Friday, December 30, 2011

leather and snake

By accident i came in the Shi shop at Euphoria mall. And was glad to see that some outfits are on sale. I took the one with the leather that form of the shoulders and the details and the texture. But the wrap shorts with the asymetrical python side is sooooo super. The small belt through python loops is so detailed. The drape halter makes all so stylish
The my mom's bag is cute and stylish.
I wear two styles and two colours of the new gift hair from D!va because of 25000 group members.

Bag: Lethal Couture - ::LC:: My Mom's Bag [Nior]
Outfit: Shi - . S H I : L U R E (sale 100ld)
Hair: D!va - ""D!va"" more than 25000 group member celebration gift ( free)

Tssssss ( like the snake says ) in admiration, Nic

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

quick winter post

Because i love this sweater and dress now a quick post. The dress is a gift from B!asta. The sweater a groupgift from Y&R. The boots a groupgift from 22769. I made them a little bit darker to fit the rest of the outfit.

Dress: B!iasta - [: B!ASTA :] :LET IT SNOW: December 2011 gift (free)
Boots: 22769 - 22769 ~ casual couture Groupgift December 2011 ( free)
Sweater: Y&R - .::Y&R::. Knit sweater group gift 9 free)
From inventory: Scarf- Aitui, Hair-Exile, Earmuffler

Kiss, Nic

she put it in her shop for me

Yesssss she put it in her shop for me. The big ribbon cape, that is such a super combination with this leopard dress. I wrote Larcoco from C'est la vie because i saw someone with this collar and couldn't find it in her shop. Happily she was online, came immediately and now you can buy it in her shop.
The dress is from Y&R made for Project Themeory.
I was searching for a leopard skirt the one on the post from yesterday for Soraya.. then came upon this cute dress. The bag Soraya found at the Dressing room blue.
And last but not least another new hair from a super colour is in the dark blond package.

Dress: Y&R - Project Themeory item--Leopard one-piece (50ld)
Bag: TeeFy - Tee*fy Full Leather Holdall Bag Unisex ( 70ld)
Cape: C'est la vie - ::C'est la vie !:: big ribbon cape (dot black) ( 90ld)
Hair: Exile - ::Exile:: Veronique: Dark Blondes Autumn
From inventory: Boots ( see post from yesterday, legging from sweetest goodbye ..( shop is gone ((()

Raaaawwrrr ( like a leopard ;) ), Nic

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


What shoes shall i wear today. It is a luxurious problem isn't it. Nic went out for shopping. She gave herself a few ( a few^^??) lindens. She already knew long time what she wanted to have. The shortsheepskin duffle from Aoharu was on top of her list of wishes. Then the new hair from Exile. With the darkened roots of the hair it is awesome. Then she went for the new super mesh shirt with the low back because the exile hair shows the back so beautiful. And last but not least the boots. Hmmmm and then came the problem. What boots shall i wear. The two coloured ones from Coco ( so classic) or the shearling wedge boots now in tan ( she had already the 3 coloured ones for free). But when she went there ..o boy... she saw those nice brown ones with the straps and folds. Well although she feels herself very spoiled .. i also can tell you she is soo happy with what she bought.

I think more avatars, who like fashion in sl, struggle with the following problem. When you wear a mesh dress or shirt and also mesh boots. The layer that makes things invisible disappear. Hope the designers can solve it. Wearing the mesh shirt under my new jacket was also impossible.

Jacket: Aoharu -AOHARU_ShortSheepskinDuffle_Brown
Shirt: Maitreya - Maitreya Mesh Athena Sweater * Beige
Hair: Exile - ::Exile:: Carolyn: Light Blondes Vanille
Darkbrown boots: *MCS* - Slouchy Leather Boots - MEDIUM BROWN
Tan Boots: *MCS* Montana Shearling Boots CHAMOIS
Two colour boots: Coco - *COCO*_Leather&CanvasFlatBoots_Brown
Animation: GA - *GA* Sensual Girl Stand V18
From Inventory; Latte- sweater, Skirt- u.f.o (old hunt gift), Priss - bag (see other post from today )

And now rest and camp for money, Nic

new inspiration

After Christmas it feels a little bit like a new start. So because of that, here a new colourpalette. I wanted to wear my skirt from "So Many Styles". Bought it some time ago already but never regretted. It is a good one to show you. Always gives a "feel- good feeling" because it is just so pretty to see.
Analog dog pampers us with 3 hair gifts. Here i show two styles of them. They come in different colours. I show the blond versions because it combines so good with the fur poncho from Bliss ( a group gift). And the bag in brown completes all.
Last picture i added because i found the nice tube knit scarf with brooche as a groupgift from SMS (also in green). It fits well to my skirt.

Fur poncho: Bliss Couture - *Bliss Couture* Free Fur Poncho( free)
Bag: (PRISS) - (PRISS) Customer Appreciation /Christmas Gift ( free)
Skirt: SMS - {SMS} Chiffon Lacy Skirt Floral Lila
Hair: Analog Dog - Point B Holiday Gift ( free)
Scarf : SMS - {SMS} Tube Knit Scarf GG <3 ( free)

Kisses - Nic

Saturday, December 24, 2011

A child is born

It is nearly midnight and it is the night that long ago a child was born in Betlehem. That child changed the world. This eve is Christmas Eve. In feastly style Nic and tjip wish you all:

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Nic wears the marvelous gown of Gizza. My pen can't describe the realy super super design. Just watch and see and admire the beauty.
Tjip wears the suit of Gizza fitting to the outfit of Nic.
Because i also make posts on this blog for men the close-up is from tjip.

