Monday, May 31, 2010

Shooting Stars Hunt!

An unusual Japanese hunt.  You don't really look for the items - rather you "catch" them typing /7 catch.  Seems I either got the item right away or I stood there forever, but it was fun.  Some cute things.  Some of it I couldn't tell if it was men's or women's.  Alot of hair in this hunt but none that I cared for honestly.  You can read more about the hunt here.  My favorites of the bunch:
Shampoo: Border Salopette with Fairy Tail: Locket pendant
izm: pink candy
Ronsem: Bare Tunic

+Honey+: Dressvol0056
so what?: catch me top with Euclid & AnA: Leopard skinny Pants
daydream: shining star- pink (multi color pack)

Friday, May 28, 2010

Big Black Pussy Hunt!

I was going to title this post "I Love Big Black Pussies" but I thought I would behave myself (see what I did there?).  You can get more information on the hunt and a list of surls at Fierce Designs.  Some of the shops gifts you need to find over multiple locations.  They were a little fast and lose on the word "hunt" though as none of these required any real looking (easy breezy) and it's 30 something shops.  Anyhoo, onto the loot....
DelVe: Pure Desire Dress
Lil's: Black Pussy Eveningdress & Shoes
Fierce Designs: Black Pussy Dress
NuParis Designs: Sheery Top & Jeans
Harlot: Rode Hard Pants with SD Wears: Gal Jean Jacket
DivaLicious: Pussy Dress 1 (2 is boots that go with the dress but they were huge on me and no mod!)
Inks & Kinks: Entwined tattoo

p.s. my hair is "found" by lamb. (I had to have it)


I met Mina Nakamura on Plurk and soon found out she's a fellow countrymember ánd a haircreator. I checked out her store and what I found was a really promising collection of hairs. A little tweaking here and there is needed in my humble opinion, but then you dó get very well textured locks. What I especially love is the way Mina casually arranges the strands of hair, framing the face perfectly.

Above I'm showing my very favourite hair Suzan in sandstone, a loose ponytail. The dress is the Black Flower Dress by Crazy Clothes, one of the newest releases. So, so cute.

Megan in Orangina - Jean in Dark Chocolate - Olivia in Sahara.

Head over to Mina Hairfashion, and be sure to hit the subscribo for a lovely welcoming gift.

Kus Nere

I Found Black & Blue

I discovered this shop on a hunt, and I don't normally do too much full price stuff (I leave that to Nere) but once in awhile a shop catches my eye, I go back and I fall in love.  Black & Blue Outfitters is one of my fav's atm.  They have wonderful casual clothes and swimwear.  I very especially love the fact they have not only have wonderful clothes for men - they are transfer!
Sunday Brunch Dress in Canary, Ditsy Print & LibertyPrint Yellow 225L
Beach Flops Rasta 200L
 Melrose Tank in Blue, Green, Pink & Red 150L
 HollywoodHillsJeans 250L
Beach Flops Teal 200L
BillaBong Rampage BoardShort 200L
Hurley Phantom 60 Puerto Rico Teal Boardshorts 200L
Black&White Sandals 200L
White Fidora W/ Black Stripe 200L
Quadrate Mens Shirt 175L
Republique T 150L
Thrasher Jeans 250L
I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the hair in this post.  The new one from lamb. called "found"  I'm wearing it in Butterfinger.  I love it so much - I'm going back to get "lost" as well which is just as fabulous.  <3 you lamb Bellic!

ALEXXIS SKIN in Pink Love FAIR PROMO (this one is freeee)
Alyssa Skin in Downtown FAIR - 500L

lamb. Lost in Butterfinger 300L (chocolate bars pack)

Thursday, May 27, 2010


Tomorrow May 28th Tuli will release her newest skinline Jade, which has elements of her older skinlines Hope and Eve. But mixed together it makes a gorgeous fresh new face, which is absolutely delicious, I have no better words to describe it. I chose to wear a short hairstyle with it, to show of the strong cheekbones, in my opinion one of Tuli's best signatures on all her skins. The overall look is both elegant and soft, and will suit all kinds of skinlovers.

Jade has 10 different make-ups, simply named nrs 1 to 10, 1 being a bare face. Available in 5 skintones, of which I'm wearing number 2, the second lightest. She also comes with three eyebrow options and three (!) cleavage options. Personally I think Tuli is one of the better make-up artists in SL, her faces are usually very well balanced and just the right amount of make-up is aplied.

Well the body... just plain perfection. The butt is ubercute. Yes it is.

Along with Jade also comes a new eyes-release. I'm smitten on Sage and refuse to wear other eyes for the near future. The eyes are really striking and will draw the attention like no other eyes can do.

Only one night before the release... I advice to go demo Jade asap.

