Monday, October 31, 2016

feeling wicked the day after

At the day after Halloween Nic is still  at the Manson~Crowley Hall. Inspecting the pictures of the family and the library. She is wearing a beautiful dress from Wicked for the Black Widow hunt Oct 30 – Nov 30. The first Black Widow Hunt was quite a few years ago but it was very successful due to the fact that most of the gifts were black and/or spooky or edgy. This one will be no exception! You need find a bottle with a spider on it. Every hunt items is 2ld. It's a female hunt. May be some items are unisex.The hunt is laid out in 5 paths of 13 stores each so that you can do the hunt in chunks instead of one long list.
Love this dress very much. The texture is so well made. A great present. Comes with the necklace. And Wicked has more presents. Nic is wearing her spider web stockings, a group gift from Wicked. You can see a part on the picture below. Some bats are flying around her. The bats are the halloween gift from Wicked. On the library steps are still the Halloween cakes from the day before. Nic's hair is from the lucky board at Like Design.
And i am happy with the beautiful tattoo from White~Widow from the Kinky Event.

Dress: WICKED - WICKED * Morana - Gown & Pendant ( Black widow hunt/ 2ld)
Spiderweb stockings: WICKED * - WICKED * Halloween - Stockings (free/gg)
Hair: Like Design - .:Like Design:. Romana Hair ( LB/free)
Bats: WICKED * - WICKED * Halloween - Flying Bats (free)
Tattoo: White~Widow at Kinky Event - [White~Widow] Moonlight - Black (NEW)
Cakes: R(S)W at Trunk or Treat Event  - R(S)W Halloween cupcakes ( free)
Fur rug: Mistique at Perfect10 -
From inventory: Shoes - H@s
Pictures taken at : mimmi land
Bye bye, Nic

happy Halloween Never Never Land market ( Trunk or Treat)

She is ready for the party with the kids ofcourse and the table with creepy candy carriers. Nic is dressed very elegant in her Cheongsam evening dress from meli imako, the october groupgift ( in info and notices of the group). But when you have a close look at her face..... all those spiders ...iekkkk.. that will tickle. At the very thought shivers run down my spine.  On her head a spider hat and a spider shoulder pet from Violetility, a boo balloon from little Llama, three balloons in her other hand from *cute bytes*,  kitty ears from Buttercup. All i got and much more at the Never Never Land trunk or treat market. Many items for kids but often also useful for grown -ups. For example the tea cups and the cakes, a lovely shack, cute for in my harbour (just 9 prims /see below )
Pictures are made at the Manson Crowley Hall, Foggy Hill Island. Good place for creepy adventures and halloween photoshoots.
I took pictures from the shack and a ragamuffin at my home location (see below

Dress: meli Imako- Free October Gift MI961145 Cheongsam Mermaid Tail Evening Dress( free)
Hair: Blues. - Blues. Dakota ( free/LB)

Never Never land Market  taxi: here
Never Never Land items:
Spider face: -Geek's--Geek's- Spider Face Gift
White balloon :Little Llama - Little Llama - Boo-loon (free)
Kitty ears: {Buttercup} - {Buttercup} Kitty Ears - Gift (free)
Three balloons: **Cute Bytes** My Ballooney  rezz 2 sorts and 1 wear- BOO (free)
Shack (below):.{Baby Burp}.  - {BB} Treat 2016 - Halloween shack  9prims (free)
Table: [Kres] - [Kres] Creepy Candy Carriers - Gift (free)
Eyebal pillow : Schadenfreude - Schadenfreude Electric Eyeball Pillow
Ragamuffin doll(below) : Wildflowers - {WF} Trunk Or Treat Gift! Ragamuffin ( display, hang hug)(free)
From invnetory: Shoes - H@s
Picture made at: Manson Crowley Hall

