dark light in this area for the pictures.I was there to make pictures from Nic in a beautiful gown from Paisley Daisy, a new release. Now in the morning i was there again with Nic and choosed to make pictures from her in the sunny groupgift  romper from Paisley Daisy. Still with the same dark light because i want express my feelings of sorrow for the victimes and their families. How can the sun come back into their lifes?

Gown: Paisley Daisy- Paisley Daisy - Outburst Gown (NEW)
Romper: Paisley Daisy - Paisley Daisy - Tangerine Romper Shorts (group join fee/ free)
Shoes: Essenz - Essenz - VIP group gift 7/13 ( free/  but group join fee)
Soda bottle: [keke] - [keke] soda peach ( old groupgift /free/still there)
From inventory: ; Bag - [DDL]; Necklace  - Silvery K; hair - Magika; Eyes - Plastik; clutch - LPD
Pictures made at: Follow your Bliss
Bye bye, Nic

Wednesday, July 13, 2016


Warm and sandy colors,tulle, persian carpets and mosaics.It is a mix of styles but i like it.
Nic is showing you her skirt with tulle and a top with lace from !gO! at The Chapter Four. I love this set very very much. Also available in other colors. The sandals are from the Beached Bunny Hunt ( runs during the month july). You need find a little blue bucket. Below a close-up.
The huge beach hat is from Xen's Hats at this round of Swank. When you need beach-, swim- or  summer wear ...Swank is the place to go. And there are some presents there. For example i picked up a nice vintage sports car for free from Drack Motors ( a small vendor/ pay 1 ld and you get 1ld back),  a wooden pier, a summer chair and a "gone to beach" sign.The straw bag is from S@bbia. Don't forget to wait at the lucky boards. I got sandals and suede ballerina's.

Hat: Xens Hats  at Swank- XH Colorful Beach Hats Bloggers Pack (NEW)
Top: !gO! at TCF - !gO! at TCF (NEW)
Skirt: !gO! at TCF - !gO! Rita skirt - 3(NEW)
Sandals: Slipper Originals -Slipper - TBBH6 Prize - Wear Me (free)
Long shoulder bag: ::C'est la vie !:: - ::C'est la vie !:: Erja bag Groupgift  with hud (gg/free)
Shoulder bag with ribbon on left schoulder: S@bbia - S@BBiA::Ribbon Straw bag with hud (50ld)
From inventory: hair - Chemistry
Pictures made at: Coral Sands