Sunday, February 28, 2010

Barn dancing

I was pleasantly surprised when I received G Field's latest groupgift through the subscribo. It's this lovely Off-shoulder Chiffon top in green. When someone can make sculpties work in sl, its definitely Cerberus Noel, I really like how the ruffles on this top are made. I rushed over to the store to get me another copy in flower/beige. Thought it would look lovely with a nice jeansskirt (well I still do think so) but then I got told I looked like I was going to a barn dance... Shuttup it's still cute. And very reasonably priced... hush over to G Field nowwww :)

Kus Nere

Style credits:
Skin: Curio - Beach (petal pure)
Hair: - Miley (passionate red)
Top: G Field - Off-shoulder Top (Green and Flower/Beige)
Pants: Mustache - Match Stick Jeans (grey)
Skirt: Armidi - Classic A001 Jean Skirt (faded)
Pumps: Periquita - Retro round shoes (green)
Boots: Kookie - Vintage Armarda Boot

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Malt it up!

Hii! Ok so I should be quick. Have fun!! :)

I love everything Khea comes up with. From casual to formal. She also puts a lot of effort in her work. Her textures are awesome, the prices are really affordable and she's always up with new ideas for us all! At Malt, everyone can find their desired piece of clothing. Here are some stuff to brighten your time :)

Coat and Capri.
Shirt and skirt.
Shirt and skirt.

Those were some of the items. I apologize but I can't paste names because I'm at an internet cafe and they don't allow me to download SL. Make sure you visit Malt soon!

M x


ok lol... good news now :PP my sister was a darling and she said that I can use her laptop whenever I want, until i get mine fixed :DD Sooooo I might be able to blog now xD

Hoooo \o/

Baaaai :DD


Hi all :/ I have bad news... my hard disk got screwed today which means: everything on my laptop got deleted. Yes, that's right. And yesterday I was almost cutting my hair. I still can't believe this. I might not be on SL for some days, I'll try to go buy a new one now. I'll log in SL for 5-10 minutes everyday on my sister's laptop, if you need anything, drop me a notecard or send an email to: maretchwaffle(at) I'll miss you all :|

For designers: If you dropped me a review copy some days ago, please please please I apologize.. but I won't be able to blog for atleast 1 week, until everything gets back to normal :|

Thank you :)

Friday, February 26, 2010

I'm itchy

First of all: Thank you all very much for your kind responses to my cry for help! It makes me happy so many of you wanted to help me. I found out that it's an SL bug related to the graphic card I use, but it's solved in SL2. So yay great timing :)

Apart from that I'm not very talkative today, so I'll let the pics do most of that for now.

Few things I'd like to show you... first thing is this nice top I'm wearing, it's the Pintuck shirt in blue by Crazy and ever since I got it wanted to blog it very badly. The jeans are a groupgift from Mustache (100l joining fee) and the pumps are from the Nardcotix sale, which Karina mentioned earlier. But omg, Nardcotix dropped their prices even more! Each item in the store is now only 100l, including all the shoes. (/me points at her feet, I looooove).

Same Crazy Pintuck shirt, now in red and combined with the gorgeous Moitie Jacket by Nyte'N'Day. The hat comes with the hair and is by Still rocking my Nardcotix pumps :)

My skin is the february group gift by the oBscene (100 l joining fee). It's a beta skin from a yet to be released new skinline and I think its very promising...

I'm off to bed and scratch my skin of!

