Tuesday, June 30, 2015

last day

I saw many men in Italy with  this hair from Tjip!I also used the hair for Nic in combination with other hair.
On the pictures two items that you can still can grab this day. The shirt with tee from tjip from the Menstuff hunt and the Dress from Nic from the For Her Hunt. Both hunts end this day. Tjip wears shorts from American Bazaar, the last groupgift.
The suitcases are a new present at Shiny Shabby. Nic's hair  is made of two gifts. The long part is the last groupgift from pr!tty. It is an old sort of hair, the designer says in the notecard, but i like the hair. The top of Nic's hair is  the male hair from Bade, a new groupgift. Tjip wears the same hair. Nic wears a bag from Amiable, a groupgift. The bag comes with a straw hat.

Nic wears:
Dress: Hapi*Rabi - Hapi*Rabi Susy -FHH ( free/ last day of the hunt)
Bag: {amiable} - {amiable}1500 member's Thanks Gift (free)
Long hair: pr!tty in info and notices of the group- pr!tty - Evelana - . Exclusive Group Gift (free)
Top hair: Bade - [bade] Micha Group Gift June 2015
Pose Nic:  Label motion at Shiny Shabby - Label Motion - Exclusive Dollarbie Gift for Shiny Shabby
Tjip wears:
Shirt with tee: Fe Style -Menstuff Hunt Gift #70 {Fe Style} (1ld/ today last day)
Shorts: American Bazaar -AB groupgift men (GG/free)
Hair: Bade -[bade] Micha Group Gift June 2015
Both: Suitcase - at Shiny Shabby - Shiny Shabby Gift ~ Travel Suitcase (free)

Bye bye, Nic

Monday, June 29, 2015

back home...but still in Italy mood

Back home but I am still in Italy mood. Vacation in south Italy was wonderful. I had some contact with the ones at home ;) and so tjip got his Gabriel shirt and Hawker's boots and and jeans from the menstuff hunt. The hunt  ends 30 june. So run!! It was a good start in sl with the jumpsuit from PurpleMoon, a groupgift. I combined it with the jewelry from Finesmith, also a groupgift. The bag is a groupgift at  C'est la Vie. Comes with a hud for more colors. Nic's hair a from the lucky board at Moon hair.The belt is an oldie from my inventory. Espadrilles oldies from Miel. I am totally satisfied with these clothes and made some vacation pictures.

Nic wears:
Jumpsuit: PurpleMoon :: PM :: Montse Jumpsuit in Black MESH - Group Gift ( free/  group join fee)
Bag: ::C'est la vie !:: - C'est la vie !:: Heart Bag -Group gift- (free)
Jewelry: F I N E S M I T H - F I N E S M I T H - perach group gift (free)
Hair: Moon hair - Moon. Hair // - Ombres - Light Headed Wanderer (free/ LB / for group/ group join fee)
From inventory: espadrilles - Miel; belt - Tokid ( shop gone/ some items on marketplace)

Tjip wears:
Shirt: Gabriel- Menstuff Hunt Gift #3 Gabriel
Jeans: Hawkers House - *HH* Men's Mesh Kanto Chino Jeans Set ( menstuff hunt / free/ 30 june last day)
Boots: Hawkers House - *HH* Men's Mesh Doc Martin Boots Denim ( menstuff hunt / free/ 30 june last day)
From inventory: Hair - Dura boy 52
Nic posing for the vacation picture book.
Bye bye, Nic
Thanks Anda for your help

Friday, June 5, 2015

i'll be missing you, when i am in Italy

Every step I take, Every move I make,Every single day, Every time I pray. I'll be missing you.

