Tuesday, August 30, 2016

the show is over ( black part 4)

This is the last part  from the show with black dresses. And the final is the long dress in tulle from meli imako the august groupgift. The dress is a sort lingerie. Nic is wearing her maitreya pants under it, but with a high corset pants the dress is also usable for going in public ( see below). On the third picture no dress .. but a black pants with white top ( in the box 2 other colors) from Entice.. the new groupgift. Hope you liked the show. In black you can be beautiful and black is beautiful.
The updo is from [Mello] a groupgift. Shoes from ROC, groupgift.

Long dress: meli imako - MI961020 MI Strapless Long Black Tulle Skirt Dress (free/ in info and notices from the meli imako group just today 31 august and for sale at marketplace) (full perm!!!)
Highwaist pants: meli imako - MI High waist Panties ( 50ld)
Black and white outfit: Entice - Entice - Close Outfit (free)
Shoes: ROC - ::ROC:: PUNK HEELS (free)
Blond hair: [Mello] - [Mello] Lemonade Hair Pales with HUD - GG (free)
From inventory: Hair dark - FABIA; bracelets and necklace and earrings - EarthStones at Free Dove.
Shoes second picture - H@S.

Monday, August 29, 2016

no drama .. eat popcorn ( black dress part 3)

Another lovely short black dress,elegant and with nice texture, is from Mag<3.B and just 5ld. The other one is a sexy leather dress, groupgift from Hilly Haalan. Nic's hair is a new groupgift from Pink Hustler. The shoes on the last pictures are the patent leather shoes from H@s, also a new release with color preset hud and color main hud. Nic's bracelets are from Earthstones, the guys gift at The Free Dove. The necklace and earrings are the gals gift at The Free Dove from the same shop.

Dress first picture: Mag<3.B - Mag<3.B Black dress group gift (5ld)
Dress on last pictures: Hilly Haalan  - [hh] Group Gift Sammy Dress (free)
Shoes: H@S - H@S Grace Patent Leather - Multicolor (NEW)
Necklace and earrings: EarthStones Free Dove - EarthStones Free Dove Gift Box for Gals (free)
Bracelets: EarthStones Free Dove - EarthStones Free Dove Gift Box for Guys (free)
Hair last pictures: Pink Hustler - *PINK HUSTLER hair* (free)
From Inventory: Hair - Fabia ( free/see post before this one)
Pictures made near the haste shop
Bye bye, Nic

Sunday, August 28, 2016

drive in theatre (black dress part 2)

Second part of the black dress serie. On top the new release from H@s. This dress comes with a gorgeous hud. In the hud is the possibility to change the top part and the skirt part. Below i show a changed top part and another color for top and skirt. There are 20 possibilities for each part. Also very colorful ones. When you wear this dress you look sexy and elegant. And with the hud you can make a totally different look.
Another great dress is the dress from Apple May Design. It's a new gift at The Free Dove.
The hair is a groupgift at Fabia. The shoes are the reptile shoes from h@s and the metallic shoes from H@s. With super color huds.

Dress: H@s - H@S Night Date Skater Dress (NEW)
Shoes: H@s - H@S Grace Metallic Leather and reptile leather - Multicolor (NEW)
Dress: AMD at The Free Dove - Apple May Designs - Simply Dressy - Black (free)
Hair: -FABIA- -FABIA- Mesh Hair  <Valiry> Natural Tones (free)
From inventory: Bracelets - Karla's Boutique;

in theatre: every girl needs a black dress and new shoes ( part 1)

Every girl needs a black dress. It's a must have. And every girl needs a pair of good shoes. Well for Nic this is a rich day, because she found many nice black dresses and... last but not least got many new released shoes from H@s. In this post at the drive in theatre she is wearing  a stylish black dress from Vitrimi at the Free Dove. It's a cape dress and i love it. And the other black outfit is the new released september groupgift from FA Creations. It is a romper. You get it in black and white. And i love the texture. It is as if i can feel the soft satin on my skin when looking at this one. Is'nt she sexy laying like a  movie vamp on the car on the last picture?
The shoes are the reptile leather shoes from H@S, one of the four new releases from today. Close-up below ( scroll). They are super elegant!!! I will show you more ofcourse in other posts. The shoes come with a main color hud and a preset color hud. When you have a problem with the preset hud: click on the color options buttons on the right on the main HUD, then the preset hud will work perfectly.
Nic's hair is the new groupgift from Entwined, called Daisy.
The earrings are from MG. It is the flash sale item from this weekend( 50ld)
Tomorrow i show you part 2  from the serie about a black dress. In that post you can see the earrings better( but go now to the shop otherwise the sale is over) because Nic shows you a nice new groupgift hair, that shows Nic's ears better...... watch tomorrow!

