Tuesday, October 30, 2012

misty autumn

Here the new groupgift from Foppish. The riders cardigan. I love the combination of the leather  and the woven or knitted textures. I combined it with the riding boots from Coco. New is the studded bag. I bought it at L'accesssoires. Founders of L'accessoires are MeiMei Shiu, Cieleste Magic and Zachary Zufreur. It is a shopping experience centered on accessories. There is every month a fine selection of accessories by good designers in Second Life. It is a pity that the products are so expensive. I think that is the reason that it is not so well visited as the dressing rooms or the collabor88 events. But i could not resist buying this bag , because it fits so well to this look.
The misty autumn sphere is like in rl at the moment.

Jacket: Foppish - [Foppish GG]Riders Cardigan-{Pumpkin}( free)
Bag: Swallow - ^^Swallow^^ Rockstuds Bag Black
From inventory: Boots - Coco; jeans - Calypso Gianno; Top - Gizza ( part of tricot set)

Bye bye, Nic

Monday, October 29, 2012

zebra combi's

Made this post about the zebra cardigan. Then i went back to the shop from the nails to see if that nail gift was still there but then discovered this super cute gift at splash. The jackets. In the package 4 colors (white, black green and red) Isn't this realy a good gift? I want that jacket in rl because the weather is now cold here. Mmm so cozy, such a warm jacket.

Although you can see such a cardigan with one loose shoulder everywhere in sl, this one i wanted immediately when i saw someone wearing it. She told me she bought it at the cinema event. This event is held through Oct. 31. Cinema brings you into a massive, beautiful, custom-designed multiplex cinema featuring eight individually-themed theaters. You’ll be immersed in the movie-going experience with fun interactive features and over 80 of your favorite stores with exclusive new items inspired by film.
But she also gave me the lm to the main store from the cardigan. Here is the lm to the shop at the cinema event. Many cute shops there so have a look shopaholics.

I made a picture of the back of the cardigan and used it to give a bag a new texture and to create my leggings. And so i created this combination from the cardigan with the bag. The pumps i showed before on the blog ( from Baby monkey lucky board) and the earrings also (Mandala at marketplace).The simple tops from Jane always are a good basic.

Cardigan: Kamouraska -  [KAMOURASKA] Bonaventure Cardigan Zebre
Jacket: Splash - Pimp Coat Ladies Mesh Full pack_GIFT/SPH ( free)
From inventory: Necklace- Deco ( recolored); hair - Truth, earrings- Mandala, nails and ring -splash

Sunday, October 28, 2012

gown day

I have to be in the mood for a long dress. Last days i wasn't but then suddenly it is yes now i want make a  gown post. And this one i had already in my mind. It is the october groupgift from Glitterati by Sapphire. Group join is 50ld. near this gown you can pick up a red one the september groupgift. And in the shops part opposite the entrance  you can find old groupgifts. I like the brown one from april 2011.

Gown: ! Glitterati ! - Glitterati ! - Group Gift - Oct 2012 ( free, group join 50ld)
From inventory: necklace -Deco (pearls in a rush kawaii gift recolored), earrings- Indy&Co (old customers apr. gift); Hair Briony - Truth

Bye bye, Nic

Saturday, October 27, 2012

charming man in charcoal

Nic was lucky to meet a man ( Ati Paule) in charcoal colors ( for the 52 weeks of ColorChallenge this weeks color). And although the female post was already made, it was nice to make photos of this man for another ColorChallenge post. And for me easy. I didn't need to buy all and get dressed up ;) Charcoal reminds me of coalmines, something typical for men may be...

He has a cute animation overrider, a mixed ao from Akeyo and Abraham he said. ( i think may be this last one is Abranimations , the animation shop).
His jeans is  from NotsoBad. The skin from Body co. The sweater i already knew. Already wanted  such a sweater for Nic for this blog. It is from Sey. The Ensemble&Cut-off version in Mesh. It has color change possibility with hud…inner, main body and suspender…more styles in store. His hair is from Burley. It reminds me of the hair of samurai warriors. I think the designer was inspired by that.
The shoes are from the Urban Bomb Unit.

Hair: Burley - [BURLEY]_Kyle_Blacks
Jeans: NotsoBad - Joris
Shoes:  UBU- Pornstar slip-ons unisex
Sweater: Sey - Ensemble&Cut-off /mesh/Unisex

And what about this?
Here i show you some pictures made by Richard Avedon, a famous photographer, that he made from coalminers. By the way Avedon was also famous because of his mode photography. Avedon began his professional career in fashion photography working for Harper's Bazaar, Vogue, Life and others. An important contribution was his idea to move the fashion model out of the studio and onto the street.
I admire him and i like that idea..  May be that is why i mostly make pictures of Nic as a model somewhere in sl. Google Avedon and enjoy his work.

