Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Broke but stylish!

I'm so totally broke but also in the mood for a new outfit and therefore decided to mingle some stuff I already had in my invent. Such a nice kick to create an outfit I love with stuff I've had in there for ages. This is what I came up with! The top is a part of a tube dress from Maiiki, but I wanted to wear just the top of it, so it would look like a longtop rather than a dress. The highwaisted belt is from Maiiki as well, a real work of art. The slacks are from Armidi, fabulous as ever, and the pumps from Tesla a store which I think keeps improving. I'm dying to get my hands on their newest release, the Angelina boots, but I think I will have to wait quite a while for my linden balance to magically reach the needed amount. :)

The hair I'm wearing is the newest Maitreya release I picked up at the hair fair. As well as the normal style you also get the option to wear it in parts. This way the tailpart can be attached to your spine while the hair part is attached to your skull. Great for taking pictures!

Then the jewelry, oh wow. This was a DSN sample by DM Designs, and I really love the understated elegance of the set. I'm definitely going to wear this more often. Obviously I took a look at the store and they had a few items that are really worth another visit when that balance I referred to before is a bit more positive.

I'm out for today!

Kus Nere

Style credits:
Hair: Maitreya - Bo
Eyes: Poetic Colors - Poison Ivy medium
Eyelashes: Cake - Flutter Lashes
Skin: League - Medium Misty - Greenglade
Jewelry: DM Designs - Journey Set
Top: Maiiki - Strapless & Patent Olive (part of outfit)
Belt: Maiiki - High Waisted Belt *Patent Black*
Slacks: Armidi Gisaci - Brindisi Slacks - Black
Pumps: Tesla - Jane - lime

Friday, June 26, 2009

Babysitting houses

My friend Dido is on a three week during vacation, travelling through Spain with her car. Every now and then she keeps me up to date about the beautiful places, buildings and culture she has seen and the hotels and b&b's she has stayed in. Not too mention the great food and wines that is served everywhere. I can't say I'm not jealous! But I'm a good friend and in the mean time I can babysit her house (read: act like its my own...).

Really Dido, I didn't mess with those pillows, their all still in the same place. :P

I was in the mood for a simple outfit so I put on Michami's Ebba tank in purple. Together with some capri's from Aoharu I felt all summery and relaxed. (Gosh my brains are so mushy after this last exam week.) Ready for summerholiday!

Of course I had to wear one of my newest Maitreya hairs. I absolutely love these hairstyles, they are so perfect for my mood. A bit messy, but understatedly sexy. I know Dido would look gorgeous in these hairs as well, but sadly, the poor girl won't be able to login to SL for a week and a half... :) Yes justice after all!

Kus Nere

Style credits:
Hair: Maitreya - Moon - Autumn
Eyes: Poetic Colors - Poison Ivy medium
Eyelashes: Cake - Flutter Lashes
Skin: League - Medium Misty - Bronzed
Necklace: EarthStones - Wire Wrapped Crystal Necklace - Opal
Top: MichaMi - Ebba Tank in Purple
Capri's: Aoharu - CapriPants_Black
Pumps: Adam 'n Eve Shoes - Babii Pumps

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

League skins!

You've heard me mentioning it before, I am so excited about the new skin release from League. Whenever I get a notice from Nena Janus about a new release I fly over there asap to check it out. Imagine my cries of joy when I found out she had put herself to creating skins. I ended up loving the skins so much I even used the money I saved for the hair fair, since she released the skin just a day before the opening of the hair fair. Smart move!

There are two skins, Kate and Misty. Both come in three skintones; Deeptan, Suntan and Medium. I bought Misty in Medium. She's actually a little too tanned for me, since I'm a redhead and usually wear rather pale skins. But the luscious facial features and soft lips where just too irresistible. And I haven't had any regrets!

Misty's fatpack has 12 make ups too choose from. The make ups are very subtle and natural, not too over the top as you see a lot on other skinlines. Shown below are four of the make ups available:

Natural, Fuschia, Deep Smoke, Greenglade

Miss Janus also thought of one very clever thing. Every single skin comes in no less than four options. You get a bald and a hair version, but the best thing is you get a free push up effect too! See this picture, the top image is the normal version and the lower image is the boobs pushed together. This certainly looks great on some types of clothing.

Last but not least, miss Janus didn't only paint the face and breasts with so much detail, the body of the skin is equally pretty! Allover the body you can see subtle shading and a few cute little moles! Also the collarbones and bellybutton are my idea of perfection. I love the attention to details she has put to these skins.

My advice is to make sure you hop over to the new skinstore from League and check out these skins, they are a fantastic addition to SL 's best skins.

