Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Clear white and light is the sphere of these pictures with my new mesh dress (with the pink ribbon on the back) from lucky board and the vest from Gabriel. The vest is the 30.000 Members memory gift. For male and female. The jacket has good details. I like this new hair from Truth with the fronthair so nicely combed backwarts. On the picture is the version with the hair extension. More options are possible.

Vest: Gabriel - ::GB::Lomited Down_vest
Dress: Pumpkin - [Pumpkin] Elara-W&P
Hair: Truth - >TRUTH< Clara - dark browns

Kus, Nic

Sunday, November 27, 2011

in and around the wagon

In the wagon waiting, because it is stormy weather. It is dawn so may be this day when it is getting better outside.. tjip will walk through the woods. In the nice warm vest ( some men don't like vests ..i know) starring through the window, you can see the back side of the vest. Need to tell you it is a mesh vest from Mr. Poet. A gift in the shop. Underneath is an outfit from Gizza ( november group gift) shoes and pants all included. For the finishing touch sunglasses and a necklace with a chinese word ( friendship) both from SZD. There is another one with the word happiness.
Hair is from Audacity from the menstuff hunt. Search a small shirt. Three different styles are in the present and more colour options. This is Jacob in the colour sable.

Hair: Audacity - Audacity - Menstuff Hunt Gift 2011 ( free)
Sunglasses: SZD - :SZD: Sunglasses ( Group Gift )( free)
Necklace: SZD - :SZD: Friendship Necklace ( Group Gift )( free)
Vest: Mr. Poet - ::Mr.Poet::Bat sleeve knit coat [mesh]( free)
Outfit: Gizza - GizzA - November Group Gift Male ( free)


Saturday, November 26, 2011

winter set

This splendid colour winter set is from Anabelle Biedermann...All is included..pants, boots, shirt, scarf, mufflers, and the super cute cap with hair. I think it is little bit like the argrace stuff, but the colours are super... and the prize for all is SOOOOO worth paying for ..just 50ld...couldn't belief it.
The place where you can get this is at the Tiroler Alm.. the very cosy place from Josef Zapatero that i frequently visit to talk with friends. There is already a small christmas market.
The pictures i made at Dimrill Dale.. one of the sims of Calas Galadhon. I already showed on this blog the Gulf of Lune. Go there to skate....

Outfit: Annabella Biedermann - Winter nr.4 ( 50ld)

Have fun with skating, Nic

Friday, November 25, 2011

la donna Brigitte Bardot

Nic feels like Brigitte Bardot, a French former fashion model, actress, singer. She was one of the best-known sex-symbols of the 1960s. Brigitte weared up-do hairs like the ladonna hair from the freeball from Analog dog. There are 3 new hairstyles in the freeball at the beach.
The brown retro outfit fits the Bardot style in my opinoin, although she weared soft pink and soft blue checkered clothings. Search a diamond to get it.
Pay attention to the bloom pumps (mesh) they are from sale at Deco. Boots and shoe sale there.
Bag and gloves are so cute.

Pumps: Deco - **DECO - Bloom Heels (Licorice)** ( 50ld)
Outfit: Tres Beau - Tres Beau "DIMH" 3 ( free)
Hair : Analog Dog - Analog Dog freeball Ladonna Nutmeg (free)
Bag and gloves: LaGyo - LaGyo_Group gift ( free)

Brigitte étais tres beau, Nic

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Have you heard about this?

Couldn't belief my ears... yesterday Dancer Nitely told me: "the shop owner and designer of SG fashion wanted stop or leave sl..but she didn't, she stayed in sl and now sells all her clothings for 10ld".
I knew the shop from some years ago. I waited there hours to get some nice stuff from her lucky chair under the stairs.
So i went there to check ..and i was so exited..realy everything is 10ld... I bought the warm brown jacket with the fluffy sides..and the warm knitted sweater with the sweet collar. And the jeans with little bit open front so you can see the lace thongs (colorable).
Behind Nic on the pictures is a gown ( also 10ld) It is there in black and white. And there is more.. more... more.. Just have a look.

And another surprise.. there also is a shop with mens clothings and a shop with jewelry for male and female... all 10ld!!

