Sunday, March 31, 2013

Hollywood Event

Nic walks around at the Hollywood Event. She is overwhelmed because of all the presents she gets. She walks in and out, shop after shop she gets presents. Very good designers joined this event. Nic shows you on the first pictures a gift dress from M&M. The back is naked. The hair is from Mrs. C. The clutch  is worthwhile paying for at Dressed By Lexi as well as the shoes and the sunglasses. On the next pictures Nic wears her Loren scarf. For the occassion she weared again her leather and lace dress from Fanatik, because it combined so well with the scarf.
You see  a little glimps in the scarf from the earrings from EMO-tions. Part of a present, a set with clothes and hair( see below)
All from Hollywood Event : here
Dress: [M&M] - [M&M] - Hollywood SwagBag Bare back dress ( free)
Hair: Mrs C. -[ Mr.&Miss C. ] - Hollywood SwagBag Kate ( free)
Armband: GlamDammit - GlamDammit (jewelry) - Hollywood SwagBag ( free)
Clutch: ::DBL:: - ::DBL:: Hollywood ~ Ms. Monroe Clutch ( 29ld)
Heels: ::DBL::  - ::DBL:: Hollywood ~ Ms. Loren's Heels (49ld)
Scarf: ::DBL:: - ::DBL:: Hollywood ~ Ms. Loren's Scarf (39ld)
Sunglasses:::DBL:: - ::DBL:: Hollywood ~ Ms. Loren's Sunglasses ( 39ld)
Outfit : EMO-tions - .:EMO-tions.. *HOLLYWOOD GIFT* - (free)
From inventory: Black Dress - Fanatik

Bye bye, Nic

tjip's trip

No no tripping because of coke or hash or beer, just an Easter vacation trip. The house where tjip stayed stimulated his creativity. And after doing some paint work he sat and had a beer with the cat.

At the moment a great event is held. Named: Hollywood Event. Started 29th March and ends April 14th. I saw many elegant and Hollywood styled clothings overthere. In many shops you get a gift. I saw  for men  eyes, shapes skins, outfits etc. The cool sunglasses  are from Gabriël and a gift at the event. The casual but super outfit is the gift from  from Hawker's House. It contains the navy stripe hoodie, the jeans and the slip on shoes with very good texture.
Such an event is good to get to know new or unknown shops.

Outfit and shoes: Hawker's House at Hollywood event - Hawker's House- Hollywood SwagBag Male Gift ( free
Sunglasses: Gabriël at Hollywood Event  - [GABRIEL] - Hollywood SwagBag ( free)
From inventory: Hair - W&Y ( Apollo)

P.S. i tried to get in there again, but hmmm i think many know about the event already now and try to get there too.
Bye bye, Nic

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter time Spring Fling

I wish you all a happy Easter. For this occassion Nic is dressed in a very cute dress from Fable BlaydZ. There is an hud in the packet. So you can choose from many nice textures for your dress. Love also the nude back of the dress. It is from the Easter hunt at the Spring Fling market. Search an egg. The green mesh legging is also from that hunt. Nic wears her cute bag with little chicks and cloverleafs and dandelions. It is an old groupgift from !gO. Not sure if it is still in the shop.

Back home Nic immediately spread the floor rug from Zinnia with the cushions in her garden near the small harbour and was on the phone for hours with Soraya. They where thinking and talking  about a new trip somewhere.

Dress:  Fable BlaydZ at Spring Fling - Spring Fling Hunt Egg ( free)
Legging: Tableau Vivant at SF - Spring Fling Hunt Egg ( free)
Cushions and Rug: Zinnia - *Zinnias Spring Fling Hunt Egg 1 of  2 ( free)
Ring: Finesmith at Spring Fling - FINESMITH Spring Fling Egg 01 ( free)
From inventory: Green top - Sassy ( see post before this one); Hair - EMO-tions. Jewelry ( except the ring - WTG (  Easter groupgift)

An Encore D-lab groupgift  two ducks for on your shoulder.With animation. So CUTE.
Ducks: D-Lab -  -d-lab duck mini GG ( free)

Bye bye, Nic

Friday, March 29, 2013

prepared for easter camp

Some cute things for easter time in the nature. Nic will camp in the wood. She wears some clothes from the Spring market fair, from the umbrella hunt. The hunt is from March 8th till April the first. So you still can be there in time. You need find an umbrella. You can find them in the market stalls. The green lace shirt (from Sassy) and the purple skirt and shirt (from Flame Fashion) are from that hunt.
The body warmer and the backpack are groupgifts from Club Kai Mahalo.
Pure Poison Fashion is announcing a special Easter Hunt. For 7 days they will treat you with a new different pair of earrings. Come into Pure Poison Mainstore every day to grab them, because you won't find the same one next day.
This are the earrings from today ( day 2).
The cute bunny bag is from an outfit at  NS.
The cute bunny on Nic's shoulder is a bunny for in your mouth but i attached it on the shoulder.