Last year i waved goodbye before i went to China in a dress from B!asta. This year i am also dressed in B!asta clothes before i leave for Italy.
Time to take a break. I will leave for south Italy for a 3 weeks vacation.. I will miss you. I will miss blogging and the good times in sl. Wish you all a good time and please come back to visit the blog when i'm home again.
What will be in her suitcase? Well a short dress  ofcourse for warm sunny days. This one is a new release at B!asta. Her cork wedges are also from B!asta.Then she will pack her white shorts with a top and a cardigan from Mirus. It is the SL Frees&Offers gift. For a late afternoon a long skirt with top from Mutiny she will take with her. In the early morning on her balcony she will wear her lingerie ( Amour Fou) from B!asta. This lingerie is for the mesh body. Comes with appliers for Slink, Maitreya and LNL omega system. I got it in february, I am happy i can wear it now.
Click the small pictures to enlarge

Short dress: B!asta - [B!] :AND NOW DANCE: Blue - Mini dress
Necklace: Izzie - Izzie's - Bead Necklace blue ( clearance sale box 0 (10ld)
Shoes: B!asta - [B!] :RIMINI BEACH: Blue & cork sandals (SLink high)
Shorts/top/cardigan/shoes: Mirus - MIRUS - SL F&O GROUP GIFT (free)
Long skirt? top/ hat: Mutiny -  !MiH Late Afternoon in New York -GG- full set (free)
Lingerie: B!asta - [B!] :AMOUR FOU: Lingerie - Black - System + Appliers
From inventory: Hair - LeLutka; glasses- BSD
Pictures made in La Perla, -old Italy

Ciao ciao, Nic

Thursday, June 4, 2015

una giornata particolare

This scene from Nic and Anda between the wash reminds me of the film Una Giornata Particolare. An Italian movie from 1977 from Ettore Scola, produced by Carlo Ponti. Marcello Mastroianni  plays In that film Sophia Loren meets a man (Marcello Mastroianni) on the roof of her flat, while she is hanging the wash there. On the background  you can hear the noises from the street. Hitler is visiting Mussolini.

Nic is wearing the SL Frees&offers gift from Hilly Haalan. The hair is a gift from LeLutka. I hope you can find it in the renewed shop.
Anda was the lucky winner of the jacket with shirt and sweater at (red)Sand. He wears his V-Spot boots, groupgift,  and a Jstyle jeans from his inventory. And Anda bought this hair from Redgrave. Tyler is the name. His glasses are from marketplace.
A bit role- traditional is Nic on the last picture doing a handwash for him. The jacket is from the For Him Hunt from V-Spot and the tank in the water is the Menstuff hunt gift from V-Spot.
V- Spot has the 1st anniversary. GROUP JOIN FREE THIS WEEK!! Old groupgifts you can buy in the shop again for 1ld each!!

On Nic: Dress: Hilly Haalan - SLF & O MEMBERS GIFT - Hilly Haalan Spring Dress
Hair: LeLutka - .LeLutka.Sheena hair.(free)
On Anda: Jacket: (red)sand -  RS college_jaket/ shirt Green (Red)sand (LB/ free)
Hair: Redgrave - Redgrave Tyler
Boots: V-Spot - renegade Kombat boots (GG/ free/ but group join FREE this week/ 1st Anniversary!)
Glasses: [B] -[B] Zeus Leopard glasses (1ld)
Jacket last picture: V-Spot - V-Spot // Circuit Freak Bomber /search the wrench near an old machine (1ld))
Tank last picture: V-Spot - V-Spot // Hero T-Top Menstuff hunt / search under leathercoats for the small shirt ( hunt item)(free)
From inventory: jeans - Jstyle
Pictures made at Umbral

Bye bye, Nic

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

getting dressed

click small pictures to enlarge

I'm gonna get dressed for success, shaping me up for the big time, baby.. Get dressed for success
shaping it up for your love ...

The Menstuff hunt has started 1 june. And tjip wears already one of the presents from Black Label Menswear. In the shop i also found the open shirt, groupgift. The skin is an old groupgift from (red)sand. Still available. The skin has scars near the eyes.. Nic shows you the groupgift from this month from FA Creations. And a new release from the same shop. The dress comes in two colors. The jumpsuit comes with a hud for several colors. Super again Sandie Saenz!!