Thanks Ati for the photoshoot, Nic

lots of orange with charcoal

Yes lots of orange in a 52 ColorChallenge post about charcoal ( a dark grey). But i like to brighten up such a dark color a bit. I found this cute hair from (red)Mint in the sale. Sale is till end october. Most hairs are 50% off and some 30%.

I was glad with this charcoal color, because now i had an excuse to buy the postmans jacket at Pumpkin. Attached to the jacket is the bag. In a menu you can choose the texture of the bag.

Mostly i wear brown eyes from Sakurako or the black eyes from Ikon. But this is also a favorite. The naive eyes in steel from Rotten Toe at marketplace. They are beautiful hand painted. And give the face a special a little bit sad sphere.

And i need not tell that i am always totally in love with my Chronokit clothings. So here again pants from kit Pizzicato.

Jacket: Pumpkin - [Pumpkin]Postman jacket
Pants: Chronokit - *chronokit*  Fabre Pants 01
Hair: (red)Mint - (r)M ~ Hair No.12 (F) ( r e d s ) (50% off sale, 115ld)
Eyes: Rotten Toe - Naive eyes steel (20ld)
From inventory: Biker Boots - DRD (old groupgift)

Look for the 52 weeks of ColorChallenge here.

Have a nice weekend, Nic

Friday, October 26, 2012

Dancer's cat theme halloween

Isn't this cool what Dancer found today. I was thrilled to see her like this. Realy super findings. Black cat theme. A black cat that crosses your path is a sign that  something severe will happen to you, supersticious people say. Good theme for halloween.

Here is what she said about it:
The dress: FREE
Dancer Nitely: :::Dimbula Rose:::
mmm-HH2012_:::DR::: Halloween Cat Set (Black) 2/2
search a butterfly
See the gloves!!!!
The dress has cat ears..but little bit difficult to see in the Dura hair
Dancer Nitely: it's a whole cat-theme, with the dress and gloves they have claws, and the earrings

Skin: FREE
Dancer Nitely: Yoon- [YOON 1000th] PERLE KAMALA
[13:38] Dancer Nitely: skin with make-up
[13:38] Dancer Nitely: from the mm at yoon
The mm gift has three different skins, this one with the make-up is just one

pipe: FREE
[13:39] Nicandra Laval: then the pipe Brat
[13:39] Dancer Nitely: that's a lucky board at [brat]
[13:39] Dancer Nitely: they make skins, so i don't know why they have a pipe lol]

eyes: FREE
[13:48] Dancer Nitely: same as always, Amacci gift eyes, from their subscribo
[13:49] Dancer Nitely: they are called
[13:49] Dancer Nitely: InSight ~ BrownGreen Eyes
[13:49] Dancer Nitely: and they have an eye sparkle attachment

From inventory:
13:41] Dancer Nitely: the earrings i've worn for a long time, they were a group gift from N@N@
[13:42] Dancer Nitely: and the shoes, my old favourite
[13:42] Dancer Nitely: ::Maschienenwerk:: Kicks_Black ( now it is called Santo/free)

Just heard this from Dancer: [15:02] Dancer Nitely: perhaps you should say that the pipe has a little elf on it, with a 'no smoking' sign lol

Thanks Dancer, Nic

another barn

Last times Nic loves barns. Here you see her between hay and straw. All is ready for wintertime.  She shows you a furry , wool leopard outfit. The dress is knitted wool with fur( just 10ld) is from Hinako at the cart sale. The cart sale runs from Oct 24th,2012 to Oct 31st,2012. The leopard legwarmers with  ribbon are 50ld also there. The hair is also from Hinako.
In the main shop you can this version in mocha or a red version for a special prize, 80ld. The hair has ribbons. Menu has 5 texture options. But it is possible to wear it without the ribbons.
The low mesh wedge booties Nic bought at G-Field. With the hud you can recolor some parts of the booties. Because of Halloween all orange and black (and a few purple) items are  in 50% sale there. Boots, pumps, skirts, dresses and more. So much  now for an affordable prize. The groupgift is a halloween dress and a bat ribbon for in your hair. Long mesh boots with spiders are the  special limited halloween item ( 86ld)

Hair: Hinako hair - :: HINAKO Hair::carnelian(Ribbon)Mocha (80ld)
Dress: Hinako at cart sale - ::HINAKO MESH Strapless dress Brown ( 10ld)
Legwarmers: Hinako at cart sale - ::HINAKO Legwarmer1
Booties: G-Field - *GF*[Mesh] Wedge Bootie "Beth" -pumpkin-
From Inventory and shown earlier on the blog: Scarf and fedora ( scroll) tights - Twosome.

I added another cutie from Hinako Hair, for neko halloween lovers. It is from FOASH hunt. Search a turquoise heart. Near the shrubbery near the entrance.

