Sunday, November 30, 2014

it went wrong that night

The nightbird trusted him too much. See for a picture about what could  have happened here . All went wrong. She ended up in the snow.
Nic shows you an outfit with feathers, Included are the pearl jewelry and the shoes. It is a gift at the new round of Sneek Peak. More presents there. The corset on the last pictures is a groupgift at Maai.
Nic's hair is one of the new free hairs from Analog Dog.

Outfit:Jumo at Sneek peak - .:JUMO:. TriBeCa Set Pearl (free)
Corset: Maai - MAAI - " Frai " corset lingerie / Lolas / version D (free)
Hair: Analog Dog- free ball (free)
From inventory: clutch - Coco
Pictures made at:  Club road south

Bye bye, Nic

Saturday, November 29, 2014

xiasumi school festival last days and black friday till monday

Last days of xiasumi school festival. You haven't been there yet? Well it is worthwhile to look around at the huge school place. May be when you see Nic's school sweater you get the mood to go.
Also important to know is the black friday sale that is running now in many shops. Mostly until monday. I went to Reign to get my boots. The soopascarf is from a cute shop S&S.  And i am proud about my backpack. I got a free backpack but with the well-known green and red textures. I discovered, that i could change the parts. Uploaded 4 textures in sl and so the kawai christmas backpack was born. The red earmuff i also recoloured a bit. Nic's hair is the last groupgift from little bones. Today i also grabbed the fifty linden friday hair there. And then waiting time...till anne Dakun was ready with her cute drinking poses for the subscribe-o-matic.

Hoodie: Bleich - Mesh Unisex Japanese Hoodie Grey
Scarf: .S&S. Soopascarf 01 - Pack01 ( with 3 colors)
Backpack: House of Avro - Free Christmas Backpack From the House of Avro (free/ i retextured some parts)
Nails: BD - BD slink holiday nails (free)
Boots: Reign - REIGN.- Kenzy Boots- Black (in  sale 50% off)
Hair: Little bones- little bones. Lovestruck - GIFT
Poses with hot drink - Label Motion - My Hot Drink *Subscriber Gift* (free)
Earmuffs: physco clothes at Nice to Be- nice to be - gift by - physco clothes (1ld)

Below pictures of Charlie Namiboo wearing a coat from the black friday sale at Coldlogic .
Hair -  Truth Rocky;  Boots JD Penny.
 see for all sales here

Pictures made at; Frisland
Bye bye, Nic and thanks Charlie

going home ....

Friday, November 28, 2014

run for this fifty linden friday skirt

A post made in a great hurry. Because in rl i get visitors this evening. But i want inform you about this beautiful skirt from Ane. The fifty linden friday item.

Skirt: Ane - ANE Lolita Skirt  Flowers FLF (50ld)
From inventory: Cardigan - ::K:: - cardigan; shoes - LVLE; necklace; school chairs- 8f8
Pictures made at Pals Meadow

Bye bye, Nic

role-play Nic or going to the theater or jazz club Nic

This dress from Leri Miles Design is a good one for role-play in sl i think. That is why i made pictures of her in the kitchen.  But with her bag she is also ready to go to a theatre or jazz club. Multifunctional dress. The skirt and jacket are in leather. You can get more colors. Go to my Attic at the Deck to get this dress. Nic wears hair from Truth and a bag from Gabriel from her inventory. The le Form shoes are still in the shop as groupgift.

Skirt and jacket: Leri Miles Designs -LMD Sasy Jacket & Skirt
Heels: Le Forme - [LF] Classic Heels Leather Carmin (free)
From inventory: Hair- Truth; bag - Gabriel ( free); necklace- Mandala
Pictures made at: Frisland

Bye bye, Nic

Thursday, November 27, 2014

nice to be

Nic shows you what she found under the christmas tree at Nice To Be. The glitter dress and the red body warmer, the nail gloss and the red ear muffs are all from there. And you can get more.
The cute cap is the last groupgift from SHI (but group join fee!) You need go also to the facebookpage  ( to get a secret number. Go in the on the present. A menu will open and you need fill in the number there and the present is yours. You get the cap with two textures.
Nic stayed home today because she made the laptop (see on the pictures) with a slideshow ( just 3 prims) if someone is interested i can make such a laptop for you. I did many pictures from disappearing Shanghai in the slideshow. Feel welcome to enter my home and sit and watch.  I also wanted to show the cables. You can buy a cable set with 3 sorts at Geeks 'n' Nerds. The dog with mini dog and bag is free at marketplace ( i hoped i could unlink them but that's not possible). The mini puppets are in one of the last releases from Label Motion Poses. You get all sorts of colors but i copied these soft pink ones.

