Friday, November 30, 2018


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The table is ready! Do you want some wine?
In the countryside cottage she organized a cozy diner. The table from Chez Moi comes with the checkered placemats the porcelain plates, the cutlery, the turkey and the food on the dishes. I placed also the winter domes from Elm and the Holiday fruitcakes from Roawenwood and the balls from Libertine on the table. The chairs have texture change possibility.
In the room you can see the decor doors from MADRAS. Comes with four texture change options The fireplace is from Foxwood, a release at Tannenbaum. The cosy chair and the side tables are from Salacity, available at the Boardwalk event.

Nic is dressed festively in her golden dress from *SK*. The dress is available in several colors at the Kinky event. Love this dress. Festive, original and sexy! Nic's hair is from Stealthic. The skin is a  from 7 Deadly s[K]ins, one of the many skins you can get in the advent calendar. You need be a group member. Each day you will see one gift box on the tree with hover text saying "Come get your present!"
This is the current days gift. To get your gift simply right click and pay the box 1L, don't worry you
will be automatically refunded the amount on receipt of your gift.
The gifts on the floor by the advent will be available ONLY during the weekends and will be for everybody.

Dress: *SK* at Kinky ( ends Dec 19th) - *SK* Iman Gold dress (NEW)
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins - 7 Deadly s[K]ins Advent exclusive gift Skin Adventure pineapple (free/ see text)
Hair: Stealthic - Stealthic - Fleeting (Browns)
From inventory: head - LeLutka; body - Maitreya

Home: unKindness - uk Countryside Cottage ( not available in the shop now)
Diner table: CHEZ MOI at CSR (till December 1st) - Mason Dinner (BLOGGER) * CHEZ MOI
Side table and cosy chair: Salacity at Boardwalk - Emile chair and side table (NEW)
Decor door: MADRAS  - MADRAS Door Decor Pack
Domes: Elm. Winter Domes at Tannenbaum - Elm. Winter Domes [Gold] (NEW)
Fireplace and fireguards : Foxwood at Tannenbaum - Foxwood ~ Delilah ~ Fireplace ~ Light (NEW)
Trees in barrel: Lacrime dell'Anima -  Barrel Winter Tree Set ( was a gift at Redeux)
Balls:Libertine -  ~Libertine~ The Mare Ball and the Trapp ball ( was a gift at Redeux)
Holiday fruitcake: Roawenwood - Roawenwood Holiday Fruitcake ( was a gift at Redeux)
Chess set: ::TA - ::TA Challenge Chess set
Deer head: ::TA- ::TA Hunter Wall Set
Plants on fireplace: THEORY at Boardwalk - THEORY Opulet Holiday Arrangement ( NEW)
Small trees with lights: Kaerri at Boardwalk - Kaerri Xmas tree topiary A (NEW)
From inventory: chandelier - *HEXtraordinary* ; birch candles - Fancy Decor;furs on ground - *SW* ( old); cigar box - [zerkalo];tabby - Foxwood

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

it's lonely

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It's lonely in the bar and in the lounge.
Nic is wearing a dress from //MONUMENT//. A shop that i didn't know until now. I was visiting Black Friday and Cyber Monday by Redeux and saw the stand from that shop with this dress in sale there ( 35% off). You get the dress in mini and the longer version. It's an elegant one in my opinion. The event ends today blog readers. So hurry up for this and for all the presents there. I can tell you there are realy beautiful presents between all what you can grab. So don't miss this last chance and go and grab all.
I liked for example the sexy lingerie from {le fil casse}. Shown on the second picture. But also decoration items i loved. Go and grab for example the gift at the Libertine stand. Realy beautifully made vintage balls for Christmas. You get the balls alone and on a stand and in an opened box.
Nic is showing you boots from Pure Poison at Kustom9. Comes of course with a color hud also for the side part of the boot.
The bento rings are from amias from the gacha at Shiny Shabby. 24 commons with hud for stones and metal colors. 2 rares ( see at the picture with the lingerie) also with a color hud for the metals and the stones. On the first and third picture i use all the rings( common and rares)

