Thursday, March 30, 2017

east of the wind west of the moon

East of the wind west of the moon ..there is her fairyland located. In your dreams you can reach her. She will protect you this cute and brave warrior.
Nic in her role-play outfit made with gacha items from Mushilu.  New items  released for the Lootbox gacha event. Opened 20th of March. The Fantasy Collective tried a new concept last year that worked out so well that it has spun off into its own event.  It’s like a normal gacha event, except if you win a rare, you get bonus goodies with it!  You have until April 20th to get your loot!
You can also win an armor chest in two colors to make your outfit complete. But i like it this way. Dress, belt, lance, dagger, armwarmers and boots are all from the gacha. Nic is  wearing a tattoo under her armwarmers. A new groupgift from Lush. I sure will wear that one more so you can see it better.
The headpiece is from  some time ago from EMO-tions. Available at marketplace with hair. I combined it with DeLa hair.

Outfit: Mushilu at Lootbox Gacha event- Mushilu Roque Lootbox (new/ gacha /50ld each play)
Headpiece: .:EMO-tions:. - part of .:EMO-tions:. * HEAVENS GATE * brown-pack
Tattoo : Lush - Lush Ink - Butterfly Swirls - Arm Tattoo (free)
From inventory: hair - DeLa; Head- LeLutka, Body - Maitreya; hands- Vista, Skin - WoW Skins
Pictures taken at Pals meadow Clover
Bye bye, Nic

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

like Alice in Wonderland?

 click small picture to enlarge

These large eggs remind me at two characters in Alice in Wonderland. Humpty Dumpty ( the egg that fall of the wall) and the Queen of Hearts. The foul tempered monarch, a sort of "blind fury", that had as her most famous line "Off with those heads". The large King and Queen eggs seem a combination of them, although not furious and unbroken and silent. The scene is a bit like in a children's story book. Nic in her sweet silky dress from Tashi with the flower head band, amid eggs and chickens, is bringing us a bit Easter already. The King and Queen eggs and the egg cart, the carts with egg trees are all from the Easter Gacha from Mesh India at the Cosmopolitans Salesroom. And there are more cute items in that gacha ( each play 60ld). Karthikeyan  Engineer, the designer from mesh India, is so creative. The eggs remind me also of the Russian expensive Fabergé eggs.
The antique chair and stool are from PIXLIGHTS Factory at Marketplace. From Lisp are the window of light and the lullaby flower arrangement at the left side at the full scene picture.
To complete the scene i hurried to Half Deer for the cute chickens.
Nic's shoes are from Le Fashion Whore for the enMeshed into Spring Hunt 2017. Her necklace is from the Chop Zuey March hunt at the Free Dove.

Dress with head band : TASHI at SOS -TASHI Allison (NEW/ donation for the SOS, doctors without borders Event/ till March 31) Event exclusive with hud
Shoes: Le Fashion Whore - Le Fashion Whore - Blossom Pumps - Cloud Floral (free/hunt)
Necklace: Chop Zuey at the Free Dove - Chop Zuey - Love Knot Pyrite Set (free/hunt)
From inventory: Hair - DeLa ; Hands Vista; Body- maitreya; skin - WoW Skins;

Eggs and more: Mesh India at CSR - MI Easter gacha ( New/ /gacha/ each play 60ld)
Chair: PIXLIGHTS Factory - PIXLIGHTS antique chair
Stool: PIXLIGHTS Factory - PIXLIGHTS antique stool
Window of Light: LISP - LISP Window of Light
Lullaby Flower arrangement - LISP - LISP  Lullaby Flower arrangement
Glass Lantern: *ionic* - *ionic* Glas lantern
Picture made near the M*Motion shop.
Bye bye, Nic

Monday, March 27, 2017

best place to study..... on the roof ( enMeshed into Spring Hunt)

click small picture to enlarge

In the corner of the roof she has her place to study. Sometimes looking around her at the beautiful environment.
Again i can show you some presents from the enMeshed into Spring Hunt. See info about that hunt also in the post before this one. This time i  am showing you Nic's jacket and the chair from that hunt.The chucks are from fame femme. They are from a gacha. I bought them at marketplace, because of the same dazzling yellow as the color of the jacket. A real spring color isn't it! Nic is wearing shorts from her inventory.
The books are from a gacha from Mesh India (in the main store now)
The sakura jellies ( a desert) are from %Percent created for this month's Home Whimsy event, March 8-30th, 2017. The bottle with sakura is from Silvery K for the Sakura Matsuri Event.