Dress : Vitrimi at The Free Dove  - .:Vitrimi:. Cape Dress Black (free)
Romper: Fa Creations - ::FAC::  Kinu Jumpsuit  [September Group Gift July 2016] (free)
Shoes: H@s - H@S Grace Reptile Leather - Multicolor (NEW)
Earrings: Maxi Gossamer - MG - Earrings - Matinee Shimmer-199L$ ( in flash sale 50ld this weekend)
Hair: [Entwined] - Entwined. Daisy - GIFT!Fatpack (free)
From inventory: Necklace - Haste; bracelets - Karla's Boutique
Pictures taken near : the Haste shop

Thursday, August 25, 2016

dutch cheese girl ( 25th last day N-Uno 30ld group join!)

The dutch cheese girl is quite busy. In rl and here in sl walking around with here purple cow cheese plate. It was Laura who told me go to the free bird shop. Hit the board and you get at random one of the funny plates. Wait several hours and you can try again to get another one. I was  happy with my first try, with this purple plate because Nic was just dressed in this purple dress with sweater over shoulder from N- Uno. I was already in the group..but the group join is now 30ld. You need go this 25th of august to join for that prize  after the 25th it is the normal but high prize. Join because they have good groupgifts and group lucky boards and Midnight Mania. I hope you will read this in time.
And what about the new boots from Nic: i love them. They have a color good color hud too. They are from ROC. In that shop 2 groupgifts too and group join free.
The sunglasses are a gift from Sn@tch at the Outlet SL Salesroom

Dress with sweater: N-Uno - N-Uno - August Group Gift ( untill 25 august group join 30ld/ free)
Boots: ROC - ::ROC:: Patchwork Leather Boots  with Hud
Plate: [free bird]- [ free bird] Cow cheese plate ( ooooh nooo the free board is gone/ it is now a gacha/ each play 50ld ..so sorry!)
Glasses: Sn@tch at Outlet Sl Salesroom - Sn@tch Gift: OutletSL ( free)
From inventory: hair - Exile; bracelets - Kunglers ( The Crossroads gift)
Bye bye, Nic

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

revival of the good old hippie times

please click the small picture for a better view

Nic installed her VW bus with alcoholic drinks, smoothies and appetizers near the stage for the concert. I am soooo exited about this cute bus and all the things to decorate it. It is a new release from Silvery K for the gacha at Whimsical (August 18th - September 18th .2016). The bus is a rare item. The other rare item is the same bus in soft blue. The normal items are glasses, lights, surfboards ( large and small) wooden bar chairs, a box with coffee and fruit, drinks, a shelf with abox with cooled bottles, glasses, invitation and menu boards. All super made. The bottle with beer on the bar behind Nic is a beer giver,
The chairs with flowers are from Miss Avalie's Creations.
Nic is wearing 50% hair from Mina. Go to the mainshop for these lovely hairs. The dress is a new release from FA Creations. You get a pack with two textures. This is the vintage pack. Good for " my revival of good old hippie times" mood. There is also a black/ white pack and a denim pack.
For a beach party i needed flip flops and yeaaah i got them immediately at the lucky board at VeNus ShOeS.

Dress: FA Creations - ::FAC:: NEW RELEASE: Lindsy Summer Dress  Vintage pack (NEW)
Hair: MINA - MINA - Faith - Light brown ( 50% off hair)
Flip Flops: ->VeNuS<>ShOeS<-NANCY FLIP FLOPS with color hud for the staps and flowers.( free/ LB)
Decor :
Beach party gacha items : Silvery K for Whimsical - *:..Silvery K..:*BeachParty Gacha (NEW)
Chair with flowers: Miss Avalie's Creations - Blooming chair June Groupgift ( free)
Pictures made at Beatrice
Bye bye, Nic
Chair with flowers: g 

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

pink cloud.. diamonds in the sky?

