Thursday, June 30, 2016

the shower

The shower from the beach house was a bit dull. With the flower hangers from UnKindness i gave the shower a flower power look. The shower is still open but it gives a more cosy feeling. Nic planned to go diving.
She is wearing a bikini from La Gazza Ladra for Tres Chic Venue, the SLB13 gift. Love the lace part from the bikini top. Nic's hair is a summer freebie at Clawtooth. 3 colors in the box.
For many of the decorations see the post before this one.

Bikini: La Gazza Ladra  at Tres Chic Venue for SLB13 - ~LGL~ Grenada . (Blue) Crochet top and bikini pants (free)
Hair: Clawtooth - Clawtooth "Misty Day" 3 hair SUMMER FREEBIE (free untill june 30th)
Shoes: Slipper Originals - SO - Marisol Sandals - Wear Me (free/ group join 99ld)
Flower hangers: unKindness - uk - Seelie Vines - Midsummer Night's Dream Hunt Gift
Bye bye, Nic

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

tropica extra ( Midsummer Night's Dream hunt and SLB13 presents)

 Click picture below to see full size

At the porch from a tropical beach house is Nic showing you again SLB13 gifts. Not her dress and shoes and hair this time, but the things around her. Nic is wearing a marine style dress from monaLISA. The marine styled flipflops ( a gift from Slipper Originals) are such a good combination with the dress. The hair with cap is from the gacha at The Arcade (june) from Lamb.
The flower hanger is a MidSummer Night's Dream Hunt gift from unKindness. The hunt runs from June 21st to July 21st. UnKindness is on  the Woodland Path for homes and furniture The hunt has also severaL fun paths for males or females. Visit the unkindness shop for an informational hud on how to begin the adventures.

Hair: Lamb at The Arcade - +Lamb Loomer met baseball cap gacha The Arcade june
Dress: monaLISA - -mL- Maylen Dress (Maitreya/Hourglass/Physique) - HUD (79ld) and a free version as groupgift/ group join 100ld)
Flip flops: Slipper Originals - SO - Marisol Sandals - with hud (free/ group join 99ld)
Flower hanger: Unkindness -  uk - Seelie Vines - MND7 Hunt Gift ( search a butterfly/ 1ld)
Chair: Trompe Loeil at C88- Logo pallet chair SLB13 gift(i recolored  the pillows a bit/ free)
Chair ( under the  sun shade/ recolored) and table (original color): Nomad at C88 - Nomad concrete table and recliner SLB13 gift(free)
Chandelier: Pilot at C88 - Pilot Minimalist Chandelier SLB13 gift (free)
Donuts: {what next}at C88 - [what next] Iced donuts SLB13 gift(free)
Plaster side table and pine branch: Soy at C88 - Plaster side table and Pine branch SLB13 gift (free)
Photo holder: Fancy Decor at C88 - Photo Holder (free)
Car: MB Cars  at sim Beguile - MB Cars PandY 4x4  1.0 yellow ( SL13B Hunt ( free)
Drum and drum sticks: Shambhala - Shambhala drum striker an tree of Life drum SL13B hunt (free)
Stack of Burgers: at sim Beguile in the vintage café behind the waitress (free)
Sun shade: Katy's Kreations at sim Beguile in the vintage café behind the waitress in the stack of burgers (free)
Coffee: Katy's Kreations at sim Beguile in the vintage café (free)
Plant: Katy's Kreations  at sim Beguile in the vintage café in the coffee (free)
From inventory: necklace - OXIDE ( free/ see post before this one; doggie - MishMish; portable radio - Vespertine gacha item; eyes - Arise( free/ see in the post before this one)
Bye bye, Nic

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

love these sunny times and being outside (collabor88 SLB13 presents and another sim with SLBhunt gifts)

This is unbelievable... so many gifts we get this year because of the anniversary of Second Life! Super thanks to all the wonderful designers. Yesterday i hunted at the SL13B sim Beguile and got the table with umbrella. Nice and colorful . You get a sunny feeling when you place this one somewhere.
Today i discoverd that also at Collarbor88 we can pick up the well-know cakes. All together in the pond i the middle of the shop ( easy!!!). I am becoming a good inventory cleaner and very well organised these days to handle all the presents.
The presents from Collabor88 have such a good quality! Nic is wearing: Sunglasses from Pure Poison ( with color hud), earrings from Maxi Gossamer (color change menu when you click on them), a cool  boho ring from Zenith and the super hair from Tableau Vivant. When you didn't receive this hair as a new years gift, it's your chance now.  In the next post i sure will show more presents.
Nic already was wearing the new cropped halter top from La Gaza Ladra's gacha ( wheel of Fortune item)  at Gami Gacha (open till 30th june). Playing the gacha at Gami Gacha, you get a chance to win tokens that can then be used to play the Wheel of Fortune. Lillybee is the item that can be won in the Wheel of Fortune. The bolero in denim is a rare at the gacha at Gami Gacha. I combined all with a denim short pants from Silvery K from Nic's inventory.

