Thursday, June 30, 2022

always later than he says

"Ready with the outfit", he wrote last night. I saw it in my morning. That means we can go picture making. In the morning i asked him "when can you come". He replied: "Yes, I am at home after the coffee break at my work in rl. I will be there at your time 14.00". But..... no José. Then after a long wait I asked again now with less patience "when will you come?" He answered "yes in a few minutes I am back home". After 45 minutes waiting ...... no José. And he wanted to join me at the blog 😏. Then at the time that I mostly meditate with a group, I see him coming online. After some minutes he is writing in Whatsapp "I am totally ready now and waiting for you". Haha he is waiting for me ... hilarious. Even the dog in sl already laid down waiting. But alas yes I need to tell you too that José is very good at helping when he is there. He does exactly what needs to be done and understands fast what I want. And he is a hard working person in rl, I know. I just want to tease him with this story. Was he feeling guilty and therefore came with the drinks? I think no.. the butterflies had their attention at that time. 
I need work on my patience for sure. 

Rowne has free group membership at the moment. The pumps are a group gift. Many group gifts there. The earring I recolored a bit. What you see in pink in the picture you get in white. The cute cat necklace I found at marketplace for just 10ld. At the drinks you can see a cute cat paw print. The credit card of Arcane Spellcaster was not enough for the pants. You need to pay 50ld extra. The vendor will ask you if it is ok that the shop takes 50ld. 

Nic is wearing:
Dress: [4U] at Shop&Hop  ~ - [4U] ~ GIFT Collection ~ 008 (free)
Earring: [HJ] at Shop&Hop - [HJ]Bijou Earrings (free/S&H gift)
Pumps: Rowne - Rowne.Jai Classic Pumps - Gift Pack ( free/groupgift/group join free now)
Drink: [TKC] at Shop&Hop -  [TKC] Pawsi - SS14b gift ( free/S&H gift)
Cat necklace: Alcateia - Alcateia Cat necklace (10ld)
Hair: Wasabi // at Kustom9 - Wasabi // Raya Hair - Brunettes (NEW)
Jacket in hand: [SHIFUKU] -[SHIFUKU] Holdable DenimJacket & Flowers (BLUE)
From inventory: cross necklace - Amias; flowers - kotte; labrador - Rezz Room

José is wearing:
Pants: Arcane Spellcaster - Arcane Spellcaster. pant lacopo Man (free/credit card of S&H)
Jacket with inner tee: Addams -Addams // David Leather Jacket // ( free/bought with credits at S&H event)
Sneakers: Lapointe/Swear: L&B Swear Sneaker-085 Santa Red ( groupgift/ group join fee)
Hair: Exile - Exile Knox Split color pack ( free/old Stay at Home gift)

Bye bye, Nic

Tuesday, June 28, 2022

MAKe a MArk


She is making a mark, it seems. 😉 MAKe A MArk is the shop who released this beautiful animated hidden Japanese garden. You can get the gift at the Shop&Hop event. The tree in the gift has pink leaves, but I recolored it for the pictures to red leaves. I placed lanterns of Madras and some bamboo. Some water lilies and some goldfish from TLC Animals I added to the pond. Nic is wearing the red skirt bought with the credits of Blueberry. Go to Shop & Hop to get your credits. The bra, the headpiece, the nipple cover and the necklace and most of the bracelets are from Lulu. It is from an outfit that I bought in 2020. The outfit comes with pants, but I wanted a long skirt for dancing.