Jacket: SG -SG- Dublin Coat Brown ( 10ld)
Pants: SG -SG- Violence Jeans Dark Blue( 10ld)
Sweater: SG -SG- Stockholm Sweater Beige

This must be shop of the day, Nic

Monday, November 21, 2011

step into the dream

Midsomer Isle, step into the dream, is a romantic place for having dinner and for dancing. Nice place to show the sexy long mesh dress that i got. And the new mens suit from marketplace. With the december feasts coming soon....this post can bring you in the mood.
But i have a problem.. i got the dress this weekend. I saved the landmark..but can't teleport there now. So i hope you can get it, if you want. The creator is Damien Fate. And here is the landmark that didn't work.

Suit: Blakopal - Steampunk Formal Suit - Black ( free)
Mesh dress: sequin print group freebie party dress ( free)
Hair: [69] - [ 69 ] KERI - Chestnut Collection
From inventroy gloves: (PixelDolls) Group gift - lace collar & gloves, necklace - .+*AA*+.Layered flower necklace *white

Wish you nice december feasts, Nic

Shop of the day - Iren

Today is the first day of the Kawai Hunt. This hunt is inspired by all objects nice and tender. In short, all those things that make it beautiful. Think of the Japanese girls who wear dresses in pastel colors and soft shapes, wavy hair, wavy. For the accessories barrettes or earrings with pastries, or glasses on the bow. Free your imagination. You have to search a strawberry.
The Iren shirt that i got, is from that hunt. And i was looking around in the Iren shop and found the tabacco armbracer and the dragonfly as gifts. And to complete my Kawai look i searched for my girly Iren hair. On the middlest picture i show the groupgift skin from Iren. So my first "shop of the day themed post" was born.
The cup of coffee is from needful things( group gift). Group join fee, but so many nice stuff as groupgifts, so worthwhile.

Shirt: Iren - KawaiiHunt 38# - ::::IrEn:::: ( free)
Tabacco armbracer: Iren - ::::IrEn:::: GIFT -Tabacco Armbracer ( free)
Dragonfly: Iren - ::::Dragonfly:::: IrEn Gift ( free)
Hair: Iren - ::::Layla3:::: onyx
Skin: Iren - [IREN] Shane-Evening Makeup-Groupgift ( free, but group join fee))
Cup: Needful things - ::LEO.NT:: my coffee mug ( group join fee)

Thanks Irischka Hotshot for being such a good creator, Nic

Sunday, November 20, 2011

self-made woman

The Burberry bags and shawl are self-made. I don't tell anyone how i created them. But my friend Soraya knows. She was so exited when i learned it to her, because she looooooves Burberry stuff. I think my Burberry shawl and bags give this rather dark look a fresh touch. And all this was put together to show you my new jacket from aDiva. Found at the Designer Circle.
And have a closer look...what is on my shoulder?... a rattie ..iiiiiiiiiie... but not a normal rat ..it is a glam rat ( wearing a cute red glamorous hat). It is a gift on the counter at the *OC* shop.

Jacket: aDIVA - aDiva couture Alissa Jacket Exclusive Designer Circle (99ld)
Rat: *OC* - *OC* Gift for Shoulder (free)

Bye bye, Nic

Designer Circle

Cleaning inventory i found the notecard from the Designer Circle. It is Halftime @ 17th Collection of the .:: Designer Circle ::. . This Collection is available to 26. November 2011. They offer Designer Fashion & Accessories for discounted Prices between 50 and 100 L$. Some Designers have a Freebie or Dollarbie for you. Well i was thrilled when i saw a picture of the boots from E-Clipse Design. The little leatherbag was a gift there from Loordes of London.
Then came news from Fishy Strawberry about the nice leather jacket for the dressing room. You need not go to the Dressing room, the jacket is in the main shop.
I was wearing the jeans dress from Gabriel (now discount). It is one of those items that i like to wear often. It combined very well with the new found items.
The necklace is also from the Designers Circle. It has a hud with all sort of possibilities.

Boots: E-Clipse - E - Clipse Ruca Boot (99ld)
Jacket: Fishy Strawberry - *Fishy Strawberry* Half-Quilted Leather Jacket - Khaki ( 70ld)
Dress: Gabriel - ::GB::DenimDress_Dark Blue
Necklace: VR Jewellery -VR Jewellery Wooden Beauty beech boxed (99ld)

Kus, Nic

Saturday, November 19, 2011

hurray for vintage

Vintage lovers hurry up to Clawtooth, the fifty linden friday item is still there. In this period with the Vintage fair the vintage hairs of Clawtooth ( there FTF choices possible) are not to be missed for the total vintage look. I was happy to find the Vintage jacket at the Vinyl Café shop at The Dominion. The skirt on the vendor and the stockings, i searched and found in another shop and in my inventory.

