Monday, October 31, 2011


Just was thinking, i don't make another post today and then i found such nice stuff in such a nice place. So again a post to inform you. In this skybox you have to join the "Seraphim group". Then there is from different famous designers nice free stuff. I wear the boots i found there from Concrete Flowers.. and nice earrings from Kosh with a tree on it. But there is more.....
My shirt is not free but i just bought the shirt and am so thrilled about it. The way it hangs down in folds. The material is thin so you can look through it and see the form of the body. And you see my back.
The hair is a groupgift from Yuna.

Boots: Concrete Flowers - CONCRETE FLOWERS- IMNU BOOTS -camel- (free)
Earrings: Kosh - KOSH- HIBERNATION EARRINGS ( free)
Hair: Yuna - [YunA'sHAIR][YH]GG-3style-=3colorpack= 9 free)
Shorts: Bukka _ [BUKKA]Short Denim with DoubleLingBelt::lightwash:: ( old Lucky chair item)
Shirt - Beetlebones - ::BB:: Loose Pocket Tank Sheer MINT
Hair on first pictures: Lelutka Yippie see post from yesterday

So and now no post this day anymore ;), Nic

Halloween's Day

Isn't this tiny avatar sweet? Today it is Halloween's day. For those who have a party this evening and still not know what to wear (men; may be ????)..and want be special... well go and get this cute one.
Find the hidden pumpkin in the Small Fry shop. Hint: behind the purple board in the right backcorner. Be aware it can be slowly rezzing there. I thought it was already gone, but happily it was still there..
In between i show you a murder Tomte. A swedish house elf that protect your house.

Pumpkin tiny avatar: Small Fry - THH #06 - Small Fry ( 1 ld)
Tomte: DragansVarg - MurderTomte FREE TRANS 9 prims ( free)

Have a Happy Halloween's Day, Nic

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Gulf of Lune

Here you see Nic in the Gulf of Lune. I am so excited about this place. A salt marsh from the American Pacific Northwest brought into Second Life by Tymus Tenk and Truck Meredith.

Also excited i am because of the cute funny girl dress from poised. I show the new mesh hair from Lelutka. Be aware that you only can see this hair, when you have the right mesh viewer. For those who can't afford more prizy stuff, i can recommend the D!va hair that i show. It has the same sweet look in my opinion but not the nice long hair at the backside as from the lelutka hair. It is "Maya" (2nd anniversary group gift - still in the shop upstairs /backwall). Gulf of Lune is part of Calas Galadhon park (10 sims). At the entrance you can pick up the october present, a voodo doll. There is a trick and treat game wear a bucket and search in all cabins on 8 sims for nice presents.

Dress: Poised - ::Poised:: FunnyGirl Lace Nov Gift ( free)
Voodoo doll: Calas - Voodoo Dolly calas gift ( free)
Hair: LeLutka - [LeLutka]-YIPPIE hair - mesh
Hair: D!va - ""D!va"" 2nd Anniversary gift ( free)
From inventory necklace fom kawai hunt some time ago: **~Twinkleberry~** <

Wear good walking shoes and enjoy the swamp, Nic

Friday, October 28, 2011


Orange is our Dutch National colour. May be you know this from football world cups. The stadion colours orange from the outfits and the painted faces and hats from the fans. Even in some streets people make all houses in orange. Watch this Orange madness!!!
My inventory is full of football-support-orange stuff too )) And ofcourse in this time of year full of halloween orange stuff. But nothing of this all i wanted show you for Luna's colorchallenge blog.. i wanted too keep it simple ..just a nice halloween bag peeped in.
I was in doubt to combine the orange skirt with the new sweater from Cynful.The day off sweater in burnt orange is a beauty but posted on many blogs already. AND it was too much orange all together. The grey asymmetrical sweater is with my skirt a very pleasant combi i think.

And yes i looooove head pets and shoulder pets and pets hanging on hands or holding in my this cute rotten bunny was a must in this post. Pet lovers be aware, there is also a free cute bunny doll hanging on hand here at curious kitties ( in pink and black and super cute).