Well the cloud is white and not pink....may be better. We love our pink clouds don't we? But pink clouds and reality....what to think about that? Anyway Nic loves daydreaming ... that's for sure.
Nic is wearing a  flirt (that's the name of the dress) dress from AlaFolie It's a present at the Mimi's Choice shop. The hud has 5 colourful textures. Also a very tropical one. But on a pink ...uhmm white cloud... you need a pink dress. And with the sakura pattern i had the opportunity to show you the sakura japanese clutch, a gift at Color me Project. Summer wedges from Venus. These are the low strapped ones with color hud. There is also a boots version as groupgift but only in yellow.
Nic is wearing short hair from Rezology.

Dress: AlaFolie at Mimi's Choice - AlaFolie - flirt 03 ( free)
Shoes: VeNuS - GIFT >VeNuS<>ShOeS< SOPHIA SHOES (free)
Hair: Rezology - rezology Moonbeam (mesh hair)
Clutch: GDit Jewelry  at Color me Project -GDit Jewelry - Japan Clutch Bag - (ups too late it is a bi- weekly event. I hope it will be there as a gift the next round. Starts the  25th)
Bracelets: Kunglers  at The Crossroads - (Kunglers) Artemis bracelets - The Crossroads Gift (free)
Pictures made near the Moon Amore shop
This post is a special for Laura. Yeah and i know you don't love wedges.. but for summertime wedges are good.
Bye bye, Nic

Monday, August 22, 2016

gO....spread your wings ...wings are made to fly

Delicate wings searching there way .. attracted by light..spread your wings and fly..wings are made to fly...
Nic is surrounded by these delicate wings. The idea for this was born when i got the wing piercing from .Shi as a gift at the Crossroads. I searched for wings in Nic's inventory and found these from Le Poppycock. Then i jumped in the dark house at Crossroads and made the pictures. Nic is wearing the new released dress from !gO!. Her sandals are from last weekend from the Fifty Linden Friday. Fifty Linden Friday items are 50ld and are out on friday and sometimes the designers do this the whole weekend. As blogger you can't be always in time to show the items. So tip: check every friday the Seraphim SL blog. You can see on that blog the shops that participate that friday and what they have as item. With a bit "window shopping" you will always be in time for the 50ld Friday items from very good designers. And ofcourse "window shopping" other events at Serapim i also can recommend.

Dress: !gO! - !gO! Olga Dress Groupgift ( free/ group join 50ld)
Piercing: .Shi Gift at the Crossroads .Shi Gift : Wing Piercing / Unisex (free)
Sandals: fri.  for FLF - fri. - Sophie/Dinah.Sandals (Rawhide/Sierra) ( 50ld/FLF item..read above)
Bracelets: (Kunglers) at the Crossroads- (Kunglers) Artemis bracelets - The Crossroads Gift (free)
From inventory: Wings- Le Poppycock ( old Enchantment hunt prize)
From inventory: hair - Chemistry; wings - Le Poppycock; Poses - Verocity
Bye bye Nic

dare to love

I made a cosy corner for a tropical bikini scene for Nic. For the build i used the AXL pro rocks, water, trees, chair and table, straw parasol and pergola. I got all as presents in the Midnight Mania or as groupgifts some time ago. I decorated the pergola with gifts from The Gacha Garden. The grey peace sign art from unKindness and on it neon love letters from [atooly.home] and  text art from Wimey. On the ground a boho pillow pile from Candy Crunchers  and the tropical leave blanket with pillows from Chez Moi. Both with poses ofcourse.
And then about the bikini's. I am still curious who gave me the mini kini from #EMPIRE from the Gacha machine at the Gacha Garden. The pantie is so mini that i used the sarong from a bikini camp gift at LaGeeny. Nic is a shy one  you know.
Nic's fruit star earrings are also a gift at the Gacha Garden. The bikini at the last picture is from *ZD*. Love this bikini with the good hud Made for Slink Physique and Hourglass, Belleza Venus Isis and Freya, Maitreya, TMP and Tonic ( curvy and fine)
The shoes from H@s i showed before as a teaser. I can tell you they are in the shop now. Woohoo. That super color hud i so good.