Hair: Clawtooth - Clawtooth: 20's Gal Pack FLF 2 (50ld)
Skirt: Coco - *COCO*_AsymmetricMiniSkirt_Check-Black (75ld)
Jacket: Vinyl Café -Vintage Teal Wool Jacket (50ld)
Boots: Decoy - [Decoy] Jully Boots - Pine
From inventory: Stockings: League - * *League* Ella Stockings-Naturals-Black Garter

Viva vintage, Nic

early morning shopping

Nic went out shopping early this morning..you can see, she already bought this nice white mesh dress... and is walking through the park... but then in another shop, she is in doubt: "will i take this nice red sweater too?", she is thinking....then she sees the prize, just 1 ld and all doubt is gone, hehe.... oh and she also went to her hairdresser...a nice short curly look she has, isn't it? she can go home satisfied......
Oh and a little confession, because the mesh dress didn't fit so well, she had a little breast reconstruction, to press her in this medium size dress.. haha what mesh can do with us :).. but her old shape is still in inventory...
To get the dress, join the Celoe update group and go to info and notices..

Dress: Celoe - [celoe.chelsea.dress]-Gift ( free)
Hair ( short) - Elikatira - [e] Soft - Rich Browns at Collabor88 ( 88ld)
Hair ( long) - Maitreya - Maitreya Jordyn - Browns Dark
Sweater -*RibboN* - *RibboN* short knit (red) (1ld)
From inventory Boots: [Decoy] Jully Boots - Tan, Necklace - [LeeZu!] BohemeMia JEWELLERY Set (old gift)

Kisses, Nic

Friday, November 18, 2011

mustard and matrioschka

More snow and cold places..and cold in rl ... so Nic wears a warm new legging from Bonne Chance from the lucky board. The mustard skirt is also from there. I love matrioschka puppets, so a shirt with a matrioschka is MINE :)

Legging: Bonne chance - bonne chance!bonbon Patch Leggings Gray LB ( free)
Skirt: Bonne chance - bonne chance!Gretel Mini Skirt LB ( free)
Shirt: NuDoLu - :NuDoLu: LongT de Matriochka Group gift november 2011 (free)
From inventory: Necklace - glow; Boots - Bukka; Hair - Iren; Vest- Coco

Kisses, Nic

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bukka girl

Oh i love this hair and cosy poncho.
I can call myself Bukka girl, because the poncho , the boots and the bag are all gifts from Bukka. Boots and poncho from lucky board and the bag is the subscribe-o-matic gift. The boots i showed before, but now i show you the version with the socks..pay attention to the details, the texture of the socks and the buttons there!
With the two close-ups you can see both sides of the hair and i hope you can see the freckles, eyelashes and blush. Click on the picture to enlarge. Mmmm it feels so cosy and warm to hide my face in the collar of the poncho. I like this short hair because i can show my earrings and necklace so well.
Under the poncho i wear the DCNY gift of the Vintage Fair.

Poncho: Bukka - [BUKKA]poncho ::stlipe gray brown:: lucky-box ( free)
Bag: Bukka - [BUKKA]LeatherBag ::welcome gift:: ( free)
Boots: Bukka - [BUKKA]Heel Boots ::ivory:: lucky-box ( free)
Hair: Dura - Dura celebration Group Gift ( free)
Freckles/eyelashes/blush: Nanan - Nanan Freckles+Blush 1L$
Bag with scarf: Nanan - Nanan - Leather Bag Ocre 1L$
Shirt: DCNY - DCNY Vintage Fair Exclusive Gift (free)
Necklace&earrings: Mandala- [MANDALA]SINRA Necklace&earrings/chocolate brown
Skirt: Kyoot - Kyoot - Corduroy Mini - Nutty Skirt

Bye bye, Nic

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

brown in the winter

Many places in sl slowly change in winter themed places as you can see also on these pictures. The new dress has long sleeves so not too cold. It is a present at the little winter square at petit pas. It is on a small board in the window. The dress is from Lo Momo. I combined the dress with curly hair from A&A. Found on marketplace.
I want to combine it with the boots from Bukka lucky chair ( Heel Boots in Ivory)...but i am still waiting there. As soon as i get them i will add the picture. And yesssss i got them

Hair: A&A - A&A Ceres Hair Nuts, (free)
Dress: Lo*momo - petit pas ville opening gift (free)
Boots: Bukka - [BUKKA]Heel Boots ::ivory:: lucky-box ( free)

Enjoy your new stuff, Nic