Skirt: Blueberry - Blueberry Catherine Skirt ( red) ( free/ bought with S&H credits
Bra, headpiece, nipple cover, necklace and bracelets: LuLu - Lulu Blood/gold
Bracelets at Nic's left arm: NaaNaa's - NaaNaa's Caninye Bracelets Gold ( free/bought with credits at S&H event)
Earrings: [POM] - [POM] Zareen
Hidden garden: MAKe a MArk at S&H - Make a MArk - Japanese Hidden Garden (animated)( free)
Star dust:  :::ChicChica::: - :::ChicChica::: Startdust
From inventory: Hair - Truth (kitten); Water lillies and goldfish -TLC Animals; lanterns - Madras; roses at head - Naminoke; ring - EarthStones; sparkling body - [Avenge]; anklets - Promagic

Bye bye, Nic

Monday, June 27, 2022

it started peacefully


In the beginning there came two raccoons. Nothing wrong with that. But when there were three of them, they became more and more brutal. A cheeseburger fell into the sand, because Nic became nervous. And hey where did the apples go? I had a long wait at this place today because José wanted to join me at the blog, but he had to work in rl too. There was no good free outfit ready and then he had to go back to work again. So I said another time is better. In the meantime the racoons took the place over!
Nic is showing you a top and pants. They are in the Saturday sale at Salt&Pepper. With her store credits  she could buy a lot there. With a giftcard of Bumblebee I bought the booties ( in 2 length). And a week ago a new group gift of Truth was released. So from top to toe all free items. Many people have the Truth group membership. 
Behind nic is the free barbeque. Bought with the credits card of Dust. It is fun to use this BBQ. You can follow a realistic baking process. Nice to do it together with friends. The bar cart of [kunst] is in the Happy Weekend Sale. At the cart you see the lemonade dispenser, a gift of Dust

Booties: Bumblebee - Bumblebee - Vandal Slouch Boot - Black ( free/  with the gift card of S&H)
Top: Salt&Pepper - S&P Farah top aqua (free/ with store credits of S&H/ and in Saturday Sale)
Pants: Salt&Pepper - S&P Farah pants white (free/ with store credits of S&H/ and in Saturday Sale)
Hair: TRUTH VIP -  TRUTH VIP Eclipse (NEW/groupgiftgroup join fee)
Eyes: LERONSO// - LERONSO// Eyes/Group gift/ (free)
Belly Piercing: - Secrets - - Secrets - Cherry Piercing - SL19B - Gift (free)
BBQ: DUST - DUST: BBQ Cooking Experience - Black ( free/  with the gift card of S&H)
Lemonade: DUST at S&H: - DUST: Lemonade Giver BOX (free)
Bar cart: [ kunst ] - [ kunst ] - Bar cart (Happy Weekend Sale) 
From inventory: Raccoons- TLC Animals 

Bye bye, Nic

Sunday, June 26, 2022

the icing on the cake

The icing on the cake ( in Holland we say: the cherry on the cake) is a saying that means: the detail that completes the work or an addition that benefits the whole. Well Nic is a cherry lover😉and she likes details. 
At the Shop & Hop event all those store credits and gift cards that we get are really the icing on the cake too. So go go go and get those credits. List here. With the giftcard of Poison Rouge I bought this dress for Nic. Some details in this blogpost are the beautiful eyes, the "bees" earrings and the glasses. I found them all for free at Leronso, a skin shop that I didn't know about. The milkshake is a present at the SL19B gift area. For me the hair is free, because I am in the Mina Group. If you aren't in the group you have to pay 200ld for the membership. 
The bag and the pose are in the Saturday Sale at heart poses.

Dress: Poison Rouge - POISON ROUGE Alheli - Celeste BOXED (free/ bought with credits at S&H)
Hair: MINA - MINA - Frankie Essentials - excl.VIP group gift (free/ but group join fee)
Earrings: LERONSO// - LERONSO// Gift/ Earrings "Bees" (free)
Glasses: LERONSO// - LERONSO// Group gift/ Sunglasses "Panorera" (free)
Eyes: LERONSO// - LERONSO// Eyes/Group gift/ (free)
Milkshake: Rusalka Writer  - Milkshakes! Gift a dispenser tray ( free/SLB19B gift area)
Pose: heart poses - heart poses ::  life is a beach (fatpack with props) (Saturday Sale)
From inventory: necklace - Supernatura, dog - Rezz Room; scooter- .:Tm:. Creation

