Saturday, August 31, 2013

the dark side

Hidden secrets? Shows Nic another side of herself? The dark side? It is because of the mask that Nic found, that this post was created. The mask is from the Enmeshed Into Fall hunt from The Princess Oddities. Nic also shows a new groupgift  from Pure Poison: the necklace. Old but always a favorite and already shown on this blog is the leather and lace dress from Fanatik.  It is one of my favorites.Nic was travelling in this dress wearing the new shoes from BSD. New at SL fashion week.
Oh and for those who are in the BSD group.. don't forget to pick up your new groupgift..( and with the hint in the notecard search the dollarbie at the BSD shop in Zenshi).

Necklace: Pure Poison - Pure Poison - Verania Necklace {wear only}
Mask: The Princess Oddities - {PO} EFH #21 ( free)
Shoes: BSD at SL fashion week  - {{BSD Design studio}}Modern Muse-golden (NEW)
From inventory: Hair EMO-tions (Kyra); bag - BSD; dress - Fanatik
Pictures made at : Worlds End Garden

Bye bye, Nic

Friday, August 30, 2013

une vie dure dans le cirque

From the Rock Attitude Hunt 3 ( august 15th - 15th september 2013) at Lutricias Luxuries i got this skin with the make up as if Nic is crying. Good for sharing your emotions sometimes. Sl can be hard. Search a  tiny box with the Union Jack on it and a skull (England box).
Nic shows a gift from The Enmeshed into Fall Hunt: the corset dress. The black feathers are from my inventory. I wear the boots from Duh ( see post before this post) because the boots that are included stay grey. I will write the designer about it.
The necklace i found at marketplace.

Corset  dress : Wasteland - EnMESHED Fall Gift Cirque de Mort ( free)
Necklace: *R+A* -*R+A* OnyxNecklace (1ld)
Skin: Lutricias Luxuries -  [DBF] Skin Signe (Rock Attitude Hunt)( free)
From inventory: top - Jane; legging old; feathers - Azul; Nose old

Bye bye, Nic

an overdose of presents

The presents of the Season's Pallette Hunt i love very much. That is why i show so much of that hunt. Same can be said for the Enmeshed Into Fall Hunt. The little ruffled skirt is an example of the Enmeshed into Fall hunt. The dress and shoes are from the Season's Pallet Hunt. As well as the blue top and skirt.
It took me a year ( bit exaggerated) to find the Seaons Palette hunt item in Lutricias shop
Then the owner of the shop helped me. Thanks Lutricia. Hint look under the chair that can make you happy.
From Duh Nic wears the  womens gift ( the booties). Ladies can also wear the mens gift ( Slip-Ons)
From the JPH hunt( Join the Picnic Hunt) is the romper.Tomorrow is the last day of that hunt! Search a picnic basket. On the last picture a jumpsuit from the same hunt.

Top and skirt: Sassy -~Sassy!~ Chance Encounter - Season's Palette Hunt 3 ( free)
Ruffled skirt: Lutricias Luxuries - [L] Lillemor ruffled skirt (free)
Dress: Lutricias Luxuries - [L] Solgull dress Bloggers Seasons palette hunt (free)
Boots: Duh - ::Duh!:: Women's Fringed Ankle Boots - SPH (free)
Pants : Ciel Skye - {Ciel Skye} Sophee Cargo Capris - SPH Edition ( free)
Romper: Ciel Skye - JPH #064 - Ciel Skye ( free)
Jumpsuit: AsHmOoT - AsHmOoT_S/S Coll_JPH GIFT/ Female ( free)

Bye bye, Nic

Thursday, August 29, 2013

lost beach

Nic went to Lost Beach for the pictures. It was a big mess there. All ruined. For the pictures i searched for the less ruined spot.
Nic shows some more clothes from the Season's Pallet Hunt.
The dress on the last picture from Sakide has many color options. On the last picture you see a groupgift from Sweet Leonard. The princess Choker.