Green lace top: Sassy at Spring Market Fair- ~Sassy!~ Venus top - spring green ( free)
Purple skirt and shirt: Flame Fashion  at Spring market Fair - Flame Fashion-Old Europe UMbrella hunt item ( free)
Body warmer:Kai Mahalo -  Kai Mahalo GG Vest Women ( free)
Backpack: Kai Mahalo - *izm.*back pack@kai mahalo group gift ( free)
Bunny bag: NS - Part of outfit NS:: Bunny Outfit
Earrings: Pure Poison - PP Easter Hunt- Lagrima Earrings ( 10ld)
Bunnny on shoulder:Maliz Yiyuan -  Bunnyum Yum (15ld)
From inventory: Boots-; Hair - EMO-tions and Truth, bunny in Nic's hand- not available anymore; Boots-; Jeans- Connors

Bye bye, Nic

Thursday, March 28, 2013

and we did go to.....Paris

We went by train ( see the post before this one) and arrived in Paris. In a café we met Ingo, the friend of Soraya. Nic wears 2 dresses. She was in doubt what to wear for the meeting. But she choosed the neon dress from KlubWerK ( 6 nean colors available). New in the shop. The butterfly dress is 1ld on marketplace from M&M. More 1ld or free dresses from that shop on marketplace. Soraya shopped in Paris and found the soft pants in light blue and a cute grey sweater. Nice spring colors. Then came Ingo in a new jacket with shirt. Bit expensive, but that is his taste. And Soraya and Nic loved to see him in this.  I think may be Nic flirted a bit. We three had a wonderful time in Paris.

On Soraya:
Pants: Kitja Cherie - Kitja cherie skinny ( 50ld)
Sweater: SS - SS Gray studded sweater ( 60ld)
Bag: Evergreen - Evergreen lace handbag ( 30ld)

Ingo wears:
Blazer and shirt: Muschi - Casual Blazer Ash Dark MUSCHI
From inventory: Satin Pants Darkgrey - Redgrave; Elegance Shoe Black Redgrave

Nic wears:
Neon dress: KlubWerK - KlubWerK.her   -- MiniDress /NEON NEW!
Butterfly dress: M&M - M&M GIFT DRESS BUTTERFLY MESH ( 1ld)
Jewelry: WTG - +:+WTG+:+ Easter Group Gift 2013( free, but groupjoin fee)
Bag: Ricielli - Ricielli - EASTER HUNT / ITEM #15 ( 15ld)

Bye bye, Nic

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

on tour

The ladies go on tour. Both in elegant clothes.From Soraya the dress and jacket are old valentine hunt presents from Ricielli. All old hunt items are in a corner of the shop. And see... she wears the blackcroco bag that Nic bought for her in Venezia. The clutch is a present from the same shop. Go inside the shop and to the left. Her necklace is from PurpleMoon, part of  the 55ld item.
Nic wears another groupgift from Liv_Glam... so many super groupgifts. But the group join is expensive 500ld ... but you can take every day another elegant outfit. Just do it, join!

Nic wears:
Dress: Liv-Glam - {Liv-Glam} K Collection Piper Mini Dress Group gift ( free, but group join fee)
Black pumps: Killa DesigZ - .::Killa designZ::. 1000+ member group gift ( free)
Necklace: RYCA - [GIFT] NECKLACE-MP3 ( free)
Hair: D!va - ""D!va"" Hair "Asami"
From inventory: Bag- Mr. Poet; Suit case - Fisl ( both posted before on this blog)