Bye bye, Nic


Saturday, June 25, 2022

labrador pup


It was a calm morning meditation with my dogs. I made the pictures at the Satori sim. A place with many meditation possibilities.
How cute the labrador puppy. There are more colors you can choose from if you click the pup. It is a static hold version. Available in the Fifty Linden Friday sale at JIAN. Also Nic's hair is in the Fifty Linden Friday sale. You get a huge natural pack or a color pack. Nic's top and skirt I bought at the Vagrant stand at Shop&Hop with the credits of that shop. In the Saturday sale is the beautiful  necklace of Earthstones. This is the moonstone version. Also with other stones available.
The bear earring you can get at the SL19B Gift Area
Top and skirt:[ vagrant ]-[ vagrant ]- Isabella Skirt - Tender Edition ( free/50% sale Shop& Hop and bought with S & H credits)
Hair: bonbon - bonbon - esme hair (Fifty Linden Friday)
Puppy: JIAN Pets - JIAN Pets / Held Baby Lab Pup (Fifty Linden Friday)
Necklace : EarthStones - EarthStones Rowena Necklace ~ Moonstone (Saturday Sale)
Earring:  Bears gone wild - Bears Gone Wild SL19B - bEarRing sets Crate  (free/SL19B gift area)
Bracelets: NaaNaa's - NaaNaa's Caninye Bracelets Gold ( free/bought with credits S&H event)
From inventory: Labrador - Rezz Room
Bye bye Nic

Friday, June 24, 2022

the mom of the piglets can be dangerous!

Being in nature is what they both like very much. But it can bring you in strange situations. They expect that the mom will come to search for her little ones. She can be dangerous! So Nic and Tjip are alert. Nic looking around with her binoculars. And Tjip is armed. Not that he has the intention to shoot. It's just for the feeling of security. Better they go in the cuddle camper behind them and wait😉. They respect nature in the way that Native Indians do.
Tjip is showing you free clothes. The cargo shorts are a gift of Grumble at the  gift area of SLB19. Not only at Shop & Hop are gifts but also there. The polo he bought with the rest of the Shop & Hop credits of Liam Carter Designs plus the group credits he got in the main shop.
Nic is dressed as a gypsy. The top and skirt was a new release of Silvery K. at the Vintage Fair. But the Vintage Fair is just over a few days. So you need to go to the mainshop. She is wearing COCO cowboy boots from long ago but I checked in the shop and saw western boots there that are nearly  identical. Nic's pose is a gift at the gift area of SLB19. Her pose in the blogpost before this one is part of the same gift.

Nic is wearing:
Top and skirt: *:..Silvery K..: - *:..Silvery K..:*Boho Style Casual vintage(NEW)
Pose today and in the post before this one: Suoh- Suoh  Steampunk poses gift ( free/ at SLB19 gift area)
Bag: =Zenith= at Market Place SL -  =Zenith=Boho Summer Fringe Bag (Begie) -rigged
Boots: COCO - COCO Western boots (sale part of the shop/99ld)
From inventory:  Hair- Stealthic (Fleeting)  - campfire - Chez Moi, picnic basket - Chez Moi; piglets- TLC Animals

Tjip is wearing:
Cargo: Grumble - Grumble-Mens Cargo Shorts-Grey Camo ( free/ at SLB19 gift area)
Polo: LCD - LC Marcus Shirt ( free bought with credits gift at S&H and group credits in the main shop)
Boots: A&D -A&D Clothing ~ GIFT Boots -Casey- Basics ( free/groupgift)
From inventory: Hair - Dura; pose and gun - Le Poppycock

Bye bye, Nic

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Over there!!