Top on first pictures: Blah blah blah: blah.BLAH.blah*MESH*Anita Top ( free)
Green top: Kaitleen's - Kaithleen's SPH Top ( free)
Dress: Sakide - [ SAKIDE ] Shara Dress for SPH ( free)
Choker: Sweet Leonard - ::Leonard::Princess Choker ( free/but group join fee)
Bracelet: Pure Poison - PP Danielle cuffs gold ( free/ but group join fee)
Necklace : Pure Poison - Leah necklace ( free)
Pictures taken at: Lost Beach

Bye bye, Nic

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

fall is coming

From the Enmeshed into fall is this sweater from tjip. Search a golden leaf. He wears it with new shorts from KlubWerK for males. A new  release. There are many options in the shop. Below tjip doesn't wear his sweater to show you the pants better. The boots i once bought at the Collabor88. They are from DECO. You can get them in the shop now for normal prize.
Pants: KlubWerK -  KlubWerK.him -short- Aaron (SAND) [MESH](NEW)
Sweater: [Raynzone] - [Raynzone] ALAN autumn Got It #10 ( free)
Boots: DECO - **DECO - MESH Trench Boot (orange)**
Pictures made at DECO greenhouse

Bye bye, Nic

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

in the lounge

My friend and helper Soraya found this jumpsuit with leather jacket. The set comes with a menu for several colors. It is a pleasure to show you a few options..every option gives a totally different impression. Some retro prints are also included.I took shoes and necklaces from my inventory but there are shoes and a necklace included.

Jumpsuit with jacket: To Be Unique - alesha mesh outfit (49 ld)
From inventory: Hair - magika; brown bag - Ricielli, Pink bag - Houseof Fox ( Roman bag)
Pictures taken at: Les Reves

she caught a seahorse

A bit silly. I didn't want make pictures of Nic posing in an environment ( Although it is super at this place). So i took my seahorse from my inventory to let them pose together. My beloved seahorse from my beginning in sl. I loved to see that  tiny animal swirling around my head. I confess in the beginning of my sl i liked light effects, shoulder pets and cute creatures swirling around my  head. This one was the first i got. I also loved my very tiny halloween witch on a broom going around my head.
But that is the past.
Now Nic is a blog model and has to be fashionable. ;). There are so many hunts going on. Today i did the hunt at FLG, the second years anniversary mini hunt. You have to search for 8 small boxes. Inside and ouside the building. Nic's flowery pants and the black blouse are from that hunt. You can get a notecard in the shop with tips where you can find the presents.

Pants: FLG - 01 - FLG Mini Hunt my favorite jeans - roses ( free)
Blouse: FLG - 06 - FLG Mini Hunt Carmen Blouse black ( free)
Hair: LoQ - "LoQ Hair" Sherry Red Pack (NEW)
Pictures made at: Les Reves ( need to pay group fee to access the beach)

Bye bye, Nic

Monday, August 26, 2013


A quick post. Nic at the beach in a peach dress from the Season's Palette Hunt. I love that hunt because i love those sweet colors. The dress is partially mesh and partially non mesh. Nic also shows her the new hair from LoQ. You can change the headband with a HUD menu

Dress: Blink2Wink - Blink2Wink [Pink Cream Sunset] ( free)
Hair: LoQ - "LoQ Hair" Sherry Light Blonde Pack (NEW)
From inventory: pumps - (Shiny Things); Scarf - Redgrave; bangles - tee*Fy; bag- Maitreya
Pictures made at:  Les Reves ( need join group with group fee to get access)

matching colors

I told you i wanted show you more of the gorgeous dress from Mutresse that i bought at Fameshed.  see earlier post. I am wearing now just the skirt part of it. Because the texture colors match so well with the top that i found. The top is from a very cute shop: the second star. I love the clothes from that shop. This is from the Season's Palette hunt there. Search hig outside in front of the shopfor the hunt item.
My bracelets are from Tee*fy. The bracelets have more color options.

Top: the second star - the second star**Season's Palette Hunt GIFT ( free)
Bagles: Tee*fy - Tee*fy Colour Blocking Minimalism  Bangles
From inventoory: Hair - truth ( Swift); Boots - Decoy; Bag- Maitreya; Eyes- Ikon
Pictures made at: Inspiration Point

Bye bye, Nic