Monday, June 28, 2010

I'm So Black & Blue!

Officially for today (at least) my favorite shop is Black & Blue Outfitters.  There's a new release - that I (and I'm sure you agree) would have liked named The Karina - as it's soooo me!  However, it appears to be named it "The Valentino Dress" and priced at 200L.  I love it in spite of the name and you can find it here at Black & Blue Outfitters.
"The Valentino"  the name seems so wrong - but the dress feels so right!!

GL Designs Sale and Free Stuff!!

I went to GL Designs after getting a note the whole place was on sale for 30L!  I managed to pick myself up some goodies and found quite a few freebies as well!  Not sure how long the sale runs for so hurry to GL Designs.
Babydoll Black (30L)
1300 Scribies Lace Dress (Free Join Group)
Aimee Dress (30L)
Peek-a-Boo Distressed Shirt and Jean Skirt (June Bug Hunt Item - hurry!!)
Ballerina Dress (Free Join Group)
Summer Halter Dress Grey (30L)
December Group Gift (Free Join Group)
Strapless Top & Jeanskirt (Lucky Board Win)

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mina moving

Mina Hairfashion has moved and when I landed at the new location I was stunned by how the surroundings look, it is absolutely gorgeous. Above picture is taken nearby the mainstore. The hair I'm wearing is the newest release, Lotte. To celebrate the moving Mina has counted down five random items for only 1l, just maybe this hair is one of them...

My skin is a dollarbie for members of the LaVie group. It usually has a joining fee, but is temporarily free to join to celebrate SL's 7th birthday. You have until 5th of july to join for free!

My top is a subscribogift from Blooberry and the shorts were a groupgift from Mother Goose, join the group and get them in several colors.

Kus Nere

Skin: LaVie - Demi Reloaded Summer fun (group dollarbie)
Hair: Mina - Lotte (Ginger)
Top: Blooberry - Palermo Turquoise (subscribo gift)
Skirt: Mother Goose's - Jean skirt brown (group gift)
Pumps: Stiletto Moody - Gladiator Sandal (tan-brown)

Night on the town

I got myself my very first Laq skin and I can't stop staring at the prettyness of my avi. Lately I'd been leaning more towards cute and toned down faces, but this is one sexy bish.

My hair is from a luckyboard at D!va, only 5 minutes to wait and there are different hairstyles to win. But if you don't have the patience you can always walk in and buy the store empty since the hairs are very low priced.

Like Halina I'm very happy with the new Plastik dresses. I'm showing a different color of it, so I hope she won't mind me posting this again. Every time Aikea releases a new outfit it comes in so many options and wonderfull textures I have a hard time choosing. But this little dress has to be my favourite for now...

Kus Nere

Skin: Laq - Aline (Milky 06)
Hair: D!va - Yukari (Ruby, lucky board gift)
Dress: Plastik - Ambrice (Birch)

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Summer Time loves [Plastik]

Hey, Hi, Hello!
I love the new release from [Plastik] it makes me wanna shout and I am so happy to have it in my inventory. I have also included the hunt gift from !Imabee (Good Sh*t Hunt). I just started it, but I will share some love with you later on. Enjoy!


Skin: !Imabee (Good Sh*t Hunt) !Imabee: Umeko - Underwater

Hair: fri. - Dylan - Jaded Blond

Dress: [Plastik] :[P]:-Ambrice-Full-P-Monochrome

Pumps: Lelutka [LeLutka]-Saffron Pumps (Neutral Black)

Thanks, Halina Baxton


When I stumbled upon Inaya I was quite surprised I haven’t heard of them before, me being the skinhoarder that I am. After some research I found out they were fairly new. I didn’t expect that since there seems to be quite some variety in faces going on. I counted about six faces, all with their own features. However not all faces seem to come in every skintone. I’ll show you a few of my favorites.

Maiisha is my personal favorite from the bunch. She only comes in a pale skintone, so she won’t be for the sun kissed lovers among us. A few extra features are added, you can wear with or without freckles and a blonde hairbase.

There’s a little cute mole just above the right corner of her mouth and her lips are very glossy. The face is lovely and youthful. The only part I don’t like is the “realness” of the ear, making it a bit odd compared to the face.

