Monday, August 29, 2011

sweet dreams

Sweet dreams are made of this
Who am I to disagree?
Travel the world and the seven seas
Everybody's looking for something
Some of them want to use you
Some of them want to get used by you
Some of them want to abuse you
Some of them want to be abused

Sweet dreams are made of this
Who am I to disagree?

This text is from the eurythmics.. a bitter text...and not fitting to the sweet dream atmosfere of this post... but it came in my mind.. and the music i like..

The pair of pyjamas was found by Soraya Balut.Was funny to make this post. The cute pet on the bed was the package from the pair of Pyjamas. Good stuff for a pyjama party ;)

The house and bed was from the kawaii hunt in March this all not available anymore....but i search the shops for you.
House: modest house in cacha machine for 35 linden a cute skybox and when you join the subscribe-o-matic you get a cute table with lamp ( 1 prim)
Bed: Cool Beans but no beds there ..

Pair of pyjamas and slippers: Slumber Jamz - Blue Elefant PJ & Slippers ( free)

Sleep well ...and have nice dreams, Nic


Together on poseballs from Gabriel....
Today i searched some things i not already had from the platinum hunt, because it ends at 31 august 2011. I was happy i did, because i found some very good stuff, that i didn't hunt before. My outfit is from that hunt, found at Indi designs (also a black shirt is included).
The male shirt is from Shiki a groupgift. Many groupgifts from Shiki are near the entrance.

Outfit Nicandra: INDI Designs - INDI Designs - Misha (platinum hunt)( 10ld)
Pumps: Maitreya - Maitreya Verve Pumps - black
Mens Shirt: Shiki - Shiki september 2010 group gift ( free)
Mens Hair: Uw.St - Uw.St Reed-Hair black

Poseballs: Gabriel - agp_ free Group gift set ( free)

Kisses, Nic

Sunday, August 28, 2011

simple basic

A fast post because this dress is just this day 50 ld. At the EOSS2011. And i think you shouldn't miss this. It is a basic piece, we all need have in our wardrobe. Pure and simplicity.. good for every occasion. Very elegant and sexy...
I combined it with nice hair from Lelutka, to make it all fresh, young and good-looking. The hair with the name Moss is inspired by the locks of Kate Moss.

Hair: Lelutka - [LeLutka] - Moss hair ( new)
Dress: MichaMi - Euphoria EOS Sale ( 50ld)
Necklace: Caroline's Jewelry - (Caroline's) Graduated Diamond Necklace
Bangles: Dark Mouse (was an old group gift)

Hurry up to get this basic piece of elegance, Nic


Armin Rickena..the owner of "Maschienenwerk" suddenly stopped with his marvelous shop. But i found him back with a partner Eetu Dezno. With a new brand : Santo. But some of the well-made chucks he had in the former shop, you can get again." For the ones who want to know what i am doing" he wrote in his profile. So i think this is a sort of working area. Hope you come back with lots of the good old stuf Armin.
I show pants from Armin. And two end of summer sale items ( EOSS2011) for men. HURRY . Today is the last day you can get the boots and the shirt for just 50ld. And they are from topdesigners. And in Sole Accessory also is sale.

Pants: Santo - :..Santo..: AFFLICTION_Jeans_Black ( free)
Shirt: Gabriel - ::GB:: Military shirt ( Olive) ( 50ld) also very good open sweater (50ld)
Boots: Muism - Troy Boots WHITE *Muism* EOSS2011 ( 50ld)
Belt : Sole - :::Sole Lily buckle BELT ::: (black) sale 88ld
Tee: Calypso Giano - [Calypso Giano] T-shirt rock my life
From inventory: Sunglasses and cap ( Maschienenwerk) watch ( Black Swan)

Run for the sales items, Nic

Saturday, August 27, 2011


I need to post this fast because it is sale (EOS) a few days from 26 till 28 august at Euphoria mall. So the bloggers who want look for the liver post have to scroll down please!!!!
In the shops at euphoria are 50linden summer sale items in a bag...with a picture so you can see what you get. Here is the list with teleports to the shops. I bought the silky shining shirt from Gizza. And i LOVE it. The texture is so silky that you see changing shadows.
Also i couldn't resist ( always the same problem (((( with me) to buy new hair. And yes again in my favorite hair shop "Truth". I took more pictures so you can see the backside too.
And uhm... my friend Soraya took me to the sale at Aoharu when i was out of money, but yet i can afford to buy one of the super jeans there.