On tjip:
Argyle cardigan with shirt: Black Label menswear - BLM MESH - Oakland Open Shirt - BLM Group Exclusive (free)
Open blouse: BLM MESH - Oakland Open Shirt - BLM Group Exclusive(GG/free)
Sunglasses: Petite Mort at The Wash - Petite Mort- Lennon round specs (10ld)
Sin: (red) Sand - (red) sand spring gift 2013 skin (free)
From inventory: Hair - Dura; necklace - Gabriel; turtle neck sweater - ::K::(old);beard - ; Scarf - ::K::

On Nic:
Dress: FA Creations - ::FAC:: Charlotte Dress  [Group Gift June 2015] (GG/free)
Jumpsuit: FA Creations - ::FAC:: Fay Leather Jumpsuit (unpacked)
Hair: .LeLutka.- LeLutka.Sheena hair(GG/free); necklace - Maxi Gossamer
Pictures made at : Umbral
Bye  bye, Nic

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

i'll just pretend to hug you until you get here

Sweet they are , isn't it? A contrast with the post from yesterday! Nic wears an elegant dress from Ever an' Angel, the new groupgift. Group join is 100ld, but i finally decided to join because i always like the group presents and i like to blog them. The dress has two nice layers.
Tjip's shirt has the sweet text on it. A text that speaks of desire. The desire that the other will be there. It is a lucky board present from (red)sand.
I also found the wild hairs from Tjip in a shop that was new for me. Yasyn. You can buy each color apart. So it is lesser expensive when you just need one specific color.

On tjip:
Sweater: (red)sand - (red)sand_love_life_shirts (free)
Hair: Yasyn - Yasyn - Greater - Mocha (1 color/ 75ld)
From inventory: grey jeans - [R] 360; booties - Gabriel; beard - Chicago Ink 
On Nic:
Dress: Ever an'Angel - Ever An' Angel - June '15 Group Gift ( free/ but group join fee)
From Nic's inventory: hair - truth; shoes - BSD
Pictures made at: Umbral

Bye bye, Nic

Monday, June 1, 2015

terrible vacation

Hippie Nic travelled in her flower power bus and in her flower power outfit through dangerous countries. Her mood was perfect. Dancing on a car in the street. But as you can see it all didn't go so well. Suddenly a guy jumped on that car.  She was picked up by that guy with guns, because they thought she carried drugs with her. And there they go ... Prove your innocent Nic! You're not a criminal aren't you!

The bad guy (tjip) wears a leather holster and 9mm beretta gun from ZED, a groupgift. At (red)sand tjip won the denim vest at the lucky board. Comes with and without shirt ( hud for colors)  The king tattoo he won at paul polo at a lucky chair. One of the gun poses is from marketplace from Verocity. Pants from Fauxberry is from his inventory. Boots from Gabriel.
Nic wears a gift from (red) Sand , the 5000 members gift. Her skin is the new groupgift skin from van Luck. The skin comes with omega applier for maitreya body and slink appliers for slink feet and hands. I used with the skin  freckles ( from Pumec) and eyelashes (wow skins) from my inventory. The tattoo Nic weared before on the blog. The india hair ornament is an accessory from the truth hair at Uber.

On tjip:
Denim vest: (red)sand. - (red)sand.The Club Denim Vest&Shirt +[HUD] (lb free)
Holster and beretta: ZED - ::ZED:: MESH 9MM Beretta Gun & Tan Leather Holster (free/GG)
Pose: Verocity- Verocity red ( 1ld)
From inventory: Pants - Fauxberry; hair - Dura ( old groupgift)
On Nic:
Skin: van Luck - VL - LALA skin pack (free)
Outfit: (red)sand - (red)sand _5000 members gif female (free)
Hair: Moon{ hair} - Moon {hair}  Exhale
Tattoo: [White~Widow]at Shiny Shabby -[White~Widow] Midnight in Paris Lolas applier (50ld)
Hair ornament: Truth at Uber - part of hair TRUTH HAIR Ishya - variety
Pictures made at: Oyster bay, the end of the world as we know it

Bye bye, Nic