Jacket: Fearsum - [F] Anarchy Leather Jacket (free/ hunt)
Bag: ::C'est la vie !:: - ::C'est la vie !:: Ruth Bag Groupgift  (free)
Chucks: fame femme (at marketplace)- fame famme Sanny Leather chucks - Signature- Canary Diamond ( gacha)
From inventory: hair - DeLa; head - LeLutka; body - maitreya; Skin - WoW Skins; shorts - No Cabide; hands - Vista

Books: Mesh India - MI The Book's Gacha ( 60ld /each play)
Sakura Jellies: %Percent  at HWE -  - Sakura Cherry Blossom jellies for HWC ( NEW)
Bottle with sakura: -*:..Silvery K..:*at  Sakura Matsuri   - *:..Silvery K..:*Sakura arrangement (NEW)
Chair: The Artist Shed - Spring has sprung Chair - The Artist Shed ( free/hunt)
From inventory: small dog - JIAN, large dog - {anc} ; tulips - {what next}
Pictures made near the M*Motion shop
Bye bye, Nic

Sunday, March 26, 2017

pfff let's sit and talk (enMeshed into Spring Hunt 2017)

click small picture to enlarge

After a long hunting day they sit and talk. They sit in the SeaScape Arbor from the enMeshed into Spring hunt. The cushion has blue white stripes with an anchor. And at the top of the arbor are some leaves with roses and there is a fishing rod. Cute is the arbor with those lights.  The sakura garlands and the bottles with sakura are from Silvery K. You can get them at the  Sakura Matsuri Event ( Mar 3,2017 - Apr 2,2017).
Tjip is wearing one of the hunt gifts. Behind the arbor is a fantasy spring tree from that hunt. Another gift is the windchime.
For the hints from the enMeshed into spring hunt 2017 go here. You need search an easter egg.
Nic is wearing a new release from HUDSON's , the satin string slip dress and shoes. More colors available. I totally forgot to add the tie choker and the bracelets from the set. ( stupid me!)
The skin is again a weekend skin from WoW Skins . This one is 30ld. Told about those skins  last weekend. A reminder for you!
Tjip is showing you his new hair and beard.

Nic is wearing: Dress: HUDSON 's - HUDSON's Satin String Dress Blue ( NEW)
Shoes: HUDSON's - HUDSON's  ~Satin Strings Stilettos HIGH (NEW)
Skin: WoW Skins - .::WoW Skins::. Delia TAN 2016 OMEGA ADV APPL. ( sunday sale/ 30ld)
From inventory: Hair - DeLa ; Necklace - ANE ; pose with i-phone - Le Poppycock

Tjip is wearing:
Sweater and long shorts: Mahlberg Tailors - [MT]Mesh Denim Long Shorts & Yellow Sweater (free/ hunt)
Hair: no.match_ ~ no.match NO_KISS ~ Pack of BLACKS (NEW)
Beard: [i.mesh] -  [i.mesh] - Beard#5 BLACK (hud) - [AK] applier
From inventory: sunglasses - Sorgo; Skin - 7 Deadly s{K}ins; Flip Flops - ZED

Arbor: Bellarose Designs - Bellarose Designs SeaScape Arbor ( free/ hunt)
Sakura in bottle and garland - -*:..Silvery K..:* Sakura Matsuri   - *:..Silvery K..:*Sakura arrangement (NEW)
Windchimes: [CIRCA] - [CIRCA] "Artisan"Classic windchime (free/hunt)
Tree: ~* Sweet Revolutions* ~~*SR*~ Fantasy Spring Tree cm (free/hunt)
Pictures made at La beatrice.
Bye bye, Nic

i'm home...where are you?

click small picture to enlarge

Just one cigarette before we go inside boys. Back from Paris, but where is she?
Time for tjip again to be on the blog. He is wearing a sweater from the World Tour Hunt 2017. Find a globe. Tip for this one is: take a seat in the garden. The broques ( shoes) are from an outfit at the menstuff lounge. The jeans is also from that set. Included is a nice jacket with shirt and tie. But such jacket's i showed before on the blog so he is wearing the sweater. For driving it's more comfortable. And it's weekend now.
The car is the groupgift from AXL Pro at the moment. There is group join fee but  you get so much nice items every time.. it's worthwhile to be in that group guys. You get cars and houses.