Dress: //MONUMENT// at Redeux - //MONUMENT// - One Shoulder Dress [RED] ( sale 35%off)
Lingerie: {le fil casse} at Redeux - Alana skirt and top Black Friday & Cyber Monday Gift - {le fil casse}(free)
Boots: Pure Poison at Kustom9 - Pure Poison - Ada Boots (NEW)
Rings: amias at Shiny Shabby - amias - REIN gacha
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins at eBENTO - 7 Deadly s[K]ins - KIRSTIE (NEW)
Pose last picture: *CH* - *CH* Hip Treat
From inventory: Hair - Stealthic (passion ) ; head - LeLutka; necklace - amias ( group gift ) body - Maitreya; choker - Osmia; boubon bottle and glass - Salacity; books - Mesh India ( MADRAS); candles in bottle - [[E:L]]
Pictures made at: Babylon Berlin
Bye bye, Nic

Monday, November 26, 2018

baker's fail

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She tried a cake in pink and chocolate and a white/red one. But she is totally unhappy with the result. See the pink chocolate's a mess. All hanging down at one side. And she is just trying to make the white/red cake more festive, but the result is very poor so far. She is now trying to get some ideas from the cookbook. The base from the red/white one and the cake toppers texts: "Bride and Groom" "Best Day Ever"and "Mrs & Mrs"  are from + MACCA+ at the Boardwalk event. A bit strange Nic on a cake for a man and wife putting a Mrs & Mrs text! You get the toppers in 5 colors, but i changed them in the colors fitting to the cakes. The whipped cream and the bride and groom dolls i bought at Marketplace.
On the floor a rug from THEORY, available at boardwalk. From THEORY are also the Pear Cloche and the Candle Lanterns. Another one from the Boardwalk event is the little moldy wood buffet from Thistle. On the buffet items from dust bunny and Serenity Style from Nic's inventory. Yes she baked more!
Today she even didn't notice that the tabby did eat a lot from the clotted cream. Disaster day!
Nic is dressed in a strict dress for a maid. The dress is free at {Le'La}. Many gifts in the shop and many lucky boards. This one is a good one for Role-Play.
The boots are again from Pure Poison ( same as in the post from yesterday. The hair is another gift at Love hair. In her hair a mobcap from KiB Designs, part of an outfit i once blogged.

Dress: {Le'La} - {Le'La} Corys dress  Gift ( free)
Boots: Pure Poison - Pure Poison - Ada Boots
Hair: Love - Love [War Paint Hair & Kitty Ears] *FIX* Full Pack (free/ group join free atm)
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins at eBENTO - 7 Deadly s[K]ins - KIRSTIE (NEW)
From inventory: body - Maitreya; head - LeLutka; mobcap - KiB Designs

Home: dust bunny - dust bunny The Dreamers Cottage (gacha/ Rare)
Cake toppers: +MACCA + at Boardwalk - + MACCA + : Cake Toppers (NEW)
Cakes: + MACCA + at Boardwalk - + MACCA + : 3 Tier Cake : Filigree (NEW)
Rug,pear cloche and candle Lantern : THEORY at Boardwalk - THEORY Antique Caucasus Rug, Glitter Pear Cloche and Candle Lantern (NEW)
Little  Buffet: Thistle at Boardwalk - Thistle Little Buffet Moldy Wood more colors available ( NEW)
Cake Counter: DRD - DRD Baker's Fail Cake Counter
Cake topper bride and Groom dolls: Evolving - Evolving Bride and Groom cake topper ( 45ld)
Whipped cream: AllanBeresford - Protec Sculptmaps -Whipped cream
From inventory: ABC Vintage frame - Sari Sari; Frame with angel - Abiss and picture from a very good  friend; curtains - Cherry house ( gacha); banana plant - old Shiny Shabby gift; cats - (fd); tabby - Foxwood ( at Kustom 9); tradition bar stool -N4RS; sven stool - BIGBULLY; rose in glass vase - MADRAS; scattered papers - Soy.,baking products - Serenity Style and dust bunny

Sunday, November 25, 2018

sexy elf

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She's Santa's sexy elf. Santa is doing his last check of his list. And then he will fly away already. It will be Christmas soon. Days are busy and time is going fast then. The sexy Elf will help her Santa. She will bring presents everywhere with her platform hand trolley.The trolley with poses is from Cara & Ella's Gifts, a release at Boardwalk.  The Santa with the Christmas tree is from Tyler's Treasures, a gift at the Black Friday Bazaar.
And wow isn't your elf helper sexy in her dress from *SK* mr. Claus? I bet you want join her walk.
The place where they start is heated a bit by the winter Holidays wood stove from Torax Tree ( a present at the Black Friday Bazaar. The snowflake rug is also a present there from the Style Loft.

