Sunday, August 29, 2010


A little while ago I stumbled upon this cute little store named Awram-Viie (AV), bought this skirt for an incredible low price and thought I just had to blog it. But yannoo... rl and laziness... Then I checked my lm-folder and when I tp'd in again I found they also have a pair of the cutest jeans in the lucky board. You might want to see for yourself...

Kus Nere

Skin: Pink Fuel - Ember Honey Beestung
Hair: Detour - Hazy Red
Top: fri. - Paradiso.Romper Tuscany (part of outfit)
Jacket: Niniko - cape cardigan brown
Skirt: Awram-Viie - dress for summer brown


Everything in the shop is 5L.  Clothes, eyes and accessories.  A nice pile of freebies as well (gotta love a fat pack of prim belts for 1L).  Not sure if this is a sale or just the way it is.  Plus (from what I can tell) it's all transfer, so after I wear it all - my alts will be styling!  Taxi to Imani.

Think P!nk Hunt

You can read more about the hunt here.  Happy Hunting!
CandyDoll:  Alessia Skin
Ganked Jewelery:  Royalty Necklace (several options included)
Glam Affair: SofiaV2
-MonS-: I <3 Pink Dress and Belt
Baby Monkey:  Ultimate Gina Shoes
Miinii Inc: SkoolGuh Pink Dress and Flats
Entropy: Cowrie Shell Bracelet
ICED: Pink Diamond Necklace 
Seldom Blue:  Lola Dress
PIDIDDLE: High Waisted Tube Skirt (top not from hunt)
Magoa: Think Pink Dress
[chuculet]: ina pearl necklace
Silenced: Think Pink Hunt Dress
Black&Blue Outfitters: California Cool Top Pink
TuttiFrutti: Think Pink Confort Capri
Izzie's: Magnolia Dress 
Angel Dessous: AllureBolero-pink (jacket only)
[aRAWRa]: Distressed Jeans, Hoodie, Tank (multiple options)
Broken Doll: Think Pink Dress 
ROXXSTAR: Laura Pink Top (pants not from hunt)

Friday, August 27, 2010


This Saturday there's a new collection of The Dressing Room released. The past few releases Tuli has surprised many fans with a new make up for her Gina face. In her group she announced that she had so many good responses on Gina that she decided to develop her further, yay! Which also means... no more Gina make ups in The Dressing Room... But don't be sad! Instead she surprises us with yet another fresh face: meet Helena! Exclusively available at The Dressing Room.

Oh and the vest I'm wearing? Surf Co's latest act of geniousness... current 50l friday item, can't wait for the full release.

Kus Nere

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Hi - remember me?

So yah, I've been a bit busy rl. Will not bother you with my woes :) Here's some of my favorite recent finds:

Omg Tuli. I love her so much. This Audrey skin is magnificent, I love the more adult look this face has compared to previous releases. To me, this skin is the most classy and elegant skin SL has to offer at the moment. Tuli also provides tattoolayers for your lips, so you can mix and combine and vary as much as your hearts desires... I know I am...
Also Lelutka has released some of the finest hairs I've seen recently. I have my favourite hairdesigner as I'm sure most of you do. But sometimes you just need a different style, texture, feel, whatever. I'm happy with the creativity shown in these releases.

My top is Whippet & Buck's current Stumblebum item. Again I am thrilled to see the creativity this is made with. Two colors of tanktop with a beaded yoke, which you can also wear on different clothing.

Last but not least is PM's latest release, these Jori pumps. Gawd so nice. And actually affordable too, how's that! I appreciate the attention to details such as the little wrinkles on the heel, the foot itself is flawless. Delivered with a nifty little hud, to make skincoloring easy and 30 toenail varnishes.

Kus Nere

Skin: Tuli - Audrey tone 1 (make up 02, tattoo lip layer light 1 gloss)
Hair: Lelutka - Amanda (SoySauce )
Top: Whippet & Buck - Neelia Beaded Yoke (Arsenic)
Shorts: Armidi Gisaci - Buone Vacanze bianco (part of outfit)
Pumps: PM - Jori mint

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Needle In A Haystack Hunt - Part 3!

Still a week left to do the hunt.  You can find more information and hints at  Happy Hunting!
#7 - P.S. PoseWorks: Tease Me
#53 - Fluid Furniture:  Superbia - full length mirror
#15 - sonToria: Haystack Sofa
#54 - Wet Cat: "Sewin'Seat" Single Lounger
#28 - Park Place Decor:  Retro Rocker
#48 - A.D.D Andel!: Needle in a Haystack Hunt Skybox
#40 - Grim Death Co:  Pleasure Mushrooms (can be naughty)
#19 - Before Sleep:  Little Barn with Hay
#9 - Prim Fusion: Serene Raft (Tons of poses in this!)
#30 - Tether's End:  Two Person Hammock
#51 - Finishing Touches: Golden Hay Bales ~ Couple Poses
#39 - Khargo:  Hay Bale

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Needle In A Haystack Hunt - Part 2!

