Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Pine's dawn

For this weeks Twisted Color Challenge i am a bit late. I had no good inspiration.  But i decided to make the Color Challenge post this evening. And to my great astonishment, when i tp-ed Soraya to get the clearance box at Izzie's, she arrived in this green dress and i was very happy to see her in this elegant dress. She gave me the link and Nic immediately dressed herself for the photoshoot. May be the dress has mostly the light green colors of the challenge in it, but the pattern lines are darker green. The pictures i made in a misty pine wood at daybreak so Pine's Dawn is exactly the good name..The light of the moon fades slowly because of the light of the day .. When i see Nic in the wet wood it is as if i can smell the pine trees.
You get 4 colors in the promo box.

 And in the night Nic visited a restaurant in the wood

Back home for breakfast

Gown: JRC - JRC Promo Mesh Gown Fat pack Fawless 2 in 4 colors 5 sizes (just 100ld)
From Inventory: Nails and ring - Gabriel ( free); eyes - Ikon

Bye bye, Nic

Monday, April 29, 2013

farewell to the queen.. welcome to the king

Today (30 april) is the day that Holland ( my country) gets a new king. King Willem-Alexander. We will say farewell to the old queen Beatrix. It will be a big ceremony in Amsterdam. And the whole country will have feast. Everywhere you will see our national colors. The red, white and blue of our flag, but also orange. Orange because the historical family name of royal family is Oranje ( orange).
We welcome also the wife of the new king, Maxima. She was born in Argentina. It is a nice idea to have a queen with a foreign background. Holland always welcomed many foreigners. That is part of the spirit of Holland. I am proud of that part of the dutch people.
Nic walks around in sl Amsterdam. The sl city is like rl in feast. Behind Nic you see the Central Station, the Dam square and a typical dutch seafood stall. The dutch love to eat frehs new salted herring.
Nic wears a orange colored dress. An  oldie from her inventory. If you want a new orange dress go to Sacha. Gowns in orange are at low prize now. And there is a hunt. You hunt for an orange colored gown. The orange crown is free. You can pick it up at the dam square. Also a male shirt in  orange there ( for 30ld) and a gown and dutch wooden shoes. The dutch bike is free near the Central Station.

For orange gowns go to Sacha
Orange crown, male shirt another gown : oranje kroon ( free) male shirt ( 30ld) gown ( not free)
Free Bike: bike ( free)
For an orange mesh dress: DragansVarg - DragansVarg iris mesh summer dress orange promo ( 10ld)
Peplum dress in orange: R&A fashion & Co - Dorothea R&A Orange
From inventory: Dress - PurpleMoon

Here you see the peplum dress and a male shirt with the new king and his wife Maxima on the back.. The male model is Lex Matterhorn. He found the shirt. I think they go party this evening.

Male shirt: You and I MT  Shirt Konningsdag 2013( 40ld)
Bye bye, Nic

inspired by Jean-Paul Gautier

Yesterday i was in the Kunsthal ( Hall of Art) in Rotterdam for an exposition about Jean-Paul Gautiers fashion. It was marvelous. That great French fashion designer has made such a beautiful fashion. The expo also impressed because the puppets had faces with expression. They could talk and move mouth laugh close or open eyes. With special effects of video. Watch this on you tube: link.Whenever this exposition will be in your country...go to see it. Jean-Paul Gautier is for many people well-known because of the marine stripes that he used. So that is why Nic now wears a marine-striped dress from Pixel Mode. The bag is from the discount part of the Pixel Mode shop. In the back of the clothes and accessorie part of the shop.
The pants are from a packet from Izzie's. Look on the desk in the shop. It is a clearance packet. many clothes inside just for 10ld. Nic didn't use the cuffs from the pant

And here the new shoes groupgift from N-core. With a hud for so much possibilities.