Sunday, October 30, 2016

in Never Never Land with her Halloween stand

click small picture to enlarge

It's not too late to get some nice halloween/fall decoration items. Go to Kaerri to watch all the nice items. Nic is showing you some up and around her Halloween stand ( also from Kaerri). You see her standing with her Halloween stand near the ticket stand  at Never Never land at a Halloween market ( see full size picture below/ click to enlarge). Many people came and searched for free stuff as i could read in the chat. I was too busy making pictures, but may be i go back later.
The black cat is from the Hocus Pocus Event from PSYCH:Byts: TP to the store. Say “hocus pocus” in local chat. Case sensitive, it must be “hocus pocus” (without quotation marks) or it won’t work. So no HoCuS PoCuS or HOCUS POCUS. Depending on your magic, you may or may not get the item for free!
One chance per avatar, per 24 hours. Or you can buy the item for 50L for the duration of the event.

Hair: .: LIKE DESIGN :. at TBCF - .: LIKE DESIGN :. Britney Hair (free)
Dress with jacket: Star Fashion at TBCF - SF - Satine - Red Patchwork (free)
Earrings: .:JUMO:. - part of .:JUMO:. Michele Dress Green GG from SLFrees&Offer group (free)
Hat: Astralia at Candy Fair - Astralia - Candy fair 2016 gift Roses fascinator (free)
Shoes: **Honey*Soul**- at TBCF - **Honey*Soul**-Strap-Shoes-Brenda with color hud(free)

Halloween decor items: Kaerri - Halloween stand/ plants with pin/ candy bowl ( in the stand)/ crow cage/ wire pumpkin candle / bat pumpkin and much more cute items (on the small picture for example a broom parking board with brooms/without the skeleton with raven)
Skeleton with raven: MSD Moonshadow Designs - Raven on skeleton
Doll house: Irrie's dollhouse at Gacha Garden - i { DH } Gacha! Adelaide Dollhouse *Lemondrop*(new/ starts nov 1st)
Bucket: -Mint- - -Mint- Apples & Candles bucket (1ld/limited time)
Dark cat: .{PSYCHO:Byts}. - .{PSYCHO:Byts}. Familiar Cat - Poison (Hocus Pocus Event/Oct 24th - Nov 4th)
Pictures made at: NeverNever Land
Bye bye, Nic
Click small picture to see full size.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

a day off

Rest and relax in this bed from Mistique! It is a gothic bed but here it is used  as a daybed for outside. I placed it at a nice spot with some other new releases from Mistique : the decoration tree, the candlebra, the gothic bench ( see below) and the deco shelves (placed at the end of the bed) The cushions are from Silvery K ( blogged already here).
Behind the bed the boho tapestry from Bohdi, ofcourse from the Boho Culture Fair. From that fair is Nic's hair, the shoes, her nail polish, the pose on the third picture, wooden earrings and the scarf. Her jumpsuit is a new release from monaLISA at marketplace (with hud for many colors)

Jumpsuit: monaLISA  - -mL- Astrid Jumpsuit (Maitreya/Venus/Physique/FM) - HUD (NEW/99ld)
Hair: Poison Ivy at TBCF - :: PI :: Brittany Brown Brittany hair (free)
Scarf: shine by [ZD]at TBCF - shine by [ZD] Lillianne  Chifon Scarf TBCF5th Anniversary (free)
Shoes:  Perch at TBCF - Perch Summer Stiletto's TBCF5th- Gifts Box- Perch (free)
Wooden earrings: LIKKA*HOUSE at TBCF - LIKKA*HOUSE TBCF2016 Gift (free)
Nails: La Boheme at TBCF - TBCF5th- Gift! - La Boheme (free)
Pose third picture: . Focus Poses at TBCF-  Focus Poses . Boho Fair Gift (free)

