Monday, June 19, 2017

last work in the garden

This is realy the last post before i am away for a while. Nic is doing her last work in the garden.
I have so many presents from Redeux. I am happy that i still have some time to show some of them. Go there and gather all is my advice. Also clothes you get there.

Nic is wearing a super top from CandyDoll. Love the back part. It combines well with the set from RnR Swag. You get that set also with a good top. The sandals are for slink feet only.
The Hair from Beusy comes with a neutral bundle color hud.
The necklace has a good hud to recolor many details from the necklace.
For Nic's eyeshadow see below.

Hair: Beusy - Beusy May groupgift with neutral bundle hud ( free)
Top: _CandyDoll_  - _CandyDoll_ Susie Print Exclusive GIFT (free)
Pants, bracelet and shoes (top not shown here): [RnR] Swag - [RnR] Swag Meadow Outfit (White)(free)
Necklace: Footpaw Industries  at Redeux - [FP] Unisex shell necklace ( with clor hud) (free)
Eye shadow ( see close-up below): Arte at redeux - Arte - Myst Eyeshadow [LeLutka, Classic, Bento]
Banana: [Black Bantam] - [Black Bantam] Giant Banana Display Gift <3 (1ld)
From inventory: Skin - Glam Affair; body - Maitreya; head - leLutka ( bento / Simone) Hair base un Orthodox

Taxi to Redeux here
Owl's: .peaches. Owl's Duet ( free)
Basket with plant: Myth at Redeux: Myth Basket plant 1 ( free)
Pink hibiscus: Mistique at Redeux - Mistique Barreled hibiscus Pink (free)
Basket with herbs; Del-ka Aedilis at Redeaux - Gather herbs Redeux Gift - Del-ka Aedilis(free)
Potted palm: Roawenwood  at Redeux - {RW} Potted Palms - Redeux Gift (free)
Don't worry bee happy sign: ::Cute as F*ck:: at Redeux - ::Cute as F*ck::  Yard sign ( free)
Fence: ChiMia at Redeux  - ChiMia Fence :: Old white Fence (free)
Rhubarb - PLAAKA (see also here)
Pictures made near the PLAAKA shop
Bye bye, Nic

Sunday, June 18, 2017

let's have a party to say good bye

click picture to see full size

No  i am not saying goodbye for ever. We have a beach party to say goodbye, because i go to Barcelona 10 days. I asked Laura and Dancer to join tjip and Nic. Laura came in her super sexy bohemiam bra and panty from Addams. Partly payed with the credits from the SL14B event. Tjip is looking a bit shy to the ground because of this sexy lady. But he became a good bar keeper.
Dancer is wearing the new groupgift from the Rir Life group. A nice sunny dress! Group join is just 10ld.  Nic is wearing a sexy animal swimsuit from Amazing Creations. And on the  picture totally below, the  retro bikini from Belle Epoque. I think you saw that one already on other blogs. Tjip is wearing the new groupgift blouse from Ascend on swim pants from LavaRock Creations, the new groupgift ( comes with a color hud)

I did two summer hunts. The Summer Lovin Hunt and the Summer Hunt.You need find a beachball at those hunts. I visited the Redeux event and gathered all the gifts. So many! The table with flowers from Lacrime Dell Anima at the sides of the bar, is from that event.
For the new groupgift , the candles on the bar i went to Zen Creations.

Dancer is wearing:
Dress : Rir Life -Rir Group Gift June 2017 ( free/ group join 10ld)
All her other clothes and items you can find here; sandals - SF Design

Shirt: Ascend -  //Ascend// Male Gift Kurta Shirt (unpacked)
From inventory: Hair - no.match ( No.Kiss); Shoes - ZED ; skin- 7 Deadly -s{K}ins; beard - [Deadwool]; pose second picture - terra Design ( old gift MENstuff hunt 2016)

Laura is wearing:
Bra and pantie: Addams - Addams Cerisse - Bohemian bra & panty ( partly payed with the credits from SL14B event)
Hair: Little bones -  Little.Bones Hair - Lo
Skin: Glam Affair - Glam Affair - Naira - Lelutka Mesh Head Applier - Jamaica ( FLF/50ld)
From inventory: Summer drink pineapple - Knot&co; Rings -Meva ( bento rings)