The body is all about smooth curves and soft lines, there are little details or muscles showing. It’s just a good body, but personally I’d have preferred a bit of details, like a mole lost somewhere or other features to make the body more unique.

I would almost leave my milky pale skins for this face. Marayah is one of the better darker skins in SL. She only comes in this darker skintone and has a dark hairbase option as well.

The eyebrows are a bit pointy but that’s easily fixed with the right settings. The make ups are very nice, with a bit of subtle eyeshadow. The lipcolors look more like gloss then lipstick, you have to like it but I think it works really nicely.

The cleavage is continuously pushed up. I normally choose the most normal cleavage I can find and leave enhancers far away. Too bad there’s no such option on this skin, to my knowledge there aren’t any cleavage reducers on the grid…

Maiva is also only available in a light skintone, like Maiisha, but she has a dark hairbase option instead of blond. With every make up you get three lipcolors; natural, black and silver. Again a little mole, this time above the left corner and a second tiny one below the right corner. Very sexy!

The eyebrows are nicely detailed, but not overly done. The face is quite flawless with full kissable lips. Again I have a little problem with the seam at the base of the ear, not seeming to merge in properly with the face. I think the body of Maiva is identical to Maiisha’s actually, with just another face to top it off.

The make ups on Maiva are not to my taste. I only like the natural lips, because the silver and black are too dominant. And the natural combines great with the new v2 tattoo layers, so no worries. The eyeshadow is just too much and not subtly added to the face. I would’ve liked a bit more attention to those.

Over all I’m pretty impressed by these skins, but think there are enough minor little things that could be fixed. Would I spend my lindens on them? Yes, I certainly would. The skins are very good, definitely not a bad buy. If you don’t mind these little details these skins are absolutely a good deal and a nice add to your ever growing inventory.

Kus Nere

I found out that the slurl used above is from the mainstore which will be open in two days. Until then you can get a few of the skins in this satellite store. After two days, mainstore will be open with some new releases.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Geekgasm Hunt!

This was a fun quick hunt.  You can read about it here.  There's a lot of Nintendo (or Nontendo lol) and 80s gamer references which I didn't realize was geeky.  Perhaps, it's because my parents wouldn't buy me a game system - so I thought only the cool kids had one :(  Well regardless - now it's hip to be square!  The loot: 
Relentless Couture: Tetris Mini Dress with LOULOU&CO: Necklace and Elate!: Susie Cateye Shades - Turquoise
it's Cake:. Geek on Fiah Leggings, bodysuit, flats, Nerdy Chic Glasses
Tasty: Geek Chic TShirt and Glasses with thick. shapes & baubles: Nontendo Earrings and FluxBox: Bum Crack Black Chucks also u.f.o.: fall in geek leggings and finally Malizz Yiyuan creation: G33K_Necklace (also comes with a cute Pin Game typing animation!)
ODB: Punked Out Nerd Glasses {Pink} with Cool Beans: Geek Me Up Plaid Shorts and thick. shapes & baubles: Engineer Shirt (other Star Treky shirts also in the box!)
Candydoll: Geek Skin
Bomb! - Cherry Skin -Vol.1
Skinthesis: Female - Droogette
face: Oh Padme - Geekgasm Exclusive Skin
III: Geekgasm Rad Dress
Soap Co.: Blerd Jeans, suspenders, tattoo and glasses
Love Zombie: Falcons P.E. Shorts, shirt, socks with FAB.PONY: nurave Glasses
Harrys Houses: Girlie beer bike wearing The Clubhouse:  Geek Shirt
The sea Hole: Companion Cube Geek - Racerbank Tanktop
A-BOMB: lunchbox wearing Ducknipple: Jammie - Green
Riddle: Geekgasm - Packman Shirt (whole bunch of colors in the pack) sitting on what next: Geek's 3-seater Sofa (love this!)
aRAWRa: iPhone T-Shirt App Shirt (other geeky Apple shirts included) sitting on Second Spaces: Binary Sofa

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Karina will give you guys a decent update on the Geekgasm hunt very soon, but I just couldn't resist giving you this little sneekpeak. I thought the Mynerva huntgift is the most adorabelest skin I've seen in a long time. It's the Aona skin I recently blogged about, but then "geekified" with a monobrow, gap teeth and some zits. I.Love.It. You also get the skin, eyes and eyelashes to complete the look.