The dress is a release at the Sense event. Comes in several nice colors.
The tattoo, like in the blog post from yesterday, is from Lush, a special at The Black Friday Bazaar.
The boots are from Pure Poison. I love the boots from Pure Poison very much. These you can find in the main shop. Comes with a color hud. The beautiful bento feather wings are from Blueberry.

Last but not least the hair: It's is important to tell you that you can join the Love group ( from the hair shop) for free now. You immediately can pick up the group gifts and then also tp to the Black Friday part of the shop to pick up another three gifts. Nic's hair is one of the group gifts ( a fatpack)

Dress: *SK* at Sense - * SK * Zara Fatpack (NEW)
Boots: Pure Poison - Pure Poison - Ada Boots
Tattoo: Lush at BFB - Lush - Holiday Chest Tattoo - 7 Pack  OMEGA ( 25% off) and a gift there
Hair: Love - Love [Love Myself] Unrigged Hair [VIP GIFT] (free/ group join free atm!)
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins at eBENTO - 7 Deadly s[K]ins - KIRSTIE (NEW)
Wings: Blueberry - Blueberry Icon - Angel Wings Bento

Snowflake rug: TSL at BFB - BFB Group Gift -The Style Loft (free)
Stove: Storaxtree at BFB - Storaxtree - Winter Holidays Wood Stove (free)
Santa and Christmas tree: .:TT:. at BFB - .:TT:. SANTA'S LAST CHECK OF HIS LIST (free)
Platform trolley with presents: Cara & Ella's at Boardwalk - Cara & Ella's Gifts R Coming (NEW)
From inventory: Christmas mail box - {what next}; other Christmas mail box- CHEZ MOI; trees - Skye; snow forms - Pixel Mode; Stars or snow - Persefona; log basket and Christmas present box - Yasum ( old gifts); robin santa's - Mish Mish

Friday, November 23, 2018

naught & nice

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Naughty & Nice.. .yes she can be both!

Naughty & Nice is one of the Holiday chest tattoos from Lush. It's from a tattoo pack with 7 chest tattoos. Very cute texts! I will use them more for sure when Christmas is near. The pack is 25% off at the Black Friday Bazaar. A "Merry Christmas" chest text tattoo is the gift from Lush at the Black Friday Bazaar.
Today i did a happy dance because i am now blogger for amias. When you follow this blog you know that Nic is often wearing necklaces from that shop. And i showed you for example the golden shoulder and hand skeleton accessories.  A skin and freckles Nic was also once wearing on the blog.  I love what the designer Lany Jun makes. It has a very good quality. Thanks Lany!
From amias you can see here the dress with the stole (come with a color hud for fur, metals, dress, belt and pantie) and the gloves ( comes with a hud for many colors of the gloves and the metals).  All new releases at Tannenbaum. Nic is also wearing male bracelets from amias a release at the Mens Dept. Wearing male bracelets gives her the feeling of wearing HIS stuff, like his male shirt as nightie, not long ago in a blog post. The necklace is an old gift from amias.
Nic's hair is from Wasabi, from this weeks Fifty Linden Friday. I made the dark grey color a bit darker.
Nic's skin is a new release from 7 Deadly s[K]ins at eBento. Nic is wearing skin tone pineapple
The bag is from Belle Epoque, a groupgift. Comes in several colors.

Dress and stole: amias at Tannenbaum - amias - LIVIE pack -(NEW)
Gloves: amias at Tannenbaum - amias - LIVIE gloves pack - (NEW)
Necklace: amias - amias July group gift ( free)
Bracelets: amias at TMD - amias - KILIAN pack (NEW)
Hair: Wasabi  for FLF - Wasabi // Ginny Mesh Hair - FLF Exclusive pack (50ld/FLF)
Tattoo: Lush at The Black Friday Bazaar - Lush - Holiday Chest Tattoo - 7 Pack ( 25% off) and a gift.
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins at eBento - 7 Deadly s[K]ins - KIRSTIE (NEW)
Bag: Belle Epoque - Belle Epoque { Valentina Clutch } GG (free/ group join just 10ld)
Bye bye, Nic

Thursday, November 22, 2018

come warm yourself

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Come, when you are cold from your walk through the snow. Her warm welcome and her hot chocolat will warm you. Although her dress is may be a bit cold ...with your arms around her all will be okay. Your warmth always brings her vitamines.

The dress is a release from **Mistique**. I love the  part of the skirt with the diamonds, the texture there is a bit transparent. Because the dress is sleeveless and the scene is cold, Nic is wearing a fur shrug in balck from Mimikri. Was at the Cosmopolitans Sales Room but now in the mainshop.
Nic is wearing skin Itske from 7 Deadly s[K]ins, a release at the Sense event. The shoes with nylon part and garters are from Pure Poison, relatively new.