Taxi to Nice to Be
Dress:  blah.BLAH.blah at Nice to Be-Nice To Be - Gift by blah.BLAH.blah (free)
Nails:AsHmOoT at Nice to Be-AsHmOoT_Beauty Coll_FNP Shiny Glitter O [SLINK HUD] (1ld)
Body warmer: .:: PrincessD ::. at Nice to Be- .::Nice To Be - Gift by .:: PrincessD ::. (1ld))
Earmuffs: physco clothes at Nice to Be- nice to be - gift by - physco clothes (1ld)
Dog and basket: CJ Creations - CJ Creations Gift 0 L ~ Winter ~ Basket with cute Dogs (free)
Puppets and poses: Label Motion - Label Motion -  Dolly Poses
Cables: *Second Spaces* at Geeks'n'Nerds- *Second Spaces* Geeky Office Accessories - power strips (bxd1)
Cap: SHI - .Shi Gift : POW B.B Cap [Limited Edition . Unisex] (free/ but group join fee)
From inventory: Hair - Liquence, shoes- LeForm (free); Boots: J's; glitter scarf - Graffitiwear; pants - chronokit

Pictures made at my home location ( feel welcome and may be you will find me home relaxing and reading in my pijama's (gift from GothiCatz)

Bye bye, Nic

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

a mesh kimomo from the Bargain Gatcha

I once got a super kimono from a very nice friend. It is a pity he is never in sl now. It was a kimono from sweetaholic ( co shop from Grasp) It was in the non mesh time. Now i got my first mesh kimono and i can say mesh is good for kimono's. See the cute panda detail. This kimono you can get at the Bargain Gatcha. Bargain Gatcha is now opened. They changed a bit the formula. It is more a gatcha shop now. Designers can rent a place with a gatcha machine for one month. So the ones you see there now are valid till end of december  Nic wears a japanese hair ornament, a gift from Oryouhan.
Nic's little panda friends on the ground are from Linus on marketplace.

Kimono: Gion Nightmare at Bargain Gatcha - RARE-Bloggers-Gion Nightmare Kimono Blue RARE-(gatcha)
Hair ornament: *Oryouhan* - *Oryouhan*Open-Gift (free)
Panda's: Linus - Petit panda box (1ld)
From inventory: Hair D!va; zouri( shoes) - sweetaholic( shop gone)
Pictures made at Baku Matsu

Bye bye, Nic

brown combi

Nic and tjip near a small café. Nic wears a new sexy dress, A new release from FA Creation. This is the leather version. The dress comes with a menu for many textures and colors. Textures like leather , animal, metallics and lace. For outside the combination with the coat from Coco is a very good one. Tjip wears a new vest, part of the new groupgift from Lineal Rise Design. I liked the vest the most, so i combined it for tjip with his brown jeans and the denim shirt from Gabriel.
Yesterday i  discovered a for me new shop Addams. Nice leather jackets and  sweaters and a nice vest with hoodie and backpack i saw. All with good quality. But a bit expensive. The sunglasses and the armband are groupgifts in that shop. The sunglasses come with a hud  with many possibilities.

Dress: FA Creations - ::FAC:: NEW RELEASE Xaviera Halterneck Dress (unpacked)
Coat: COCO - *COCO*_ChesterCoat_Camel
Vest tjip: Lineal Rise Designs - LRD GG Nov/Dec 2014 Mens Outfit North (free)
Armband: Addams -Addams // Studded Cuff Leather Bracelet (
Sunglasses: Addams - Addams // Cat Glasses (free)
From inventory: Bag- Zenith;jeans shirt- Gabriel ( not available anymore)
Pictures made at: Izzie's

Bye bye, Nic

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

red in the studio

click on the picture to enlarge
Photoshoot in the studio from red dresses from Vips Creations. The short one is the new groupgift. Comes with a hud with more texture options. You get the dress with pumps and jewelry and a clutch. Nic just wears the clutch. I like the high heels from Shey so much that Nic wears those. The long dress is from a hunt in the Vips Creations shop. Oh and because of the cold weather in rl i was in a mood for warm clothes. I dived in my inventory for bolero and furs. But when you want a fur stola then go to the lucky board at Belle Epoque. One of the items is a dress with a black fur stola. My nails are from SMC