Bolero: La Gazza Ladra at Gami Gacha - LGL Karaoke Star- Denim - Bolero jacket (gacha/rare)
Top: La Gazza Ladra  at Gami Gacha - LGL - Lillibee Cropped halter top ( gacha/Wheel of Fortune)
Shorts: Silvery K - *:..Silvery K..:*Denim short pants
Eyes: Arise  SLB13 present at The Fantasy Collective - Arise sunny eyes/ grey ( free)
Hair: Tableau Vivant  for SLB13 atC88 - Tableau Vivant Hatsuhi hair (free)
Necklace: OXIDE for SLB13 at The Fantasy Collective - OXIDE - Geometric Leaf Necklace (free)
Sunglasses: Pure Poison for SLB13 at C88 -Pure Poison - Catsa Sunglasses(free)
Earring: Maxi Gosammer at C88 for SLB13 -
Ring: =Zenith=for SLB13 at C88 -  =Zenith=Boho Ring (Flower)(free)
Poses: Purple Poses for SLB13 at C88 - PURPLE POSES BREE (free)
Fan: Figment for SLB13 at The Fantasy Collective - SLB13 Piece of Cake Figment Fan (free)
Table with umbrella: Katy's Kreations at Beguile (SL13B hunt)Picknick bench with sunshade (free)
From inventory: sandals (Erica) - Pure Poison; bag - Toro.
Pictures made at: Lost Dream
Bye bye, Nic

Monday, June 27, 2016

broken ( SLB13 - presents from all events and hunt)

On the broken bridge she created a good spot to relax. Will you come and join her?
Nic is wearing a soft wollen summer cape from Hilly Haalan , SLB13 present for Tres chic. Her shoes are from ChicChica for the Fantasy Collective. Hair from Elua for Kustom 9. Around her you see more SLB presents, but also some presents from the outlet from floorplan: French plates, a canvas board  with love texts and the milk bottle with a cow. Nic planted some daisies in it. The drink in her hand is from Artisan Fantasy, a groupgift. Below is the close-up from Nic's rings. The handfull rings are from Plastik and come with a menu with many possibilities for metals and stones. The silver ring with stone is from Avaway.

Cape : Hilly Haalan at Tres Chic Venue for SLB13 - [hh] GIFT Shia Poncho for Tres Chic (free)
Shoes: ChicChica for SLB13 at    The Fantasy Collective -:::ChicChica::: Natasha Croco (free)
Pants: Bens Beauty - Bens Boutique - Umay High Waisted Jeans - Hud Driven ( gg/50ld)
Hair: elua for SLB13 at Kustom9- +elua+ - SLB13 Piece of Cake (Mao_Darkbrown) (free)
Rings: Plastik at TFC- :[P]:- The Worshyp Ring Sets Plastik
Silver ring with stone: Avaway  at TFC - Pink_FLOWER FAIR ring (also earrings) ( free)
Fan: *Figment* - at TFC - *Figment* Decadent Fan with hud (free)
Collar: [Tia] at TFC - SLB13 Piece of Cake [ TIA] Joia collar  with animations for roleplay BDSM(free) - update ( open collar 6 TRANSMUTER) with more animation here
Champagne: not so bad at The Mens Dept - SLB13 Piece of Cake champagne not so bad (free)
Drink: Artisan Fantasy - *AF* Limeade Group Gift (free/gg)
Sidetable, vintage book, coffee: [No Concept]  at The Mens Dept for SLB13 - [No concept] (free)
Music box: Aela at sim Electrify - *DT* Lindele Music boxA present from Aeala...Hunt gift (free)
Set food on the ground: 8f8 - 14 8f8 Primavera in Toscane
Milk/ board and plates: floorplan at discount shop - each piece 1ld
From inventory: bag- Shey ( was groupgift/ may be still there)
Pictures made at Voile
Bye bye, Nic

Sunday, June 26, 2016

feel the warmth on your nose

A walk on a tropical island ... feel the warmth on your nose and the fresh spray of water from the waterfall and the watering can.
Nic is enjoying her trip in her new dress from !gO! from Summerfest'16. Many beautiful colorful textures you can buy. It was hard to decide. I completed the dress with red lily's and a necklace and the sun visor from Nic's inventory. The shoes from Illi are a SLB13 present at Tres Chic Venue The hairs from Ayashi are from  the SLB13 presents at The Fantasy Collective. The crate with pillow is from the SLB13 presents at The MensDept as well as the blue water bottle. The cute little backpack is part of a groupgift at Gaall. Nic is watering her palm tree with a watering can with pose, a Subscribe-O-Matic gift  from Nantra.