Sweater: Miss Darcy -  Miss Darcy - Tunic - Homme - Le Coq (World Tour Hunt hunt 2017/2ld)
Jeans and shoes: *PowerDesign* at The MenStuff lounge - part of MS Lounge Gift by *PowerDesign* (free/ group join 50ld)
Car: AXL PRO - AXL pro box - Cheyenne Cuddle Car - Ivory ( free/ but group join fee)
Home at the background:  Scarlet Creative- Scarlet Creative Stardust Cottage
Bench: [CIRCA] - [CIRCA] "Cyprus Escape" Bench
White flowers on the first picture: Heart - Heart  - Wild Flowers Queen Ann's Lace
From inventory: Hair - EMO-tions ( skip a beat / at marketplace ); skin - 7 deadly skins; Suitcase- Shiny Shabby ( old gift); attache case - shops gone
Pictures taken at: Neva River, Isle of Serendipity
Bye bye, Nic

Saturday, March 25, 2017

live your dream... dream your life

 click small picture to see full size

Her World Tour office at the beach.
Yesterday i hunted a bit. Two hunts: the World Tour 2017 hunt (March21 - April 31) and the Into the Blue Hunt (March 1 - March31) and i ended up with several nice findings.
For the World Tour hunt you need find a globe (2ld), for the Into the Blue hunt a blue butterfly. The desk set ( the desk with decorations, the wall shelf and the chair) from Pixel Creations and the beach set ( fence, surfboard, life belt and torch ) from Dreamscapes Art Gallery and the USA wedges ( laying on the ground) are from the World Tour 2017 hunt. There are several pathes to follow (info here).
The wedges are cute. Not matching this outfit now. So that is why they are on the ground. And there is another problem: it's a pity they are coming through the legs when the legs move. So i use them as rezz objects ( also cool) May be the designer can change it, i hope. Otherwise you can use them under wide trousers. We females are creative with solutions aren't we girls?
The beach towel rack ( 2 versions/ him and her/ him and him/ why not her and her i asked myself ?) is the new groupgift from Shutter Field.

From the Into the Blue hunt are the necklace and the top. Nic's hair is from Tram at the Crossroads. You can find it in the mens part at the event. She the backside below.
Nic is using a skirt from Blueberry from the luxe box from last year. Wedges from REIGN ( old gift)

Top: Miss Jewell - ITBH Miss Jewell Female (hunt/free)
Necklace ( comes with earrings) : DarkMatter - ITBH object  # 22 (Darkmatter) (hunt/free)
Hair: Tram at the Crossroads - tram G0220 hair / HUD-A (NEW)
Skirt: Blueberry - Blueberry Luxe Box ( june 2016) - Lover skirts
From inventory: Wedges - REIGN; Head- LeLutka; Hands- Vista; Skin- WoW; Body - Maitreya

Beach set: Dreamscapes Art Gallery - *Beach Set* - Dreamscapes Art Gallery (hunt/ 2ld)
Wedges on the ground: ::REA:: -::REA:: USA Heels MID (2ld)
Office: PIXEL CREATIONS - Adventurer's Desk - 15 Europe WT2017 [PC] PIXEL CREATIONS(2ld)
Beach towel rack ; Shutter Field - [sf] beach towel rack - his & hers - group gift (free/ group join 20ld)
Office sign: Noller's Art Gallery - Office sign (9ld)
Lights: [we're CLOSED]  - [we're CLOSED] party lights
From inventory: Beach home - AXL Pro ( showed before on the blog)

Forgive me some of the criticisms this day please. I realy appreciate very much all the hard work from the designers,  their creativity, and their kindness to please us with gifts!
Pictures made at: La Beatrice.
Bye bye, Nic

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

in the old garden greenhouse ( two posts today)

click small picture to enlarge

This old garden greenhouse is from the Deco(c)rate Box from March. I like this one so much. The textures are gorgeous. Even rain/ moisture drops on the windows.
Deco(c)rate is a monthly mystery box filled with high quality decor, home and garden items from very good designers. If you would like to purchase this month Deco(c)rate, it's available at the Deco(c)rate HQ for full prize. You can join every month before the 8th to get the mystery box for half the full prize. More info here. I decorated the greenhouse with many free items , for example from the Purple Connection Fair. Run to that Fair for your gifts because it can close any moment. I don't understand why it is open just for 7 days when the purpose is fundraising for Relay for Life.
From Mesh India you can see some items from the gacha at the new round of the Cosmopolitans Sales Room.  I will show you more items in next posts.
Nic is wearing a long shirt, the new groupgift from !gO! Good for working in the greenhouse or the garden or just for lazy days.