Kus Nere

Style credits

Skin: the oBscene - BETA/Z (tone 2)
Hair: - Joanna - Jealous Red
Top: *Crazy* - Pinktuck Tops (blue)
Jeans: Mustache - Grey Match Stick Jeans
Pumps: NX-Nardcotix - Kurvy T-Strap Mary Jane (black)

Skin: the oBscene - BETA/Z (tone 2)
Hair: - Joanna - Jealous Red
Jacket: Nyte'N'Day - Moitie Jacket (grey)
Top: *Crazy* - Pinktuck Tops (red)
Jeans: Miseria - Peppermint Jeans
Belt: Ducknipple - Tumtum studded belt
Pumps: NX-Nardcotix - Kurvy T-Strap Mary Jane (black)

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday Things

I downloaded SL2 the other night, so what time I have been online I've been playing with that rather then blogging (sorry!) I'm excited about the new features, but it's taking me 10 times as long to do anything. I feel like a newb all over again. I'm not sure if this time around I'm finding it more frustrating since now I know what I can do, I just can't figure out quite how to do it. I will persevere, but I had to switch back to Emerald for a bit to give my brain a break. Baby steps!
New hair out today:
RezIpsa Loc: Anna ~4pm. Not only my favorite hair from her so far but it's the lucky chair prize so free to boot!
lamb: The Chills - in Twix. I love all things lamb -and those of you that know me well know why! (*winks*)
also - picked up this bolero of my sl dreams from the Nardcotix 50% off sale. Colleen Bolero in Black. Last but not least, this super skin Goldie from Plastic Flowers is only 25L!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Some kinda free stuff and a cry for help

So I have a new notebook... Offcourse I'm very happy with it, but it takes some time getting used to, not to mention all the settings in the sl viewer I have to set back the way I was used to. Therefor I'm back online, but not yet blogging the way I used too. I'll try to be up and running asap.

In the mean time I couldn't let this dress go by unnoticed. It's from Donna Flora and it screams summer to me, which I'm looking forward to very much. Available for only 1l at the store.

This skin is an opening gift from the.oBscene. It's from the new skinline Mona and the gift comes in three tones. Entry to the land is only available to group members this week. The group has an enrollment fee from 100l, but for that you get 50% off for all skins from the previous lines.

Now my cry for help.
I tried submitting a ticket to LL, but their response was that they were not able to help me since I'm only using a basic account... too bad for me I guess.

This is the problem: If I bump up my graphic quality to high the clouds look unrezzed to me. See the pic I took:

I tried everything I could in the menu but I'm clueless of how to fix this. The best solution I have so far is going to the advanced sky settings and get rid of clouds completely... which I think is really poor for taking nice scenery shots.

If anyone has a clue, please tell me. I would be very thankful.



Sunday, February 21, 2010

Welcoming The Tiger Hunt!

Still time to do this one as it's running until the 28th. You can read more about it here. I was disappointed that most of the jewelry on this hunt was no modify and not resizeable. Several of the lm's took me back to shops I had been to earlier in the hunt too, so thankfully there are surl's on the blog so I was able to move forward. Anyhoo, onto the goodies.....
Bella's: SD Verve Top (Grape) with SD Urban Pants (White)
Glitterati by Sapphire: Welcoming the Tiger Dress (love this!)
Avatar Bizarre: Chinese Green Tiger Dress
MuthaF%&kin Princess: Tiger Hunt Shirt and Shorts
DemotiK: Tiger Necklass, Earrings and Bracelette [sic]
Ceriano Designs: Year of the Tiger Bracelett, Earrings, Necklace
Calamity Hathaway Creations: Tiger Symbol Bracelet, Earrings, Necklace, Waist Cord

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Random Wednesdayness

$GaNKeD$: Necklace, Bracelet and Belly Jewel - Free
Keke La Diva: Delia White Buttonup Top
Urbanity: Blue Leather Mini - New Release (not free)
Urbanity: Cute as a button Group Skin (250L to join)
Donna Flora: Violetta Earrings - Free
aDIVA Couture: LouLou Red Jeans Patternd - Subscribo Gift

Beauty Avatar: LUNATICA - Skirt w/ Wings - from the 10L sale section
Donna Flora: VALENTINO shoes - Free
Dulce Secrets: Naysa Malibu - Midnight Mania Skin
tomoto: humanoide - OKAPPA_noir Hair - Free

Monday, February 15, 2010

Alexohol Mall Crawl Hunt!