Jeans: Aoharu- Aoharu_Jeans_SkinnyStraight_ White ( sale all 50% off)
Shirt: Gizza - Euphoria EOS Sale Gizza ( 50ld)
Hair: Truth - >Truth< Lara auburn ( ginger pack)
Bangles: from inventory... was from Mandala once a freebie.

Happy sale, Nic

Friday, August 26, 2011


Liver reminds me about offers people bring to their gods. Even in the Bible is written about offering the liver.
That strange and remarkable sphere i wanted catch in the pictures for this weeks colour challenge blog. Therefore i used the photo's of Desiree Dolron , a dutch famous photographer as background for my pictures. They have such a special sphere!!!! You can come see more of her work in my photo gallery. All welcome.

Although Nic looks careless ( like models are used to do) she is very happy with the liver colour stuff she shows you. The top and pants are the subscribe-o-matic gift from Cynful. When you already subscribed, then unsubscribe and subscribe again and you will get it.

Outfit: Cynful -[Cynful] - Update Group Gift ( free)
Bag: Fleshtone - Fleshtone :: Kelly Saddle Bag [Grey]( 80ld)
Belt: Gos - [Gos] Cinch Belt in Grey
Blouse from long dress: Pink Outfitters - [Pink] Poppy Sheer Chiffon Blouse - black
Eyes: Poetic Colors - Poetic Colors - new line preview - grey sky ( free)
Hair: Laqroki - Laq~Kira hair 2
Skin: Laqroki- Laq~Ania o2 [Peach] Glow skin hairbase
From my inventory: necklace and long skirt and updo hair

What about the offers in your life? Nic


Crush is the name of the shirt that you get when you join the poppycock group. The other versions are new in the shop. The bandeau is in lucky board. The boots are also from le Poppycock but not free. They helped to stay dry when i walked by accident in the water.. hehe... The hair with headband ( with colour change menu) is new at Truth. My favorite hair shop.

Bandeau: Le Poppycock - Le Poppycock * Coral bandeau* ( free)
Shirt: Le Poppycock - Le Poppycock *camisole* Crush (free)
Boots: Le Poppycock - Le Poppycock * Les Booties* treads on desire
Shirt: Le poppycock - le Poppycock *camisole* Pious reverence New!
Hair: Truth - >Truth< Juliette - Chocolat ( dark brown pack ) New!

Kisses and have a nice day, Nic

Sunday, August 21, 2011


I like the music from Amy Winehouse very much...what a pity that that great talented woman died...To honour her here a tribute post. With my new found amy hairs and a skin that fits for this purpose. I wear the happy b day groupgift dress from Iren. Happily i already was in the group. So i got the 10 colours ( See for more the previous post) I can't get enough from my Coco jacket. It fits the raw melancholic style of Amy's music.
The skin is from summer feeling hunt (LAST DAY!!!!!.. so hurry) at BeautyCode. You need find a potted dandelion.

Hair: A&A - A&A Amy blackberry ( free)
Skin: BeautyCode - .::BeautyCode::. Skin Belinda Pink Shine for SFH ( free)

Hope you never need to go to the rehab, Nic

Saturday, August 20, 2011

How to become a postaholic!