Bed: Mistique  at Perfect10 (starts first of november)-  Mistique Gothic bed Leah ( NEW)
Bench: Mistique at Perfect10 - Gothic benchLeah ( NEW)
Candlebra: Mistique at Perfect10 - Mistique - Candlebra Leah (NEW)
Deco shelves with bottles and plants: Mistique - Mistique Deco shelf gray (NEW)
Decoration tree with bird houses: Mistique - Decoration tree ( NEW)
Tapestry: Bodhi at TBCF - TBCF5th- Gifts Box-Bodhi(free)
From inventroy: Cushions and rug- Silvery K; cats - JIAN
Pictures made at: Lost Dream
Bye bye, Nic
Click small picture to see full size

Friday, October 28, 2016

new brooms sweep clean

I told you before i am not such a halloween fan. May be because i didn't grew up with it. Just some cute accessories so now and then. Nadja asked me if i wanted a broom from Blueberry from the gacha at Epiphany. "you can fly on it". I told her what i wrote above. But because it was a Blueberry broom i was curious. It could be a good one. And here you see what she sended me... the white broom with pink ribbon and glitter lights. Very cute! Halloween is about darkness but this post is about light. Nic is showing you the lazy glass jars with lights from PiCaZZo. A gift at the Boho Culture fair. From that fair is also the Bohemian stool with blanket from [P] Pillows with nice poses and the earrings from Spyralle. Even Nic's hair is a gift there. From the Season's Story are the Gabriel boots, a gift.
The cable knit  cardigan is from::K:: at tShiny Shabby (unisex) with a hud for the tee and the neck part. The black leather pants is from La Gazza Ladra at Tres chic. At Tres Chic La Gazza Ladra also is selling a very nice sweater. May be i will show that one too on the blog later on. The pants are good  for combining with these boots.

Cardigan: ::K:: at Shiny Shabby - ::K:: Cable Knit CD Femme Plum (Unisex) (NEW)
Leather pants: La Gazza Ladra at Tres Chic- ~LGL~ Yeah! . (Black) Leather pants
Hair: No.Match at TBCF -No.NOWTBCF5th- Gifts Box-no.match (free)
Earrings: Spyralle  at TBCF - Spyralle Samarkant earrings ( free)
Boots: Gabriel at TSS - ::GB:: short boots  black female ( free)

Broom: Blueberry at Epiphany - #28 Blueberry - Secret / COMMON /  Broom - PixieWhite (gacha)
Lazy Glass Jar :PiCaZZO at TBCF - TBCF5th- Gifts Box-PiCaZZo (free)
Bohemian stool: [P] Pillows at TBCF - TBCF5th- Gifts Box-[P] Pillows (free)
Pictures made at: Hollandaise 
Click the small picture to see full size

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

wishing you were here...

Ooo ooo ooo, wishing you were here
Even though you're far away, you're on my mind
Ooo ooo ooo, wishing you were here

Nic near the Stone (or.....  Wishing) Well Butterfly from Chez Moi Furniture. You can buy the well at this round of Tres Chic. Still running.Yesterday i didn't make a blogpost because i was visiting the Boho Culture Fair. It is the fifth anniversary ..and ..that means lots of gifts ofcourse. It took time to unpack and  to combine all into a nice look for the blog. But here we go.... from the Boho Culture Fair Nic is showing you : the sunglasses, nailpolish, sandals, straw in Nic's mouth, the ring, the outfit, the hair and jewelry. We are again very spoiled.
Oh and the wooden colored plant crate is also a present at the Boho Culture Fair.

Credits: Taxi to Boho Culture Fair 
Outfit: Kib Designs at BCF - TBCF5th- Gifts Box- KIB Designs Nayra (free)
Necklace and earrings: Tiffany Designs*at BCF - TD Ava Jewelry Set (free)
Shoes: Slipper at BCF- Slipper - BCF 2016 Gift (free)
Hair: Fabia at BCF - TBCF5th- Gifts Box-FABIA Mesh Hair with multi color hud (free)
Ring: Vengeful Threads at BCF- TBCF5th- Gifts Box-Vengeful Threads (free)
Straw: =Boutique#187= at BCF- #187# Corn Spike GIFT BOX (free)
Nails:La Boheme at BCF - [LB Coquette] OMNI Set - Slink Omega Maitreya (free)
Sungasses: Petit Mort at BCF- Petit Mort Gold Lennon Round Spectacles (free)

