Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Chikka Designs Freebie

Cute short set for I don't know how long. Run here Chikka Designs.

You Learn Something New Everyday!

Well I've not had too much time for hunting and freebie finding the past few days, and what I have found I have not thought enough of to share. Nere is on vacation, so I'm left to my own devices. I thought it would be fun to share a sl tip I just learned instead of a usual post.

It still amazes me how much I don't know after playing this game several years. Soooo, you may know this (smartie pants) or maybe (yay!) your going to learn a little something something.

Here's a neat trick to find out where an object is from that is being WORN. Now, normally you click on someone's hair, shoe, shirt, etc. you only get the option to send them an im, mute them, check out their profile etc. But now you can find out where they may have gotten something just like you are able to any other non-attached prim.

Step 1: Click on the "Build" button at the bottom of the screen.

Step 2: Click on the object you want to know more about (in my example her hair). Then when the pie menu appears click on "more".

Step 3: On the next pie menu select "inspect".

Step 4: The inspection menu appears (this lists EVERY prim in the object) but the root prim (with the name and creator) appears first!
Now you can amaze your friends!! or find out where something is from if you just don't feel like being bothered to ask the person who is wearing it! This only works on prim attachments (not sure if there is a secret way of finding out the others). Have fun!!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Surf Couture

I haven't been to Surf Couture much before, but when I recently visited again I almost bought up half their inventory. I'm a big fan of nice textures and Surf Couture definitely has those. In the above image I am wearing the Colleen dress in palm of which not only the skirt part is a prim, but the lower part of the shirt is too. In my eyes that is very impressive given the fact that in SL wearing prims around your waist often make you look huge. But this dress really pulls it off.

The hair I'm wearing is one of the newest releases from Truth. Again he made me tp over and spend my lindens like a lunatic.

Hair by Truth "Gemma" and skin by Tuli "Faith"

At Surf Couture I also got my hands on this awesome tank. Who says redheads can't wear pink? No prim parts for this tank, but I'm loving the way it falls around my bewbs, very smexy :) And it almost looks as if I have a bare naked back, but it is just very cleverly crafted around my sides... Definitely a tank you'll be seeing me wearing a lot. The pants are from Project Kiwi and come in several options, I'm wearing the Painters Black Dark Jean Capri's.

Next week I won't be posting anything! I'm off to spend a midweek in Berlin... yay! In the meantime the blog will stay as it is obviously, but I intend to make the layout a little bit better when I come back. Suggestions would be great!

Kus Nere

Style credits:

Pic #1
Hair: Truth - Gemma - burgundy
Skin: Tuli - Faith (light)
Dress: Surf Couture - Colleen - Palm
Leggings: MichaMi - Glitter Tube & Leggings in beige (part of outfit)
Pumps: Periquita - Wedges green
Bangles: Fishy Strawberry - bangles brown wood

Pic #3
Hair: Truth - Chloe - cherry
Skin: Tuli - Faith (light)
Tank: Surf Couture - Driftwood Tank - raspberry
Pants: Project Kiwi - Painters Black Dark Jeans
Pumps: Maitreya - slinky stilleto's

Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Only Thing Constant is Change

We (and by we, I mean Nere) have changed the blog's format. In process of giving it a fashionista-style makeover. There is still some tweaking going on between the both of us and we may change it completely a few more times before something sticks. Tell us what you think! Love it? Hate it? Hate that you love it? Give us your feedback!

Queen for a Day!

The Red Queen group has given out this freebie skin that I'm digging. I LOVE heavy eye makeup and this certainly fits the bill. Very smexy tattoo embedded on the back with loads of detail and beauty marks. Interested? Join Red Queen group and check past notices.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hunt at Forbidden Thorn!

All this and more can be found!

The snuggle chair is my favorite. Not only is the chair so cute and changeable, but the pose is adorable.

Thanks to my models Mel and Mej (*mwahs*)!

Forbidden Thorn is a shop I found during Vendor Appreciation. It's such nice stuff. So when I heard they were doing a hunt I flew right over! 16 small pink flowers to find this one. There are different pieces from most of the different collections. This furniture is nice, nice, nice!!! Also one of the gifts is a $100L gift card which I used to buy the coffee table pictured. Best part all the furniture has multiple changeable textures so you can change it to suit your own decor or just to mix things up if you get bored. Will definitely make this store the first stop next time I'm wanting furniture. Not sure (am I ever) how long this lasts so hurry - here's your moving van to Forbidden Thorn.