Credits: Taxi to The Gacha Garden (TGG) here
Bikini first pictures: #EMPIRE at TGG - #EMPIRE - Minikini - Maitreya - yellow (gacha/ at the gacha Garden)
Bikini at the last picture: *ZD* - *ZD* Charlotte Bikini (NEW)
Sarong: LaGeeny fashion - part of  .:LG :. [OCEANA] ( free/ camp chair)
Earrings: ERSCH at TGG - ERSCH Carambola earrings (free)
Shoes: H@s - H@s Burlesque Metallics ( finally out now in the shop...NEW)

Blanket with leaves and pillows: Chez Moi at TGG -Tropical Nest * CHEZ MOI (free)
Boho Pillow pile: Candy Crunchers at TGG - Candy Crunchers Boho Pillow Pile Gift (free)
Art Sign: unKindness at TGG - uk - Hippie Hooray Peace Sign Art (free)
Neon Sign: [atooly.home] at TGG - [atooly.home] #.neons.love (free)
Text wall art: Wimey at TGG - Wimey Think, Believe, Dream, Dare Wall art (free)
From inventory: Hair - Chemistry; many build items - AXL pro; flamingo's - !Ohmai; coconut drink - Elle Mode ( marketplace ( 9ld)
Bye bye, Nic

Saturday, August 20, 2016

i'll write you a loveletter

Another day without a message from you.. I'll write you a loveletter on my typewriter. The what's app doesn't work here. And the battery has to be loaded.
Nic arrived on her scooter at Oyster Bay. In the evening she planned to write a loveletter on her typewriter. What's app doesn't work so this will do. The typewriter is a gift at Enchantment, as well as the ribbon choker and the bag with the dog. The clothes are two examples from what you can get at campchairs at Lageeny Fashion. There are tree more chairs. And some groupgifts too. The blue outfit also comes in red. And you get the straw bag and shoes in red too. The long white outfit comes with the feather flatties and a omega hud for the panties. The caged candles from JIAN i blogged before in this week.
On the third picture the letter is ready. Nic is wearing a pencil dress from the campchairs ( comes with a huge texture hud). I combined it with the Kitty denim jacket from Hilly Haalan, a promo (with a good hud). Nic is wearing her Fifty Linden Friday heels from CandyDoll. The necklace is a gift from Phedora at Collabor88.
And below the Weekend promo from Hilly Haalan. The knotted top. With a very good hud. I took the blue striped one because of the combination with the heels. The skirt is the august groupgift from Alien Gizmo's. The same necklace is Nic wearing,but now the black version. Also a weekend promo is a very sexy long dress at Hilly Haalan!! Thanks Laura who told me this.
Pose on the picture below is from Verocity. Verocity has a sale from poses at marketplace. many poses just 1ld. Thanks Dancer for the tip!
The nice thing from all the clothes from today's post is that you can mix and match them all.

Blue outfit: LaGeeny fashion -.:LG :. [NAVIAH]  in red and blue( campchair/free)
White outfit: LaGeeny fashion - .:LG :. [SHARY] ( campchair/free)
Pencil dress: LaGeeny Fashion - .:LG :. [LUPITA] (campchair/free)
Denim jacket: Hilly Haalan - [hh] Kitty Denim Jacket (PROMO)
Heels: _CandyDoll_ - _CandyDoll_Yani Heels ( FLF(Fifty Linden friday)/ 50ld)
Necklace: PHEDORA at C88 - PHEDORA / Isolde Necklace / 5.M / C.8 5th Anniv. Gift (free)
Top: Hilly Haalan - [hh] Lara Knotted Tee ( Weekend promo)
Skirt: Alien Gizmo's - Alien Gizmo's Sandy Skirt  August 2016 Groupgift (free)
Typewriter: Wonderlost -  WONDERLOST - Enchantment Gift (free)
Bag with dog: the pose shop - the pose shop. Enchantment Gift (free)
Choker: Meva - Meva Enchantment Gift (free)
Caged candles: JIAN -  JIAN :: Group Gift - Caged Candles (free)
Pose: Verocity - many poses  on sale at marketplace ( 1ld)
From inventory: dark hair - little.bones;blond hair - Iconic ( hair fair gift 2016);  Eyes - IKON, body-  Maitreya; loveletter box - The Loft; Zinnia's - JIAN, posh pup- JIAN
Pictures taken at: Oyster Bay
Bye bye: Nic

at your service.. which one do you want? (Womenstuff Hunt)

With a plate with sweets Nic is going outside to enjoy the sun after hanging her wash. The dogs are still sleeping at the doormat. Don't fall. The dogs  immediately wake up for these cakes. Hey little beggar....which one do you want?
Nic is wearing a sunny set from the Womenstuff Hunt. The beads collar from Maxi Gossamer combine very well. She is still wearing her shoes from yesterday.
The bag with magazine is the package from the Maci dress. Other items are from Nic's inventory.