Boho Plant Crate: Heart&Home at BCF - ~H&H~ Boho Plant Crate [B](free)
Well: CHEZ MOI at Tres Chic - *CHEZ MOI Stone well Butterfly ( adult and PG) ( nice poses) (NEW)
From inventory: corn field - Little Branch; sunflower - Lacrime dell'anima

Monday, October 24, 2016

sticky fingers (Candy Fair 17th - October 31st)

It's all about food and sweets today. Autumn day at the beach. A fresh breeze and cotton candy. For her sticky fingers she has a box of tissues on the car. Nic is standing in front of her adorable cotton candy car, a release from mushilu at Tres Chic. See full size picture below. Many colors available. The melted candy is on her shoes from .{PSYCHO:Byts}. These Creepers shoes contain a hud to change different parts of the shoe. You also can choose with melted on or off. It's a special at the Candy Fair. The frame with melted chocolate is from Pewpew at Kustom9. Also from Kustom9 is the hoop earring from Tableau Vivant. The pineapple lantern is the new groupgift from MadPea. The dinner tray with beer and burger is a new groupgift from Shutter Field. In the shop also a dinner tray with wine and steak and more old groupgifts.
Nic's outfit is a new Hoodie from i`piteme. Nic is wearing it with a leather pants from her inventory. (From Moimoi an old selfie gift/ may be still in your inventory!). The necklace with bat is a gift from Florian at the H@s tag event.

Hoodie: i`piteme - ~i~ Jenny Long Hoodie (NEW)
Top under hoodie: i`piteme - ~i~ Pamela Mini (NEW)
Shoes: .{PSYCHO:Bytes}. at Candy Fair - .{PSYCHO:Byts}. Melted Creepers (NEW)
Hair: Exile - Exile::Memory Bliss naturals
Necklace: Florian at H@stag - *FLORIAN* Halloween Necklace (free or 5ld)
Earrings: Tableau Vivant at K9 - Kustom9 3rd Anniversary Gift - (Tableau Vivant)(9ld)

Cotton Candy Car: mushilu at Tres Chic -Cotton Candy Car Pink (NEW)
Tissues: Soy. at K9 - Soy. Tissue [addme] (9ld)
Dinner tray: Shutter Field - [sf] Dinner Tray - B&B - group gift - ( free/ but group join 50ld)
Chcolate frame: Pewpew at K9 - Kustom9 3rd Anniversary Gift - Pewpew!(9ld)
Lantern: MadPea - MadPea Group Gift MadPea Pineapple Lantern (GG/ free)
From inventory: Leather pants - MoiMoi ( old gift); crates - old gift from revival
Pictures made at: The Mill
Bye bye, Nic
Click picture to see full size

Sunday, October 23, 2016

anyway you want me

Any way you want me .well that's how i will be...
Tjip again after a long time in a blogpost. I was reading a notecard about a new gift at the mens stufflounge from Bravura, the jacket with hoody.  I liked the picture and decided to get tjip out of the dust and dragged him online for a new photoshoot. Tjip already was in the Menstuff group. Group join is 50ld. There are  many gifts in the stuff lounge, so joining is worthwhile.
Nic opened many boxes from the anniversary at Kustom9 and discovered these male sandals and the string necklace. Tjip is wearing his jeans from American Bazaar.  Poses with crates are from Le Poppycock from a gacha, called "time out". I used the animare hud to change his pose a bit ( no hand through his wide jeans for example).
His soft beard is from the Men Only Hunt. Search a glass of beer (hint: watch high)
The set with the white tank and blue cargo pants is from [R] 360, a groupgift. The bag is an oldie from tjips inventory from Mr. Poet.