Another Geekgasm find is the Riddle Packmanshirt. The hair is a subscribo gift from I Love Olive.

Kus Nere

Skin, shape, eyes, lashes: Mynerva - Geekgasm (hunt gift at mainstore)
Hair: I Love Olive - Olivia, brown (subscribo gift)
Shirt: Riddle - Geekgasm packman, yellow (hunt gift at mainstore)

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Let's call it an LOTD

Because I'm too tired to come up with anything witty. So...

Kus Nere

Skin: Pink Fuel - Ember, Honey (Beestung)
Hair: D!va - Chisa, Amber (Group gift in notices!!! Comes in three colors)
Shirt: eha - 7 Days in June, salmon (Group gift instore!!!)
Shorts: Milk Motion - my high waist jean short, pale blue
Socks: e! - Ruined Socks, brown
Pumps: Periquita - Wedges, green

June Bug Hunt!

I was pleasantly surprised by this hunt.  I did it as a quickie and was happy to have found so many cute items.  You can read more about the hunt here.   The goods:
SereliCious & Rockstar Clothing: Purple V-Neck, Belt, Jeans
Paris Metro: Cocktail Bouquet Dress Skirt with Hat
Rag Dollz: Doodle Bug Lolita Dress
ThReDz: Lena Halter Top Blue with Female Hot Torn Shorts In Blue
GL Designs:  Peek-a-Boo Shirt Plum and Distressed Mini Skirt
ThReDz: White Tank with Black Jeans
Chez Gabrielle:  Tara in Black Gown
 Lillou's Designs: Scarlet Gown
Sinful Pleasures: Oh My! Lavender

In all Pics:
Caverna Obscura: Pink Slippers (My favs!  These are just adorable)
IrEn: Nicole Tan Blue Bird Skin

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Skin is from Tuli and will be available from this saturday at the Dressing Room (price 70l or less) and top is a freebie at Chantkare!

Kus Nere

Skin: Tuli @ the Dressing Room - Gina 2
Hair: Exile - Maren (auburn)
Top: Chantkare - Breezy

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Fashion Is Love Hunt!

I love Fashion and I love hunting - so of course Fashion is Love Hunt was for me!  A nice, manageable size hunt (only 37 shops) but jammed packed with cuteness.  You can read more about the hunt here.  Makes sure you join the group as well since there are cute extra gifties outside of LP Design and Garage for doing so!  Sorry for the even worse then usual photoshopping (it's so late!).  The goods:
Mynerva: Cynthia Starfish And Coffee Skin
Mynerva: SoulHeart Eyes - Amazon
The Cat: Skin Summer 2010
CandyDoll: Nana Makeup Tan 
Garage: Leslie Skin & Love Hunt Necklace
T Junction: Retro Dots Bikini
Fashion Is Love Group Gift: LP Design -Pretty Dress
LeeL: Hunt Leelkini 
Holli Pocket: Summer Delight
Izzie's Mainstore: Tank Top and Leggings
Before Sleep: Denim Mini, bracelet, necklace, leggings and tube top
LP Design: Glanec dress
aRAWRa: Summer Colorblock Dress
VESNA: Sonya jeans with  DeeTaleZ: sporty bodysuit pink
MB-CreationZ: LADYBUG Fashion Pumps
J.E.M.: Find me xD necklace, top, shorts and flats
Shush: Fluffy Skirt with My Pretty Pixels:  Bow High Heels Shoes - Purple (Tank not from hunt)
Cynful: Kini - Pinkish with  Fluffyness Skirt
BeBe DoLL: Bethany - LightSteelBlue Dress
LP Design: Malishka dress
A&A Fashion: Empire Dress silver
Fashion Is Love Group Gift: LP Design -Velmo dress
Fashion Is Love Group Gift: Garage - Black Pearl Necklace
alaMood Boutique: On the Rocks Bracelet
Sassy Kitty Designs: My Little Grey Dress (Gift includes dress in red as well)
Relentless Couture: Rainbow Boho

Monday, June 14, 2010


Some nice gifts and cheapies to grab!