Short dress/clutch  and more: Vips Creations - Female Outfit - My Heart for You[2014](free)
Long dress and more:  Vips Creations - NWCALDH Hunt - Female Gift (free)
Shoes: Shey - SHEY ALBA Stilettos
Stockings: Blushed - Seamed pantyhose for slink physique
Deer Earring: Luziefee - part of  LUZ - Thanksgiving 2014 :)(free)
Fur stola in lucky board at Belle Epoque (free)
From inventory: fur hat- sf design; bolero- LaRosa; fur shoulders - Color me H.O.F
Pictures made at: Rowne

Bye bye, Nic

cats and turkey time ?


Many sensations. To begin with the sensation boots from Shey. Very sexy boots. I wanted wear them with stockings. For slink feet i didn't have stockings yet. But with boots with peep toes i needed it to be dressed properly. With slink av Enhancement you need find out to do it all right. It takes some time. So when one of you needs explanation or has troubles to let it work well write me. May be i can help.
The next sensation is the new event Geeks'n'Nerds. Many new products there from many well-known designers. I can recommend to look around there. The choker is the only gift i found there.
And in some days the other sensation is Thanks Giving. Are you all stressed there American reader? We don't have Thanks Giving in Holland. We have in some churches in Holland a day for saying thanks for all what grows. So here no turkey eating. But Nic likes it and i think the cat wants it too.

Necklace: Haste at Geeks'n'Nerds - [Haste] Diamond Choker (Free)
Turkey and plate: Sparrowtree poses: SSP - SSP Turkey day pose ( 1ld)
Dress: Rowena's - {RS} Katalin Sweater Dress (new)
Hair: pr!tty at TCF - pr!tty - Catharina - .Color Hud Blondes. + [Headband Fatpack](NEW)
Scarf: KlubwerK- KlubWerK  her -- scarf unisex coal (free)
Hipschain: whatever - [whatever] Hipschain TDTH (free)
Boots: Shey - SHEY - Sensation Boots [SLINK](NEW)
Pictures made at : Pals Meadow3

Bye bye, Nic

Monday, November 24, 2014

come play with me ( and TDTH )

Come play with me does the cat say. Or... may be Nic? A catsuit makes you sexy and as mysterious as a cat. Sometimes i see in sl women wearing a catsuit, But then they make a bitchy impression. That is not Nic's style. I think the way she wears this catsuit is sweet and lovely. It comes with a hud with many texture options.
I am also happy that i can show you the hipschain from whatever from the Dirty Turkey Hunt. I had no outfit  to combine with. Now i can show it to you.
Oooooh and the fiftylinden friday item is still there at Kalopsia. It is the cute christmas tree from cushions. You also get more cusions for on the ground. Run girls.. don't miss this when you love to decorate. There is also a red/green version.
The sleeping siamese cat under the christmas tree is from StoraxTree. It was a special at the True Fashion Event ( but the event is over.. sorry). For normal prize for naptime cats see marketplace or go here. I like to have the cats on a more modern rug, but that is a matter of taste.

Hipschain: whatever - [whatever] Hipschain TDTH (free)
Christmas tree: Kalopsia - Kalopsia - Pillows Collection (Winter) (FLF 50ld)
Catsuit: Shey - SHEY - Exuma Catsuit (NEW)
From inventory: Hair- Pr!tty, Cardigan - Tram

Pictures made at my home location ( all welcome)

how to make cold warm

The present from Amazing Creations for The World of Fantasie Hunt is a summer set. A bit difficult when many sims turn into snow sims and christmas sims. So i decided to make the set more warm. The set contains the mini skirt, the knotted top and the booties. I took from my inventory a black shirt ( you even can make such a shirt yourself very easy. Under the stockings i did other stockings. Then a cap from Argrace and my waist sweater from Monso and voilá a warm combination. The cute bag is from JK Style a present at Fresh Style. In the present is also a mesh cuffed capri jeans and a sweater.

Outfit: .AmAzInNg CrEaTiOnS - TWOF # 41- AmAzInNg CrEaTiOnS - F -sexy outfit 8 (free)
Bag: JK Style - Fresh Style gift for SLF&O(free)
From inventory: Cap- Argrace; Hair - little bones ( see post before this one (free); waist sweater - Monso
Pictures made at: Frisland