Rotten bunny: Ragdoll's #38 ZombiePopcorn Hunt - ::Ragdoll's cut:: #38 ( free)
Skirt: Y&R - .::Y&R::.Half-body skirt LB (pumpkin) lucky board ( free)
Sweater: Tee*fy - Tee*fy asymmetrical sweater ( pumpkin in the lamp) ( free)
Bag: RibboN - *RibboN* Halloween BAG (from Ogasawara hunt: pumpkin hidden in pile of stones..use your cam) (free)
Oldie: Sweater on last picture: en Svale - **en Svale** Cowichan Sweater_Female(Gray) I think this is one of my classic wears.

Oh pssssst: nice eyelashes with orange points: B!asta - [: B!ASTA :] :COMET: Lashes - was free when i went there ..but she changed it: now fatpack ( 55ld) and orange glowing monster eyes ( free) AAARGH!

Now no orange anymore just the vitamins, Nic

tribute to Steve Jobs

Modern times and old times. My iphone and disappearing Shanghai.
The photo's of disappearing Shanghai made by Howard French you can see in my small gallery in Lovina now. Also 2 photo's with Hongkong roofs from Stefan Canham and Rufina Wu. All welcome.

Steve Jobs the big pioneer of computer industry died this month, like we all already know.
There is a memorial place in second life "Church of the Mac". Go inside and you will see famous paintings with computers added. Funny.

The sweater with warm muffler is from lucky board at Sheep Door. Also a male version is included. The boots are from lucky chair at Urban Warehouse. The boots have custom baked leather nubuk and suede textures, 4 texture styles and optional prim socks. A must have :)! Three lucky chairs there so you need not wait very long to be the lucky owner of these boots.
The hair is groupgift from Boon. The bag is so cute with the tiny bird on it ( groupgift - join 70ld)

Sweater: Sheep Door - [Sheep Door] Sweat Shirts & muffler LB ( free)
Worker boots: Urban Warehouse - ::::UW::: Worker Boots - lucky ( free)
I phone with animation: GA - *GA* Phone Addict Girl AO Panel
Hair: booN -*booN LLR726 hair gift for updates group! ( free)
Bag: Needful Things - ::LEO-NT:: LONELY BIRD BAG

Think different, Nic

Thursday, October 27, 2011

halloween feast

Although it was not exactly on Halloweens day. The feast we had at the Tiroler Alm (Josef Zapatero's place), was super... i show you some nice outfits. So when you need inspiration for your feast you can watch this.
Tjip was a ghostbride. Got it at a luck chair. When you want information about the other outfits from the other persons, i can ask it for you. Just im me.

Ghost bride and bridegroom: XC - XC Ghost Bride Avatar and Ghost Groom avatar ( free)
Have a happy halloween, Nic


Don't know why, but i love posts with clocks. This broken clock is from " the looking glass" at Horizon Dream. I show you again some Seasons Hunt Fall gifts ( search the pumpkin) and a ZombiePopcornHunt gift( search the popcorn bag). I am on the phone, my old Nokia, ( nice animation from Bits and Bobs) but i have to cry. Why? I don't tell you....
A very nice modern iphone( phone addict girl with super animation) you can get here ( but expensive...oui, i couldn't withstand... have a look there)
Watch the birds on the dress so cute. Enlarge the picture, click on it. The hair with cap comes in 5 colours.

Hair with cap: - fri. - Apple - Mini.Fatpack 7 colours (TSF hunt- free)
Dress: AddicT - -[AddiCt]-LUCILLE Sweater Dress/Moss/The Season's Hunt ( free)
Bag: Duh! - ::Duh!:: The Seasons Hunt Gift ( free)
Legging: Magic Nook - [MAGIC NOOK] Indian Summer Leggings - Seasons Hunt ( free)
Necklace: Kosh - ZombiePopcorn Hunt - KOSH #23 hang man necklace ( free)
Animation: Bits and Bobs - Mobile phone- female model
From inventory : Boots from Lost Thereian

Telephone now , i have to go!, Nic

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


A black beauty this birthday present from Lo'Momo. Join the group and you can find it in info and notices. It is so elegant and the décollete so sexy. And the hair with hairornament comes with it!!!! When it is too cold ..combine it with this red jacket from Aoharu.