Dress: !gO! at Summerfest'16 - !gO! Sunny dress - 5 (NEW)
Shoes: ILLI at TCV  for SLB13 - ..::ILLI::.. SLink Ennovy Espadrilles (free)
Hair: Ayashi at TFC - [^.^Ayashi^.^] Mizu hair-Anime set (free)
Bottle: AITUI at TMD - AITUI Voda water bottle (free)
Crate: revival at TMD - .:revival:. wood crates ( 2 sorts  and color hud)  (free)
Backpack: Gaall - part of groupgift GAALL* Komic@ outfit bag (free/GG)
Watering can: {Nantra} - {NANTRA} Watering - Free Gift (free)
From inventory: Lily's  and nacklace  - shops are gone
Pictures made at: Skye Glas

Saturday, June 25, 2016

her child's backpack ( Seraphim anniversary/ SL13b Hunt/ SLB13 at The Fantasy Collective)

She must bring the  forgotten backpack to her child. Walking to the school on these killer heels  from monaLISA will be a bit difficult i suppose.

Hanging on the porch  you can see starfish picture frames from Unkindness. In the frames you see pictures from Rineke Dijkstra, a famous dutch photographer. See more from her at google. Her pictures in the museum are huge and raw and impressive. Her photos are confronting, because they can exhibit  the emotional state in which the person on the picture is. Best known she became with her series Beach Portraits, in which she has managed to capture the complexity of adolescents.
I took some of those beach photos for the frames from unKindness.

For you it is important to know, that you can get the frames at the Seraphim Anniversary Party, which will be running on June 25th. Where they will be having DJs and free gifts from an awesome list of designers. 1:00 PM till 11.30 PM (SLT time) here.
At The Fantasy Collective i gathered my  SLB13 presents yesterday. You see the beach pin with flags from Serenity Style, the necklace from 7mad;Ravens; milk bottles from Knick Knacks.
From the SL13B hunt ( at sim Electrify) are:  the backpack  from Rockstar Couture and the Doberman with the  red fire hydrant.
Summerfest'16 is running from june 18th - july10th. I couldn't withstand to buy these hairs from DeLA there. The frozen banana with chocolate Nic got at a stall from Commoner. Yummie! Nic's dress is from the june Luxe box from Tee*fy

Starfish Picture frames: unKindness at Seraphim- uk - Starfish Frame Sets - Seraphim (free/ see info in the text)
Hair: DeLA at Summerfest'16 -  =DeLa*= Mesh Hair "Elora" Reds (NEW)
Frozen banana:[Commoner] at Summerfest'16 -  [Commoner] Frozen Banana (free)
Dress: Tee*fy from the Luxe Box( june) info here.
Heels: monaLISA -  -mL- Queenie Heels (Maitreya/Belleza/SLink) - HUD with 20 textures (NEW)
Milk bottles: ::KKs:: at TFC  for SLB13 - ::KKs:: cena sotto le stelle ( free)
Necklace: 7mad;Ravens at TFC for SLB13 - 7mad;Ravens SLB necklace (free)
Beach pin: Serenity Style at TFC for SLB13- Serenity Style - Beach Pin gift SLB13 (free)
Doberman and fire hydrant: BioBreeds at Electrify SL13B Sim -BioBreeds Free Sl13B Gift (free)
Bumblebee Backpack: Rockstar Couture at Electrify SL13B Sim - SL13BIG Hunt Gift-Rockstar Couture
From inventory: poses from AO from Tuty's and imeka; cardigan  last picture -tram
Pictures made at: Neva River Village
Bye bye, Nic

Ups he is peeing against the fire hydrant ;)

Friday, June 24, 2016

you are electrifying.....

Take me in your arms.. i will surrender... fly with me..