Pumps: N-Core - N-core Group Gift 2013 "Lulu" Red ( free)
Dress: Pixel Mode -[PM] Pixel Mode Adara Sailor - Navy
Pants: Izzie's - Izzie's - Flare Pants Full Pack ( 10ld)
From inventory: shoes - pesca ( gatcha item); scarf- jane

Bye bye, Nic

tulips on a biker princess

A new groupgift dress at Ruxy. Thanks Dancer for informing me and helping to find. The groupgifts are in a corner of the garden. Nic is a biker princess with the biker jacket. It is a part of a promo outfit from Mitsouko at marketplace. That outfit made me smile. The skirt of it remembered me of one of my first thing i bought in sl. I earned money with dancing on dancepads in that time ( we speak about 2007)  in a mall. And saw someone wearing a sort of ballerina skirt and i loved it. it is a pity that i don't have a picture from the skirt in that time. Below you see the promo outfit with the skirt that made me smile. The lace and the skirt parts are now much more soft and smooth. What a difference with the beginning time of sl.
Nic wears a necklace from Perfect Wardrobe from Pepper. The white necklace at the last picture is included in the promo outfit,  as well as the boots with lace a crown and armbands

Dress: Ruxy - Ruxy-Mesh Dress c ( free)
Necklace: Pepper at Perfect Wardrobe - ~Pepper~ Gothic Necklace -perfect wardrobe-
Jacket, shoes and white dress: Mitsouko - * Mitsouko * Biker Princess Outfit( promo 99ld)

Bye bye, Nic
I thought this dress from Ruxy had the right colors for the Twisted Color Challenge, but no. I am late and have no inspiration, so may be i send in this one. But we will see.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

fishing camp

Nic is on her way to a fishing camp. She had to stand up early to take the train. It is still dark in the streets.
Nic wears a warm sweater from NiNight Creations. The rainboots are super for fishing.They are from the 50ld sale at DECO. Ends on monday ..so run ladies. Also other nice shoes you can get. The beige brown bag is a fishing bag from the gatcha machine at Sleeping Eddy. The other bag for her bread and make-up is from the kawai fair from BSD Design studio. Nic found the bag in a shop with 10ld items. A set of 3 kawai ( sweet) colored mesh pants she also took there. But they are not for fishing time.

Rain boots: DECO - **DECO - Rainboot - Olive** ( 50ld/ sale)
Beige / brown bag: Sleepy Eddy - {Sleepy Eddy} Fishing bag Vintage ( gatcha item)
Bag: BSD at Kawai Fair - {{BSD Design Studio}}iT bag -brown( 3 pose ) ( 10ld)
From inventory: NiNight Creations;

Bye bye, Nic


Tjips shows you his combats boots from DECO. Just in time to tell you to hurry to DECO. DECO has 50ld shoe sale.The shoes sale was 4 days. Monday it will end. So hurry. Sorry my rl weekend was busy, so i had no time to warn you faster. These gorgeous boot are super in tjips opinion.
The sale also concerns all women shoes.
The jacket is from grasp. I took the black version. The t-shirt you can change with a menu. Many options. In the shop you can buy several jacket colors. The black jeans is from Santo from tjips inventory.

Jacket: Grasp - +grasp+/Fur hooded military jacket/Black/Mens
Boots: DECO - **DECO - CombatBoots (canvascamo)** ( sale/ 50ld)
From inventory: Jeans -Santo (free)

Bye bye, Nic

Saturday, April 27, 2013


A few pictures to show the nice place and the new shirt from Tjip. The nice place is "Happiness is liberty" at the sim Our Souls.This sim is open  for everyone. When it is closed in the morning it is for a while for clean duties to start a bright day. So try later. Senna is the owner of this sim. There is a Happiness is Liberty on flickr group.You can find it under: Happiness is lbierty
Nic's clothes you can find in the post before this one.The shirt from Tjip is the last groupgift from meshTheory for men.