In the decor the Waterton gazebo from [CIRCA] a release at Swank. The gazebo doesn't come with the snow. I added the snow with what i had in my inventory. Below you can see the vendor picture. I used this grey blue version. More colors available. You  can see the new stone pathes with lights. Several versions available. And new is the bird bath.
From [CIRCA] in the main store is the Sitting Chest with the cushions, lantern and books.
In the scene the Fallow Deer Fawns from JIAN. Last week in the Fifty Linden Friday.
The table fire pit is from Sahi Designs at the Boardwalk event. poinsettia's are from Kaerri at Boardwalk.

Dress: **Mistique** - **Mistique** Clara Purple (NEW)
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins at Sense - 7 Deadly s[K]ins skin Itske (NEW/ see close-up below)
Shoes: Pure Poison - Pure Poison - Osha Pumps
Fur shrug: Mimikri - Mimikri - Jade Fur Shrug black
Necklace: amias - amias Lorri 3
Pose: L y r i u m - Lyrium. Lyrium. Isis series
Pose: Ly r i u m at Dubai event -   and Lara series
From inventory: hair - rezology ( at Marketplace/ cloud nine); body - Maitreya; head - LeLutka; hot chocolat - {what next}; panty hose- Blushed

Gazebo: [CIRCA] at SWANK - [SWANK] "WATERTON" Park Gazebo Set - Grey / Blue (NEW)
Bird bath: [CIRCA] at SWANK - [CIRCA] Pkg - "WATERTON" Bird Bath - In Grey (NEW)
Stone path: [CIRCA] at Swank - [CIRCA] Stone  Pathes (NEW)
Sitting Chest: [CIRCA] -[CIRCA] Pkg - "Hunter West" - Sitting Chest - Cranberry (NEW)
Poinsettia and twig vase: Kaerri at Boardwalk - Kaerri Boardwalk Exclusives (NEW)
Table Fire Pit: Sahi Designs for Boardwalk - Yuletide Living Pallet Set - (NEW)
Fawns: JIAN - JIAN Fallow Deer Fawn
River bridge with snow: Pixel Mode - Pixel Mode River bridge
Snow forms: Pixel Mode - Pixel Mode Snow Forms
From inventory: Trees - Skye
Bye bye, Nic

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

cold night outside

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Standing outside in the cold because of smoking. Better not smoke inside, but much better don't smoke at all.
It was however a good moment to make pictures from her gorgeous set from *SK*. How lovely is this! And original. Good quality textures. And the wow effect for me came from the shiny hairs on the top and arms of the top and the transparency. You can see it better at the picture from the pink set. All available in several colors at Tres Chic at the moment.
Another new release is the Beatrix hair from Truth. Comes ofcourse with a styling hud. I love the a bit vintage style it has. Free in this blogpost are the booties. A gift at the Black Friday Bazaar in black and brown . But i discovered that the color hud has more possibilities. I could give the boots many colors.
About the poses a big thanks for Ni Avril from the Lirium poses shop. I bought something there but the vendor gave a totally different pose. I wrote her and she came relatively fast online and checked it and gave me the right set plus ( happy dance) another set as a gift for the trouble. So sweet!!! I wasn't ready with picture making at that moment and was happy to use the pose, that i wanted (first pictures) plus another one (last picture) from her gift.  Lovely elegant poses she designs.

Outfit: *SK* at Tres Chic- * SK * Sienna Jersey and Pants (NEW)
Boots: V-Twins at BFB- BFB Group Gift -V-Twins Biker Outfitts (free)
Hair: Truth - TRUTH Beatrix - Blonde (NEW)
Ring: *Fapple- *Fapple- Bound Love Leash Ring (free)
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins at Designer Showcase - 7 Deadly s[K]ins - AMORIE GG DS GIFT (free)
Pose on the first pictures: L y r i u m - Lyrium. Lyrium. Isis series (NEW)
Pose on the last picture: L y r i u m at Dubai Event - Lyrium. Lyrium. Lara series
From inventory: Head - LeLutka, body - Maitreya

Wintery Fountain - CHEZ MOI - CHEZ MOI Wintery Fountain
Lantern; CHEZ MOI - CHEZ MO Silver 1 Candle ( old gift)
From inventory: dog - Jian; sledges - {what next}
Pictures made: Backdrop City Pose Mall
Bye bye, Nic