Jacket with Hoodie: Bravura at MenStuff Lounge - !BBN! BRAVURA Boite Noir Hunter Jacket (free/ but group join 50ld)
Sandals: [VERSOV] at K9 - [ VERSOV ] SANDOV_k9 bday (9ld)
Necklace: BOYS TO THE BONE at K9 - string necklace - kustom9 gift (9ld)
Tank and cargo: [R]_360_Urban_Cargo_Pants_(M-Blue)_[BOX] ** (free)
Beard: Nivarro  at MOH hunt -Nivaro- Snazzy Beard Gift ( free)
Poses: Le Poppycock - Le Poppycock *Time Out* For the Time Being and More then enough (gacha)
From Inventory: jeans- American Bazaar; Bag- Mr. Poet; Hair - No.Match; ring -[kunst] , cross necklace - etham
Pictures made near the Nivarro shop
Bye bye, Nic

Saturday, October 22, 2016

waiting for your return

Waiting for your return. And in the meantime shopping time in sl and enjoying making pictures.
Shopping time at the H@s tag event running from 10th-30th october. The presents there are 0ld,1ld, 2ld, 5ld, 10ld or 15ld. From the event you can see the black buttoned dress (leather). The dress has a purple color inside. You see this a bit when you move. A good combination with the purple part of the ChicChica halloween present shoes. Be alert: there is another gift in the shop, pumps, also in orange and purple.The clutch ( with color hud) is an october groupgift at Le Fashion Whore. The bag is from the same shop but at the H@s tag event a gift. The heart glasses are also from the H@s tag event. They have many glass colors also pink. I will save those for pinkie days.
Kustom9 had again some nice 9ld items: the hoop earrings and the necklace ( in many colors).
And last but not least i am thrilled about this hair from Shi. It was hell of a job to get the hair at Shiny Shabby, because i had to fight the lag. Relogged several times and then it was easy.
Longtime i forgot my sweet harpei's from Black Bantam. But here they are .... my sweet companions.

Shoes: ChicChica - :::ChicChica::: Halloween GIFT (free)
Dress: InsomniaStore at H@s Tag - Gift H@s tag Buttoned dress ( free)
Sunglasses: [RS] at H@s tag -  [RS]Sunglasses  HEART BIANCA 13 COLOR ( 2ld)
Bag: Le Fashion Whore at H@s tag - Le fashion Whore - Jessie handbag gift (5ld)
Hair : Shi at Shiny Shabby  - Shi Hair . Hearken . Unisex (NEW)
Clutch|: Le Fashion Whore - Le Fashion Whore - October Group Gift Clutch and heels (not shown here)- Fatpack (free)
Necklace: Clef de Peau at K9 - Clef de Peau Outlet.Mia Necklace.K9 Anniversary Gift (9ld)
Hoops: Tableau Vivant at K9 - Tableau Vivant\\ simple hoop in silver and gold ( 9ld)
From inventory: Bracelet -[kunst] ( at K9/gift); Harpei- Black Bantam
Pictures made at: Dragon Rose Isle
Bye bye, Nic

Friday, October 21, 2016

autumn in the city

Autum in the city. Nic is wearing this autumn dress from Wicked in a streetgirl style. You can ofcourse wear the dress without the legging and jacket. It will then be a dress for a warm summer day in the countryside. You have to hunt a bit for this dress. It is from the Enmeshed into Fall hunt. Find a black bat in the Wicked shop. Nic has an icecream for you, a monster icecream, with cream in skull form with bones and an eye. It's from  the gacha from {Psycho:Bytes} at the Candy Fair (2016 October17th - 31st) The garter legging is new at i`piteme. From Kustom9 this time glasses, a bracelet, and a necklace.