Hunt started today. It's mostly Alexohol Fashions items with some cute stuff from the surrounding shops thrown in (so I'm not going to bother with the surls). You can read more about the hunt here. The skins I'm wearing in all pictures is the Black & Blue Outfitters Alexxis Skin Maretch posted below. Love it!
Alexohol: Pink Cammo Bikini
Alexohol: Amore Hearts Lingerie Blue

Ali Couture: Metal Dress
Alexohol: Little Black Dress
Trixxy's Shop: Pink Boa
Trixxy's Shop: Starlet

Trixxy's Shop: Kitty Heels
IrEn: Old Ballerina Shoes
Heart & Sole: Fighter Green Boots
Alexohol: Closed Purple Sweater
Alexohol: One Button Purple Sweater
Alexohol: Open Purple Sweater


I forgot! Another fantastic freebie.

Lara skin has a free skin for 2 days only.. go go go!

Byeeeeeeee xoxo

Since I'm too busy...

I thought I'd say some freebies you could grab :D I apologize because there are no pics, but I'm terribly busy in RL D:

- Lelutka sent a gift to their group, join and check notices.
- forbidden apple has a group gift dress, so darn cute!! Its purple, join and click the sign.
- [[Bunny B]] has 2 skins as a gift, grab them!
- Malt has a 1L$ gift on the desk, so cute!
- Black&Blue Outfitters has an adorable skin with pink lips, you should have these! Freeee.

Have fun!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Red Packet Hunt!

SL hates me today *sobs* In spite of it all - I got some of the Red Packet Hunt done. Being the first day of this there were the usual holes and no store list so I kind of had to wing it in some parts. Frustrating? yes! - worth it? you betcha! You can start the hunt here. Looking for Red Packets. **Blatant Self Promotion** Didn't know about this hunt? Maybe you should consider joining Happy Hunters group so I can keep you up to date on all the latest! Don't have a group slot? Never fear gentle reader!!! We have Subscribos! Visit our latest at Holli Pocket!

!Ohmai: Lantern Dress
Aurora Shop: slip dress
Modd.G: RPH Tiger Printed Puff Top
ARAI: Asian Shirt red
Tee*fy: Red Packet Leggings
Pig: Logo Polo
Pig: Laughing Kitten Shorts
tomoto: blouse chinoise rouge
Whippet & Bucket: Lesley Playsuit
Happy Finds: Tiger Dancer Necklace
Miseria: Koi Koi - Red/Gold
Mango Mango!: Red Packet Pale
Leafy: Miso Lumiel Golden
$Dustarrz$: Gem Earrings

For 1 day only!

Join the Dutch Touch Subscribo and check history, for today only!

Sooo cuteeeeeee <3

M x

FK Virtues Valentines Freebie

Today only you can pick up this sweet Classic Suede Mini at FK Virtues.
Glasses are from Maschienenwerk - Free (sorry Alice I gave you the wrong lm)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Valentines!

Couple quickies I don't want you kids to miss out on, then I'm finally ending my Saturday SL marathon and going to bed.

Tee*fy: Pink Romance Stockings - Free
Duh!: Red Velvet Stiletto Boots - Free this weekend only.

I'm Loving Valentines!!!

The awesomeness! So much cute stuff I can hardly keep up!
*SiSSi* & GLITTERATI I love Love Valentines Freebie -*SiSSi* I hate Love! (free)
Elate!: Sam Valentine's Dress - Subscribo Gift

*SiSSi* & GLITTERATI I love Love Valentines Freebie -*SiSSi* I Love Love! (free)
Solange!: Boom Valentine Special 2010 - Subscribo Gift

Revanche - sort of (massive fail)

I miss blogging so much... the creative outlet in putting together an outfit, creating a perfect picture and editing the photo's in PhotoShop. It's been almost four weeks since my notebook died and tho I have the funds to buy a new one immediately I'm very picky. I know exactly what I want, and what I want has a longer deliverytime then I expected. Luckily I don't have to be without SL: I can use my bf's notebook every now and then. But... he doesn't have the fancy graphics card I had... or the fast processor... I can log into SL, but thats about it.

