Saturday, March 31, 2012

Titanic 3, experience it like never before in sl

As you may be already know: James Cameron ( from the movie Avatar) will release this year the 3d version of the movie " The Titanic". We proudly present the official poster of the second life version of " the Titanic". Starring: Tjip Merlin and Nicandra Laval. The Royal Couple of the movie in royal purple.

After searching and searching for the exact colour "royal purple" i ended up with these two different purples for this post. Hope one of them is the good one. I saw so much purple tones ( see earlier posts). When i saw this colourful jacket for tjip i immediately loved it. For Nicandra i found a sexy dress from Sassy in the Violet Mafia shop, near Sassy. I combined it with the silver outfit from Redgrave from my inventory (from womens stuff hunt/ still there in the shop). Nicandra wears her crown necklace for the royal touch. Nic's chucks are the well known Pornstars from Urban Bomb with many colour options and texture possibilities. So the actors wear casual stuff from this time.

Dress Nic: Sassy - Violet Mafia: Sassy! Gift ( free)
Jacket tjip: Aoharu - AOHARU_BT_DownJK_with_Sweater_Purple
Necklace : Delicious - ..::DeliciouS::..Crown Silver
From inventory: Hair curly: Cake Faith; Hair blown backwards: EMO-tions - .:EMO-tions:. * VANITY * black
Post made for the 52 weeks of Color Challenge from Luna Jubilee

Have a royal day and don't forget your handkerchief when you go to that movie, Nic

on the Hudson Bay waiting for Soraya

Is this the Hudson Bay.. i think no.. but i wear a Hudson dress for sure. It is the cream knit summer dress, the group gift from Hudson's Clothings at this moment. Love the wool pattern of it. The ballet flats are included. I wanted make pictures with Soraya with another Hudson dress. The red /black other groupgift from Hudson's. But ofcourse she was busy creating a new combination for herself in khaki and couldn't come over. Sigh.... So poor Nic alone on the picture.
But the place is realy beautiful. It is called Port Mo Calmaig. Near the pizza terrace i showed before in another post.

Dress and flats: Hudson's Clothings - HUDSON'S Cream Knit Summer Dress Set ( free)
The dress that Soraya could have shown : ;) HUDSON'S RED Leather Chiffon Dress ( free)
Necklace: Delicious - ..::DeliciouS::..Crown Silver
Bag: Fishy Strawberry - *Fishy Strawberry* Barcelona Bag - Black ( 50ld)
Belt: Chuculet - [chuculet] low waist belt - sand ( 2ld)

Enjoy your day, Nic

Friday, March 30, 2012

a quick post

A quick post to show you the long sweater that i found. It is from a little shop near Sassy from Violet Mafia. There is a wall with freebies from different designers. This one i like. It comes with the necklace and belt. The legging is from inventory. For shoes see the other post of today.

Long shirt+jewelry: Unique Clothing - Unique Clothing-Isabell-Samon

Bye bye, Nic

i feel like an Italian woman

Again on the search for royal purple i found an outfit with a little bit a purple tone. But may be the colour is eggplant. I will find finally the right royal purple for the 52weeks of Color Challenge from Luna Jubilee for sunday. The outfit is the groupgift from Morea Style. On the pizza terrace Nic has a super view on an Italian city. Nice place to make pictures and to feel like an elegant Italian women. And i looooooooove Italy.

Outfit: Morea Style - EXCLUSIVE GIFT MARCH MEMBERS *ANNE MIX * ( free)
From Inventory: Pumps- Shiny Things ( tuli pumps)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

a sort of purple

Searching for a royal purple outfit for the next 52 weeks of Color Challenge week i came upon this dress. This dress is in a sort of purple but not royal purple. It is more lavender. So i post this one already. It is a new groupgift from Connors ( till may 30th). I love the silky shiny sleeves. Bare feet fit such a dress in my opinion.
Hope you like it as much as i do.

Dress: Connors - *Connors* SPRING DRESS DOTS&VIOLET ( free)
From inventory: Bare foot-Coco; Bag- PurpleMoon

Kus, Nic

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

on a tropical island

One outfit for dancing in the evening on this tropical island. It is the april group gift at Gizza.
Two daytime outfits to show you for sunny weather and relax time. A baggy short pants with pink stripes is a groupgift. A white one is in the shop in a lucky board. The white shirt with Martin Luther King on it is a womenstuff gift from Java Fashion Design. The pink pumps are a Valentines Gift (still in the shop). The damage denim shorts are from M*Motion. The top is from Gatto. All are gifts.