Nic is wearing:
Bikini: Belle Epoque - Belle Epoque { Daisa } (gg/ free)
Swimsuit animal print: Amazing Creations - AmAzInNg CrEaTiOnS Summer Hunt Her gift ( 1ld)
Skin: Glam Affair - Glam Affair - Naira - Lelutka Mesh Head Applier - Jamaica  ( FLF/50ld)
From inventory: Hair - Exile ( West Coast); Head - LeLutka, body - Maitreya; shoes - [Vale Koer]

Bar: Jian - Jian :: Asbury Beach Bar & Stool (free)
Swim ring and mojito's : Reel Poses - Reel Poses Preocupada ( free/ group join 25ld)
Candles: Zen Creations - Cape Cod Candles ( free)
Table with flowers: Lacrime  dell' anima  at Redeux -Lacrime  dell' anima My Flowered Spot (free)
Bowl with apples : PPK at Redeux - PPK Apple dispenser 2.0 (free)
Sign with ice creams : The Artist Shed - SLH Object #12 - The Artist Shed (free)
Mojito board - Mushilu - Frontage Photowall Cafe  Darkart of Frontage Photowall Cafe  Dark
Two vintage beach signs: Bunny Isles - Two Beach Vintage Signs [mesh]
Spider plants on stand and on the bar: Cube Republic at SL14B - CR Spider Plants (free)
Box with liquors: Silvery K - *:..Silvery K..:*BeachParty Gacha
Glasses: Silvery K -  *:..Silvery K..:*BeachParty Gacha
Lights: Silvery K - *:..Silvery K..:*BeachParty Gacha
From inventory: Seal - Pink Acid; Mojito board - Mushilu
Pictures made at: Crossing Currents
Bye bye, Nic till 31st of july

Saturday, June 17, 2017

you will not turn to stone...( Silk Road Hunt VIII)

 click small picture to see full size

You will not turn to stone when you look at this Medusa
Medusa was a monster in the greek Mythology. Described as a winged human female with living venomous snakes in place of hair. Gazers upon her hideous face would turn to stone. To prevent you from turning into stone, i made a lovely snake Medusa. I placed her in a Byzantine environment. The Byzantium or East Roman Empire had as capital the city of Constantinople. So  Byzantium and Medusa is all from the Antique world. Merchants from the west and east were coming to trade  in Constantinople. They followed the silk road. Yesterday in the evening i did a historical Hunt, the Silk Road hunt. You need find a small colorful pagoda. Hunt tips are in every shop. Click the Hunt board.

I found this small Byzantine house and many items that i could use for decoration. I changed the transparancy from the window to get a more bright view outside. With the textures that i got at the hunt, i made wall tapestries and rugs. The textures are very good. I also got a wall tapestry from the hunt, the Byzantine Empress in yellow. You can see that one in the food corner. From Noble Creations i used some old gifts. The camel has on both sides a sign. You can put a welcomes text or a picture in the signs. Not shown is the gift from Simply Shelby, a very nice Ming Dynasty plate display. I sure will use that one as decoration once.
Nic is wearing a medusa dress from UNA. You can find it at the Tres Chic Event. It comes with the snake belt. The snake necklace and bracelets are from Nic's inventory from Faun. The skin is the FLF skin from Glam Affair for LeLutka ( Jamaica). Hair is a gift from Truth.
The thumb up bento pose is a gift from Knot&Co. Nice poses in a hud.