Romper: Maci ~ - Maci ~ Summer Romper (WS Hunt)(free)
Hair: :::Phoenix::: - :::Phoenix::: Hair Xmas Gift (free/ still in the shop)
Shoes: .:KC:. - .:KC:. ADORE HEELS FOR SLINK HIGH, MAITREYA & BELLEZA (fee/ but 50ld group join fee)
Plate:  Aphrodite at Enchantment  - Aphrodite Enchantment free anniversary gift
From inventory: Satchel - LC; clothes line - unKindness; eyes - IKON; body - maitreya
Bye bye, Nic

Friday, August 19, 2016

need help for a beautiful one

She shopped to much and she can't take it all home at her bike. She definity  needs help.

Nic is wearing the red version of the same dress from The BeautifulOnes. The turquoise one is the groupgift. The new release has a texture hud and i liked for example this red one to. I showed both version also to show you Nic adorable shoes from .:KC:.  with one click in the hud you also have this shoe with straps. Both adaorable and the hud gives you many possibilities. Group join is 50ld at .:KC:. , but there are many good groupgifts. I went yesterday to Enchantment to pick up all the anniversary gifts. The flowers in Nic's hand and the heart necklace, the oil candles ( in 1 and 3 and 5  version), the hair ribbon  and the bracelet are all presents from there.
Nic's hair is a groupgift from Phoenix.. So sweet... you get this gift because the designer was so happy that day! See in info and notices from the group.
The cute wheel lamp, that Nic wants to take with her, is from unKindness at The Liaison Collaborative. The bag is a satchel bag from Izzie's from the clearance box near the desk.

Oh just heard that 24 hours free group join at Legendaire. And many gifts.

Dress: .:TBO:. Sue - belted dress - in red ( NEW/with colorhud) and Turq.(free)
Hair: :::Phoenix::: - :::Phoenix::: Bridget Hair Color Mix (gg/free)
Shoes: .:KC:. - .:KC:. ADORE HEELS FOR SLINK HIGH, MAITREYA & BELLEZA (fee/ but 50ld group join fee)
Taxi to Enchantment here
Poppies: *N*Deadly at Enchamtment - *N*Deadly Poppy Bouquet - Anniversary Gift(free)
Hair ribbon: [Mello] at Enchantment [Mello] Enchantment Giftie (free)
Oil candles: *AF*at Enchantment - *AF* Row of Oil Lamps (free)
Bracelet - ::Static:: Enchantment Gift - Copper Oh My! Bracelet
Necklace: Snowpaws at Enchantment - Snowpaws Enchantment ( 2 versions)
- 2016 Anniversary Gift (free)
Caged Candles: JIAN - JIAN :: Group Gift - Caged Candles (gg/free)
Wheel lamp - unKindness at TLC - uk - Ferris Wheel Lamp Set - TLC (NEW)
From inventory: Satchel - Izzie's ( 10ld/ clearance package)
Bye bye, Nic

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

she is hot and cool (Womenstuff Hunt)

Every women needs to have all sorts of clothes in her closet. Also things you don't wear so much.
Latex boots you didn't find much in my blogposts. But then i stumbled upon these hot ( sort of latex style)  boots from  Black Diamond at the Womenstuff Hunt and thought well may be Nic can use them once for a hot moment. And then i got the leather top from *ZD*. And here you see Nic in her hot and cool outfit. And the longer i watch it, the more i love it.The top/ jacket is part of  the Zyana outfit, with shoes and earrings and bangles from *ZD*. I will show the other items in another blogpost. Nic's hair is from !Ohmai. The sword is from Linden and is in your inventory in the library from Linden. Nic's jeans is also from *ZD*. It is a jeans with appliers. Good for wearing  under tops. The belly chain i already blogged last days.

Top: *ZD* - *ZD* Zyanya Outfit (NEW)
Jeans: *ZD* - *ZD* Liv Jeans Black
Boots: Black Diamond - .Black Diamond. WS Hunt #149 (free)
Hair: !Ohmai - !Ohmai : Ginta, Dark Brunettes
Belly chain: Wicca's Wardrobe at TGG - Wicca's Wardrobe - Elowen BellyChain (Gift)(free)
Poses: oOo - oOo cheesecake_four ans Super_one ( and changed with Animare Hud)
Pose below: oOo - oOo Attitude _freebie (free)
Pictures made at : Lost Dream
Bye bye, Nic