Friday, March 29, 2013

prepared for easter camp

Some cute things for easter time in the nature. Nic will camp in the wood. She wears some clothes from the Spring market fair, from the umbrella hunt. The hunt is from March 8th till April the first. So you still can be there in time. You need find an umbrella. You can find them in the market stalls. The green lace shirt (from Sassy) and the purple skirt and shirt (from Flame Fashion) are from that hunt.
The body warmer and the backpack are groupgifts from Club Kai Mahalo.
Pure Poison Fashion is announcing a special Easter Hunt. For 7 days they will treat you with a new different pair of earrings. Come into Pure Poison Mainstore every day to grab them, because you won't find the same one next day.
This are the earrings from today ( day 2).
The cute bunny bag is from an outfit at  NS.
The cute bunny on Nic's shoulder is a bunny for in your mouth but i attached it on the shoulder.

Green lace top: Sassy at Spring Market Fair- ~Sassy!~ Venus top - spring green ( free)
Purple skirt and shirt: Flame Fashion  at Spring market Fair - Flame Fashion-Old Europe UMbrella hunt item ( free)
Body warmer:Kai Mahalo -  Kai Mahalo GG Vest Women ( free)
Backpack: Kai Mahalo - *izm.*back pack@kai mahalo group gift ( free)
Bunny bag: NS - Part of outfit NS:: Bunny Outfit
Earrings: Pure Poison - PP Easter Hunt- Lagrima Earrings ( 10ld)
Bunnny on shoulder:Maliz Yiyuan -  Bunnyum Yum (15ld)
From inventory: Boots-; Hair - EMO-tions and Truth, bunny in Nic's hand- not available anymore; Boots-; Jeans- Connors

Bye bye, Nic

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