Monday, November 19, 2018

freaky cold

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Ice fishing inside or outside the ice fishing shack. In the shack are holes through which you can fish and sit warm. The shack is placed on the ice. This cool ice fishing set from [CIRCA] contains many pieces and is available at Boardwalk. You get the set with the ice pond, buckets with fish, a barrel table and the trees.Under the trees are deer. Another cool set is the Husky outpost from TLC. I could use it immediately as a super combination for this blog post.The husky outpost contains adult huskies and pups with animations and cold breath. The outpost has dog houses with feeders. The sledge with a puppy pulled by a puppy is very cute.
The snowy boats are from CHEZ MOI, a release at ULTRA ( till December 10th), Comes with the bare tree in a sack. Many animations for Adult or PG. A very nice love and decorative item.
On the ice the bird feeder also from TLC at Tannenbaum..
I went to the Black Friday Bazaar ( 17-27 November) because Laura told me that every boot has a gift. I found for example this winter sweater from JellyRoll, the skin from 7 Deadly s[K]ins and the hair with the cap from EscalateD. Comes with a hud for black and white caps and many texts. The jeans is an applier from *ZD*. The boots are from Bueno from the Saturday sale. You get 5 colors for 75ld! It's still available today.
The crate with pose is from *CH* poses.

Credits:Taxi to Black Friday Bazaar here
Sweater: JellyRoll at BF Bazaar - JellyRoll - Christmas Sweater  Black Friday Group Gift (free)
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins at BF Bazaar - 7 Deadly s{K}ins - JANA gift (free)
Beanie with hair: .Escalated. at BF Bazaar - BFB Group Gift - .EscalateD. (free)
Boots: BUENO - BUENO-Fringe Boot -Set 3 (Saturday sale set from 4 for 75ld)
Pose: *CH* - *CH* Mystery girl
From inventory: head - LeLutka, body - Maitreya; jeans - *ZD*

Ice Fishing set: [CIRCA] at Boardwalk [CIRCA] Blog Pk1 - "Great North" Ice Fishing Set (NEW)
Snowy boat: CHEZ MOI at ULTRA - Snowy Rowboat (BLOGGER) * CHEZ MOI (NEW)
'Husky Outpost'*: *TLC at CSR -  (till 1 December)- *TLC 'Husky Outpost'*(NEW)
Bird Feeders: TLC at Tannenbaum - TLC Fly Thru dinner (NEW)
From inventory: light strings - {what next}
Bye bye, Nic

Sunday, November 18, 2018

waiting for him near the fireplace

Click small picture to enlarge
Waiting in his Mister Lara Male Shirt near the fireplace. The shirt with bra and pantie (all useable separate) is from Neve by coldLogic. And it is sale there !! ( all 50% off till November 26th). I chose the satin set, because it is a good one for Christmas time. You get 4 colors for the main shirt and a large hud for shirt/bra and pantie. You also can make the shirt transparent.

Because Christmas will come soon and you want may be  decorate your sl home,  i am early with showing a traditional styled Christmas room.
Many items are from the Boardwalk event.
The sofa with a stool are from ~The Green Door~. The wooden coffee table with the accessories on it are from Sahi Designs. The Christmas decorations are from Kaerri; the flower vase, the tiny christmas trees, the garland with lights and the candle slab. Fireplace with candles from Z.O.E ( also in creme available).
At Kustom9 (till December 10th.) i couldn't resist to make the fat sleeping decor tabby mine. Later on i also bought there the tray (see on the ground). All from Foxwood (super quality).
Nic was busy with her new bird feeders from TLC. One is already outside. See more details below. The bird feeder has a cute style, like it is a take away drive-in. I love the idea. And the other has also a funny idea, food in the mouth of a cat. The birds sounds have turn off/turn on possibility and you can choose the loudness of the sound. All birds make movements. Available at the event Tannenbaum till the 27th of December.
At Tannenbaum i also bought the mirror from Foxwood.