There have been several outfits and items I've been wanting to blog so badly, but I couldn't because of this. Then tonight after receiving a nc about's newest release I couldn't get a hold to myself anymore: I had to try. Three hours later here I am, with no pics and zero patience left. At least I have tried! Karina was kind enough to take the pictures for me, bless her. She obviously feels guilty about stealing my blogpost ideas.

So there it is, the lovely Marie hair from I´ve been wanting to post so badly. I love it, the way its tucked behind one ear. I don´t care Karina blogged it first, it lookes better on me anyway. Also new from is this Comfy.Cardi. A must have for your inventory, it´s so gorgeous.

How bout this gorgeous man I´m smooching on? My lipstick smeared all over his face... Well ok, I can log into SL and perhaps a few things more then just standing around. Will you believe this male skin is absolutely free? It's from Hermony and available here, kisses included.

Until I have my new notebook! Miss you all lots.

Kus Nere new release - Marie Hair!!!

[15:41] Karina Larkham: oh i LOVE the hair
[15:42] Nereisse Aluveaux: me tooooo
[15:43] Karina Larkham: it looks totally adorable on me
[15:43] Nereisse Aluveaux: more on me tho
[15:43] Karina Larkham: i find that hard to believe
[15:43] Nereisse Aluveaux: i'm adorabelest
[15:43] Karina Larkham: i'm the bestestest
[15:43] Karina Larkham: besides no one will see it on you - your computer is busted
[15:44] Karina Larkham: im going to do it right now
[15:44] Nereisse Aluveaux: you biatch
[15:44] Nereisse Aluveaux: i will put in comments that you stole my post
[15:44] Karina Larkham: go nuts
[15:45] Nereisse Aluveaux: youre also meaniestest
[15:45] Karina Larkham: i already know what i'm going to post about it too
[15:45] Karina Larkham: yeah i can deal with that
[15:45] Nereisse Aluveaux: if it wasnt for me you wouldn't even know about the new release
[15:45] Karina Larkham: comes with being smarter and better looking
[15:45] Nereisse Aluveaux puts on the saddest face ever
[15:45] Nereisse Aluveaux: *ends friendship*

Some Saturday Stuff to Grab!

Some people are whining too many bloggers are blogging the same things. To be honest I don't have the time to check every blog to see if something has been featured somewhere else, or even check all the feeds for that matter. I try to be original for the most part, but I'm sure you will see some of this stuff on others. I think the sensible solution is to read only theslfashionista then all my posts will seem as fresh and original as can be. So simple really. Glad to help. Have a great weekend everyone ❤
CUPCAKES - February - Sunkissed - Group Gift (250L to join)
Shag: Women's Group Gift - La La Love Me Hair (I la la love it!)
=HooT=: Into the Depths Eyes from Starlust Hunt
Ivanka Akina fashion store: Valentine gift - Earrings (group gift from What's New SL)
Aleida: Lilly gown -Subscribo Valentines Gift

HoneyBear: Ballet Slippers - Valentine Subscribo Gift
She's So Unusual Shoes: Group Subscribo Gift Black Hearts Fetish Pumps

CUPCAKES - Cute Dress - Zebra (1L in store)
Trubble: Starstruck - 2nd Anniversary gift (free in store)

: Grand Opening Gift ~Kiri Dress (free in store)
AZUL: GroupGift1002#1 bow (join group grab in store -this is a group worth staying in nice items given out all the time).

Friday, February 12, 2010

Starlust Valentines Hunt!