Kus Nere

Taxi to League skinstore!

Monday, June 22, 2009

DZ animations

I have to tell you all about this little store I found that sells great animations and poses for just a little amount of money. Most items are between 4 to 40 l and all are very nice. I was so surprised to find this good quality for so little money. There are also a few AO's you can get for only 300l. But the best item I think is this hud in the next picture:

I bought a pack of animations and found this hud in the folder. You wear it and by using the next and previous buttons you get to see all the poses one by one on your avi, without having to doubleclick the animation, play in world and close again. I modded it a little and found out that I could put every pose I have in there. This saves me such a lot of time with taking pictures!

Here's the taxi!

Kus Nere

Hair Fair free styles

Three more free hairstyles I picked up from the fair and needed to show you...

Hair Solutions – Victoria – auburn, Maitreya - Apple II - caramel, W&Y - Hair Fair Free

The first is a free hairstyle from Hair Solutions. My friend Sophia discovered this shop just a week ago and was very enthusiastic about it. The freebie at the hairfair is a long flowy style to make you feel very feminine.

I couldn't believe it when I saw the Maitreya freebie, but the bag was really there. It is a version of the Apple hair style and the pack contains the colors Ash blond, Caramel and Ebony. Sadly no red, But hey I'm happy with what I can get for free :)

Last is W&Y freebie, I'm a big fan of this store. The hairstyles are always really good and the price is extremely low. And I loved the bun on top of my head! How cute is that!

Kus Nere

Slurls to the hair fair:
Hair Solutions

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Hair Fair indulgence

OMG Hair Fair is great! /me faints. I'm really loving it!

I was a bit torn because Nena Janus from League decided to launch her new skinline just before the Hair Fair opened, and as the addict I am I HAD to have the Misty Line. Not just one skin, nuuuu, me needs the whole fatpack. I'm wearing Apricot Glow in this post, absolutely loving it. I have never felt so pretty in SL before, not even when I'm bald at the hair fair. :)

As a result I wasn't able to spend as much on the hair fair as I intended, but still... I indulged :) Here are a few of the hairstyles I bought:

Truth - Matilda - cherry, Truth - Twiggy - cherry, Truth - Romy - cherry

Maitreya - Bo - Red, Maitreya - Moon - Red, Fascino - Licio - Hazelberry

Offcourse I picked up freebies as well! That's one of the great things about fair as well :) Here are the best of what I gathered imo:

Ingenue - Torch Song Updo - Red, Diversity - Delilah - Ginger Red, Bryce Designs - Holmes - Pink

Curio - Vamp Blue, PE Girl - Jessica Dark Ash, Head Mistress - Hair Fair Gift

I intend to go back later this week when things have calmed down to check some more (read: buy, buy, buy!). As expected the hair fair is extremely laggy and hard to get into. But from what I've seen so far its well worth every lag!

Buh bye :)

Kus Nere

Links at the Hair Fair:
Bryce Designs
Head Mistress

Hair Fair 2009

I managed to sneak into Hair Fair 2009 very little. It's next to impossible to get in and then takes forever for things to rezz. Very frustrating - but I did manage to snag a few I thought I would share. I'm not done yet either - I will persist!! Excessive lag and full sims will not get the better of this determined hair junky (shakes fist in air). Hair shown is going clockwise from top left: Slink (those super cute pants are the freebie they have out - several colors will definately be looking for them outside of the fair), AOHARU, Shag and Maitreya.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

The pursuit of Retro!

The Retrology sim is currently having a Father's Day hunt or "My heart belongs to daddy hunt". Now anyone that knows me knows - I lika me hunts and this was an especially good one. Look for little hearts all over the sim with super retro treasures. I dragged Mel along and here is a small sample of the favorites of our finds:
I especially love love the cute wedges from Periquita and there are two pairs to find. Also the oh so so cute outfit from Fab.Pony that has adorable sunglasses included. Loads more that you can start searching for here.

Simply Irresistible!

Irresistible is a shop I have loved for a long time. I had a skin I won camping there and wore for absolutely forever (I'm wearing it again in these pics). They are currently having a super easy mini-hunt as well as loads of dollarbies and a stand with everything for 3L. There are also camping chairs and lucky boards. So it's pretty much my dream shop - dollarbies, lucky boards, camping chairs and a hunt - pinch me! All the outfits Mel and I have on (well clothes wise) is dollarbie or from the hunt. You can find it all here at Irresistible.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

It's Happy Days!