They are all in a hurry to get the best spot at the beach. Not too much stones they want, just white sand and a place where the waves are good for Tjip. He wants to go surfing. Nic will care for the dogs. Nic is wearing, a top and skirt of Zenith, a present at Shop&Hop. Comes with a color hud. The first time I was there I couldn't get the gift, but now it's ok.  Tjip shows his new Board Shorts a gift at Shop&Hop. Also his shirt is free bought in the mainshop of Liam Carter Designs with credits they give at Shop&Hop. Male clothes are upstairs. 

Top & Skirt: Zenith -  =Zenith=Emilia Top & Skirt (free// gift at S&H
Beach bag: Mug - Mug - Beach Babe - #18 Beach Bag Red (old gacha/affordable price)
Pose: Suoh- Suoh  Steampunk poses gift ( free/ at SLB19 gift area)
From inventory: Necklace - CODEX; Hair -Truth; Shoes -  Native Urban; sweater - Lunar; dogs - Rezz Room

Tjip is wearing:
Board shorts: L&B/ Swear - L&B Swear Jett Board Shorts ( free/ gift at S&H)
Shirt: LCD - LCD -Dante Outfit  ( free/ bought with S&H credits)
Sandals: ALANTORI - ALANTORI - Sandals (free/ S&H gift)

Bye bye, Nic

Tuesday, June 21, 2022

Sexy Car Wash

Who had the idea for these pictures? It can happen when you show someone around at Backdrop City. It's clear what tjip has in his mind to do!
Lots of tips today for free shopping. Tjip got 300ld credits at Shop&Hop at the Addams stand. He went to the main shop to get a jeans using his credits. Let's hope that Addams will create more male clothes. Tjips sandals are a gift of Alantori at S&H. The bracelet is a gift of Legal Insanity
Nic got her sexy dress at the stand of Tachinni at S&H. Nic bought with the 500ld credits of NaaNaa's the necklaces and bracelets. Also the shoes are bought with credits of Liam Carter Designs. I wanted a bit of vintage styled shoes for the pictures. The shoes come with a color hud.
At the Fabulous Free blog you can find a list with all the stands where you can get store credits at Shop&Hop. Very useful.
Nic is wearing:
Dress:Tachinni at S&H - Tachinni - SLB19 - Free gift - Layla dress (free/ S&H gift)
Bracelets: NaaNaa's - NaaNaa's Caninye Bracelets Gold ( free/bought with credits at S&H event)
Necklaces: NaaNaa's - NaaNaa's Eshaiq Necklace set Gold  ( free/bought with credits at S&H event)
Heels: LCD - LCD heels  with color hud( free/bought with credits at S&H event)
Tattoo at legs: Pecheresse - pecheresse. ni tattoo  pack 3 (free/bought with credits at S&H event)
From inventory: Hair - Truth (Kitten)

Tjip is wearing:
Jeans : Addams - Addams // David Relaxed Jean // N*35 ( free/bought with credits at S&H event)
Bracelet: LEGAL INSANITY - LEGAL INSANITY bracelet birthday gift (free/ S&H gift)
Sandals: ALANTORI - ALANTORI - Sandals (free/ S&H gift)

Bye bye, Nic

Sunday, June 19, 2022

feel good

She just arrived after a busy weekend and needs a massage to get relaxed again. First a moment to calm, sitting a moment at the massage table with all what she has with her: the charcoal ice cream, her keys and her beautycase. It was sunny outside so her sunglasses you still can see. "Feel good", that's what the massage will bring her. She is dressed in a sexy dress that she got at the Shop&Hop event. The hair is in the Saturday sale. Sales are great when you don't have the item you like, but when you some weeks ago just bought it for the normal price....hmmm then it is a bit of a pain.. not too much of course.. it is a luxury problem ..I know. And yes I had this hair already. The elegant shoes are in the Happy Weekend sale at Pure Poison. Comes with a color hud. The ice cream and the keys are groupgifts of Havoc. The glasses are a group gift of Roslyn. Comes with a color hud.