This is NOT an easy hunt. It's the hardest one I've done since - well since the last hunt I did at Starlust (lol). You need to go here and get a HUD and then look around all of the Starlust Sims for tiny red pieces. They do give you clues. Definitely join the group as they are VERY helpful. Plus, I had a much easier time once I realized the beginning of each clue listed the name of the sim you were supposed to be looking for the next piece on (doy). Good news is, there are only 14 pieces to find to heal your broken heart and then you get a list of shops to go pick up goodies at - and it's quite a bounty! A small sampling here of what you will get:

Thimbles: 1983 Calling Skirt Red/Silver (other colors in the pack as well)
Pig - Ambrosia for VD J Long Shirt
Schadenfreude: Really Tacky Underthings
Urbanista: GLAM Mini Dress (my favorite!)
Not Without You: Muse Top
House of Hucci: Plush Top and Pants Set
Touche': SmexiSweater Dress - Burgandy
SD Wears: Panther Crave Bra & Panties with Scribble: Necklace
Twosome: Comfy Cardi (several colors in the pack) with U&R DOGS: Wood Louse Necklace
Lark: Karen Blouse

Schoen: Heartheel Shoes
Duh!: Women's Moccasins
She's So Unusual Shoes: Red N White Hearts Flat Left
Imagen: Clara - Este - Deep Purple
=HooT= : Into the Depths Eyes (Violet Valentine) in all pics
Polar: Sweety - Brown Brow
PEACHES: Starlust Hunt .20'

All poses feature in the pics are gifts as well, including some from that hot new shop Pink Pebble Poses!

Truth new release!

Truth brings you more and more love! With some cupcakes...

From left to right: Peta in coffee .. Berry in blood .. Kirsty in champagne.

P.S: The flower is color change!

Have fun!


Thursday, February 11, 2010

Curio new skins x

Gala Phoenix from Curio was really kind to pass me a review copy of her new skins. Cupid 2 is a lovely skin with a very sweet face and soft lips. Cupid 2 is for people who wear dark eyebrows, just like me. Check it out :)

*Please click image to enlarge, I'm a noob*
Isn't it adorable? I really love the lips and cheeks, these skins are perfect for valentines day! Especially the one with a kiss on the cheeks, teehee. I love the skin's mouth corners, they make it all look beautiful. And the eye shadow looks pretty well done and the dark eye shadow in some of the makeups is great and fits the skin's makeup. The eyebrows are beautiful as well.. To be honest my favorite part of this skin are the lips, simply because it looks bright and glossy and I love skins with lips like that.. I would really suggest that you go there and have a look. If you don't need to buy, you could at least try a demo and maybe you'll change your mind! Curio has the best skins in the grid, so everyone can find their favorite skin their!

This is how the body looks like, sexy nah?

And just to let you know.. Luck inc made some new breast enhancers for the curio skins, you might want to try those too if you like your breasts pushed, just like me! =P

Taxi to Curio.

Thanks Gala! <3

Hair by Truth
Lingerie by Urbanity
Heels by Maitreya Gold

Mare x

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I < 3 Original Freebies!

There are a lot of great freebies laying around (far more then I am showing here) and I loved popping into all my favorite shops in once place. I don't have surl's for the locations of the items because you really need to walk around and look for yourself (plus I'm far too lazy). Artist's Voice I Heart Originals Fair.
Glam Affair: Vera Dress (Love, Love, Love it!)
Tres Beau Freebie, Candace
[CRAP]: Big Knit, Big Collar Sweater
Moonshine Designs: Flower Legging Lilac (4 pairs in the pack)
BOUTIQUE: Movie Star Glasses (so me!)

SYSY: Jesse Jacket limited edition Vday gift
Trubble: Hearts 2010 - this is also the monthly group gift


How can anyone hate Valentines with cute gifts like these!
Posies: Lonely Hearts Subscribo Gift (this comes with multiple poses and the box opens and closes - sooo cute!)
PURRpose: WiLl U bE mY vAlEnTiNe ? Subscribo Gift

Sorry everyone I had the wrong SURL for Posies. It's been corrected!