Soraya wears:
Hair; D!va - ""D!va"" Hair "Ruri"
Jacket: Ricielli - Ricielli Mesh VALENTINES Hunt Item # 02 ( 15ld)
Dress: Ricielli -  Ricielli Mesh - VALENTINES Hunt Item #12(15ld)
Necklace: PM - ::PM:: Designers choice L$55
Pumps: Ys &Ys for TDR Fusion - *YS&YS* Ibiza GlossyBlack TDRF ( 60ld)
Bag: BSD Design - {{BSD Design studio}} Fashion Blogger bag croco baby Black ( free SOM)
Clutch; BSD Design  - {{BSD Design Studio}} GIFT_box @ Kuma Love letter clutch ( free)

Monday, March 25, 2013

nerds from Hope Harbor School

Tjip and Nic near the schooldoor. Tjip wears the nerd sweater, the groupgift from KlubWerK at the moment. There is also a purple cargo trooper pants as a groupgift. For the girls Nic shows you the skinny green apple pants and the vest with tee, both groupgifts. The skinny pants you also can get in the color blood. And there is a red jeans as a groupgift. On the pictures above Nic wears a skirt from the Easter hunt at Ricielli. She combined it with the casual top from Sassy from the shopfree*Style , just 1ld.The cute mp3 necklace comes in gold and silver and is free. Nic's  snake pumps are from Sakide for the Energy Club.
Tjip wears:
Sweater: KlubWerk - KlubWerK --SHIRT/NERD-- GIFT (free)
Bag: HOC - HOC Leather Messsenger Bag ( 50ld 3 colors)
Pants: Guiliadesign - part of outfit ***GIULIADESIGN***ZVODIMIR ( 50ld)

Nic wears on the first pictures:
Top: ~Sassy!~ - ~Sassy!~ Casual Chic top @ Free*Style (1ld)
Skirt: Ricielli - Ricielli - EASTER HUNT / ITEM # 18 ( 15ld)
Necklace: RYCA - [GIFT] NECKLACE-MP3 ( free)
Pumps: Sakide for Energy - [ SAKIDE ] Snake Pumps for Energy (free)

Nic wears on the last picture:
Pants: KlubWerk - ..::KlubWerK::.. AMY/SKINNYPANT  APPLE ( free)
Vest + tee - KlubWerK - KlubWerK --Gilet & shirt/ Naturehead  (MESH) CollectorsCLUB ( free)
Sneakers: Legal Insanity for Energy - ..:: Energie ::. Furio energy   Snakers  Bag ( free)
From inventory: Bag - Mr. Poet; Hair - fashionably dead.

An encore to show you the lavender cart and the birdhouse.The 35L sunday item from Alehandrita. Still available. So nice to make you home place colorful.
Birdhouse: Alehandrita Design - 35l - Happy Birdie ( 35ld)
Lavender cart: Alehendrita Design - Rustic Lavender Cart _ Alehendrita Design ( 35ld)

Bye bye, Nic

Sunday, March 24, 2013

wearing denim at the spa

May be Nic waits to enter a spa here. She wears denim and also the soft green color. Both colors for the Twisted Color Challenge from this week. The presents at the Energy club made it easy to make this post. The denim dress is from Legal Insanity a present for the third anniversary of the Energy Club. Wrote about it also in the post before this one. The necklace you also can find there .The necklace is the gift from Maxi Gossamer. The earrings in green are also from that designer. Got them last year from Eliza Quixote. The clutch i got as a present when i landed for the BSD shop today. Don't know if everyone gets the clutch. It is the november groupgift 2012.
Dancer showed me today many presents everywhere. My green shoes for example. An old St. Patricks gift but still in the shop. I made the color softer for this challenge. At B!asta she showed me the MM board  with in it also denim colored clothes.

Dress: Legal Insanity for Energy  - Legal Insanity for Energy Anniversary 2013 (free)
Necklace: MG for Energy  - MG - Necklace - Heart Key Pendant - Gold ( free)
Earrings: MG - MG - Earrings - Shell  - Teardrop
Hair: Fashionably Dead -  (fd) Marie (Grayscale)
Clutch: BSD - {{BSD Design studio}}welcome gift nov2012 ( free)
From inventory: Eyes- Sakurako; dotted top - Zenith

And now i use this challenge blogpost to show some more blue colored dresses and a black with a blue stripe that i got today. The first two are from The Energy club anniversary. The last one is from the lucky board at Maai ( thanks Dancer).

Light blue dress: Pixelites for Energy - ::PL:: Energy Anniversary Gift ( free)
Black dress: Lil'Lace for Energy - .Lil'Lace.Energy gift ( free)
Dark blue dress: Maai - " MAAI MESH " - " Vina " lace dress, blue

Bye bye, Nic