Shirt:!gO ! - !gO! Miranda Chemise - Group Gift
From inventory: Hair Lamb ( Lovesong); Wellingtons- Petite Mort-( old gift)

Old garden greenhous: [keke] - [keke] for Deco(c)rate
Yellow chair: Ariskea - Ariskea[March] Group Gift Chair (in yellow and orange)(free)
Welcome mat: Kalopsia - Kalopsia welcome mat
Potting table: [Circa] - [Circa] Botanical garden potting table
Tree: Kitty Creations - part of outdoor cuddle benches Kitty Creations ( free/ WYCH/ till 25 march)
Book stalk: Mesh India at The Cosmopolitans Sales Room - MI Bookstalk ( gacha/60ld per play )
Lamp Book - Mesh India at CSR - MI Lamp Book ( gacha/60ld per play)
Seedlings: sari-sari - Mrs. Bumpkins seedlings (gacha/50ld per play))
Plant in the door opening: unKindness at C88 -   part of Ariskea & Unkindness [Solace](NEW)

Taxi to The Purple Connection Fair 
Purple chairs: Lacrime dell'anima at Purple Fair -  Relay Purple Talk Chair Set ( free/ was still open at 23March)
Hibiscus: Simply Shelby at Purple Fair  - Purple Connection gift -Simply Shelby (free)
Potatoes : PPK at Purple Fair  - PPK Sack of Potatoes dispenser (free)
Closet: LULUs - White old Woode Mesh Closet 0 ( 10 ANIs ) 5V  (free)
Orange flower in bottle: tiar at Purple Fair - - tiar Love dance flower gift ( free)
Herb frames (in closet): (Dream of Medieval Crafts)- A Gift from (Dream of Medieval Crafts)(free)
Lavender garden ( small picture): "Moon Sha" - Purple Connection gift "Moon_Sha"(free)
Pictures take near the [keke] shop
Bye bye, Nic

destination unknown

I am sailing...'Cross the sea
I am sailing,...Stormy waters...To be near you,..To be free

Lyrics from Rod Stewart. Nic's destination however is unknown. But may be when the water is not too deep she can reach him. The two kings children can reach each other i hope. You will never know. Below you can see, she has a bottle with a letter, in case all goes wrong.When her mobile phone is useless she can let her message go with the flow over the water. A bit primitive, i know, but romantic. Nic loves romance.
Nic is wearing a dress from  a present from the Designer Circle birthday. Good for summertime. The heels ( very useful at a boat haha) are from H@s. The necklace and glasses are also gifts at the Designer Circle. Found this lovely hair from Lamb back in my inventory. At the moment you can get nice hair from Lamb at The Arcade.
The jacket over shoulder is a gift from ::K::. You get two colors pink and grayishblue and it's unisex.

Dress: zOOm Gift  at Designer Circle - Strapless mini dress zOOm Gift - Anniversary Round (free)
Jacket: ::K:: -  ::K:: Justin Accent Jean Jacket Homme/Femme Group Gift (free)
Sunglasses: MISSNOISE at DC - Missnoise_style + ROUND SUNGLASSES TORTOISE (free)
Necklace: StormCrow Design's at Designer Circle - part of Jewelry Set V1 Gift Designer  Circle 150ND Round ( free)
Boat: {vespertine} - {vespertine} unknown row boat
From inventory: Hair- Lamb; Shoes - H@s, Head Lelutka, Skin- LAQ (Wilma); Hands- Vista; Head - LeLutka; bottle - Zenith
Pictures made at: Lunatica
Bye bye, Nic