..::A.Y.Y::.. (makes me think Fonzie thoughts Ayyyyyy *finger gun - wink*) is a shop I have been to in the past on hunts but I never paid it too much attention. I heard they were having a sale and went not realizing I had been there before (hmmm this looks familiar - aha!). They have quite a few outfits currently marked to only 10L. They are all kind of mixed in and various colors it seems of each item, so you have to drag your mouse over each to find the deals. I found several I really liked alot. Especially the Retromatic Dress. I actually like this dress so much I think I may wear it more then once. Of course my big find (and new sl treasure) is my 1L Ring Pop. They may have to pry it off my cold dead hand! Not sure how long this sale lasts but you can find it all here at A.Y.Y.

:::: IrEn ::::

Sometimes I'm pleasantly surprised by discovering a shop that is all new to me and has nice quality. :::: IrEn :::: is definitely a shop that I was happy to discover. I recently bought the [JP]inc.IrEn.dsg-Old-London outfit in cream there which consists of the shirt and pants on the first picture. The shirt you get in three versions; shortsleeve, halfsleeve and longsleeve and the pants you get in two versions; long and short, of which only short is shown. In addition you also get a matching belt and as if that isn't enough a bra in pink and white. And all that for a very reasonable price! A male version of this outfit is also available.

But now the great news: tomorrow 19th June its the 1st birthday of ::::IrEn::::! The owner has therefore decided to put up a sale that day. All items will be set off to 50%! But only on this day, so mark your calendar.

The incredibly cool shoes I'm wearing are from Hoorenbeek, the gift for the MHOH hunt. They are actually men's shoes, but they have a resize script to fit us girls perfectly as well.

The belt I'm wearing in the last pose is my latest obsession. Its a freebie from the Cioccolata hunt and the pocket holds a hamster! Omg! I love it. I'm normally not really a girl to be wearing shoulder pets or anything, but look at this cute little face.

Okies I'm off :)

Kus Nere

Style credits and slurls:
1st pose:
Skin: Cupcakes - Seduction - Delight
Hair: Truth - Hazel - cherry
Outfit: :::: IrEn :::: - [JP]inc.IrEn.dsg-Old-London/female/cream
Boots: Maitreya - Soho Boots 'Champagne Suede'

2nd pose:
Skin: Cupcakes - Seduction - Delight
Hair: Aden - Jordan (Red)
Vest: Dutch Touch - Short Cardigan with Hoodie Pink
Boots: Maitreya - Soho Boots 'Champagne Suede'

3rd pose:
Skin: Cupcakes - Seduction - Delight
Hair: Novocaine - Edwina
Jeans: League - Ripped78s - Dark Warm Blue
Shoes: Hoorenbeek (use slurl for a direct tp, then buy the male sign for 0l)
Belt: D-LAB - Cioccolata hunt (use slurl for a direct tp, then type in local chat: "/10 sicura" and you'll receive the gift)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Designer potpourri

I should be studying. Really. I'm in the middle of my first examweek...

Now lets get to the clothes :-)

A few days ago I bought the Kunglers Jordyn outfit, a cute little salopette. I immediately fell in love with the shorts and the next outfit was born. The leggings I'm wearing are actually the underpants layer of the LeLutka Masha pants, but I thought it looked very good as leggings as well. The color really compliments the brown tint of the Kunglers shorts.

The "hardest" part of this outfit was finding the right top. I had so much in my inventory I could combine it with. The easiest would have been to wear a nice white blouse, but I thought it needed some more color. So the Gisaci Armidi Halter Top was perfect for that.

My skin is Leona from Redgrave, one of my all time favourite skins. I bought the fatpack since Redgrave offers such great deals with those. I try to avoid going to Redgrave, since I seem to want to buy another skin everytime I'm there. The only little thing I'm not too happy with is the fact that the mouthcorners are upturned, making you smile a little. I prefer to control myself whether I smile or not. :) Also it looks a bit weird if you have a shape with the mouthcorners allready turned up or down.

The belt is a freebie from Coco and I finished with the Maitreya group gift pumps in red, those are just so perfect for every outfit.

Okies I'm of too bed. :)

Kus Nere

Style credits:
Hair: ETD - Monika - Elika's Red
Eyes: Poetic Colors - Poison Ivy medium
Eyelashes: Cake - Flutter Lashes
Skin: Redgrave - Pale skin Leona - glitter
Top: Armidi Gisaci - Milano Halter Top - Devilsberry
Belt: Coco - gift-belt
Shorts: Kunglers - Jordyn - Brown (part of outfit)
Pumps: Maitreya -Group gift pumps - red

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Getting Into Mischief!