Dress: ::UNA:: at Tres Chic - ::UNA:: Medusa Wine (NEW/june round)
Pose with Thumb: Knot&co - BodyLanguage SLC Bento SS POSE Thumbs Up A (Knot & co. Gift)
Skin: Glam Affair - Glam Affair - Naira - Lelutka Mesh Head Applier - Jamaica ( FLF)
Hair: Truth - TRUTH VIP - Deja Updated *Fixed* (free/ group join fee)
Snake necklace : FAUN - -FAUN- UNISEX Snake Charmer Necklace -RoseGold- (unpacked)
Bracelets and ring : FAUN - -FAUN- UNISEX Snake Charmer Necklace -RoseGold-
From inventory: Shoes - REIGN ( old Luxe Box item); Head - LELUTKA (bento/ Simone) - Body - Maitreya)
House: SALOME design - 022 Small Byzantine House Box - SRH VIII(free/hunt)
Goblet, wine ewer, vial of precious oils, tray.: Timeless Decor - TD:.Byzantium Jeweled Treasures Collection (Free/ hunt)
Red table: Casa de Bebe -  {CdB} Chinese Plant Stand (free/hunt)
Spice rack on the wall: [[Neon Deer]] - Silk Road VIII - Silk Road Spices (free/hunt)
Bench, wooden screen and fern on stand: Park Place Home - Silk Road  #011 [Park Place] The Empire Bench & Screen (free/hunt)
Book on bench: Adelle Arts Manor Fashions - Silk Road VIII : 019 Les Arts de Saint-Bruno, Antiquity Heights (free/hunt)
Tapestry: baci shop - lu-byzantine empress tapestry(free/hunt)
Textures in the food corner: All Things Beautiful -  Byzantine collector - 5 FULL PERMS Textures(free/hunt)
Red gold textures: Timeless Textures - 18 Seamless Byzantine Luxury Timeless Textures (free/hunt)
Camel: MTD Designs -  CAMEL - CHAMEAU - SILK ROAD VIII (free/hunt)
Meal: Noble Creations - [NC] - Tasty Meal - (free)
Brazier: Noble Creations - [NC] - Medieval Braziel -  (free)
Globe: Noble Creations - [NC] - World Globe - mod ( (free)
From inventory: Half round table: Vintage Gacha gift box Lilith's Den: pouf and rug with cushions - ALB VILLA LAMU (old groupgift); ruffled cushions - Apple Fall Cushion Collection ( gift); [NC] - Wood Candelabrum ( old gift); painting with mosaic Christ - made by myself; dog - {anc}
Picture from the house at the beach made at:  Zaara
Pictures from interior made: in Sandbox
Bye bye Nic and happy hunting

Friday, June 16, 2017

hot tropical times

Still in beachwear mood. The bikini is from the MOH 3 hunt from Slipper. Search the coconut in the shop.
The very hot sexy animal swimsuit is from Jana & Little's SL World. I told you in the other post with swimwear that this shop has many sexy things. Am i right or not? The swimwear comes with a hud with other animal prints. The backpart is pretty naked. The picture from that part is may be the most naked picture from Nic ever on this blog. Who knows what will follow?  (no i am just joking).
I cheated a bit with the flamingo swim band. You get the band ofcourse in pink. It is the MOH 3 hunt gift from Mulloy. Flamingo's are pink. But the opium from the post before this one was still working. Nic didn't see pink flamingo's but red flamingo's and so do you.

Animal swimsuit: Jana & Little's SLWorld -JL- Animal Swimsuit (HUD)
Bikini: Slipper - Slipper - WOH 3 Bikini (Wear Me) (unpacked)
Flamingo: Mulloy for MOH3 MULLOY - Mingo (free in pink/ i recolored the flamingo)
From Nic's inventory: hair - Mina(Farah);  Tiki fruit& drink plate - Headhunter; tropical blue soda drink - poche;  turtles - TLC Home; bag - [::FAX::]( see other swimwear post this week); head - LeLutka ( bento/Simone); body - Maitreya; skin - 7 Deadly s{K}ins
Pictures taken at: Crossing Currents
Bye bye, Nic

Thursday, June 15, 2017

preparing his opium pipe

She prepared his opium pipe. It can give him some relieve from his pains. He will come and lay here in this beautiful bed. She tries the pipe first to check if the pipe is burning well. But i have the impressing that she is looking already a bit dizzy. I hope she will take good care about him.

This lovely Lotus pipe is a new release from Silvery K for We <3 Roleplay. Comes in gold and silver. The pipe is scripted.
Nic's hair is the new groupgift from Truth. Again very lovely. The dress is from !gO! from the summer gacha at The Arcade. Nic is wearing the dress with a lace shawl from the Little Shop of Goodness. Comes with a texture hud  with 4 preset colors and a color picker for every color that you want. 5 Standard Sizes, And Belleza, Maitreya, Slink Options.