At the SLB13 sim, Electrify,  i was doing the SLB13 Hunt ( june 19 - July 3 2016) and came upon this interactive art gallery from Ginger Lorakeets, that puts you inside pictures. I totally forgot the hunt at that moment and was involved immediately in picture making.  Oh i am sorry i don't show hunt items or free stuff now, but just the clothes that Nic was wearing at that moment. Clothes from !gO! from the Vintage Fair. A lovely set and very useful not only for a vintage style but also for other occassions, as you can see. The straps from the skirt are nice when you are flying high. There are more colors and textures available.
Hunt items and free stuff i ofcourse will show you in next posts.. And... well this set from !gO! is gorgeous isn't it?!
Below another picture from another art work there.

Skirt:!gO! at the Vintage Fair - !gO! Jennifer skirt - 5 (NEW)
Top: !gO! at the Vintage Fair - !gO! Jennifer top - 9
From inventory: Boots - COCO
Pictures taken at: SL13B Electrify
Bye bye Nic

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

skee ball winner (The Mens Dept SLB13 presents)

For males there are presents for the Second Life 13th birthday. Go to The Mens Dept and click the birthday cakes and you get many good quality items. Tjip is showing you: a pose stool, water bottles, glasses,eyes, a ring, hair, a tattoo, a necklace, flip flops and a towel. And there are more presents.

Taxi to The Mens Dept here
Tattoo: { speakeasy } Genesis Tattoo (free)
Flipflops:< Gift> Blank Line  Flipflops ( 2 colors) (free)
Hair: Dura - *Dura*  SL13B Shopping Event Gift (free)
Bottles: AITUI - Voda Water Bottle  Accessory (free)
Towel: ::K:: Sorts Towel (free)
Glasses: Amerie M - Boston frame glass ( free)
Necklace: etham Hollow Cross necklace ( free)
Ring: [ Kunst ] Copper wire ring female and male (free)
Eyes: .ID. Gift eyes  4 colors (free)
Pose stool:!bang - stool homme } black
From inventory: Dog _ Le Poppycock; beard -Muschi; skin - 7 Deadly Skins; jeans - American Bazaar; tank top - Gabriel; watch -Paul Polo
Pictures made at: Hollandaise
Bye bye, Nic

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

let light shine upon you...

Let light shine upon you ..and you will discover that it influences the way you see the word.

Nic is showing you again some gifts from the SLB13. These are gifts from the Tres Chic Venue event this time. The white tattoo from nanika, the flower bag from Luas and the arm jewelry from TABOU. Nic's necklace and plastron are from The Arcade gacha from Aisling June round). . You can change the colors at many different ways. Nic's hair is a SLB 13 gift at HairOLogy from Pr!tty. The top is from the Luxe Box  from june. Shoes are the new gacha groupgift from Pure Poison. Many beautiful colors in that gacha. High waist jeans is a 50ld item for the group  from Ben's Beauty ( showed before/ group join is free)). The clutch is from Nic's inventory an old group gift from Ben's Beauty.

Tattoo - nanika  at TCV for SLB13 - .::nanika::.  India tattoo (white) (free)
Flower bag: Luas  at TCV for SLB13 - Luas Flower bag ( free)
Arm jewelry: TABOU at TCV - TABOU. Missy armjewelry -Gold- (free)
Necklace: Aisling at The Arcade - .a. Karishma . Long Necklace {Gold} (gacha)
Plastron: Aisling at The Arcade - .a. Karishma . Plastron Necklace {Gold}(gacha)
Hair: Pr!tty at HairOLogy for SLB13 - pr!tty Jeanie [ Blondes] (free)
Top: Flowey for Luxe Box - Stories&Co. by Flowey / Lisa Top for Luxe Box (NEW/june)
Jeans: Bens Beauty - Bens Boutique - Umay High Waisted Jeans - Hud Driven (50ld)
Shoes: Pure Poison - Pure Poison Kyrah sandals ( free gacha for group)
Chandelier ball: {anc} - {anc} blanc chandelier ball cirque de reverie  19 (gacha/ each play 75ld)
Chair: {anc} - {anc} blanc chair double cirque de reverie 10 ( gacha/ each play 75ld )
Pictures made at: The Outer Garden
Bye bye, Nic

Monday, June 20, 2016

antiques and bric-a-brac and postage stamps

For quite a mix of things you can come to her shop. Nic has lots of things from her inventory on display there. From the SLB 13 are: the painting from the man with the microscope, the vintage pillow, the iron heart with the iron box and  the apothecary box. She is wearing her SLB13 hair, shoes, earrings and necklace too.On the desk where she is selling stamps is her coffee from tres blah and piece of cake from SLB13. On the ground behind her desk you can see the lamp from Aisling ( a groupgift).
Nic is wearing a top from the Luxe Box from Tee*fy. The jeans is a new release at Kustom 9 from Bueno. Cardigan from ::K::. from Nic's inventory, but ofcourse available in the shop.
In the shop you also can see from Pixel Mode a Tuscany chandelier and Tuscany wall lights (laying on the ground) and also the huge broken clock and the ottoman. The dolls are from !gO!