There are ALOT of shops in sl but Mischief is truly one of the pinnacles that set the bar for the others. It's no wonder it's been around for years. It has always been wonderful quality. Every time I visit I sit and sigh - only wishing I could have these clothes in real life. There is currently a 50% off sale (not sure until when) and a new discount area that has all everything set to 100L. Also free outfit if you click the Subscribo! So take your killer bod, make some trouble and get into Mischief Fashions here.

Loving textures

The people that know me really well know how excited I can get about well done textures. This leather jacket I'm wearing from Cubic Effect (CE) is one of those items that get me drooling. The texture is so beautifully made you wonder whether its really virtual... I took a little close up so you can see just how detailed the jacket is.

I'm also wearing the all-in-one shirt from Aoharu, another store that has very nicely done textures. The sculptiework is very subtle and usually needs very little adjusting. I'm really impressed with the amount of items Aoharu releases and the high quality they keep delivering.

The stockings I'm wearing are from a relatively new store named DuckNipple. It's supposed to have prims on the thighs as well, but cuz of a lack of attachmentpoints I had to choose between wearing the Aoharu shorts prim or the stockings prim... I think DuckNipple is a Dutch origined store since I came across one outfit named "Zwaffelen" and well... that can only be Dutch :) (Really, no, I cannot tell you what that means, but it has something to do with the Taj Mahal.) Anyway, I promised myself to blog more DuckNipple items since its really good quality and its a shame I can't show you just how well made these stocking are.

Last up a close up of the PM boots, I've been wearing these almost nonstop since I bought them... they are so cute and make my feet feel good :)

Kus Nere

Style credits:
Hair: Aden - Jordan (Red)
Eyes: Poetic Colors - Poison Ivy medium
Eyelashes: Cake - Flutter Lashes
Skin: Lara Skins - Kate Pale
Jacket: Cubic Effect - Short leather jacket for women (brown)
Top / vest: Aoharu - ShirtAllinOne_Ivory
Stockings: DuckNipple - knit socks
Boots: PM - Posh Leather Boots - Goldy

Saturday, June 13, 2009

A Hunting I Will Go....

I had to laugh this morning when I got a notecard from the owner of Nushru saying she had signed up for all the grid wide hunts not realizing they were running simultaneously. Sooo she's got 7 different hunts going on in her little shop right now! Therefore it's pretty easy to find some great stuff. I have a bunch of "Disney-inspired" outfits in my inventory already so I was thrilled to find the Snow White (which I was lacking) it includes the dress, shoes and hair accessory. One of the other hunt finds is the Cheshire dress with two skirt options. Not to mention she has the super cute Crystal Nymph shoes as a group gift in the Subscribo. So: 7 grid-wide hunt gifts; Vendor Appreciation gift; Subscribo gift and she's having a mini-hunt of her own. Phew! Grab it all here at Nushru.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Glance Skins

I'm a passionate skin lover and whenever I hear there is a free skin of good quality somewhere I run off to grab it. There is a hunt going on at Fashionista Sim called the perfect image hunt. You have to look for little handmirrors and shown above is the prize Glance is offering here. It contains two skins, the left is called Denise and the right Adriana.

Adriana is a little bit more pale then Denise and has a more natural look as well. Both skins are very nicely detailed and have good facial features. The eyebrows look very real which in my opinion is hard to find. A very nice touch is the lighting on the collarbones, I thinks thats very nicely done.

The hair I'm wearing is a groupgift from Beauty Avatar, called Dani in the color chestnut. You can find it in the group notices. Its a sleek style with a long ponytail at the back which you can't tell from this picture. I really like this style, but sadly it can't be modified and is a little too small for my -apparantly- huge head. But try your luck and see if it does fit you.

The hair is mod! You just have to touch it to get a menu... Yay fits me perfectly now. Thanks Karina :)

Kus, Nere

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sugar were going Drown!

Drown is the shop of an up and coming sl style maven. Ruby Idora has just moved her shop to a new location and her stuff is totally worth a look. Pick up her lovely freebie (and pink) Star Dress. She also has my very most favoritist (yes - i'm making that a word) tank top in all of sl - the Sheer Lace Tank. Find it and lots more here at Drown.

Beauty Avatar skin gift

Beauty Avatar released their new collection called "Estate" today and with that gave out a group gift. The gift contains two female skins, Delia and Cristine, of which I'm wearing the Delia skin. I really like the lips and the smoothness of the skin. Also the eyebrows are very well done. I'm not liking the eyeshadow much tho... its a bit too much and makes me look a bit mad imho. :)

The hair I'm wearing is one of Truth latest releases. I really love the flowiness of the hair and the way the bangs fall around my face. I think Truth is one of the few hairdesigners that doesnt only deliver a nice structure hair, but also pays a lot of attention to the way the hair should be surrounding your face. I'm really liking this style.