There is so much nice free stuff in sl or stuff that is so worth paying for!!!!! Look here: the pink B-day dress from Iren..totally free!!! The grey! The skin just 75 (and the skin is gorgeous in my opinion). The hair also just 10ld ( see earlier post) and the jacket in sale at Coco. Doesn't all this make me very good looking???? Can't stop posting the last days because there is so good stuff...thanks to all the good designers!

Dress: Iren - [IREN] HAPPY B DAY GIFT ( free)
Eyes: Poetic Colors - Poetic Colors - new line preview - grey sky ( free)
Skin: Natural Beauty - Natural Beauty Tulip ( 75ld)

Kisses, Nic

Friday, August 19, 2011


Chartreuse, this weeks colour for the Luna Jubilee blog, a yellow sort of green.. a bit neonlike green ....well... I didn't want this post to be too overwhelming green. So i took clothing in green and yellow tones and combined it with white.
First found my bikini with pareo, flipflops, necklace, earrings with tiny shells, hair- ankle- and armband flower, 2 sort of short pants ..also a tshirt comes with it. To much to show you and just for 50ld!!!!
A chartreuse green dress i wanted too. And yes i found something.. so worth paying for 60ld. The dress has more skirt possibilities. I show you the dress from the back side because my rucksack is so cute with the falling green soyabeans. (Once was a huntgift). The chat camera is funny: it makes pictures when you typ in chat. (A gatcha item 20ld)

Dress: Izumiya - =Izumiya=Flower One-Piece Set
Bikini outfit: Fandango - CS Fandango Green Palms Hawaiian Bikini & Shorts Set
Nails: Detour- [Detour] Nails - Neon - Lime
Chat camera: Cache-cache - .::chat-camera::.

Don't get drunk because of drinking Chartreuse, Nic

light blue

Light blue reminds me of the name of my favorite perfum in rl from Dolce & Gabbana... and it also reminds me of summerblue skies with white clouds with silvery edges because the sun is shining through. Here in Holland we have beautiful silvery blue skies, they say, and you can see it on the paintings of our old masters.
All this came in my mind when i was combining free or nearly free stuff that i found. Most had blue colour...And i like blue and jeans blue very much.

I painted my nails blue to get a perfect combination ;)
Oh and what a cuty isn't it, this top!!!!!

Hair: Exile- #12 Platinum - Exile ( 10ld)
Shoes: Pixelfashion -YIBH #73 Pixelfasion ( 1 ld)
Top : C'est la vie - ::C'est la vie !:: dot suntop with headband YIBH #43 ( 1ld)
Skirt: Kanival - ** KANIVAl** - Group Gift ( denim skirt)( free)

Don't get the blues because of reading the newspaper, Nic

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

sweet punky

Again something from YIBH hunt. A mix between soft und rough. The outfit is complete with hoodie, skirt, boots and torn socks.
The skin is with a very pink layer around the eyes..and the mouth is a bit like the mouth from a bunny with long teeth.
Search the carrot.

Skin: Skintimate - YIBH #78 Skintimate Pink overload ( 1ld)
Outfit: [Nein] - YIBH #60 [Nein]
Hair: Detour - [Detour] Nocture II - black ( already long in my inventory but i still like it )

Kisses, Nic

Monday, August 15, 2011

Start the day

Shall i first take a shower or play the piano. Ofcourse play Beethovens " Für Elise" as relaxed start of the morning!! The lingerie makes me feel romantic and light. My cheeks still wear the gloss of a deep and dreamless sleep. After playing piano it is time to drink the early morning coffee.
The skin is from the platinum hunt ( 10ld) The hair is from collabor88( 88ld). My lingerie is from YIBH now 1 ld ( other times 250 ld!) and my tunique also.