Kus Nere

Skin: Tuli - Jade
Eyes: Tuli - Sage
Hair: Eha - Jean Light Red (subscribo gift!)
Lingerie: Dimbula Rose - BL&BE ribbon

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New release at Muhi: Katie dress

Muhi recently released the Katie dress in six colors, of which I'm showing Baby Pink, Black and Vanilla. The dress includes a sculpted top, skirt and rope belt and all clothing layers you can possibly think of. I love it when a creator is that considerate. Its makes all the pieces so easily mixed and matched. I had lots of fun creating above looks. This dress is very versatile, I'm sure there are tons of more styles to create with it.

And if thats not enough reason to head over to Muhi right now, there's also a lovely free dress available instore, called the Bristol dress.

Kus Nere

Style credits:

look #1
Skin: Dutch Touch - JoLIe PiP cream (PiP7)
Hair: Shag - La La Love Me (blonde, previous groupgift)
Top: Muhi - Katie dress (Baby Pink)
High Waist Skirt: Muhi - Katie dress (Black)
Pumps: PM - Baby T's (pale pink)
Necklace: GaNKed - All That Jazz (free, still available in subscribo)

look #2
Skin: Idiosyncrasy - Justice 8am Pale (base)
Hair: Clawtooth - Fancy fancy (Coco)
Dress: Muhi - Katie dress (Vanilla)
Belt: fri. - Cinch.Belt (Tan)
Leggings: Armidi - Metallic Tights (gold)
Pumps: Maitreya - Groupgift pumps (brown, not sure if its still available in subscribo)
Bangles: Kunglers - Veranna

Monday, May 24, 2010


A few great (free) things I found after I logged in today and wanted to share (quickly):
aDIVA Couture: Candy Dress: Free from Subscribo

Baiastice: Aulou silk-midnight free anniversary gift (use tp when you land)

Garage: Alise skin free group gift

I am ready to leave!

Hello Ladies!
My outfit was inspired by the hair, which I got from Clawtooth. I totally adore them and think that they are amazing. This outfit looks great, if you want to spend your time with your friends! Check it out!


Skin: Exodi - Lily v2 Cedar - Girlie (Dk/C) (groupgift - L$250 fee - sooo worth it)
Hair: Clawtooth - Woman of the Year - Delicious wine
Cardigan: Miseria - Ash Cardigan - Mulberry
Top: R.icielli - HOT Mini Dress / black jacket full layer
Leggings: Aoharu - BT_Simple_Leggings_Black
Sneakers: Duh! - Sneakers Boots White

<3 Halina

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Fashion Freaks Hunt!

Well I was expecting a lot of fashion on this hunt and I was not disappointed.  You can read more about the hunt here.  It's running until June 15th so still plenty of time get it done.  Onto the goodies (and there are a bunch!):
GARAGE: Nicole skin
Adoring Charms: Fashion Freaks Hunt Skin
CandyDoll: FRKINITONA Skin

Shush: Jumper blue green
DELICIOUS: Floral Summer Dress - Red
Simply: Sgoobalicious Green
Dirty Word: Watermelon Candy bikini and skirt
Sassy!: Flirt halter with low rise denim capris 
Rainbow.Soup:  Yellow Peace Shirt Dress with Black Shorts
*LP* Designs:  Star outfitt red 
G-series: Music Dress
w o n d r o u s   s t r a n g e: lestat reuven-checks in the mail dress
ANCAYI: Jacket Task with Robbish: Fashion Denim
Petunia: Calico Summer Dress with flip flops
ETINCELLE: Shirt, Tie and Skirt with SIGMA~Jewels: Bangles in wood colors
evie: Leafy Denim Dress (Purple)
Sassy Kitty Designs: French Beach Fashionista Outfit: Hat, Sunglass, Suit, Skirt (not shown)
Ducknipple: Mole - Red
Just Me: Haruko Top Black Hearts with 22769: FFH jeans
[ III ]: Jazzed Dress
Pretty Lady: Kaja Tan

Saturday, May 22, 2010

I am joining the crowd!

Aloha all!

I wasn't ever expecting, that I will join the Sl Fashonista Blog, but here I am. Nereisse & Karina decided to give a chance to shine and I will do my best not to disappoint you and them. I will also try my best to show you, how you can look totally stunning and awesome, using my way of thinking.

We all know, how it is when there is a day during summer, which is windy and we just want to hide ourselves from it. Having this idea in my mind, I have created a look. Check it out!