Nightie with lingerie: Neve by coldLogic - neve intimates - mister satin ( 50% off sale)
From inventory: head - LeLutka; body - Maitreya; skin - 7 Deadly s[K]ins; hair - Wasabi (Kaya); sitting pose - Foxcity

Taxi to Boardwalk is here
Christmas decorations: Kaerri at BW -Kaerri Boardwalk Exclusives
Coffee table: Sahi Designs at BW - Sahi Designs - Yuletide Living Pallet Set - [PG] (NEW)
Sofa: The Green Door at BW - Dillon Sectional by The Green Door - Blog Box for The Boardwalk

Mirror: Foxwood at Tannenbaum - Foxwood ~ Delilah ~ Mirror ~ light
Tray: Foxwood at Kustom9 - Foxwood ~ November Days ~ Tray decor (NEW)
Tabby cat: Foxwood at Kustom9 - Foxwood ~ Sleepy Tabby - Decor (NEW)
Feeder Meow: TLC at Tannenbaum - TLC Feeder 'Meow's Diner'*
Feeder  `Fly thru`:  TLC at Tannenbaum - TLC Feeder 'Fly Thru'*
From inventory: sitting cat - (fd); home - Scarlet Creative (Cabin) ; rug - Lacrime dell'Anima; bottled candles[[E:L]]; pillow ( fall in love )  - [ zerkalo ]; trees - Skye,
Bye bye, Nic

Friday, November 16, 2018

lazy afternoon

Click small pictures to enlarge
On a lazy afternoon... I love to live so pleasantly ..Live this life of luxury, lazing on a friday afternoon. (text free after a text from the The Kinks/ sunny afternoon)

Nic is lazing in her room made with items from the Boardwalk event and with items from MADRAS at Equal10. From unKindness are the red curtains and the violin.
From the Boardwalk event you can see from Park Ave.: the leather chairs, the jute rug, the red console, the square side table, candles and the tripod lamps.
The wooden coffee table and couch at the right side on the picture are from The Jewel Garden from the Rustic Barn set.
The silver pine cone Christmas candles are from Lilyana Collection. The glitter pear cloches are from THEORY. The THEORY collection on Boardwalk has many Christmas items.
From the Enchantment Hunt is the needle and spools of thread "Brave Little Tailor", from Serenity Style. I made it very tiny. In the normal size you can use it as a stool.
The set from MADRASat Equal10 is called the Adriana Decor set. Contains: the coffee frame decor (on the red console), the coffee bean cups, red rose glass decor, coffee jar decor. There is also an empty cup and spoon in the set (not shown here). From *Fapple is the doggy pillow,. It's a BDSM pillow (a gift), for kneeling and sitting.

Nic is wearing pants and a top from Jana & Littles SL World. The top makes you feel sexy. And such leggings following the contours of the body so close give you also very sexy look. A good set for cosy time at home. Comes with a color hud. The choker with a gingerbread heart is from the Enchantment Hunt from Bliensen+Mai Tai. The shoes are from the last Midnight Mania Madness round from Essenz.

Outfit: Jana&Littles SLWorlds - -JL-  Melodee Outfit Leggings Maitreya
Necklace: Bliesen+Mai Tai - Bliensen+MaiTai - Gretel Gingerbread Choker (free/ Enchantment Hunt)
Hair: Doux - Doux Luna Hairstyle
Skin: amias - amias - CEMILE - medium
Shoes: Essenz - Essenz Kingston (rust) MMM
From inventory: body - Maitreya; head - LeLutka; cat -(fd); dog and first pose - Le Poppycock; pose last pictures - Amitie ( at Vanity)

Curtains and violin: unKindness ( will soon be in the main shop)- uk - The Unveiling Set
Coffee decor items ( see text) ; MADRAS at Equal10 - MADRAS Adriana Decor Set (NEW)
Doggy Pillow: *Fapple - *Fapple Doggy Pillow ( free)
Needle and spools of Thread: Serenity Style for Enchantment Hunt: Serenity Style-The Brave Little Tailor-Spools of thread HUNT (free)
At Boardwalk:
Leather chair set( see text): Park Ave. - [PA] Tyler Collection Furniture (NEW)
Pine cone Christmas Candle: -LiLyana - Lilyana Collection - (NEW)
Coffee table and couch: The Jewel Garden - The Jewel Garden - Rustic Barn Set (NEW)
From inventory: plant - dust bunny, home - Pixel Mode
Bye bye, Nic

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

spoiled like a princess

Click small picture to enlarge
She feels like a princess in a German fairy tale.You spoil her like a princess.
She is like Rose-Red from the story  "Snow-White and Rose-Red" from the Brothers Grimm. Snow-White married the prince and Rose-Red the prince brother.

Nic is wearing a beautiful gown from :::UNA::: , available at We <3 Role-Play (ends November 30th ). The jacket from ::UNA:: goes very well with the dress. The jacket is available at the Cosmopolitans Sales room (ends November 17th.). The silk is so beautiful. The dress comes with jewels and without jewels.
The hair is from the Enchantment hunt,  running at the moment. The theme from this Enchantment round is the Brothers Grimm. You need find an open book. Here are the hints and landmarks.
From the hunt is the hair with the hairband from DeLA. You get a fatpack and the hairband has also a color hud.

