Friday, March 8, 2013

feast international women's day

Today it is THE DAY. On the pictures you see Nic enjoying  International Women's Day. She arrived at this beautiful place. Played the piano before she drifted on a shelf to the dinner table. She eats cake ..but oh little accident..She got drunk and danced on the table and finally sitting totally tired on her chair with beautiful memories.

The earrings, the ring and the armband i got from Alehandrita, her gift for Nic because of International Women's day. Thanks so much Alehandrita, so sweet! You can buy the set in her shop later on this day ( psssst she is still making pictures for her blog). She said she didn't think at the prize yet. But she said:"i don't have big prizes, i have  normal prizes". We will see.
And then about the shirt with the roses. Love it. It is relatively new at The Secret Store. Nic uses her old fall into Decay spring skirt.
The pumps are from [AHN_Ji] Design. It comes with a hud with several possibilities. You can change  the skintone, the nails and parts of the shoes ( spikes or not-spikes; black or white heels, shoe sole). Thanks for this gift Frahn Yinx

Earrings, rings, armband: Alehandrita Design - Cake Bijous (shape 2 )- Pink & Green
Shirt: The Secret Store - 3D Rose Sweater - Snow
Pumps: [Ahn_JI] - [AHN-JI] "SHAORI" PINK
Pictures made at: Annwn Willow *just visiting*

P.S. from Alehandrita: [13:16] alehandrita:  u may say
[13:17] alehandrita: one set will be at special offer at 99l
[13:17] Nicandra Laval: ok i will
[13:17] alehandrita: and the others will be at their normal price - 150

Sorry in this post no free items, Nic

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