Saturday, October 31, 2009

Miamai Halloween Gifty!

Miamai has this amazing Hecathes Gown for free in their shop for Halloween. Not sure how much longer it will be out - so hurry here to Miamai.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Addictive Sim Opening Hunt!

Digit Darkes is having a hunt to celebrate their new sim. It would take me forever to explain it so I suggest if you want to try it you go here Digit Darkes-Diversity Hair click on the sign and read the directions and clues very carefully. They mean hunt in the literal sense in that this is not an easy one by any stretch - your looking for 4 hearts throughout the entire crammed full of prims sim (it is however, very beautiful). There are some fabulous rewards however:

The eyelashes and skin are amazing. Worth the whole hunt alone. The eyes are a subscribo gift from Mystic Sky.

DCNY Pie Sale!

Not really a hunt being as that 10 of the pies cost $10L each (there are 3 freebie pies as well) but you do have to look around for them (pretty easy though). This hunt/sale is today and tomorrow only so hurry! You will end up with all the outfits for $100L total and definitely worth it for this quality stuff! You can start searching for pies here at DCNY!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

#22 I'm seeing Paper Bambis...

Soo if you haven't heard about AtomicBambi's skin release, well you must live under a rock ^^ She was nice enough to send me review copies and here is what Lana looks like on me:) Each makeup comes in 4 styles : matte lip, matte & freckle, freckle & gloss and just a gloss. So..swing by the shop and see what Lana can offer your avi ^^

  • Skin:AtomicBambi SK!N - Lana (Tan)
  • Mini:{paper.doll} InkedMini-Forever-Amethyst (NEW)
  • Gloves:{paper.doll} PumpkinHunt-Gift4 (13L)
  • Eyes:{paper.doll} PumpkinHunt-Gift2
  • Hair:fri. - Quinn - Anxious Blond
I paired Zoey's new release (Paper.Doll) with the are more colors! The Inked Mini comes in two different tats with 4 colors of each style. Are you lucky or forever lucky?^^ Thank you girly!

  • Mini:{paper.doll} InkedMini-Forever & Lucky
Paper.doll is also having a halloween hunt! There are 13 pumpkins to seek out and definitely worth doing, don't miss out! These are not freebie quality by any means, they are actual items to purchase in the store but instead for a mere 13L per. So go hunt! Here is my mini collage of MOST of the hunt gifts.

  • Skin:- AtomicBambi SK!N - Lana (Sunblush)
  • Hair:((JUNWAVE))EMMY(Atype)
  • Eyes: Paper.doll hunt item
  • Outfits: All brought to you by Paper.Doll !
Adios amigas!
Holli Thespian-The Barbie

Simone Hunt!

The Simone Hunt is a little different. You need too look for pumpkins on the sim and find enough to spell out S-I-M-O-N-E. Then put in a folder and drop it on Simone Stern and she sends you your gifts. This was a pretty easy hunt but Mel & I did it kind of late so I had to wait until I was able to log on today to get my gifties. You can start searching here at Simone. If you want more details on the hunt can find those here.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Atomic Hunt!

12 pumpkins to find around the sim. The Baily skin in different tones are some of the prizes - I love it very very nice, and some cute hair and tee's. Can start searching here at Atomic.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

And the Winner Is.......

Xanadu Capelo! She was the only one to correctly identify all 5 outfits! (The one from Sh*t Happens even had Nere stumped). Congrats Xanadu! You are 200L richer and a fashionista with a very keen eye. I'll probably do this again sometime (maybe for longer and with a bigger prize) so stay tuned. Here's the outfits identified - in a montage!!!

New loves

Basically, this entry is just an excuse for me to buy the new Lamb release. It's the gorgeous Poppyseed hair and I'm loving it so much, I can't stop staring at it. Lamb also released a similar longhaired style with supercool bangs, but I'm saving those for later.

The skin is another new love of mine, its from Idiosyncrasy by Ashia Tomsen. I was strolling along The Deck for the special prized Halloween items when I saw something eewy on one of the store posters in this store. When I hovered my camera above it, it read Sperm Hunt so apparently I was staring at ehr... well. Obviously I grabbed it and in it was this yummy skin. Idiosyncrasy is also temporarily offering another make up from this skin for only 100l for an Halloween event going on at the sim. Definitely worth checking out.

Last I have to mention the Ume Mode Choco pants I'm wearing. It's the latest groupgift and available instore. I think these pants are so cute with the little buttons on the side.

Kus Nere

Monday, October 26, 2009

Sunny Sim Hunt - A little game!!