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

chambre du printemps- spring garden abode

click small picture to enlarge

Woot this  is a lovely spring home! It is the garden bard abode from Trompe Loeil. Green growing things, tea in the garden – two of my favorite things can be yours as well! Settle into this Garden Bard Abode and enjoy spring the way it was meant to be! I love the greenhouse style windows from this single room cottage with enough space  for many things.
I always go sneak into empty house or partly empty house to make a decor scene with what i want to show to you. Today lots of items from the gacha from Plaaka. The table with ivy pot and the factory lounge sofa are from the gacha at The Arcade March round. The blue sofa and the vases with the yellow flowers and the old shoebox cabinet is from an old gacha ( winter 2015) from Plaaka. I found all at a yard sale. Even the packages in which you get your stuff are super cute. For example the items from the Arcade are packed in a wearable tray with coffee to go. The pencil sharpener on the table with pencils is the package from my other items.
The white Ottoman is from Salacity, called pin-up pouf  photo prop. Also a hide pouf option so you can use the poses with other objects.  The tulips are from {what next}( showed them in more posts. The picture frames on the wall are a gift for the AAH group (All About my Home) a collaboration from Shutter Field and Decor Junction.I filled them with pictures from Paris.
Nic's dress is from the KiyomizuHunt2017spring. Find the black cat.
The bag and the cardigan are from the gacha at The Chapter Four ( ends 25th march) from  C'ést la vie. Hair from Pr!tty. The necklace is one of the many birthday gifts at Designer Circle from StormCrow Design's

Dress: M*Motion - Sakura Dress KiyomizuHunt2017spring#1 M*Motion (free)
Nails: *petit chambre* - (pc) SAKURA Nail *GG[Mar2017]** (free)
Cardigan:::C'est la vie !:: at TCF (March 2017)-  ::C'est la vie !:: Assi Gacha Cardigan (oatmeal) (gacha)
Bag:::C'est la vie !:: at TCF (March 2017)- BagL ::C'est la vie !:: Assi Gacha Bag (oatmeal) [BOX] 1(gacha)
Necklace: StormCrow Design's at Designer Circle - part of Jewelry Set V1 Gift Designer  Circle 150ND Round ( free)

Garden abode: Trompe Loeil - Trompe Loeil Garden Bard abode.
Picture frames: Shutter Field and Decor Junction -  DJ / SF Picture Frames - AAH Gift (free)
Tulips:{what next} - {what next}  'Emma' Tulip Bouquet - Full Set (old FLF item)
Vases: PLAAKA - FlowerVase Yellow (gacha/winter 2015 )
Cabinet: PLAAKA - Old Shosebox (gacha/winter 2015)
Sofa: PLAAKA- PLAAKA - PencileHouseSofa Blue (gacha/winter 2015/)
Table: PLAAKA at The Arcade (March 2017) -PLAAKA - FactoryLoungeTable (gacha)
Chair: PLAAKA at The Arcade (March 2017) - PLAAKA - FactoryLoungeSofa 1seater Square 1(gacha)
Ottoman: Salacity - Salacity - Pinup Pouf  with three textures (NEW)
From inventory: Shoes - H@s; Rug - Pixel Mode; Head- LeLutka, Hands- Vista, Skin- WoW; body- Maitreya; Poses - le Poppycock; nail pose - Chisa Creation; Hair - Pr!tty
Pictures made at

lovely lazy

Still day dreaming. I love to see her this way.
The dress is a new release at Mystique. Nic is wearing her shoes from Reign from some time ago from the Luxe Box. The necklace with rose is from the set from Maci ( see the post from yesterday).
The bracelet with rose is from !IT! from Nic's inventory.
The hair is the new release from Tameless. Skin used  from WoW skins ( the 35ld  item from Saturday) with make-up from LAQ (Wilma). Showed it in the post before this one. Today no free items. It's just the dress that i wanted show. I already made this post before the post from yesterday. First the idea was to show the clothes from yesterday and this dress in one post. But to get full attention for all the clothes, i made two posts.

Dress: Mistique -Mistique- Reja White ( NEW)
Hair: Tameless Hair  -Tameless Hair Grae -(NEW)
Necklace Maci - Maci ~ Blossom Outfit (exclusive items for SOS Event/NEW)
Skin: WoW - .::WoW Skins::. 2016 Erica Tan ( was 35ld last saturday)
From inventory: Shoes - REIGN; Head - LeLutka ( bento); bodu - Maitreya, Hands - Vista, eye make-up - LAQ;  bracelet- !IT!
Pictures made at: healing of the heart
Bye bye, Nic