Shirt: meshTheory - [mT] Men's Gradient Polo Shirt - Teal Exclusive ( free, but groupjoin fee)
From inventory: Pants- Gabriel; Shoes - gabriel
Bye bye, Nic

Friday, April 26, 2013

Lakewood Estate

Lakewood Estate is a very beautiful place with a beautiful home. It is just a few days open for public. I wanted make pictures there immediately. It was a good excuse to buy the new dress from Zaara.  Such a gorgeous  dress!
For the freebie lovers i made pictures from a dress from the Be Glam Hunt. Nic is standing in the home as if she is ready to welcome her guests. The dress comes with the bracelets and the ring (not shown are the earrings). The skin is the april groupgift skin from JeSyLiLo ( group join 50ld).

Dress: Zaara - Zaara : [Mesh] Aamani wrap dress *pearl*
Pink Dress: Hot Stuff - :.::Hot Stuff::.:Be Glam Hunt (1ld)
Skin: JeSyLiLo - *JeSyLiLo*::: GroupGiftSkin:::* AprilLie ( free, groupjoin 50ld)
From inventory: Brown hair- Vive9; blond heir - Truth; Lashes - Iren
Pictures made at: Lakewood Estate

Thursday, April 25, 2013

be glam

Nice dress from Sassy from the Be Glam Hunt. Find the sculpted letters " BGH ". Tip: search under a chair near the lucky boards The  vintage suitcase near Nic's feet i found at Post

Dress: Sassy - ~Sassy!~ Envy Me dress - Be Glam Hunt Gift ( 1ld)
Vintage suitcase: POST - POST Olivier travel case
From inventory: Haur Vive9; Snake bag - Fleshtone

Bye bye, Nic

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

ici la vie n'est pas rythmée au rythme de l'horloge

Africa. Nic in her lodge watches the beautiful colors of Africa. Warm red and yellow. The same colors are in her dress. The dress is from the oldies but goodies hunt at Vero Modero. Told about it yesterday.
Searching for african places to make the pictures from this african dress, i came at Africa Life. I was heartily welcomed by Patrice Lumumba. He is from Togo, west Africa. He invited Nic to come this evening, european time for a big slams fight. All in voice. "People come  from DAKAR , TOGO, ALGER and rest of the world", he said. It is about poetry or anyone text reading. Slam is a poetry reading like singing. Can be cool. So here is the airplane to that event. Starts 20.30 european time. For Patrice this is important: Helping to get a positive look over his continent. And that is also important in my opinion.

Africa live is a  meeting point for all africans in SL and for those who love Africa ! Friendly atmosphere in a savanah and sahelian environment.

Dress: Vero Modero - [VM] African dress2 (hunt gift 10ld)
From inventory: Flats - AlB Dream; Hair- EMO-tions; legging from long ago.

Bye bye , Nic

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

tjip's "Armani" suit and casual stuff

Tjip in the beginning of the evening near the boats. Waiting for Nic to come. Later on Nic still isn't there and tjip already dressed himself for dinner. See below.

And isn't he handsome in his suit from the oldies but goodies april hunt at Vero Modero?  The hunt is from april 22th till april 28th. You need find a box with the Vero Modero sign on it. Search at the back of the male part of the shop near summer tops.
On the first pictures tjip wears a jacket from meshTheory, a groupgift. The groupgifts are upstairs. You have to pay for the group, but you can take many presents immediately. The sneakers are a groupgift at Balkanik. Many sorts in the packet.
The bag and armband and scarf are gifts from sey. There is a gift shop at Sey. You can find them in the beginning of that shop.

Suit: Vero Modero - [VM] VERO MODERO GLI SUIT ( 10ld)
Striped Jacket: meshTheory - [mT]Gifts grunge jacket grey ( free/groupjoin costs)
Sneakers: Balkanik - Vintage_Sneakers Gifrgroup [BLK2.0]
Armband/ scarf/ bag/wallet chain, necklace: Sey - :SEY  Gift for LOKE_01,02, 03, 04,05 ( free)

Bye bye, Nic