Ok have to be super quick about this one because it's late and I have work tomorrow (wah!). A lot of great shops in this hunt and it's really lots of fun! You can read about how to do the hunt, the shop list, landmark and all that stuff here. It's only going until the end of the week so I wanted to get the pics up pronto! AND - since I don't want to be bothered telling you which is from which shop - the first person I get a notecard from in-world correctly telling me which shop each top or dress is from - I'll send $200L!! (Nere your exempt!) I'll announce the winner Tuesday night. Just to make things even easier - the jeans in all the posts are the gift from Decoy. Ready - Go!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

They Do the Don't Do They?

If you ever read Glamour magazine they always have a page in the back called do's and dont's. It's always the highlight of the whole thing for me, I usually turn to it first. Now SL is a place for people to be themselves (which is not always in people form) and I totally respect that. Anyhoo, what brings all this to the forefront to me is I (attempted) to go to Designers United and nothing would rezz, I crashed several times in between barely being able to walk as it was. So I did a little fashion investigating in the form of turning on Avatar Render Costs display. If you don't know what ARC is you can read more about it here. The more stuff you have on - the more that stuff is going to effect everyone else. For a frame of reference - in a lag filled sim under 1000 ARC is best and of course the lesser then that the better. Lots of fairs and expos are even offering zero ARC outfits. Therefore, when you are planning to go to any kind of event where there is more then likely to be more then just a few people there (ahem Designers United) please leave your "look at me I'm on fire" outfits at home and check your ARC at the door, and Thank You.

For example: this girl had all kinds of shit and piercings hanging off of her. ARC was 3537
I don't know if it was her crow outfit or the crow antlers (???) but she was a whopping 8195!

The theme for Designers United was crows. Several girls associated that with being dressed like chickens for some reason. This girl wins the award for most ARC with over 11,000!

This girl - I have no idea what her ARC was but really this outfit? Really?

#20 Yes, I am that crazy...

So ~Shag~ sent a review copy of all her Halloween decorations, and so I thought I would create a mini scene for you ^^ You can buy the single pieces or the fatpack and save quite a few L for that candy!

Outfit in pictures:

  • Outfit:~*~Felicia's Fashions~*~ Eve Skirt Set - Orange Paisley (includes boots!)
  • Hair:*Dark Mouse* Trish (Dark Black) & *Dark Mouse* Cyntra (Dark Blond)
  • Jewerly:Dark Mouse Divine Deco Set
  • Outfit:~SS~ Sweet Sweaters - Black - (includes boots!)
  • Hair:*Dark Mouse* Cyntra (Dark Red)

  • Top:SYSY's Tweedy the tops(layer1-full)-blue/red
  • Pants:SYSY's Iloa pants-black/brown
  • Hair:AD - play dark
  • Romper:[ Cynful ] Denim RetroRomper2 - Purple/Goldish
  • Jewerly:Eolande's Stone Halo Jewelry - lapis/gold&larimar and silver
  • Hair:LAQ ~ Kira hair (Black)
  • Dress:*Linc* Petite Net Black/White/Pink/Blue
  • Necklace:*SiSSi* Rock mah Skull *female*
  • Nails:Mstyle Perfect Long Nails - Classic (French)
  • Hair:LAQ ~ Untamed - 10
There's more dresses!!

  • Dress:*Linc* Petite Fightclub &*Linc* Petite Black Grey Stripes/Crocodile/Black Red
  • Necklace:*UB* You Broke Me! *black*
  • Hair:Scene Queen - Black

Last but not least Paradisis!

  • Dress:PARADISIS Streets Girl In Red (MM board, fills up fast) & Black version-50l promo sale!
  • Hair:.+*Chib*+.Pinkbrown [MS]
Holli Thespian-The Barbie

Saturday, October 24, 2009

I Couldn't Resist.....

Some more stuff from the Witches Brew Hunt. I'm not counting this as my post 2 of 2 however since I got this stuff also on the first trip out. I felt compelled to show you these outfits even though they are not exactly the most befitting of a Fashionista. Both outfits are from Wildz Creations and they made my sl day!

The Safari Outfit. Made me feel all Dr. Doolittley inside.
Poor me lost my puppy. Wherever could he be?

If you know me at all, I'm sure you won't be surprised to see me wearing this outfit out often.

The Witches Brew Hunt

This may be post 1 of 2 since I am only halfway through. I don't know if I'll have time to finish it, sort it and then blog it though before it's over (October 31st). So many good things I've found so far, I wish I had started this one earlier. There have been so many hunts to do and many many more coming. If you have not had a chance to look at my hunt blog it's SL Hunters Information. Now as for the Witches Brew Hunt, looking for bubbling cauldrons. There is a hint list here and it definitely came in handy. If you want to go from jump the start location is here. Phew okay - onto my favorites so far!