Kus Nere

Hair: D!va - Haruka Topaz (group gift in several colors, join group and touch sign)
Skin: AMD - Mia Beige (subscribo gift, search through history)
Jacket: Pig - Lazy Sweater RedRed (group gift, join Purveyors of Accidental Love group and retreive from notices)
Bikini: Orage Creations - World Cup Bikini (5l at mainstore)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Getting Beaten by The Pretty Stick

There seems to be so many shops I'm discovering and loving lately.  Pretty Stick is another shop that I think has cute casuals and is reasonably priced.  A few things now in the shop you can get for nothing (or next to).  Take a ride over to Pretty Stick.
Dollarbie of the Month: White Lace Top with Green Midrise Jean Skirt
Lucky Chair: Corset Dress Green
100L Country Blue Dirty Prairie Dress (marked down to 50L if your in the group)
 Midnight Mania Prize: White Pearl Necklace & Bracelet w/ White Bow
Fashion Freaks Hunt Prize: Black Lace Crop top with Rainbow Jean Skirt

Of course I have to mention (in case you have been under a rock) the new hair I'm digging called Brande in Anxious Blond from  Any my new favorite eyes that are part of the new Sunrise collection from HooT in clear blue.  HooT eyes are my absolute favorites! There are always tiny, look close, little details that I think make a huge difference over other eyes.  

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Lost My Marbles Hunt!

This hunt about did make me lose my marbles - 151 shops.  You can read more about the hunt here.  The marbles are semi-transparent so not always easy to spot right off, and with all the other hunts that are going on it's getting difficult to devote so much time to only one.  I was starting to feel like I was never going to finish!  This one was a definite thank heavens it's over hunt.  Only a small amount of this is fashion and there are some other neat objects in the hunt but I think I only saved a small portion.  As usual I'm choosing my favorites for your cherry picking pleasure.  Onto the goodies:
LuAll Designs: Le Masquerade Make-up4 Skin
Caladesi Island Company: Drift Lost My Marbles Skin

Adoring Charms: Aura - Precious Skin
Mustang Trading Post: Ladies Barbwire Hairband

DARE: LMM Top + Old Jeans
evie: I Lost My Marbles Dress
Pretty Lady: Thundar Purple

JAZMYN D: Lost My Marbles Bikini
ILLY Creations: Lost My Marbles Dress
Bits & Pieces: Carmen Summer Dress

C'MORE Designs: LMMH Gift
Grumble: Women's Baseball Shirt Pink

Cupcake Clothing: Female Tank
Robbish: Lost My Marbles Top

Simply: Mad About Stripes
Sassy!: Pink argyle cardigan with Brown Shorts
Annabella's Song: Top, Butterfly Jeans & Panties

Sascha's Designs: Wilhelmina Blue Gown
The Ancient Tree Kimono Shop: Cherry Blosssom II Kimono

NyX Design: I'm Not Scared!! Cuddlepet
Trashtastic!: Crazy Horse

Monday, June 7, 2010


Both tops in above picture are gifts from Lark and you can get them at the Lark Strawberry Festival. The jeans worn are from Hucci and are bought with coupon cards that were given trough the subscribo. These cards gave 50% - 75% discount on the jeans. I'm not sure if the subscribo has history.

The skin worn is a groupgift from Exile gear, available in multiple skintones. And no joining fee!

Kus Nere


Skin: Exile - Chloe Group Gift Loose Petals (blush)
Hair: fri. - Michelle.2 (Happy Blond)
Top: Lark - Navajo Blouse
Jeans: Hucci - Denim skinny (ice wash)
Pumps: fri. - Dream.Booties (Slate)

Skin: Exile - Chloe Group Gift Loose Petals (sunsplash)
Hair: fri. - Kate (Cynical Black)
Top: Lark - Prairy Blouse
Jeans: Hucci - Gold Denim Capri (medium)
Pumps: fri. - Dream.Booties (Copper)

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Aona by Mynerva

Mynerva has some of the cutest skins around the grid and the latest skinline Aona is as sweet as can be. Pouty lips, a dinky little nose and dulcet eyes is what makes Aona a lovely face. It is a skin for adult avi's, but it would work for the younger avi's as well.

Bare Teeth Freckles - Bare - Blueberry Freckles - Buttercup Freckles
Daisy Crush Freckles - Emerald Freckles - Pink Fushion Freckles - Smokey Freckles

Aona comes with very divers make ups as well as a few make ups with teeth drawn on the upper lip. I don't usually care much for teethed skins, but on Aona it works very well. Every make-up comes with and without freckles and I must say I really like these freckles, they ad a bit of character to the skin and they are very subtly sprinkled on the body.