Top: Tee*fy from the Luxe Box ( june) - Tee*fy Sabrina bralette (NEW)
Jeans: Bueno at Kustom 9 - Bueno-Jeans-Coral Dots (NEW)
Hair: Tukinowaguma at HairOLogy  for SLB13 - *TKW* Yuko ( free)
Shoes: Garbaggio at Whimsical for SLB13 - Garbaggio // SL13 Gift [Whimsical] (free)
Necklace: Ersch at Whimsical - ERSCH Colorful Perrot SLB 13 ( free)

Picture with microscope: Haikei at Kustom 9 for SLB13- :HAIKEI: Kustom9 gift ( free)
Pillow: [ zerkalo] at Kustom 9 for SLB13 - [zerkalo]  the antiques (free)
Heart and box: Kalopsia at Kustom 9 for SLB 13 -  Kalopsia Cecilia's Heart (free)
Apothecary: Mithral at Kustom 9  - box from the hair Elderberry from Mithral (free)

Lamp: Aisling - .aisling. Old Wood things and Lamps (Light my fire) (free/gg)
Dolls: !gO! - !gO! Love my doll ( gacha)
Coffee to go: Tres Blah - -tres blah- Coffee To Go ( free/group join fee); Chandelier and wall lamps -Pixel Mode; framed blue print - Fancy Decor; deco drums - Thunk!; cardigan - ::K::
Pictures made at: Paris Je T'aime
Bye bye, Nic

blue wood

Nic is showing you a dress from Cynful, a secondlife 13th Birthday present at Whimsical. You get the dress with a color hud for more color options  and you get a strapless version. Nic's bottle, the necklace, her shoes ( sorry  can't show them very well with this gown/ will do in a post later this week)  and the hair are again SLB 13th gifts. Go back to HaiROlogy to pick up new presents there. In the beginning this hair wasn't there. They have put some more hair presents.

Dress: Cynful at Whimsical for SLB13 -[Cynful] Maxi Dress - SLB13 Gift (free)
Hair: Damselfly at HairOLogy for SLB13 - ~*Damselfly*~Unity (Happy Birthday SL) (free)
Shoes: Garbaggio at Whimsical for SLB13 - Garbaggio // SL13 Gift [Whimsical](free)
Earrings: :::ChicChica::: at Whimsical for SLB13 :::ChicChica::: Nina Platinum (free)
Necklace: Wonton at Kustom 9 for SLB13 - Wonton: Menla Beaded bar Necklace ( free)
Tumbler: Amitomo at Kustom 9 for SLB13  - Amitomo. Gift Tumbler# Favorites (free)
Blue tree: unKindness - uk - Beach Chime Trees - Chpt4 (NEW)
From inventory: Bag - Maxi Gossamer; Bracelets - Karla Boutique; Vintage bench: Kalopsia -  (old gift); cats - Le PC; poses -imeka
Bye bye, Nic

Sunday, June 19, 2016

be patient... he will come back

He sure will come back.. be patient. Nic is waiting on the station with many goodies. Some goodies are from the SLB 13th at Kustom 9 some at Whimsical. From Kustom 9 are: the heart, soda, pillow  and the necklace ( also including earrings/  necklace close-up below). From Whimsical: the dress. Shoes and hair are from the Luxe Box ( june). The group opens on the 1st of every month and you have until the 14th at 11:59PM SLT to join. For the next month july join then. You get from 12 well-know quality designers a gift. All past Luxeboxes are available to purchase at the in-world boutique starting on the 1st of every month. Info here.You must join the Luxe Box group to be able to purchase them.The shoes have a color hud. You can wear them long or short and with or without studs. From inventory is the cardigan from Coco.