Suit: GizzA - GizzA - Christmas Group Gift [Male] (free)
Gown: Gizza - GizzA - Christmas Group Gift [Female] (free)

Have a splendid Christmas eve, Nic

Ice princess

A beautiful gown for Christmas. Ice princess is the name. A combination of lace and silk. Well i can tell you, you feel so elegant and feminin in this gown. It is a gift from PurpleMoon (group fee). And the lace pumps are in the group notices. Thank you Poulet Koenkamp for dressing us so beautiful.
And isn't dancing in this gown fabulous?
tjip wears his new sweater from Aoharu. There is a plain red version and a nordic version

Gown: PM - :: PM :: Ice Princess Gown - Christmas Gift
Pumps: PM - :: PM :: Lace Pumps in White
Sweater tjip: AOHARU - AOHARU_Christmas2011Gift_RibbedCollarSweater_Red ( free)

Merry Christmas, Nic

Christmas mix

There are so many overwhelming good quality christmas presents at the moment in sl. Therefore i show you here a mix of different things.
On the first 2 pictures a shirt from RoTteN DeFiAnCe from RD Rotten Hunt - Find the skulls instore. The skin is from the with love hunt from Atomic. I remember the days when many stood there waiting at the lucky chair. Very good japanese shop! Now it is Year's end sale in the shop. 50% off.
The dress on picture 4 is with a christmas tree with al sort of texts. Click the picture to enlarge and see better. It is from the 10ld store VMC. It is a pity that it has just one layer. Near that shop is a good shop for buying animations.
And then the two next pictures show the gifts from Cynful. I already loved these day off sweatshirts. I am happy with these christmas versions. In the christmas tree in the shop you can find a pink star. So you can get the pink off day sweatshirt... from the "where is... hunt".
You can see the silver version of the Gos boots ( posted before)

Shirt: RoTteN DeFiAnCe - Hanging Up Ornaments is the Best Part! (RD Rotten Hunt - Find the skulls instore!) ( free)
Skin: Atomic - #67 With Love (again) From... ATOMIC (10ld)
Dress: VMC - MaHh - Heather (10L)
Sweaters: Cynful - [Cynful] Xmas 2011 Special - Red / White and [Cynful] Xmas 2011 Special - Snowflake ( free)

Enjoy your presents, Nic

Friday, December 23, 2011

all white

Oh well i am thrilled to announce you this great gift of Mimikri. For the first time ( as i may believe Soraya) did Mimikri Kit the designer of Mimikri send out a present in her group. Soraya is already long time a fan of Mimikri. In that shop she stood hours and hours and day after day to decide about a blouse. The group join then was free. Lucky one she is. Now is group join 200ld ((. But the white cardigan with frills and the white leather pants ... the whole set is gorgeous.
I wanted to show the groupgift from my beloved skinshop Laqroki with the new set. The skin is a winterskin. The gift is available in the subscriber until january 5th.
Soraya's hair she just bought at Analog Dog.
The animation from Soraya is the dz821 from Kuzo.
In the Mimikri shop i spotted this model-like avatar...because she weared a totally white set from Gabriël, i immediately catched her with my camera. And it was okay to her, that i put pictures of her on my blog. Her name: Eugenia Euler. Thanks so much Eugenia.
When you can't afford the expensive white set from Gabriel and you love that cute bag with the belt..there is a sweet the groupgift at Gabriel (the Xmas 2011 gift) is the bag in red and white.

Eugenia wears:
Total set with boots: Gabriel - Megu Fur Jacket& Leather one-piece White set
Hair: Maitreya - Maitreya Nadja
Skin: Unique Megastore - Meggan M12
Nails: Formanails - free white nails with diamonds in lucky chair and board ( free)

Soraya wears:
Set: Mimikri - Mimikri - Aspen snow / Happy Holidays ( groupgift..fee to join group)
Hair: Analog Dog - Tavern black
Animation: Kuso - dz 821
From inventory and posted before shoes _ Elikatira

Nicandra wears:
Skin: Laqroki - LAQ ~ Christmas gift 2011
Bag: The Secret Store -The Secret Store - Girly briefcase - Cherry (prized down to 50ld)
Jewelry: Mandala see earlier post.
From inventory: Tights - Twosome, Skirt- Calypso Giano

Have a white Christmas, Nic

Thursday, December 22, 2011

some nice things

No long story. Just happy to show some nice new things. Untill the end of this year the prize of this set from Mandala is just 77ld. After that normal prize. The set includes necklace, earrings, bracelets, ring and nails. Realy a super deal.
The red bodywarmer is from SF Design from a hunt at BellaDiva Velvet Jazz Lounge & Shopping Village. You need find the Vinyl record in the SF Design shop.
The boots are from [Gos]. Many options there are in a menu. In my opinion is Gos a super designer with high quality stuff. It is in the advent calender from Malt.
The cute snowman is from marketplace. The cute bag is from lucky board from Tou Fromc

Boots: Gos - [Gos] Slouch Boots - FESTIVE 4 PACK ( free)
Snowman: Emma's - Emma's Shoulder Snowman: Touch Santa Hat for snow ( free)
Bodywarmer: Sf Design - sf design hooded gilet womens red ( also for men!!!) (free)
Jewelry: [MANDALA] - [MANDALA]Milky Way Jewelry Set /red ( 77ld)
Bag: Tou Fromc - [Tou Fromc*] Santa_Handbag ( free)
Blond hair: Analog Dog - Free ball - Pause Puff ( free)
From inventory: Scarf- Loop de loop scarf remodeled from Jane; tights- Twosome; skirt- Calypso Giano; belt- Gos, Argyle sweater from Blytheriko Noel a japanese designer

Have fun, Nic