Dress: Cherry Bunny at S&H -Cherry Bunny~SL19BD ( free/ S&H Gift)
Hair: RAMA.SALON - RAMA.SALON - Better Kimmy Hair 'Naturals Pack' (Saturday Sale)
Shoes: Pure Poison - Pure Poison Beth Sandals ( Happy Weekend Sale/ 60ld)
Ice cream:Havoc - Havoc . Charcoal Ice-cream . Group gift (free)
Keys: Havoc - Havoc . Boujee Keys . Group Gift (free)
Sunglasses: roslyn. - roslyn. fatima sunglasses. group gift (free)
From inventory: Beauty case-   ; feel good boards, the stretching statue tthe table with accessories and candles - Zen Creations; massage stones- AXL Pro

Bye bye, Nic

beach shed


Good times you can have in a beach shed. Enjoying to sip your orange juice and then day dreaming. So good!
Again some free clothes. The top i bought with credits of  -:zk:-, that i got at the S&H event. For a bit a "sixties" feeling I combined the top with the new group gift pants of *COCO*. At the Shop & Hop Event I got also the hair (a fatpack), the necklace, the sandals with color hud and the animated  orange juice. At this birthday event of Second Life we got many beautiful gifts. Thanks designers! Or generous gifts, the store credits for example. Be aware that some credits expire at the end of the S&H event.

Top: -:zk:- -:zk:- Priya Top Black-( free/bought with credits at the S&H event)
Pants: *COCO* - *COCO*_Gift_SplitHemColorJeans_OrangeRed (group gift/free)
Sandals: [HH] at S&H - [hh] SL19B GIFT Enola Feather Flats ( free/ S&H gift)
Necklace: .::Supernatural::. at S&H - .::Supernatural::. Malena Necklace ( free/S&H gift)
Hair: Ade at S&H - Ade - Baby Hairstyle (FULL PACK) GIFT ( free/S&H gift)
Orange drink: LifeStorii at S&H - LifeStorii Gift (Orange Juice) ( free/S&H gift)
From inventory: Cats - JIAN; pool ball lights - LAGOM 

Bye bye, Nic

Thursday, June 16, 2022



Again beautiful gifts to show to you. Available at the Shop&Hop Event. For slurls watch at this site. You teleport yourself to the shop of choice. Not much time today to write. Let the credits help you to find what Nic is wearing. For the bag you need click a black bag, but you get this yellow one. I totally forgot to change Nic's hair, because i was so in a hurry. 

Credits: taxi to the shops: here
Dress: ::ALTER:: - ::ALTER::  Fany Mini Dress / Nude (free/ S&H gift)
Necklace and earrings: *DM* - *DM* Abstract Leaves Necklace & Earrings Set (free/ S&H gift)
Drink: [ bubble ]-[ bubble ] Ice Cold Drink (free/ S&H gift)
Shoes: AVEC TOI - AVEC TOI - Bonnie Mules (free/ S&H gift)
Lipstick: alaskametro-  alaskametro<3 "Metallurgy" lipstick BOM/Omega/EvoX GIFT(free/ S&H gift)
From inventory: Yorkshire - Rezz Room

Bye bye Nic

Happy 19th Birthday Second Life!

It's Second Lifes 19th birthday. That means that the SLB 19th Shop&Hop is running. Many sims with shops with discounts and.... presents! I went this morning to several sims. But you can also do this easier  with the slurs that you can find here right away to the shops you want to visit.  Beside credits of Addams, Poison Rouge and Tachinni I found Nic's gorgeous dress of S&P. The dress comes with a color hud for beautiful colors. I took mint because i found free matching shoes for a mint dress. They are from Essenz at Shop&Hop. My pose is from a cute animation overrider i found

Credits: Find the link to the shops in this list: here
Dress: S&P -S&P Elena FATPACK (free/S&H gift)
Glasses: BONDI . - BONDI . SL Anniv Gift  with color hud (free/S&H gift)
Mug: paper.crowns -  paper.crowns - kittycorn  (free/S&H gift)
Shoes: Essenz - Essenz - Prague (Flowers) (free/S&H gift)
Animation overrider: Body Language - BodyLanguage SLC BENTO AO Last Teen Day(free/S&H gift)
On the beach many items of Dust Bunny; Dog- Rezz Room; wreck boat - DJ/SF