The body is smooth, softly curved and I imagine it works very well on a chubby shape. I haven't found any flaws on the body, only the nipples are not particularly to my taste; I think they are too big. Also not much attention is given to the intimate area, there's well... not much to speak of. I'm okay with that since I rarely strip down, but you might want to take note of it if you do. On the freckled make-ups I love the freckles on the cleavage, very cute.

Another pic, just because I couldn't stop taking pictures :)

Kus Nere

Style credits:
Skins: Mynerva - Aona tone 0
Hair: booN - XFE275 (chestnut)
Eyes: Tuli - Sage
Lashes: Cake - flutter lashes
Top: Oyakin - romantic-cami (old flower)
Vest: choramimi - ivory cardi (free!)
Lingerie: Blacklace - Sexy little spring gift (old group gift)
Pumps: LeLutka - Saffron Pumps (neutral green)

Digging Up Petunia's

Petunia's is a shop I discovered while doing the Lost My Marbles Hunt.  I'll post my finds from the hunt when I finished.  It's a huge hunt but I'm almost done (thank heavens).  Petunia's is participating in quite a few hunts at the moment.  Although the prizes appear to be mostly adorable garden accessories, I adored the clothes.  Very reasonably priced, as everything seems about 100L and under.  The skin I have on in the pictures is Tuli's Gina from The Dressing Room that Nere posted about here.  (She told me to get it and I do everything she commands).  
Bus Stop Sundress, Bronze
Puppy Pot Red-Hot Outfit
Juliet's Roses Dress

Saturday, June 5, 2010


The dress on the left is a dollarbie from BeBe Doll and the right you get for joining their subscribo (I wasn't terribly impressed with the texture on the subscribo gift sadly, I really liked the flowerfabric.)

I'm also wearing the latest groupgift from Exodi, the Orchid skin. The group has a 250l joining fee, but this skin is very nice, so far my favorite from the bunch.

Kus Nere

Skin: Exodi - Orchid Vivante (groupgift)
Hair: Clawtooth - Mrs. Mittens - Girl Next Door
Dresses: BeBe Doll - Bethany (plum) & Jen (peach)
Pumps: NX - Kurvy T-Strap Mary Jane (black)

Friday, June 4, 2010

Leave me alone!

Hello! My RL is killing me lately, therefore I don't have so much time to spend online and making any new posts, so sorry in advance for my late blog posts. I checked out few stores and my inventory after ages of thinking I made a look. Hopefully you'll like it. ;)

Hair - Lamb.
Skin - !Imabee
Tank - Mischief (blogged before, but I love it and it is on sale)
Boots - Anexx

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Things to grab

Skin shown above is Tuli's contribution to The Dressing Room and will be available from this Saturday. The Dressing Room changes collection every two weeks, the items are from a few of the best creators in sl and prices are always between 40-70 l! Never higher!

The eyes are the latest freebie from Poetic Colors and because it's creator Lano Ling's third rezzday there's also a 50% discount on everything! For the next three days only.

This lovely dress is a groupgift from MNK*Shop, join group and touch the board.

Kus Nere

Style credits:
Skin: Tuli > The Dressing Room - Gina
Hair: booN - FTN683 (chestnut)
Eyes: Poetic Colors - Cosmic Dream (freebie)
Dress: MNK*Shop - GroupGift 201006
Pumps: Lelutka - Saffron Pumps (neutral green)


I love this outfit so much! Started with the superb hair from booN and the new Mynerva skin, which I will dedicate a post to very soon.

Then it all came together with Oyakin's romantic cami (so adorable) and a find from my good friend Dido, a Chiffon Skirt by SMS. (Dido has her own blog which you can find here.) The vest is a freebie from choramimi, a new-to-me store which I will be checking out soon.

Hope you all have a nice friday...

Kus Nere

Style credits:

Skin: Mynerva - Aona (tone 0 - Pink Fushion freckles)
Hair: booN - XFE275 (chestnut)
Top: oyakin - romantic-cami (old-flower)
Vest: choramimi - ivory cardi (free!)
Skirt: SMS - Chiffon Skirt (Beige-Pink)
Pumps: Vive9 - Xian Boots (no longer available, my apologies)