Dress: Gizza - GizzA - April Group Gift [Female]
Pink Pumps: MF -Valentine Slut Stiletto Gift (free)
Pink Baggy short: BUID - BUID Pants Baggy V3 (Pink)( groupgift) (free)
I have a dream shirt: Java Fashion Design - MLK I HAVE A DREAM JANUARY GIFT ( free)
Flower corset top: Gato - **GATO loves you!- NotChristmas Gift ( free)
Denim short: M*Motion - M*Motion Damage Denim Skirt : AQUA ( free)
Sneakers: Soreal - SOREAL Superstars WHITE/Turq-Suede (SSP013)
From Inventory: Cardigan - Coco

Have fun, Nic

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The french tip shoes

Nic loves french tip shoes. Pumps or boots with a different color on the nose of the shoes. In the shop.. thinking.. shall i buy them? And then outside..YESSSSSS i have them..Running home... but pffff need a rest.. tired from shopping. Then finally she can take her bike.

The shop with the shoes is Celoe. It is in May Fair. A mesh shopping district. Nice for making pictures. Nic wears a groupgift from Maitreya..the mesh pencil skirt. The top is from marketplace from M2M. And i loveee that white shopper bag from Fleshtone. The shirt has 80's style so i put on my shoes from Maitreya from some time ago.

Skirt: Maitreya - Maitreya V.I.P. Group Gift - Mesh Skirt ( 0ld)
Top: M2M - [M2M]..:: <3 80's Mini Shirt - Blue ( 1 ld)
White shopper: Fleshtone - Fleshtone :: Lana Leather Tote [White]
Blue pumps: Maitreya - Maitreya ChiChi Pumps - Blue

And for those who want a shopper but not expensive Nic shows her shopper from M2M. She changed her skirt. This is her black high waist skirt from Emery.

Red Bag: M2M: [M2M]..::Cottom Bag - Red Wine:. (1 ld)
Skirt: Emery - Emery - Skirt Black High Waist

Have a nice evening and stay chic, Nic

Monday, March 26, 2012

the bus is late and the rails are broken

Nic wants to go home. She found so much nice stuff. But the rails are broken and the bus is late.
What did she find? A cute black jacket with a black flower on the chest. The long trousers are from the same group [echo] so both free. Unbelievable!!
The extreme ankle boots are from Moolto Sister hunt. You need to be in the group (see my profile) and wear special glasses. Then click the hunt item ( 1 prim moolto sister hunt symbol). The boots were in the black bag. The grey bag with the wallstreet journal is free at the [Born Rebel] shop. The rainbow globe necklace is a gift too. The shirt under my jacket is from womenstuff group a gift from American Bazaar.

Grey bag: [BORN.REBEL] - [BORN.REBEL] - Wall Street Mesh Bag (free)
Black bag: Opium - Opium hunt package ( free)
Heels: Opium- Opium Extreme AnkleBoots Female(free)
Shirt: American Bazaar - part of dress WOMENstuff Group Gift from AMERICAN BAZAAR (free)
Necklace: YBR - **YBR Rainbow Globe Necklace ( free)
Pants: [Echo] -[Echo] Coda Dress Pant. Tan ( free)
Jacket: [Echo] - [Echo] Impromptu Jacket. Black (free)

Have fun with all those nice presents, Nic

Tigers Café

Ah there he is ..still working for his boss Spidy Bing in the Tigers Café ( a Japanese sports café). Muakkk.. big kiss for you tjip. I will wait till you finish your work. I was in the neighbourhood doing some shoppings. Oh poor boy so tired? Well... relax a bit have a cigarette and then we go home okay?

Tjip and Nic are in unisex. A jacket from Menstuff group.
Nic wears a cat necklace from JPK and her bag is also from that shop. She wears new sneaker heels in sporty style.The boss is wearing a suit from Aoharu. And cowboy boots from DT2K. And smoking a huge marijuana cigarette.
The comic pictures are from Roy Lichtenstein.
And this is what Nic shopped:

Jacket: JSC - Designer Spotlight Menstuff :JSC: Fashion ( free)
Bag: JPK - **JPK Twinkie Bag ( free)
Necklace: YBR - **YBR Cat Bronze Necklace ( free)
Pumps: .::Energie::. - .::Energie::. Sneaker heels GIFT 3 COLORS BAG ( free)
Flower boots: Café*Amie - Flower Boots (lucky board - free)

Enjoy your day