Monday, March 20, 2017

i'll be your anchor

I'll be your anchor ...It's written on the cushion from the hammock. Nice idea. But i think Nic isn't very active with thoughts about being a rescuer on the first picture. She is sleepy and lethargic, half asleep. May be she is wandering around in a nice day dream. Must be a sensual one for sure.
More active and alert on the second picture. Nic is wearing clothes from Maci for the SOS event ( march 18th - April 1st). A fundraising event for MSF (Doctors without Border) On the first picture you see the exclusive for the Event. There are also pants, heels, a purse and pant flats in the set. The shorts on the second picture is an exclusive hunt item at the SOS Event. Costs  15 Ld all goes to MSF . Find the spoonful of sugar bowl in the shop at the event. Very easy!There is also a nice promo in the shop (50% for fundraising)
Nic is wearing a skin from WoW it was the saturday 35ld item. Ofcourse that one is gone, but i tell about it here, so you know, you can check every weekend, if you want a nice skin ( not sure if you need be in the WoW skin group). This one has omega appliers. Nic is wearing sneakers from Drops the gift for Valentines day. You can buy those now for normal prize. The designer has so many colors in the shop. All well made. There is a new groupgift too. Cute blue/white striped flip flops with a very good quality. Resizeable  so may be also good for males. See below.
The hair is a new release at Tameless. The pose on the second picture is  from the 2ndLevel event, a gift ( i changed it a little bit with the animare hud)

Full outfit: Maci at SOS EVENT - Maci ~ Blossom Outfit  Special ( fundraising Doctors without Borders
Shorts: Maci at SOS - Maci ~ Blossom Shorts ( 15ld/ hunt item easy to find/100% for fundraising )
Hair: Tameless - Tameless Hair Grae  with hair base appliers (NEW)
Skin: .::WoW Skins::. - .::WoW Skins::. 2016 Erica Tan ( was 35ld item last saturday)
Pose last picture2nd Level Event - Natsumi 1 by Zipi Poses (free)
: Natsumi at
From inventory: Sneakers - Drops ( now flip flops as groupgift /see picture below);Bracelet with roses - !IT!; body - Maitreya, Head - LeLutka (bento); Hands - Vista ( bento); eye make-up - LAQ
Pictures made at:  healing of the heart 
Bye bye, Nic

Sunday, March 19, 2017

sunny afternoon

click small picture to enlarge

Again a relaxing Nicandra. She is showing you her new dress with scarf and boots from the camp chair at LaGeeny. The dress has a colorhud with many colors and textures. Her glasses are a gift from [kusshon]. Click the glasses and you can choose all sorts of colors in the hud.  Nic is wearing hair from Iconic ( old hair fair present 2016)
In the room new items from Mistique in eastern sphere a bit already. The low seat with the blanket and the tulip pots. You can edit parts and rearrange where for example the pots are standing. You also can influence the full bright or non full bright colors. Near the wall is an Easter egg planter. The dark lamp and table with red flowers are also a new release at Mistique.The comfortable chairs are from Scarlet Creative from the Arcade gacha in winter time. Not very expensive at marketplace now.

Dress  with scarf and boots: LaGeeny -.:LG :. [AMBER] (free/ camp chair)
Glasses: [kusshon] & poetic colors - [kusshon] & poetic colors: pearl eyes glasses (free)
From inventory: Hair -ICONIC; Head- LeLutka; Skin- LAQ; Hands - Vista; Coffee - 8f8; pose stand - Le Poppycock

Low seat with blanket and tulips: Mistique - Mistique- Low seat Jemma Pink (NEW)
Easter planter: Mistique- Mistique- Easter egg planter Lilac (NEW)
Dark table: Mistique- Mistique- Table Noir (NEW/ now 60ld weekend sale)
Stacked crates blue ( below): Mistique - Mystique Stacked crates blue ( 35 ld sunday item)
Dark Lamp: Mistique- Lamp Noir - Mistique- Lamp Noir (NEW/now sixty linden weekend sale)
Arm Chair: Scarlet Creative - Scarlet Creative - Arcade - Grace armchair (gacha/ see marketplace)
Wall art: :HAKEI: - :HAKEI: - Art Gallery Wall (120ld)
Carpet: :HAKEI: - Save room for my love_ gacha save room for my love (69 each try)
Pictures made at: The Mill
Bye bye, Nic
Nice for a beach house