Dress and hair: Lo'Momo - "+Lo*momo+" 3rd anniversary gift set ( free)
Jacket: Aoharu - AOHARU_BT_ShortRidersJacket_Red ( 50% sale)

Be beautiful ;) , Nic

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Paradise Manor

A scary place to make pictures of my jail outfit..This morning i had a nice talk with Cilia Shepherd. She is designer. I teleported to her Cilian'gel 20s Boutique at Chicago 1920s.
Did the Boo-tiful Disaster hunt there and got the funny jail outfit with the ball on the ankle and the knife through the head. We had a lot of fun talking about this knife..
The toe socks are a gift from her for the fabulously free in sl group. Go to info and notices and scroll till you have the present. Cilian showed me an internet site about halloween places in sl. Have a look and enjoy. Oh and when you join Cilian's group you get so many the 10ld for group join is so worth paying for .

Outfit with knife and ball: Cilian'gel 20s Boutique - BDH #035 Cilian'gel 1920's Boutique ( free)
Socks: Group present Fabulously Free in sl group ( free)
From inventory: Shawl: Mr.Poet,Belt: from pants from Aoharu

Have a scary halloween and take care of your brains Cilian ;), Nic

Monday, October 24, 2011

ice or cream

This funny dress is from NSA3 hunt at Likka House. Find a tiny cage. Tip to make it easier to find: on the fan near the ceiling.
It is a little bit early for a winter picture and the dress is way too cold for this place but...... oh i love this quiet sphere.. icy but also with warm light.

Dress: Likka House - LIKKA*HOUSE Faded Rose-broken- : NSA3 Prize ( free)
Kitten: Mui Runo - Mischief kitten black
Hair: LeLutka - [LeLutka]-SJ hair/Dark Blonde/ StrawberryBlonde
From Inventory: Boots: Coco Design - *COCO*_Winter Choice! 2009 GIFT, legging: Kookie
Picture made at: Humanoid

Don't freeze, Nic

Sunday, October 23, 2011


This blue fluffy cardigan i combined with a nice halloween dress. Both are from Hello World. The dress in lucky board ( stockings included and also a witch hat) and the cardigan is a groupgift. The bag is the bag you have to open when you rezz your gift..but it is so nice you can wear it with the clothings.
Pictures made at Pixel Dreams..but it is under construction. And at Humanoid

Cardigan: HW -#HW Sheep knit(Turquoise)
Dress: HW - #HW Halloween OP
Hair: Dernier Cri - (Dernier Cri) Heather - black and Madison - blond
From inventory: Boots: Maitreya soho, legging: Kookie, Hair first picture : Maitreya

Kus, Nic

Friday, October 21, 2011


All sorts of colours Vivi shoulderpet sends colourful bubbles in the air when you click on him...the scarf is from Harry Potter sim ( World of Hogwarts)..the other scarf from Sf Design.. monthly gift.. the warm sweater is from lucky board.. the pants and socks from same shop (a groupgift) warm and colourful dressed for this time of year. Both scarfs are also good for men. The baggy pants have more possibilities. Cute the glasses aren't they?

Vivi: Pixel Creations - Vivi Plushie/Av Box (Open!) shoulderpet
Scarf: Sf Design - sf design sculpted scarf colour change ( for men here)( free)
Scarf:~hanamachi~ - ~hanamachi~ box of Harry Potter goodies!(hit a sign on the backwall #25)( free)
Sweater: Argyle Anonumus - AA-Seasons Sweater Fall Lucky (free)
Pants and socks: Argyle Anonymus - Argyle Anonymous Gift 9/22/11( free)
Glasses: Concrete flowers - glasses ZombiePopcorn Hunt concrete Flowers #22 ( free)
Baggy pants: [NV] - [NV] Halloween Baggys Gift ( free)
From inventory: shoes: Maitreya, Hair with cap: Argrace
Bag: Miel - MIEL PUMPKIN RAIDER (free)
Picture taken at: vilenna

Have a colourful day, Nic