Skin: Rockberry - Luan Flirt
Hair: Lamb. - Witch - Ink
Cardigan: artilleri - Marion cardigan
Tank: Mischief - Rock Me, Roll Me
Pants: Dantel - Baggy Pant
Shoes: Nardcotix - Rebekah Pumps Liquorice/Gray


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dark Katz Hunt

I've been terribly behind on my hunting (and therefore my blogging).  I still haven't had a chance to finish this hunt (it's a big one!).  It's been so gosh darn nice out (finally) my computer time has been compromised (yay for rl!).  I'm not much at all for Neko but there is some great stuff to be found.  You can read more about the hunt here.  It's running until June 10th so hopefully will have time to finish.  The goodies I've grabbed so far:
KC Hair: Dark - Dirty Blonde
Dilley Dolls: Tonna Pink
Zenith: Outfit (Comes with all the Neko Stuff)
Nosotr@s: Girl Gift (yep there is a boy gift too)

Somapop: i want sun on my skin dammit Top and Pants
Dirty Word: Caution Hazard (p.s. shop is closing May 23rd and everything is on sale for 50L until then)
Allep Jeans: Jeans
Indyra Originals: Urban Agenda Blouse (I saw this on my girl Teshan and then I knew I had do the hunt.  Love this!!)

Much a Muzed!

Muze is closing.  Not sure when but everything in the shop is set to 10L.  Lots of lovely clothes including these gowns I picked up.  Didn't need a wedding gown but for 10L I couldn't resist (lol).  Taxi to Muze.
Cecilia Abyss
Belinda Wedding Gown
Persephone in Pink

Sunday, May 16, 2010


Not one of the newest skinreleases, but definitely one worth giving extra attention to. The Plastik released a new skinline named Lionheart and I think its so sumptuous. The lips are full and lush and the skin is smooth and softlooking. The eyelids on even the bare version are a bit too dark for my taste, but it gives a very sensual glance.

Bare - Cirrus - August - Decembrice

Apart from the bare version and some "regular" type make ups, Aikea Rieko provides us with a few special make ups as well. Perfect for role players and / or elves. In the shop are elven ears available which perfectly match the skintones.

Bare - Freck - Pout - Shy

Every single make-up comes with four options, as shown above: Bare, Freck, Pout and Shy. I love this idea so much! I wish more creators would ad something like this. My favourite is by far the shy version, I adore the rosy cheeks.

The body itself is also very sensuous in my opinion. It is quite heavily shaded, but not too much. I haven't found any flaws on the seems or such, which it nothing less then what I expected. The Plastik is I think mostly known for the clothes, but I strongly advise all skinlovers to give this skin a try. It's definitely worth demoing!

Kus Nere

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Getting a KIK Out of This Hair!

[kik]hair has a freebie and some cheapies to celebrate the opening of their new shop.  
Kate - Free Gift (might need to trim the bangs a bit before trying to drive)
Mariko - 30L
Kath - 30L

More 30L hair and of course a selection of full priced ones (200L) here at [kik]hair!

I'll tell you the Truth, I have good news!

Hi all! I'm soooo sorry guys for not blogging, I've been too busy with assignments and tests. I have many many things to cover. I apologize because the items are not that of a new release. I'm sorry designers.

Isidora & Paige | (My favorites!)

| Jana & Tia 2 |

I'm wearing these new Truth release in champagne. The one I like the most from all the release is Paige. It's superb and I love short hairstyles! =)

Saturday, May 8, 2010

New exile hair!

Hi all! I've been superrrr busy this week and I wasn't able to blog. I've got many things to blog, so let this be quick! :)

| Meko - Meridith - Roselle - Scene |

Exile has released 4 new hairstyles some days ago. My favorite is Meko. I really wanted to own a hairstyle like this in SL! I love the textures on exile's hair, they're simply gorgeous! Roselle has a color change band so you can match it with your outfit :) Get ready to throw some lindens ;)

Landmark to Exile.

Thursday, May 6, 2010


I like my outfit, therefor I blog it. Some is free, some is not. Showing off new skybox in the meantime. :)

Kus Nere

Style credits:
Skin: Dutch Touch - Sjors Caramel (Groupgift Trix)
Hair: Zero Style - Camille (Glazed Fire)
Top: Mischief Fashions - Sexy Back Halter (April subscribo gift)
Skirt: Sassy Kitty Designs - High Waisted Black skirt (subscribo gift)
Stockings: fri. - Opaque.Stockings (black)
Boots: fri. - Journey.Boots (black)

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Insatiable Me!

Insatiable Fashions has moved so they are having a 50% off everything sale for the next week or so and there are a bunch of dollarbie and 10L items hidden around the shop in addition to a big box of freebies!  Yay!
Freebies and Cheapies at Insatiable Fashions!
The skin in these pics is the current group gift from Oceane's.  I LOVE it!  Earrings are from the Mashooka hunt which even if they don't match - I'm wearing with everything.  I'm convincing myself they work (dammit).  I want to permanently fuse them to my ears.  That hunt ends Sunday so if you haven't had a chance go over there and grab the goodies.  It's so totally worth the couple of minutes it will take to do.