Pipe: Silvery K at We<3 Roleplay - *:..Silvery K..:*Japanese pipe (Lotus)(NEW)
Dress: !gO! at The Arcade - !gO! Summer maxi dress - burgundy (gacha)
Hair: Truth in info and notices of the group - TRUTH VIP - June *fix* (free/ but group join fee)
Shawl: Little Shop of Goodness - LSoG - Lace shawl V2. 4 Textures Hud
Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins - 7 Deadly s[K]ins - Tuesday GINGER mesh box
From inventory: Shoes - KC (Becky)
Pictures taken at: Whimberly
Bye bye, Nic

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

no idea about the danger

After  hard working on posts with furniture and surroundings now a relaxed post. Just about Nic floating on her swim ring in tropical water in a new romantic beachset. Relaxed???? She is yes.... but we know better. A shark! She has no idea about the danger.
This romantic, in my opinion, vintage set is from Jana & Little SL World. I didn't know this shop but saw in the system, where i get items from unKindness and can notate what i made for them,called blogotex, that this shop was looking for bloggers. I went to the shop and saw bikini's, body suits and sexy dresses and thought let give it a try. And well this is the result i was accepted. The set comes with a hud. The white and black versions you also can use as lingerie.
Nic is wearing  hair from Mina. It once was a gift at Kustom 9. Found it back in her inventory.
And now that i am showing you vintage swim wear, i also can show you the groupgift from Fax. Also a bit vintage styled with those dots. Comes with the cute beach bag.

Swimwear: Jana&Little's SL World -  -JL- Angelina Beach Set  (HUD)
Red bathsuit with bag: [::FAX::] - [::FAX::]GG Beach Outfit (free)
From inventory: Hair - Mina; skin- 7 Deadly s{K}ins, head - LeLutkka ( bento/Simone); body Maitreya; shoes - Reign; floatie - {what next}
Pictures taken at: Crossing Currents
Bye bye, Nic

water home

 click pictures to see full size

Many pictures to show you many corners in this home.Tjip and Nic having a good time in their water home. At least that is what i made of it.
What you see is the Starr Home Box from Mesh India with bamboo and nice rope details. Love the blinds ( rolled or plain or with an anchor) The bamboo lights are also very cute. You also see a cage with rug. The bed, console, mirror vase with gypsoph, the yellow lamp and the mirrors are all from a new set from Kaerri.
Tjip is wearing boots from LavaRock Creations, an old gift. At the moment a nice bermuda is the new gift. His sweater is from the Free Dove. The bermuda from Prism for L'Homme Readers group.
Nic set is from mushilu. Comes with a pantie but i used a shorts from .:SP:: and on her breast an attachment from an old set from artilleri

Nic is wearing:
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins - 7 Deadly s[K]ins - Apple June GIFT (free)
Shirt, sunglasses and legging: mushilu at Kinky Event -The Ami Gacha Kinky event (gacha/ new)
Highwaist shorts: .:SP:. - .:SP:. Nicole High Waisted Shorts
Flip flops: DROPS - DROPS - Sandy FlipFlops [Sailor] (free)
Hair: Alice Project at SL14B - Alice Project - Kara Gift (free)
From inventory: sailor attachment on Nic's breast - artilleri; head - LeLutka ( bento/ Simone); body - Maitreya

Tjip is wearing:
Bermuda: Prism for L'Homme Readers group - PRISM for MEN Paramilitary shorts L'Homme GIFT
Sweater: Tiffany Designs at The Free Dove -TD Leni Mesh Neck Sweater *MEN (free)
Boots: LavaRock Creations - .:LAVAROCK CREATIONS:.-SOTURI MALE BOOTS ( old gift/)
From inventory: hair - Mina (Harry); bracelet- RealEvil Industries ( see post before this one);

Home with bamboo and rope details: Mesh India at CSR- MI Starr Home Box (gacha/new)
Bedroom items: Kaerri - Kaerri Peony Complete Bedroom
Drinks: Knot&co. - Knot&co. Summertime Drinks (free)
Plants near open side of the home:dust bunny at C88 - dust bunny . fiddle leaf tree (new)
Retro lamps: Zen Creations at C88 - Yesteryears Retro Lamp Set (new)
Big chairs outside -Shutter Field at Godric's Hollow - [SF] Godirc Hollow Chair ( free)
From inventory: Cushions and rug - Zerkalo; ; coffee machine - {what next}; watering can with plant- Zen Creations; coffee - Kalopsia; plants - {what next}and soy., stool - BIGBULLY; dog - {anc}; rattan chairs and table - Pixel Mode; book - the Loft