Doux Petit Dahl

Doux Petit Dahl is having a mini hunt to celebrate the opening of new main store. It's a mini-hunt and only 5 white boxes to find. Pretty easy. Find all five and you get the Boho blouse shown and four pairs of her black faded jeans in various lenghts. I had a nom nom on the cupcake while I was there and won the cute pink bikini (first time ever winning that!) Taxi right here to mini hunt at Doux Petit Dahl Mainstore.

Tuli's Hope

I'm from the Netherlands and offcourse extremely proud of all the good Dutch designers that are succesfull in SL. There's Dutch Touch, Sysy, Maitreya and Tuli, too much to name them all. Being in Tuli's group however gives you a lot of advantages, since she is not only one of the most talented but also generous designers in SL.

This week she sent out a cute shirt in the group notices and placed a gift in-store for her groupmembers, a version of the Hope skin in five skintones:

pale, fair, sunkissed, tan, darktan

The shirt is very basic in the color white. Tuli sells this shirt in different versions in her store but then with a print on it, a very lovely sweet shirt, as is Tuli's style. I paired it with capri pants, part from the hunter outfit in charcoal from MG Fashion and UncleWeb hair.

Kus Nere

Style credits
Shirt: Tuli - Wide sleeve shirt [white]
Capri's: MG fashion - Hunting Season (charcoal)
Pumps: Maitreya - Verve black
Skin: Tuli - Hope star (VIP group gift)
Hair: Uncleweb Studio - Burly (not available anymore I think...)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Quick Fix

Not sure how much I will be able to get blogged before the weekend but for a quick freebie fix head over to House Of Beningborough and get this free gown to celebrate the grand opening of their main shop. Your limo awaits to House of Benighborough.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tomboyish pixie :)

When I got my hands on the new skingift from Vive9 I immediately fell in love with the Aoki skin and wanted to create a pixie like look around it. But somehow I ended up with this tomboygirlish kinda look which I also like a lot! It all evolved around the current group gift from Coco, gray sweat shorts that come with and without leggings.

The eyes and the eyelashes are a dollarbie from .:i *Towa* i:. If you look closely you can see that the eyelashes are jeweled!

Isn't that a cute face? Oh and btw, you get three more skins in the giftpack as well...

The scarf I'm wearing is one of my favorite items in SL. Its a previous group gift from Miel, but its still for sale.

Kus Nere

Style credits:
Hair: Docomo - British short (sorry not available anymore)
Eyes/Eyelashes: .:i *Towa* i:.
Skin: Vive9 - Aoki Dark Purify Skin
Scarf - Miel Charcoal Plaid scarf
Pullover - Dutch Touch - Pippi (part of outfit)
Shirt: Dutch Touch - London Blue (part of outfit)
Pants: Coco - Athletic Shorts
Legging: Tuli - *sUmi* colorable legging (free gift in store)
Sneakers: Line - Converse Danger

Monday, July 20, 2009

Secret Skins

Lazzoli is having a secret sale. 5 of their skins are marked down to either 0L or 2L. In order to help keep the secret I'm not going to tell you which ones but (maybe) the pictures will help. Some are a little wild for my taste but some a bit more simple and I can see myself wearing. This secret message will self-destruct (not sure how long this is going on) so hurry down to Lazzoli.

English Rose

Lets let the picture do (most of) the talking this time, shall we?

Fleur rebranded to 5th & Oxford and has the above skin as a gift available in the new store. You can join the group and click the group gift vendor located in the center of the shop. The name of the skin is Audrey English Rose and it comes in fair, medium, and tan. I used the medium version in the picture above. I just love the delicateness of the skin, English Rose is a very fitting name.

Two other items in this picture I love are the eyes from the Watermelon hunt from Poetic Colors and the 'I <3 the Starlust' - group gift from Pig, a short vest named Ladies Like Flowers in rouge.

Kus Nere

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Join These Groups and Get Stuff!!

I'm very very fussy about my group space. So I love when I'm in a group and get something that makes saving that space so worth it! Here's a couple of groups I personally will recommend so join these now (cuz I said so) and check the past group notices for your rewards.

Group - Drown
Gift - Designer Ruby Idora sent everyone in the group a present for her birthday.
Reward - Checkmate Dress
Drown is in the midst of changing locations so you might want to stay in this group so when things are settled you can run to the new store and get more great stuff.