Nic is sitting on a bed from DRD, the Evening Romance Red Tent. The stars around her are from [CIRCA] . The string with lamps are from {what-next}. The string of lights are from +Half-Deer+.
Cushions from [zerkalo]

Dress: :::UNA::: at WLRP - :::UNA::: OLga Dress (NEW)
Jacket: :::UNA::: at CSR - :::UNA::: OLga Jacket (NEW)
Hair: =DeLa*=  - =DeLa*= Mesh Hair "SnowWhite" Hunt pack Enchantment (free/hunt)
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins at Designer Showcase - 7 Deadly s[K]ins - AMORIE GG DS GIFT (free)
Ring: *Fapple- *Fapple- Bound Love Leash Ring (free)
From inventory: head - leLutka; body - Maitreya; pillows and champagne - [zerkalo]; bed - DRD; light string - +half-Deer+; lamp string - {what next}; star lights - [[CIRCA]
Pictures made at Baroqued  Gothical
Bye bye, Nic

Tuesday, November 13, 2018


Click small picture to enlarge
The new event Boardwalk will start in two days. The event will run from November 15 till December 15. On Boardwalk you can find furniture, decors, homes, sky boxes, garden/landscaping, photo props and other creations. I hope the event will be a success. My blessings go to the organizers and designers. Because i am  blogger for the event i can show you some items earlier. Hope it will make you interested to go and shop there.

You can see on the pictures the wishful cabin from Serenity Style. The curtain comes in 3 textures. In the roof are windows. The shed is resizable. The winter garden i made from a rock snow scene from .:Tm:. Creation at the left side on the full scene you can see what the rock scene contains. Snowy trees ( not the huge ones), wolves, rabbits, bushes, plants and a snowy underground. I unlinked all to use the parts everywhere, even as a roof top layer. The topiaries with the flickering lights are from (LFG). you can put the lights on and off.  They are nice near a door in Christmas time. To decorate then you need shop now.
In the shed are some nautic items from Magnum Opus: A wooden bench with cushions, a rug, the ship wheel, oars and the decor boat ( outside in the snow ).
The high cabinet ( i made it bigger) is from %Percent. The stripes are wooden measuring slats. Very cute! Doors can be opened with a hud. I will show the cabinet also in another blog post.

Winter Pullover: Luas - Luas Winter Pullover Fatpack November VIP Gift (free/ group join 50ld)
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins at Designer Showcase - 7 Deadly s[K]ins - AMORIE GG DS GIFT (free)
From inventory: hair - Iconic ( Besame); head - LeLutka; body - Maitreya

At Boardwalk event: here
Cabin: Serenity Style - Serenity Style- Wishful Cabin (NEW)
Nautical items (see text) : Magnum Opus -  Nov Boardwalk Event - Magnum Opus (NEW)
Cabinet: %Percent - %Percent Imperial Cabinet: Boardwalk Nov 2018 (NEW)
Winter rock snow scene:.:TM:. Creations-  .:Tm:.Creation wa10 The Arctic Winter (NEW)
Lamps: Petit Chat - (PC) Chic Lamp Peach
Topiaries: (LFG) - Lynn's Flowers &Gifts - Reindeer Topiary with lights (NEW)

From inventory: big trees- Skye; snow docks - Mesh India ( now MADRAS); bench outside - {what next}; colored lights - + Half-Deer +; seagull - TLC
Bye bye, Nic

Monday, November 12, 2018

dragon gate

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No intruders wanted. This domain behind the Dragon Gate is hers. The scene is cold but she is hot!
She is dressed hot in her top and skirt from *SK*. This set you can buy at We <3 Role  Play,  till November 30th. Even if role play is not your thing, you are sure to find great items there at the event. For example this set. Available in beautiful colors.
The skin is from WOW skins for the SL frees&Offers group, a gift. It has an omega applier.
The boots are from a gacha from Scandalize. Blogged before.
The gate behind Nic is from TLC at Baroqued Gothical. Ends November 25th. The dragons are animated. I placed the gate in a snowy environment with trees and benches made by Laura long ago. Thanks Lau that i got them from you. The waterfall rock behind the gate is from unKindness.
But you can of course place this gate in a dark surroundings with castles or use you fantasy for something else.