Go to Tachinni, Poison Rouge and Addams at S&H for your credits
Bye bye, Nic

Wednesday, June 15, 2022

tropical day and evening


Waiting for the opening of the SL birthday event tomorrow, I post today a few free items that I got yesterday in the hunt. See the info in the post before this one.Tjip is wearing casual clothes, an old groupgift of [LOB]. Comes with a color hud. On his back he has a bag.

Nic is wearing:
Top: UNA - UNA. Koko Top Green (free/new location hunt)
Necklace: * SK *  -* SK * Gift acorn necklace(free/for the new location hunt)
Jogger pants: Blueberry - Blueberry - Group Gift - Joggers <3 ( free/ group join 
Hair: tram -  tram K0925 hair / HUD-A
Drink: *Tentacio* - (free/new location hunt)
Bag: *Tentacio* - part of *Tentacio* Tulipe bag and good morning box (free/new location hunt)
From inventory: young coconut drink - hive//; Green Macaw - TLC Animals; flamingos - TLC Animals

Tjip is wearing:
Pants: [LOB] - [LOB] OFF-PANTS - GROUP GIFT (free)
Shirt: [LOB] - [LOB] MATCH SHIRT - GROUP GIFT (free)
From inventory: sneakers - [Vale Koer] free ; hair - Argrace; towel- Fatewear
Bye bye, Nic

Tuesday, June 14, 2022

shine bright like a diamond

Tentacio, Una, Luas and more shops moved their shops to a new sim. Because of that there is a hunt. You need to find little golden stars. I saw about this hunt at the blog of Pure Eggs & Spam. A nice top and skirt was at that blog. But I hunted and hunted and couldn't find it. Faithless Babii helped me finally. What she blogged about, you can find in the Tentacio shop. Nic's dresses are from the same hunt but in the UNA and Luas shops. Many gift everywhere. The second dress I styled a bit as role-play dress with the wings. Wings not included. The winered dress is usefull for a dancing evening with your love. I show you the dress with and without sleeves

Wine red dress: UNA -UNA. Leonor Red (free/ hunt at the new location of Tentacio and Luas)
Red dress: Luas -  Luas Fahima Red (free/ hunt at the new location of Tentacio and Luas)
Hair: Doux - DOUX - Alexa hairstyle [BASIC PACK]
Orbs: {egosumaii} -  + Glassy Dual Magical Orbs + {egosumaii} (with hud with moving options)
From inventory: Pixicat - Bastet sphynx; sparkling body - Avenge
Bye bye, Nic

Sunday, June 12, 2022

remind me


So many delicious things you can get at this food stand. Tjip already has his beer. But for Nic it is  difficult to decide. But it will be one of those niffy cream puffs and a coffee. "Remind me, I want to take some donuts back home". 
Nic did a hunt organized by The Free Dove and Alaska Metro. She is wearing a cover up kimono and shorts. In the hunt you also can get lingerie. The top of lingerie you can wear under the cover up. But I found out that you can wear the Saturday Sale Top of Blueberry also under the kimono. Nic is wearing a pink shirt of Gabriel for the L'Homme group. The jeans with suspenders you can find in the 1ld part of the same shop.