Group - Fashion Express
Gift - Special freebie for first 100 members in the group. Would thrill me to no end if another 100 peeps joined and then they sent more stuff!
Reward - For the gals super cute purple top, for the guys very well done black dress shirt. Check group notices.

Both groups are in my profile so you can join from there as well.

Slice of Summer Hunt - Now it's a Trilogy!

Simply more of my favorites from the hunt:

Towa Main Store - Bikini Top with Pants
SD Wears - Watermelon Bikini
Ruru@Pino - Wings, Collar and Headband (these are so cute the wings confetti out little leaves every once in awhile and are very detailed).

Heart & Sole - This is a special Watermelon version of their newest release. I'm normally not a toe shoes girl but these are really well done with no crazy ankles and the best toes and pedicure I've ever seen in sl.

Swim - String Bikini

*salire* Main store - White Dress

Slice of Summer Hunt - The Sequel

Lots of nice stuff to blog from this hunt. Looking for watermelons this one if you didn't know. All items listed have the lm's to the shops but your will have to find the melon's yourself (that's part of the fun right!)

Evie's Closet Babydoll
WhoNose Summer Rain Dress (cloud and rain included)

Forbidden Apple - Purple Dress (with two skirt options)

Zenith dress AND shoes - This is my favorite from the whole hunt!
*Metaphysics* - Abyss Hair

Lo*momo - Dress
Studio M'z - Lace-up Boots
*Metaphysics* - Baron Hair
When I do a hunt I make a folder for that hunt and then save everything I find along the way into that folder so I can then go home, put all the boxes out and pretend it's Christmas. The hunting can be fun (and frustrating) but the unwrapping is always my favorite part. Normally, on most hunts I probably save about 20-30% of what I find. The amount of hunts lately has given me the opportunity to be a bit more choosy in what I do save. Some things I really do like, but they are simply not my style. Then there are others that I would think the designers would be embarassed to put their name on and give to large amounts of people, but they do nonetheless (like omg what were they thinking). And then, there are the diamonds - that not only do I blog and wear or put in my home, but enjoy and brag about how I got it for free. These are the shops I will normally go back to take another look at and buy from. I have heard a lot of anti-hunt talk around the grid and in some groups, but my personal experience has been that hunting has enabled me to find a lot of shops I would never have found just exploring and what I really want I still am willing to pay for period.


The TooToo shoes have separate change options for both the shoe and the straps so the combinations could be endless.
The Silly Wedges (my favorites!)

The Mary Squares

Nere and I have both included these shoes in blog posts in the past, because frankly, they rule. But today was the first opportunity I had to goto the shop since it's been redone. I got a demo of a new shoe, the TooToo, this morning - so thought I would take a swing by the shop. Erpla Prieto has revamped all the shoes so they now all include a color change and resize option. So you buy one pair and you get the style in every color. These shoes are not cheapies (300L-400L per pair depending on style) but it's like buying one pair and getting 20! So still a bargain in my book. All the shoes have a demo option available so go try some on for yourself at Periquita Main Store.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Slice of Summer - Part 1

Ok kids - I haven't gotten much done in the way of posting as I've spent literally all day working on the Slice of Summer Hunt. This is not a huge hunt (compared to some) 116 items, but lots more good stuff then I'm used to in a hunt so it's been rather time consuming. Finding, unpacking, sorting all the watermelons and now still have to do the adjusting, photos and lm's (phew). So just for a teaser I'm showing a few of the non-fashionista items that I've been pleasantly surprised with. I promise Part 2 (probably 3 as well) is just on the horizon.

Gotta love a ride in a balloon basket - Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

The slide n slip is fun but takes some work (as you can see on Mel on the left there).

This couples bench has 6 different poses for snuggling up with your honey.

I love this hammock and the detail work on the shadow is remarkable.

Balloon Basket - Concrete Flowers

Slide n Slip - Sugar Mill Poses

Couple's Platform Bench - Off Brand Furniture

Calm Tree Hammock - .:buddhabeats:.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I can keep a secret! Really I can!

For 2 days only DYN is having a secret sale (shhhh). There are 10 items marked down to $10L each in the shop. The secret is you have to find which items they are. There is one in each department as well as 2 in mens and 2 in accessories. So as to not to give any secrets away I have posted the pictures of the items (I feel) appropriately. After the sale is over I'll post the pictures without impairment, so you can also see what you missed if you don't go! Remember it's just 2 days so hurry here to DYN.