Hair: Lamb ( for the Luxe Box june/ info luxe box here) - Lamb. Prove It - Fatpack (NEW)
Shoes: REIGN ( for the Luxe Box june) - REIGN.- ESTEE HEELS- LUXE PACK (NEW)
Dress: Una at Whimsical  SLB13 - NOke (free)
Heart: Kalopsia at Kustom 9  for SLB13 -Kalopsia - Cecilia's Heart (free)
Soda: Ninety at Kustom 9 for  SLB13 - Old Soda Gift! SLB13 Piece of Cake (free)
Necklace ( and earrings) : Astralia at Kustom 9 SLB13 - Astralia - Sweet bee set (free)
Pillow: [ zerkalo ] at Kustom 9 for SLB13 - [ zerkalo ] The Antiques - Pillow (free)
From inventory: dogs - Anc; cardigan - COCO; bag - IAF ( on marketplace/blogged before); bracelets - Karla Boutique
Pictures made at: Khaled
Bye bye, Nic
Click small picture to enlarge

Friday, June 17, 2016

light and shades at the beach ( SLB13th presents from Kustom 9 and Whimsical)

In silence at the beach..time to contemplate.  Listening to the sound of the waves. Watching the light and the shades.
I had fun time with the picture making with the beach fences from Pixel Mode. I used them before on the blog to hide Nic and tjip from the sheep. And i told you in the post that i was looking forward to making pictures from the fences with shades on the beach. Below you see what i had in my mind in black and white. Above the sunny pictures to show you Nic's new clothes better.

From Kustom 9 are: the dress/ used as shirt now, the sandals/ recolored, the strawberry ring and the hair.
From Whimsical are: the bracelet /recolored a bit, and the bag with sweater. Nic's yummie ice creams are from the Luxebox  (from June). The poppies in Nic's hair are new from Xen's Hats. Available in several colors. And i couldn't resist to buy the summer jeans from Pseudo.

Credits: taxi to Kustom 9 here
Dress: agapee at K9 - agapee* K9 SLB13 gift dress (free)
Sandals: fri. at K9 - Polly.Sandals (Wheat) (free)
Ring: ieQED for K9 - ieQED strawberry ring ( free)
Hair: Moon at K9 - Moon. Hair // - Variety - Eternal Sunshine (free)
Bracelet: Minimal at Whimsical - MINIMAL - Gift Penelope bracelet/ silver/neon/ (free)
Bag with sweater: Gabriel at Whimsical - ::GB:: Jacket and bag/brown (free)
Ice cream: MishMish - Beary Ice Cream for LuxeBox (NEW)
Poppies: Xen's Hats - Poppies for your hair pink (NEW)
Jeans: Pseudo - Pseudo- La Demi jeans Light Blue
Fences: Pixel Mode for Love To Decorate  -
Pictures made at: Baja Bay
Bye bye, Nic
Click small pictures to enlarge

i melt because he is so adorable (gifts at kustom9 for SL 13th birthday)

click small picture to enlarge

Yes i melt because he is so adorable. I am talking about the doggie now. I love his wrinkles. I love it all.
Nic is showing you some presents from Kustom 9 designers for the 13th SL birthday. Watch the beautiful hair, a nail ring( see close-up below), a necklace and chairs all from Kustom9. And there is more and all has a good quality. We are spoiled. The doggie is from the gacha at Kustom9.
Nic is wearing an elegant dress from Shey, a new release. Comes with a color hud. The Thalia shoes are also from Shey from Nic's inventory. I hope still in the shop. I love them with the straps.
Around Nic you can see the wooden side tables and the candles  from Industry 7 for Love To Decorate The Event. The sidetables you can resize. The one with the candles and cloth only larger. The bare side table can make smaller and larger. That makes it usable for more purposes.

Kustom 9 presents taxi here
Hair: Tableau Vivant - ~Tableau Vivant~Hatsuhi Hair ( free)
Necklace: Eclat ( in the Vilenna show room) at K9 - Eclat Ari choker (free)
Chair: Cheeky Pea  at K9- :CP: Shelly Lawn Chair Faded Rust Gift (free)
Nail ring: [ kunst ] - [ kunst ] - SLB13 gift (kustom9) (free)
Doggie: Black Bantam at K9 -  *[Black Bantam] Shar Pei Puppy Female Wheat (gacha)

Dress: Shey - Shey Miola Dress ( fitmesh/ Belezza/ maitreya/slink) (NEW)
Shoes: Shey - SHEY - Thalia Heels [SLINK] ( couldn't find them back) but see how much there is )
Sidetables and candles: INDUSTRY 7 at LTD - INDUSTRY 7_logs N Candles (NEW)
From inventory: Other silver ring ( see post before this one)
Pictures made at: Lost Dream
Bye bye, Nic