Dress: WICKED - WICKED * Chloe - Dress (Autumn)
Legging: i`piteme - ~i~ Smooth Garter Leggings (Add Me) (NEW)
Icecream: .{PSYCHO:Byts}.at Candy Fair - {PSYCHO:Byts}. IceCream Monster (gacha)
Necklace: United Colors at K9- UC_Rain_drops_All in 1_necklace_women (9ld)
Glasses: Pure Poison t K9- Kustom9 3rd Anniversary Gift - (Pure Poison)
Bracelet: [kunst] at K9 -Kustom9 3rd Anniversary Gift - [ kunst ](9ld)
Shoes: WICKED - WICKED * Louise - Heels (black) NEW
From inventory: Jacket- COCO; hair - Magika (Itch)
Pictures made at: Soap
Bye bye, Nic

Thursday, October 20, 2016

art and antiques, fleamarket Flux sur Mer

Nic is visiting a fleamarket. She is wearing a knitted top from a free set from Ever an Angel. The set comes with a pencil skirt. The back side of the top is a bit open. In the shop are also 3 presents 24 hours free!!!! They are between the normal collection. The vendors from the presents are upside down. No group needed. 24 hours started on 20-10-2016 ends tomorrow night 21st.
The jeans is a release from monaLISA at marketplace. Comes with a good colorhud. Nic is wearing a necklace from Aisling from the Good Gorean Hunt. You need find the letter "G". Hint is: i am lost between gifts.
From the Kustom9 anniversary again a few gifts, that i want show. The bat ring from Zenith, the bag from Lowen, the shoes from Momento and the hair from Mina. Nic's pose with autumn notebook is the new subscribe-o-matic gift from Label Motion ( 4 books included)
You see on the pictures two ottomans from Circa from the enMESHed into Fall hunt. Hunt for the prizes  in the mainstore. Find a black bat. Hints found at the entrance from the store.
The green table, the round green stool,  the books on the table and the wheel with lights are from the fantasy event GENRE ~Theme: the writer HP. Lovecraft (Oct 15 - Nov 12) Bring some imagination to your space with these new pieces full of fantasy and vintage appeal.  Great as a gift since all the pieces are transfer! During the event, the items are $50 to $100 per pack (will be $100 to $450 after the event) and exclusive.

Knitted top: Ever An 'Angel - Ever An' Angel - Softly - Blush (free)( and in the shop 24h,  3 other items free)
Jeans: monaLISA -  -mL- Charlene Jeans (Maitreya/3Belleza/2SLink/2Tonic/TMP) - HUD (NEW)
Shoes: Momento at K9 -Kustom9 3rd Anniversary Gift - Momento (9ld)
Bag: (Lowen)  at K9 - Kustom9 3rd Anniversary Gift - (Lowen)(9ld)
Hair: Mina at K9 - Kustom9 3rd Anniversary Gift - (MINA Hair) (9ld)
Ring:  Zenith at K9 - Kustom9 3rd Anniversary Gift - (=Zenith=) (9ld)
Necklace: Aisling - .aisling. Alyse Set GG hunt ( free)
Tattoo: THIS IS WRONG - TIW Vintage tattoo pack MAITREYA / BELLEZA / SLINK (free)
Pose: Label Motion - Label Motion - My Autumn Notebook *Subscriber Gift (free)
Green items with tentacles: Circa at Genre - [CIRCA] Blogger Pack -GENRE ~"Cthulhu in the Sea"
Ottomans ( and more in the gift) : Circa - [CIRCA] Blogger Pack - enMESHED Hunt Prize - Dia De Muertos Set (free)
From inventory: top - Blueberry ( free/gg)
Pictures made at Flux sur Mer.
Bye, bye Nic
Click small picture to see full size

Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Yummie because of all the delicious things in this blogpost. Watch Nic's necklace and ring from [Black Bantam] ( close-up below), a 9ld gift for the anniversary of Kustum9. Yummie! Then the delicious ice cream benches from unKindness at the Candy Fair. As the designer says:" I only have one thing to say about this right here. And it's "Omnomnomnomnomnom!" I totally agree. From Kustom9 are also the sweater( 9ld gift) and the skirt i bought there. Both are from Kitja. With the skirt i also bought a new sweater there from Kitja also very good. On Nic's shoulder you can see the groupgift from KiB Designs ( also in purple). The spiderweb earcuffs are Twe12ve exclusives from !IT! Twe12ve is a monthly event starts the 12th of every month running through the last day. Each month is themed after the season with a word. I love Nic's hair from Truth. A bit the same style as the hair from LeLutka, that i bought yesterday ...wild and loose. Around Nic pupkins with pup's from UnKindness in the epiphany gacha. The shoes are from Empire, a present at The Season's Story

Sweater: Kitja at K9- Kustom9 3rd Anniversary Gift - KITJA (9ld)
Skirt: Kitja at K9 - KITJA - Roxie Skirt GREY (NEW)
Shoes: Empire at TSS - #EMPIRE - Gerbera - silver - *LL* (free)
Hair: Truth - TRUTH HAIR Randa -  browns
Necklace and ring: [Black Bantam] at K9 - Kustom9 3rd Anniversary Gift - (Black Bantam)(9ld)
Earcuff: !IT! at Twe12ve - !IT! - Spiderweb Ear Cuffs 1-6 Twe12ve excl (NEW)
Shoulder pet: KiB Designs -KiB Designs - My Darky Pet - Halloween Group Gift(free)

Icecream benches: unKindness at Candy Fair -uk - Ice Cream Sammich Benches - Candy Fair (NEW)
Pumkins with dogs: unKindness at Epiphany- uk - Pupkins Halloween Gacha - Epiphany
Lovespell book: Bueno at K9  - Kustom9 3rd Anniversary Gift - BUENO (9ld)
Pictures made at : Flux sur Mer

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

close the door behind you....

Close the door behind you... A bit a basic subject isn't it? 

Well i stop doing philosophical and am going to describe what you see on the pictures. Nic is wearing a new release from !GO!. A nice warm set for wearing outside in the wood in autumn time. Many colors available. The set  is a dress a sweater with open backside and a scarf. Every piece you can buy apart. The necklace with acorn is from the Season's Story as well as the huge purse bag, the grey pumpkins and the birdhouse. The white vintage screen is a groupgift at [what next}. I told you group is not free, but joining is worthwhile.

Hair: LeLutka - .LeLutka.Clarice hair.Brown 
Wrap: !gO! - !gO! Mirela wrap - Set 6 (NEW)
Sweater: !gO! - !gO! Mirela sweater - Currant (NEW)
Bag: [sYs] at TSS - [sYs] PURSE Bag (Rigged) - brown *TSS GIFT*
Choker: (*::.who what.::*) at TSS - (*::.who what.::*) - Acorn Ribbon choker *TSS GIFT*(free)

Pritty Potty - Pixel Mode - Pixel Mode Pretty potty
Screen: {what next}- {what next} Vintage Screen Group Gift (gg/ free/ but group join fee)
From The Seasons Story: 
Window frame: Brixley at TSS- Brixley - fall window frame *TSS GIFT*
White/grey pumpkins: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] at TSS -  22769 ~ [bauwerk] Pumpkin Autumn Decoration (free)
Bird house: Kalopsia at TSS - Kalopsia - Hazel's Bird House (free)
Fireplace grate: (SAYO)at TSS - (SAYO) - Chevron Fireplace Grate *TSS GIFT*(free)
Old pictures in frame: nefarious.inventions at TSS -*nefarious.inventions -tintypes *TSS GIFT*(free)
Fall Jars: -mint- - -mint- Fall jarrs ( 1ld)
From inventory: Boots and socks - Maitreya; Pocket pet- Birdy; sabre toothed squirrel - zOOm (old huntgift); squirrel with hazelnut - AAA sculpty creations
Pictures made at Pale Moonlight
Bye bye, Nic