The shrug I'm wearing is by MG Fashion. I always love the way she combines her sculpties with her clothing and the balloned sleeves on this is a little example of that. I paired it with capri pants from the Pippa outfit from MichaMi and the top and belt I'm wearing are also parts from outfits, this time from Armidi. To ad a little bit more pink I stuck my little toes in an old Maitreya group gift, pumps that you get in tons of colors to fit almost every outfit.

Last but not least I'd like to point out the lovely Teardrop earrings and necklace I'm wearing, a gift from Aluinn a while ago and the great prim nails from PM. These have a colormenu so you can get them to match almost every outfit! I cannot imagine my sl without prim nails (or lashes). :)

Thats it for today :)

Kus Nere

Style credits:
Hair: Truth - Minx - cherry
Eyes: Poetic Colors - Poison Ivy medium
Eyelashes: Cake - Flutter Lashes
Skin: Beauty Avatar - Delia skin - gift
Shrug: MG fashion - Crocheted shrug - burgundy
Top: Armidi Gisaci - Sunset Boulevard Dress - Black (part of outfit)
Pants: MichaMi - Pippa Capri
Pumps: Maitreya - Group Gift Pumps - Magenta
Belt: Armidi Gisaci - Buone Vacanze - Bianco (part of outfit)
Earrings/Necklace: Aluinn - Teardrop

PXL Adam Skin gift

Hart Larsson has just send out a notice about his newest group gift, the Adam Skin. It requires you to be subcribed to his group (its a subscribo, so no group slots are taken!) and to have the store placed in your profile pics. The gift panel is located under the stairs in the store and you have to touch it in order to receive the gift.

But hurry if you want this! Its a limited time gift and it takes up to 24-48 hours for your profile to be updated. So if you like this skin, I advice you to keep this pic in your profile, since Hart Larsson is a very generous designer and places limited time gifts regularly.

The gift contains a wife beater shirt, a pose, a razor and two special limited skins which are all shown in the picture above. The skin has real nice male features and the tattoo is painted on it. One skin is post-shaving and has the shaving cream smeared out on the face and the other is pre-shaved with a little bandage to conceal the little cut on the cheek...

I added some jeans from League because well... this is not the right blog I'm sure :) And lets just say my inventory isn't that complete either... The hair is a previous male freebie from UncleWeb and the eyes in the picture are from Poetic Colors.

Kus Nere

Style credits:
Skin, tank, pose: PXL - Adam Skin Summer Gift
Shape: Nere Shapes - Bas Shape
Eyes: Poetic Colors - Gold flakes - Opal
Jeans: League - Ripped78s - Dark Warm Blue
Hair: UncleWeb - Not available anymore (sorry! It was the only male hair that was any decent in my inventory...)

Monday, June 8, 2009

Shopping for a Cause!

I decided after reading Dido's post below to head over to Fashion Expo 2009 (as if I could stay away). All purchases from the special kiosks placed throughout the expo are to benefit the American Cancer Society. I don't know anyone who has not somehow been touched by cancer so it was inspiring to shop for a real reason. Melissa and I both thought it would be fun to find one item that we could use to make our donation with. I found a pink Awesome Designs babydoll and Melissa got the super cute camo shorts from Stellar Designs. Stellar also had a pretty yellow dress for a freebie inside their shop space. There are 4 sims of wonderful shops participating and it's such a worthy reason to spend some lindens. If you want to take a look around the expo you can start here.

Fashion Expo 2009

Hi I am Dido and I am a friend of Nere and Karina.
Although great friends and often shopping together, Nere and me we have different styles. Mine is more tough according to Nere. She asked me to blog so here I am. Mmm, feels a little akward but will get use to it I guess.

Anyway, this evening I briefly visited the Fashion Expo 2009, wandered around and bought some stuff. This made me feel good, because this way I donated to the breast cancer foundation.

One of the things I bought and wear here is a Kunglers short jeans (grey dirty colour), which I combined with my favourite black leather Bare Rose jacket and a pair of red LeeZu Corazon stockings. The stockings in many colours were a LeeZu Baxter group gift a while ago. I completed my outfit with another favourite: my red BAX ankle boots. Love these boots and bought them in various colours. So nicely made AND with a great fit. Oops almost forgot my SG (Sweetest Goodbye) white box top.

Kiss and till the next blog
Dido haas

hair: The Abyss - Oxygen - Smoke
skin: Redgrave, 11 tan skin Jennifer smoky 3
eyes: Poetic Eyes ocean sea weed
earrings: Tuttle's and Co, Seville pearl drop