There are still a couple weeks left to do this hunt.  You can read more about it here.  I'll defo have a Part 3 (with some of the wonderful non-fashion related items in the hunt) posted soon.  Thank you to all those that have done the hunt and all the kind feedback I have received - it's truly appreciated.  Happy Hunting!!
#23 - Simply: Denim Daze Red & Black
#36 - Annabella's Song:  Argyle Pink and Grey Top and Butterfly Jeans
Shoes are from R2 which I won from the lucky board thanks to my friend Teshan and her post about them here.
#49 - CMORE Designs: Needle in a Haystack Dress
#46 - Dzines by D: Cool Blue Dress
#17 - Petunia: "Folly" Sundress
#41 - Dressed by Lexi:  Fringe Top, Shorts & Hat
#60: Biohazard Rocker Wear: Leather Pants & Tank
#44 Spyralle: Heliconia Kohala top and skirt
#56 - Shush:  Beachshorts and white string panties
#11 - Equilibrium Design: Tank with Suspenders & Jeans
#13 - RoTtEn DeFiAnCe: Needle in a Haystack Skirt & Top
#50 - ZHAO Shoes and Cattiva e Cattivo:  MicroMini Skirt - Digital Camo
#34 - alaMood Boutique: Motive - Purple Stax II Bangles
#15 - Ducknipple: Chou -  Red
#42 - House of Dashwood - "Sparkler" Gown 

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Tuli skingift

Tuli has a new gift for the members in her group, a preview of her soon to be released Audrey skin. It's lovely as usual!


Skin: Tuli - Audrey (VIP group preview gift, activate tag and touch box instore)
Hair: Truth - Marissa pumpkin
Eyes: Tuli - Jade eyes sage
Shirt: DP Serendipity - Cut Sewn Azuki
Jeans: Aitui - Repose Jeans
Pumps: NX - Kurvy T-strap mary jane black

Needle In A Haystack Hunt - Part 1!

Needle in a Haystack is the first hunt I've organized.  I knew it was going to be alot of work - but phew!  I've learned alot (mostly that people that run these all the time must be uber organized - or crazy)!  I'm going to do a few posts involving the hunt since there is so much wonderful stuff to cover.  This ended up being a pretty fashion heavy hunt, but I guess when you consider it is being run by a self anointed fashionista, I'm kind of proud I managed to work in as many non fashion shops as I did (more on those items in my next posts).  Anyhoo, fashion is where I have begun for my blogging purposes.  In the interest of time (my own mainly) I didn't put in the surls as usual, but I've listed the shops number in the hunt path.  The Happy Hunters Blog contains all the shops participating, locations, etc.  You can join the hunt group - The Happy Hunters if you want some extra help or camaraderie (it's listed in my profile if your feeling lazy). The hunt is running until August 31st so pretty (pretty) please go find those needles in haystacks!
#32 - t h e . o B s c e n e: LANA Skin
#57 - MINA Hair fashion: Mies - Brick Hair
#8 - ~SIGMA~Jewels: Silver Hoop earrings
#45 - =HooT=: Sunrise Eyes (Baby Blues) 
#4 - Home of Sanu: Needling Skin with Silver Needle
#38 Black &Blue Outfitters: Daniella Skin in Candlelight Dinner FAIR

#22 - Pretty Stick. Lowrise Jeans Hot Pink and White Lace Top
R2: Kaimana Black - Shoe Fair
#12 - Pretty Lady: Sal Green Dress
Courtisane: Devoue Sandal in Summer Apple - Shoe Fair
#47 - Vels Boutique: Green Fien Top & Skirt
#35 - Rha!: open toe sandal green denim 
#1 - Holli Pocket: Bubble Flow Dress in Purple
[Gos] Platform Pump - Shoe Fair Item (color changeable bits - love them!)
LP Designs: Party Dress
Cupcake Clothing: Shrug, Top & Shorts
Crissy Designs: July Sunrise Dress
Caladesi Island Company: Rawk'n Glasses Silver 
Poised: Hap-E  Dress & Stockings
#58 - E! - Eclectic Apparel: Indira Top with Ribbon Skirt
#59 - Zenith Fashions: Red & White Dress with Golden Pearl Rose Necklace
#14 - Cute Fashions: Sunflower Dress
J's Real Toe Wrap Front Sandals - Shoe Fair
#18 - Indie Rose: Blouse, Capris & Platform Flip Flops

p.s. I threw in some of my Shoe Fair finds for multi tasking purposes. Go check it out!  So many, many, many drool worthy shoes and it benefits Sole4Soles.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Pre-release deals!

Spotted this dress on last 50l friday, it's going to be the new release from Surf Co. Gosh, the cuteness... Perhaps it's still available for 50l, you might wanna check.

Skin is also a preview from a new release, this time from Dekade and available for only 70l at The Dressing Room Blue. The hair is another preview for a release, this time the gift from Mina who is participating in Karina's awesome Needle In A Haystack hunt! Go grab it!

Kus Nere