Nic is wearing :
Top: Blueberry - Blueberry - [TSS 6/11] Taylor Set - Tied Tops - Pattern Pack 3 ( The Saturday Sale)
Cover up Kimono: alaskametro<3 - alaskametro<3 "Misty" coverup - (free/ freedove - alaskametro hunt)
Shorts: alaskametro<3 - alaskametro<3 "Eve" shorts - (free/ freedove - alaskametro hunt)
Flowers: kotte - kotte -spring bag - flowers only ( groupgift/ free/ but group join fee)
Necklace: .::Supernatural::. - .::Supernatural::. Kyary Necklace Fatpack (groupgift/free)
From inventory: Hair - Truth; American Bully pup - Rezz Room

Tjip is wearin;
Pink shirt: Gabriël - ::GB:: Loose shirt / pink( free/ L'Homme group gift)
Suspender jeans: Gabriël - ::GB:: Suspender Denim /  Light blue ( 1ld)
Hair: Stealtic - Stealthic - Like Lust (B&W)

Bye bye, Nic

Friday, June 10, 2022

i told you


She is listening with attention. He loves to tell her stories. Always interesting what he has to tell. And sitting together they also like very much. For those who wanted the red dress that Nic is wearing in this post i have good news. That dress wasn't available anymore. But now I found this dress. This dress is a bit like that dress and free and available. You only need go to hunt at Nala Designs. The dress comes with a hud for some plain colors and some patterns. I found the free choker at .::Supernatural::. as a gift. Long time I was searching for the hat that Nic is wearing. Found out yesterday that it is  Mina hair with hat. But darn this hair with hat was some time ago in sales. A bit a disappointment. But what reduced the pain is that I found super nice group gifts at Duk for Tjip. So you can expect to see him more at my blog. I love the detail of the shorts with earphones and wallet. The hud has the possibility to change a lot of colors of parts of the shorts.

Nic is wearing:
Dress: Nala Designs - Nala Design - Celia Boho Outfit ( free/Womenstuff Hunt)
Choker: .::Supernatural::.  - .::Supernatural::. Mili Choker Fatpack (groupgift/free)
Hair with hat: MINA - MINA - Carian Sunhat - Essentials 
From inventory: Bahama lounger-Evhah; orange juice - Belle Poses

Tjip is wearing: 
Shorts: [DUK] - [DUK] Seul.Shorts #Fatpack (groupgift/free)
Sweater: [DUK] - [DUK] Luka.Sweater (groupgift/free)
From inventory: Necklace - Codex
Bye bye, Nic

Thursday, June 9, 2022

sexy at the beach

Both are sexy in the free items that I found for them. Can be important to have those things in your inventory. Dress to impress or to seduce. I heard yesterday a hilarious story about seducing at the beach. Nic's bikini is free in the Womenstuff hunt. Males, don't show up at your first beach date in tjip's outfit! She can be offended or shocked. This you can use to make her laugh, when you are already a couple. The double shorts come with a color hud for patterns and plain colors. You can find casual shorts at the same place as where you can get this one. The open shirt is a gift for the L'Homme group at Gabriel. That shirt worn with a jeans will be very beautiful.
More bikinis below. Scroll please. Yes, a ripped bikini can happen when you are too hot for him.😏Smirking!

Nic is wearing:
Bikini: La Feminique - La Feminique - Pam (free/Womenstuff Hunt)
Eyes:.lovelysweet.- .lovelysweet. Sand & Sea Eyes *(free/Womenstuff Hunt)
Hair: Doux - Doux Octavia 
Necklaces ( see post before this one): Midna - Midna groupgifts (free)
Floatie in rainbow color: *::.who what.::* - *::.who what::.* Floatie letters ( gacha items at Marketplace)
Poses usedbut changed with animare a bit: Belle Poses - Belle Poses - group gift April (free)
On pictures below:
Bikini with dress: ParkPlace Casuals: [PPCasuals] Celeste beach dress and bikini (free/Womenstuff Hunt)
Ripped bikini: "Off-Line" x "Ripped" Off Set / FATPACK /(free)
Hair: Stealthic - Stealthic Cascade

Tjip is wearing:
Shirt: Gabriel - ::GB:: Open shirt navy ( free/ L'Homme Gift)
Double shorts:"Off-Line" -"Off-Line" x "Mason" Shorts / (Fatpack/free)( another free shorts there too)

Bye bye, Nic