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

drive - in

On the road again... In the middle of nowhere they found this drive-in at the right moment. Hungry and thirsty they are. They came by bike. But i am a bit suspicious about Nic. I think she came with that huge American car, like a real diva. But well she is just wearing streetwear. No one around just some koyotes. I would like to say thanks to the owner of the Mexico sim, that i could make my pictures there again.
Nic is wearing from the WOH hunt the top from Gabriel. The coconut is hidden behind an elephant (door) in the shop. Nic is wearing the same hair as yesterday because with this hair it is possible to show you the earrings from ANE, a groupgift. Tjip is wearing a set from Alien Gizmo. The tee, the waist shirt and the jeans. He could buy it with the new groupgift card, with 250ld credits. Since yesterday out near the Entrance of the shop.
And how cool is this drive-in station from unKindness. New at this round from Collabor88.  I was thrilled when i was unpacking it. In the set are: the drive-in building, the drive- in sign, tables in red/ green and pink/blue and the menu signs. I used trucks from Mesh India and the Corvega Sedan from Willem Koba. On the tables all sorts of food from Nic's inventory. Oh boy what a lot of unhealthy food she has in there. Found the cream case for ice  back and the coca cola machine. I am happy she preferred the salat wrap.

Nic is wearing:
Top: Gabriel - mini tank  GB_W.O.H3 (free)
Pants: Kitja - KITJA Kerca Pants grey;
Hair: Tameless Hair at Kinky Event - Tameless Hair Devany (NEW)
Earrings: ANE - ANE Earrings (gg/free)
Anklet ( see below):!Rebel Hope at SL14B - !Rebel Hope - Starfish Beach Anklet (free)
Sunglasses: mushilu at Kinky Event - The Ami Gacha Kinky event (gacha)
From inventory: sweater over shoulder - ::K::; head - LeLutka; body - Maitreya; shoes - REIGN; Motor bikes - {Rose & Thorn}

Tjip is wearing:
Outfit: Alien Gizmo - Alien Gizmo Dexter Outfit RED(free/ payed with the groupgift credit card)
Shoes: Gizza for L'Homme- GizzA - L'HOMME Gift May'2017 / Boots (free)
Necklace: RealEvil Industries - **RE** RealEvil Necklace Gift (free)
Bracelet: RealEvil Industries - **RE** {GIFT) Stud Leather Bracelets (free)
From inventory: Hair - Mina

Drive-in: unKindness for C88 - uk - Lucky's Drive-In Diner Set - C88 (NEW)
Mint car: Willem Koba - Corvega Sedan 17 prims Mesh (29ld)
Trucks: Mesh India - MI trucks gacha ( gacha)
From inventory: Food on the tables: take away items, soda box water melon, num num basket of donuts ( new at Kustom 9) - Tentatio; Food plates , condiment bottles  Le Chef - Pixel Mode; Bin - PLAAKA ( free); ice case - Caroline Planer;
Pizza's and pizza boxes -unKindness.

Monday, June 12, 2017

a day for herself

click small picture to see full size

She booked this runestone castle at a lovely place. A fresh crepe as a simple meal. No cooking today.
On the small picture you can see how she will spend her day

Nic is wearing a top from Ison, a present at SL14B. You can choose  between three textures.The shoes ( with many color change possibilities for all parts of the shoes) are another gift at the event. The chair, nails, her watch, and her bracelets are also gifts at SL14B. For a stylish look she is wearing her bucket hat from ::K::. There are two versions from this hat as a gift in the mainshop. Nic's hair is from Tameless at the Kinky Event. Click the small picture to enlarge and see better how Nic will spend her day.
In the castle is the whole furniture white .. beautiful.. from Zerkalo and Death Row Design.

Hair: Tameless Hair at Kinky Event - Tameless Hair Devany (NEW)
Nails:Hello Dave at SL14B  Hello Dave - Nail Appliers - French Ready (free)
Skin: WoW Skins - ..::WoW::.. 2016 Nina Golden ( Midnight Mania gift)
Top: ISON at SL14B - ISON x SL14B - lace-up tank (free)
Shoes: KC at SL14B - -KC- HEDY HEELS /(free)
Watch: ::ZED:: at SL14B -::ZED:: MESH Leather Watch Bracelet - (free)
Bracelets: [Z O O M] at SL14B  - [Z O O M] to love bracelet ( free)
Hat: ::K:: - ::K:: Bucket hat ( new/ 2 versions free groupgift)
Crepe: Tentacio at Kustom 9 - Tentacio at Arcade - Tentacio Salat Crepe (gacha)
From inventory: bag - Mr. Poet ;  pants - Hottest Fashion Store; anchor necklace - Yabusaka; tattoo - White~Widow