Hair with cat cap - Hinako hair - ::HINAKO Hair ::Aimee Cat ear hat Orange Brown ( 1ld)
Bye bye, Nic

Thursday, October 25, 2012

the soft halloween look

Hehe i didn't want to make a halloween post. But then Dancer told me about the halloween skin from Poised. I took it from marketplace sl and tried it. Meanwhile talking with Dancer.
And she said this:

[15:06] Dancer Nitely: it seems to be a little softer than most goth skins
[15:06] Dancer Nitely: often they seem so hard in appearance
[15:07] Dancer Nitely: so that's good i think
[15:07] Nicandra Laval: yes i saw it on the picture already
[15:08] Dancer Nitely: i compared it to another goth skin, big difference
[15:09] Dancer Nitely: i think it could work with the platinum dura hair, for a softer halloween look

[15:12] Nicandra Laval: I try it now  with the platinium hair
[15:12] Dancer Nitely: halloween goth is often black, black, black
[15:12] Nicandra Laval: must also use grey  eyes then
[15:12] Dancer Nitely: so it could be interesting to go the other way
[15:13] Nicandra Laval: yes the ghost way
[15:13] Dancer Nitely: yes, exactly :)
[15:13] Dancer Nitely: ghost instead of vampire
[15:14] Nicandra Laval: yes ))

So here is Nic as the cute ghost halloween casual girl. May be she was murdered not so long time ago, when she weared her long t shirt and pants from Chronokit. Now she returns every time there at the place of the murder. She walks through doors and walls and is guarded by her old ghost friend. No he isn't dangerous for her as you might have thought at your first glance seeing the pictures. No he is protecting her. He dwells around with her. Playing with her. When will she get her rest? Who will ever know?

Skin: Poised - ::Poised:: Dark Silhouette Halloween Goth Gift Skin ( 1ld)
Hair: Dura - 2012/10/31 Halloween gift hair(For Ladys)( free)
Pants: Chronokit- *chronokit*  Fabre Pants 01 gray
Long t: Chronokit - *chronokit* Long T Shirts 01 striped2< gray>
Belt: Chronokit - *chronokit*  Belt 01
From inventory: Lipgloss - P&T; Espadrilles - Balkanik; Spider web stockings- Vinyl Café; grey eyes_ Rotten toe ( marketplace ( 20ld).

Well i like stories with a happy end. I can tell you Nic is saved and here she is back as a colorful casual girl.

Have a nice Halloween, Nic

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

here is Nic again

Here she is and she shows the groupgift legging from Le Poppycock. Join the group and click the board near the entrance of the shop.The mesh boots you can find in the info and notices of the Blueberry group. Also a new mesh dress there. The white ( soft green may be) shirt is from  Alb Dream Fashion. This gift is for everyone. It is in the Alb Voca demo set on the wall where you land. The shawl is from League. Already told about it in another post. The hair is the third fatpack in the gift from Exile that you can get when you click the subscribe-o-matic and go to history. The other two hairs from the gift from Exile you can see in the post before this one.

Hair: Exile - Exile: Rayanne Group Gift-All Colors (free)
Shirt: Alb Dream Fashion - ALB VOCA DEMO set MESH to old voca vest by AnaLee Balut ( free)
Boots: Blueberry Store group - Blueberry Raelen *Mesh* Ankle Boots Group Gift ( free)
Shawl: League - *League* Snoods -Gift (free)
Legging: Le Poppycock - Le Poppycock *Idol Legging* October Group Gift ( free)

Bye bye, Nic

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Branagh's barn

Nic between the horses in the barn. The sims name is the weald. I think i told you before that you can get the best sl horses here. Very realistic. You can wear the demo hore ( only the sporthorse) tp somewhere and have a nice drive. When you stop wearing the horse you can't use the demo anymore. Need go back to take anothere one.
Nic shows her long brown boots and the brown jacket ( must confess it is a jacket for men but i changed Nic's body to fit it). It are groupgifts from Amour Fashions and Rispetto Designs. Group join 50ld. Nic wears her new hair from Catwa with a pony tail. In the post before this one i told about the scarf. So scroll down to get the info

Boots: Amour Fashions - Amour Signature - Reese MESH Slouch Boots - Group gift ( free, but group join 50ld)
Jacket: Rispetto Designs - Rispetto Designs - Moda II MESH Jacket - GROUP GIFT II ( free)
Scarf - [VG] - Ultimate Scarf Pack (20 Scarves) ( 10ld)
Hair: Catwa - Jaffa
From inventory: jeans - Aoharu

And i couldn't resist to add 2 of the 3 hairs that you can get now as a groupgift at Exile. 3 fatpacks you get when you click the subscribe-o-matic.
The third one i will show you later  because it isn't a style for a barn.

Hair: Exile - Exile: Betty Lou Group Gift-All Colors
Hair: Exile - Exile: Violetta Group Gift-All Colors