ILLY Creations: Ginger Gown

Petunia: Witches Brew Jammies and pumpkin earrings (so cute). I want a slumber party to goto now!
Different Drummer - Cross Strap Mini Dress. I had this dress also blogged for the Pretty Witch Hunt in Pink. This hunt - it's black and still spectacular!
Aleida: Arua Shurg with Gulu Capri's
Filthy Glitter: Bats in the Belfry Hoodie with Marble Mix Jeans from our very own Holli and Holli Pocket. She probably would be too bashful to tell you how fab these are but I'm not! Go grab them, join her subscribo, slap her mm board, worship her dammit!

19# Envy this...

Early this morning my buddy and I scoped out the Gal Sim in search of the lingerie scattered everywhere. We found all 9 outfits and here are my favs (I love pastels).

  • :::: Liquid by ENVY :::: Daily Lingerie
  • Hair:Magika - Brown Pack - Star
  • Bracelet::+*R*+: Myrten Bracelet [R]
  • Necklace::+*R*+: Partita Necklace(previous blogged lucky chair item)
Next up we have Surf Co., I have always been a fan of Emma's past releases and the new goodies just keep getting better! So fitting for the fall of the leaves and change of season, makes me want to get cozy and never take it off! Thanks Emma ;)

  • Hoodie:[SC] Surf Couture - Vintage Fall Fest Hoodie - Gray
  • Cardigan:[SC] Surf Couture - Kettle Corn Cardigan - Violet
  • Jeans:[SC] Surf Couture - Hot Cocoa Stain Jeans - Ultra Dark
  • Boots:[SC] Surf Couture - Rain Boots - Cocoa
  • Hair:fri. - Tatum.2 - Browns
  • Earrings::+*R*+: Queen Pierced Earrings (1l @ main)
So I was at KDC mall and saw that Madsy had a really cute vibrant lime jacket on her lucky board. So I finally scored and matched it up with this! :) (there are a TON of lucky boards at this mall, most stores have one out but you must join the KDC mall grp to win). I love the bam of this outfit, and Linc never fails to bring us more yummy minis!

  • Jacket:(Madsy) Blazer - lucky chartreuse
  • Dress:*Linc* Petite Pink
  • Necklace:*SiSSi* Loose Pearls ~long~ (new and totally hot!)
  • Hair:((JUNWAVE))EMMY(Atype)*FatPack*
  • Skin:[RockBerry] Uma Light Dk Brows (I love this skin! I really need to wear more Berry)
I just wanted to show a few more of the Petite's from Linc, only cause there are soo many colors and it is a must for your wardrobe :) The new jeans from Cynful also go well with them ^^

  • Dress:*Linc* Petite White/Smaragd/Eggplant/Poison
  • Jeans:[ Cynful ] Orange Bottom - Pattern ~ Zebra/Swirlies/Hearts/
  • Necklace:*SiSSi* Loose Pearls ~short~
  • Skin::: *Glance-Britney-Holiday (not avail, was holiday skin)
  • Hair:fri. - Deena - Happy Blond
I'm loving the dress theme starting here, next is the new Solange Sassys! Comes in 8 colors for all occasions you may have. I also paired them with this pretty pearl set of jewerly @ DM Designs.

  • Dress:*Solange!* Sassy - AQUA
  • Jewelry:**DM** Isabeau II
  • Hair:TRUTH Hair-Melanie
  • Skin:Glance-Adriana-Shimmer
With all the new mini's coming out of every corner, it is always hard for me to choose which ONE I want to wear. The new Hucci's Dance Darling is totally gorge!

  • Dress:::HH:: Hucci Dance Darling - Pink & White
  • Earrings:::HH:: Hucci Heart Drop
  • Hair:((JUNWAVE))LoosePony*BLACK*
The new WoE Cinches are adorable, they add such a pop to that plain ole tank! I also love the color of these pearls. I'm not usually into gold jewelry but this set is far from the tacky gold that I usually think of when I think of the color. Yay for a great look overall.

  • Top:WoE UB-01d Denim Waist Cinch - Clay/Midnight
  • Jewerly:.:: TBP ::. Tahitian Pearl Complete Set Gold Copy (Bagged)
  • Hair:TRUTH Hair-Stephanie
Phew ok, I know there's a lot but I like to overwhlem you guys with the goodies ^^Enjoy!
Holli Thespian-The Barbie