Dress: *SK* at WLRP - * SK * Maxima (new)
Hair: Truth- Truth/Livia ( gg/ free/ group join fee)
Skin: Wow Skins  - .::WoW Skins::. Ryanne Tan (free for SLF&O group)
From inventory: boots - Scandalize ( sabrina/gacha); body - Maitreya; head - LeLutka

Dragon gate: TLC at Baroqued Gothical - TLC Dragon's Gate* (NEW)
From inventory: blue dragon - HEXtraordinary; trees and benches - Laura Azalee; rock with waterfall - unKindness

Friday, November 9, 2018


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The SLFO hunt and the Womenstuff hunt are good hunts.But i have troubles to remember from what hunt i got what present. I am getting too old for two big hunts in one month ;)! I have chosen this dress from Glitter in purple to show to you. A present for the Womenstuff hunt. In the shop there is another good dress in golden brown silk from the SLFO Hunt. What to wear with the purple dress, i asked myself,  and today i found the solution. I saw someone walking with these boots from Addams. The color matches perfectly with the dress. You can find the boots upstairs in the main shop. They are a new item in the shop, as i saw at the vendor. Many colors available. Another good match is with the earrings and necklace from Chop Zuey, also a present at  the SLFO hunt. The set has a color hud.
For good hunt tips and tips for many good free items join the Freedeology group. It's a group with very active members, searching everywhere for you on the grid!

On the market near Nic ( left on the picture) you can see the cider bar set from CHEZ MOI. An autumn market with a cider bar is good when you get thirsty and want warm yourself with a bit alcohol. On the cider bar i placed a tray with wine,cheese and grapes from Zen creations, a 5ld gift at marketplace. The honey made side board is the newest group gift from Zen creations in the main shop. The light strings are from half deer for Fifty Linden Friday. Two sorts are sold, each 50ld. This is the rainbow set. There is also a white light set.

Dress: GLITTER  for Womenstuff hunt - hunt - GLITTER ADELE Fitmesh Ruffle Dress Plum (free)
Boots: Addams - Addams // Jenna High Boots // N*12 (NEW)
Necklace and earrings: Chop Zuey for SLFO hunt  - Chop Zuey Fleur Delique set (free)
Rings: Nova/Vibing for FLF - Nova/Vibing - Amby - Fatpack (50ld/FLF)
From inventory: head - LeLutka; body - Maitreya; skin- 7 Deadly s[K]ins; hair - Clawtooth

Cider bar: CHEZ MOI at CSR - Cider Bar Set * CHEZ MOI (NEW)
Honey made sideboard: Zen Creations - Zen Creations Group Gift Honey Made Side Board (free)
Wine & Chees set: Zen Creations - Zen Creations Wine & Cheese Set (5ld)
Light Strings in rainbow: +Half-Deer+ for FLF - +Half-Deer+  Basic Stringlights Rainbow (50ld)
From inventory: market stall chairs - Silvery K
Pictures made at: KEKELAND -  BARDECO
Bye bye, Nic

Thursday, November 8, 2018

if you dare, come a little closer

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Something in the way you move..makes me feel like i can't live without you
It takes me all the way... i want you to stay (Rihanna)

A sexy dress from ::UNA:: for the Kinky Event was a good one to make these pictures in a bit luxurious chic and style club sphere. Nic is relaxing at the Chaiselongue. 

The dress you get in two versions, transparent and normal ( leather or is it more latex?) On the third picture you can see the transparent version ( the front is leather).
The dangerous spider necklace is a gift from -Elemental-. Comes with a hud with more colors. The shoes are from Pure Poison. 
Her bag is a new release from CODEX at the Cosmopolitan's Sales Room. The golden table,the kerosine lamp, and the binocular from the Victorian Jules set from MADRAS are a release at 6th Republic.The set comes in brass, iron and rusty white. 
The fatal poses are from Amitie, new at the Vanity Event.

Dress: :::UNA::: at the Kinky EventUNA. Martha drees Fatpack
Poses : Amitie at Vanity - Amitie Fatale 02 and 07 (NEW)
Necklace:-Elemental- -Elemental- 'Arachnid Noctis Necklace' (free)
From inventory: skin - 7 Deadly s[K]ins; head - LeLutka; body - Maitreya; shoes - Pure Poison

Table, kerosine lamp and binocular: MADRAS at 6th Republic - MADRAS Victorian Jules Decor Set (NEW)
From  inventory: Art Deco lamp - Compulsion
Pictures made at: Babylon Berlin
Bye bye, Nic