Stool BIGBULLY Sven Stool at SL14B- White (SL14B Exclusive Gift)(free)
Book stack: Mesh India - MI Book stack ( gacha)
Coffee: Kalopsia at the Arcade - Kalopsia Juliette's take out drink ( gacha)
Gazebo ( on small picture); Kalopsia - Kalopsia wednesday afternoon set  Fancy Gazebo
Runestone castle: ionoc - ionic Pagan Poetry  runestone castle (gacha)
Couch/ chairs / porch planter/ fireplace etc: Death Row Design - DRD LN (gacha)
Hammock: Revival - Revival Hammock
From inventory: flower; NSP; open book - the Loft; purple rug - Kalopsia; swallows - {anc}; pants - The Hottest Fashion
Pictures taken at: G-Field 
Bye bye, Nic

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Irish melancholy

click small picture to enlarge

Too soon we get old .. too late we get smart. Is she thinking about that in melancholy?

In every color this dress from ::UNA:: is so beautiful. But with this ginger hair color i had to choose the green one. You can find the dress at the june round from We <3 Roleplay (till end of June). At the event you can buy the colors: sky, white, pink, yellow, fuchsia apart. The green one is in the fatpack with 12 colors. Belts in silver, copper and gold.
Nic is standing in a huge rustic gazebo from DRD. It's the place where you arrive when you go wander at the sim Gates of Melancholy.
The hair is from Alice Project, a gift at SL14B. Three sorts of hairs you get from Alice Project. Two long hairs and one short. All beatiful and with a mini medley color hud
The SL14B event is at 3 sims. Took me some time to get all the presents because of the lag.
Nic's bracelets are also a gift at the event from [Z O O M].  The pose on the first picture is from FOXCITy for SL14B. On the table is a music box, a gift at SL14B from PATRON.
The pose on the last picture is from Salacity poses for L'Elite Event.

Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins - 7 Deadly s[K]ins - Tuesday GINGER mesh box
Dress: ::UNA:: at We <3 Roleplay - ::UNA:: sofia ( green) (NEW)
Hair: Alice Project at SL14B - Alice Project - Mercedes II Gift (free)
Bracelets: [Z O O M] at SL14B - [Z O O M] To Love Bracelet (free)
Pose: FOXCITY SL14B Cake at SL14B - a FOXCITY Gift Bento poses ( free)
Pose: Salacity at L'Elite Event - Salacity - L'Elite June Brooke ( NEW)
From inventory: Head  - LeLutka ( bento/ Simone); Body - Maitreya ; Tattoo - White~Widow (Moonlight).

Music box : PATRON - PATRON  SL14B Gift Music Box (free)
Gazebo - Death Row Design - DRD  Gazebo Rusted
Book: dust bunny - dust bunny storybook living researchers journal( 50ld/ gacha )
Lavender: dust bunny - dust bunny storybook living  lavender tin ( gacha/ 50ld)
Table: tarte. - tarte, half moon table ( distressed)
Pictures taken at: Gates of Melancholy
Bye bye, Nic

Saturday, June 10, 2017

a present for him.. a new barber shaving set table

A new shaving set table in the bathroom for tjip. Does he like it?
At Les Fest i discovered this cute present from i-mesh. I-mesh is a shop with many beard sorts. They have a stand at LesFest now. So Nic is surprising tjip with this.

She is wearing a top from Cynful, a present at the same event.
At SL14th Birthday you get a 300ld credit card from Addams. Addams is well-known because of the good quality and style. Realy a super present. You can click the button on the card and after that the credits can be used in the mainshop or on the event. I bought three things at SL14B. The clothes are all 99ld in sale there. The shorts are from Addams ( with a hud to use also with straps / second picture). Nic's hair and the necklace are also gifts at SL14B. There are in nearly all stands presents. Many with very good quality.
It's Midnight Madness again today with lots of super quality presents. Nic's skin and shoes are from the MM.
The poses on the second and fourth pictures are from Salacity for L'Elite event in June: two sets of model poses (one male and one female). And there is a free gift.
Tjip is wearing a groupgift shirt from Ascend (group join 25ld). He is wearing a boxer from Mr. Poet. An oldie, but go also there for some free summer tanks. The boots and necklace are gifts for the L'Homme group. The bracelet is a groupgift.
The chandelier is from this weeks Fifty Linden Friday. Still there. Very beautiful and good quality!