Lingerie: Armony - YIBH #70 Dreia White lingerie (1ld)
Hair: [Elikatira] - [E] Breeze Rich Brown ( 88ld)
Skin: Lara Hurley - #13 Platinum Lara Hurley skin ( 10ld)
Tunique: NuDoLu - ::NuDoLu:: YIBH #66 Tunique des fleures Bleues ( 1 ld)
Tray with coffee: Milk Hall - MHFA Cafe set ( free)

Start your day with care, Nic

sweet carrots

In the YIBH are rough style clothings but also very sweet here i show you a sweet combination i made.
The skin is gorgeous in my opinion. That cute skirt super. I combined it with the tank from Eba..but was a bit to naked i wear it with a top from Jane. And yesssss all are free and from the hunt.
The hair ..what a pity.... is not free..

Hair: Truth - Truth Serena - champagne
Skin: Filthy - Filthy YIBH skin, ivory ( 1ld)
Skirt: Les Petits Details - YIBH#47 *Les Petits Details* frou frou skirt ( 1ld)
Tank: Eba- YIBH #2 EBA ( 1ld)
Shirt: Jane - JANE intrinsic tanks -pink ( fatpack free)

Have a sweet day, Nic

Sunday, August 14, 2011


Thanks to Kamille Kelberry from the KoNeJiTaS VIP group, i could take a preview for bloggers. She has organized the Your Inner Bunny Hunt (YIBH). I was thrilled because of all the presents you can get. Immediately started to combine things. I cried because of all emotions, so my eye make-up got messy. Then unpacked the rough outfit with the baggy pants and the short top with bullet holes. And ooooh so cute it was packed in a tiny duck. Couldn't resist to attach it to my shoulder to let it go with me. The hair from Dura was properly speaking black and grey, but it made me so old looking. So i recoloured it in totally black. Then checked were you all can find this and found the carrot, you have to search for, on this rotten boat at Delirium Style. Great place for making pictures.

Tips to find the carrots:Dura, high above the entrance door. Mojo skin, outside wall left high on the lights. Outfit Delirium Style, on the boat.

Skin: Mojo - YIBH #8 MOJO ( 1ld)
Outfit: Delirium Style - YIBH #1 Delirium Style ( 1ld)
Hair: Dura - YIBH #3 *Dura*( 1ld)

Have a great hunt, Nic

Friday, August 12, 2011


Because of the word "jazzberry" i got many fantasies about jazzclubs and jazz music and dark rooms full of cigarette smoke. So i first painted my nails...took my guitar and went off to the New York Ballroom Jazz Club. Made my pictures there.
The top that i wear on stage is a part of a body from Hucci ( new in the shop)Free is my handbag and the other top, part of old groupgift from Coco Designs (a dress) and the cigarette. The black dress has a jazzberry belt :). It is from the new platinum hunt. A hunt with very good designers in it. My hair on that picture is from ( see my earier post)

Bodysuit: Hucci - ::Hucci::Nina Bodusuit - Phlox (New)
Dress: Coco Designs -*Coco*Gift_ShirredTubeDress (Wine)( free)
Skirt: Emery - Emery Skirt High Waist Black
Shoes: Maitreya - Maitreya Frenzy - Lipstick
Handbag: R.icielli - R.icielli Summer Hunt /#5 ( on the stairs)(free)
Cigarette: Yuzuya - Cigarette and Ashtray ( on second floor) ( free)
Nails: Detour -[Detour] Nails -White Tips- Burgundy
Hair on nailpainting picture: Truth - Truth hair Gabriel- from fat pack ( darkbrowns) 88ld
Blackdress with jazzberry belt ;): Izzie - #86 - Platinum- Izzie's ( free)

Let the music brighten up your day, Nic


I am always thrilled because of deep sea and the beauty of salt water fish. My homeplace in sl is called Lovina...Lovina is in real life is a place on Bali ( Indonesia). The sea there is wonderful!!!
I like the sphere of being on the beach when the sun is going down and swimming in a dark sea too.
I tried to catch that sphere in my pictures.
The swimsuit the flippers and the cute masks with bubbles coming out are from le Poppycock. Cheaper till end of august. Thanks Julliette Bade.

Bikini"s and scuba sets: Le Poppycock - *Le Poppycock* water baby

Splash, Nic