Friday, March 17, 2017

store credits and presents

click small picture to enlarge

I had some store credits and went for a nice shopping tour. From Nadja i got some time ago a present, a store credit card from Dead Dollz. Dead Dollz is one of my favorite shops. It was too difficult to decide what to buy, but today i decided to buy this one. So lovely. Thanks Nadja. Then i went to Truth. One of the groupgifts was some time ago a store credit card. Hearing my total amount of credits i was amazed. It was more then i expected. I bought  this updo with wild loose hairs. Perfect for Nic and perfect to show the nice back of the dress.The boots are from anny's Fashion as well as the leather dress ( see below).
Nic's skin is a new release from 7 Deadly Skins at The Skin Fair. The hud is very easy. One click and all changes. Omega Slink Maitreya Lelutka appliers. I love easy huds.
In the room you can see a new brown leather couch from Salacy with accessories, including a "shabby" texture set for all. It has 79 PG poses/54 animations, with solo, M/F, and F/F. Only 7 prims/11 LI.
On the ground a Rug from Kalopsia at the Arcade ( thanks UNA!). The rack on the wall with cups is a groupgift at Death Row Designs. The rack with books for the kitchen is from irrie's Dollhouse , a gift. For the galaxy tapestry you need to hunt at [Circa]. It is the gift from that shop for the Twisted Hunt. The egg plant is a gift at The Liaison Collaborative from 22769.

Dress: Dead Dollz - .::Dead Dollz::. Anja - Black
Skin: 7 deadly Skins at Skin Fair -- Wednesday Full Hud Marshmellow (NEW)
Hair: Truth - TRUTH HAIR Cerys -  light blondes ( bought with store credits/ groupgift)
Shoes: anny's Fashion - aF_Ankle Boots Black (NEW)
Leather dress below: aF - aF_Fit Mesh Leather Jacket and Shirt Black (NEW)
From inventory: Head- LeLutka ; body - maitreya ; Hands Vista; Poses - Le Poppycock; Bracelet - Bauhaus Movement ( old gift)

Leather couch: Salacity - Salacity - Frat House Couch (PG) (NEW)
Self with cups: DRD - -DRD- GG - Rustic Kitchen - Shelf - Spring (free)
Bookshelf: irrie's Dollhouse -  i { DH } Recipe Bookshelf Group Gift (free)
Rug: Kalopsia at The Arcade - Kalopsia Bibi's rug - purple (new/ gacha)
Egg Plant: 22769 at TLC - 22769 Egg Planter (free)
Tapestry: [Circa] - [Circa] "Infinity Solar"Wall Art (free/Twisted hunt)
Plants: Soy
Home: L2Studio - L2Studio The writer's Shed
From inventory: Crate books chair - Kalopsia; dogs  - Furtacor (old gift)
Pictures made at L2Studio
Bye bye, Nic

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

there is no other like you

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Just a short description about what you can see on the pictures because i am following the results of the elections in my country. And i am happy with the result. Proud about the democracy..many people went to vote. But the best thing is, that the result is showing, that we believe in an open society. We voted against populism. I recognize the open mind and broad view of our country, that we always had. I am happy it's still alive. It's not just nationalism that rules but the feeling that humans are all connected and part of one world.
Nic is standing in her urban farmer outfit in front of a door nook, that i placed outside with a bench, table, plants and chandeliers, all from Ariskea&unKindness. Available at Collabor88. Behind the door nook you can see an outdoor Ibiza retreat with curtains and lights. from the What's Your Category hunt from Pixel Creations The blue bench ( on the small picture) is also a present at that hunt from Kitty Creations.

Pants: Loordes of London-Loordes of London-The Urban Farmer Steals&Deals-3/17/17 (30ld)
Top: Loordes of London -  See You Wednesday Sale-3/15/17 (49ld)
Hair: Monso at Collabor88 - [monso] My Hair - Ruda /Mixed ( NEW)
From inventory: Shoes- H@s; Skin - LAQ ( Wilma skin tone  1,5); hands- Vista; head - LeLutka

Door nook and more: Ariskea & Unkindness at Collabor88 -  Ariskea & Unkindness [Solace] (new)
Outdoor retreat: Pixel Creations - WYCH: [PC] IBIZA - RETREAT (free)
Blue bench and trees: Kitty Creations - Outdoor Cuddle Benches 1 - Blue - Kitty Creations(free)
Camper: Consignment - [Con] The Cuddle Camper
Pictures made at healing of the heart
Bye bye, Nic