Top: Cynful at LesFest - [Cynful] Ness Tank top ( free)
Short: Addams at SL14B- Addams // Mesh Shaki Short // Red ( 99ld/ but free with gift credit card (300ld) from SL14B)
Necklace:  Heartsdale Jewelry at SL14B - [HJ] Camelot Necklace (free)
Hair: Tableau Vivant at SL14B - Tableau Vivant \\ SL14 gift (free)
Poses: Salacity at L'Elite  ( from 12th of June - 27th of  June) -- L'Elite June (NEW/ and a gift there)
Grey Shoes: Essenz - Cancun (Gray) MM June Midnight (Wear me)
Skin: WoW Skins - .::WoW Skins::. Shantia Midnight Madness GIFT(free)
From inventory: Head - LeLutka (bento/ Simone); body - Maitreya; tattoo - White Widow; Black shoes- REIGN ( old luxe box item)

Tjips is wearing:
Shirt: Ascend -Ascend - Gift T-Shirt (unpacked)(free/ group join 25ld)
Jeans: AMD at The Free Dove -Apple May Designs - Worn Denim - Classic (free)
Shoes: Gizza for L'Homme- GizzA - L'HOMME Gift May'2017 / Boots (free)
Spider necklace: **RE** for L'Homme - **RE** Spider Necklace - (free for L'Homme group)
Bracelet: RealEvil Industries -  **RE** {GIFT) Stud Leather Bracelets (free)
Boxer: ::[ Mr.Poet ]:: - ::[ Mr.Poet ]::vest & boxers-free gift (free/ new in shop free summer tank tops)
From inventory: skin- 7 Deadly s{K}ins; Hair - Mina (Bas)

Chandelier: Hextraordinary - Hextraordinary Silver Garland Chandelier (FLF/ 50ld/ still there today!)
Barber set table; i.mesh at Les Fest - i.mesh BARBER Shaving set/Table ( free)
Bath and bath table set: Soy.  - Soy. Tiled bath tub - wooden bath stool, messy towel cream tube etc. ( NEW)
Plants: Soy. - Soy Potted Cheese Plant and  Super Long Hanging Hedera

Pictures made at: L2 Studio
Bye bye, Nic

Friday, June 9, 2017

no one can hold us back

Gangsta couple Nic and tjip. Aren't  they a nice couple these partners in crime?
On the LesFest event shops i found the free pose set with the bike. And i also bought the standing pose ( for just 25ld). Nic is wearing a  set from {AnaMarkova}. She is wearinghair from Doe with bangs from a hair from truth. For Tjip i went to the Free Dove. You will never know, if they have put new good free items there. And i was happy to find the loose jeans from Apple May designs there. Good quality!. The shirt with King 69 text is from {Fe Style}, a groupgift.The tattoo is named the king  tattoo ( part of an outfit Kill that Bitch from paul polo)

Nic is wearing:
Set: {AnaMarkova} at LesFest  - {AnaMarkova} Marisol Onyx (free)
Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins - 7 Deadly s[K]ins - Apple June GIFT
Shoes: Elysium - Elysium gladiator fatpack ( 99ld)
Pose with motor bike: {Rose & Thorn} at LesFest- {Rose & Thorn} Poses Poses-Pose-by-Us- Les Fest Gift  Let's have a ride (free)
Standing pose: {Rose & Thorn} at LesFest - Poses{Rose & Thorn} Poses no one can hold us back (25ld)
From inventory: head - LeLutka ( Bento/ Simone); body Maitreya; hair - Doe and bangs Truth; Tattoo - White Widow (Whiplash); dog- JIAN

Tjip is wearing:
Skin: 7Deadly s{K}ins - 7 Deadly s{K}ins - David SALE box(50ld)
Shirt: {FE Style} - {Fe Style} Basic Tee V.3 - KING69 - White [GROUP GIFT](free)
Pants: Apple May Design at the Free Dove - Apple May Designs - Worn Denim Jeans (for him) - Classic (free)
From inventory: hair - EMO-tions; Body - (red)Sand; chucks - Kapone; hands - Slink
Pictures made at Soap
Bye bye, Nic