Monday, December 30, 2013

last day of the year.. on the threshold to 2014

The last day of the year. Time to reflect about what is gone. Like the pictures drifting behind Nic on the water. Nic went to Hazardous to sit and think. She is dressed already to party on New Years Eve. And she raises her glass for you to toast on the new year. Nic wishes  you a happy new year .. may all your dreams come true.
The end of the year is also the moment to say thanks to all my readers and followers. I am very happy with the sweet comments i sometimes unexpectedly get. And i want say thanks to the designers who sponsor me. And a toast to all the designers in sl who spoil us with great gifts and to all the designers who make beautiful surroundings in sl. A toast because of all the creativity and hard work.

Last but not least i want say thanks to my sweet helpers. I made a picture gallery with their faces to honour and surprise them.

First row from left to right:
Soraya (Maus): She always helps find new beautiful outfits. She likes it very much to do photoshoots together with Nic.
Dancer: She is so sweet. She always sends me her tips and notecards about groupgifts. And sometimes is a model on the blog.
Second row:
Verdant (Spammie for me): Very sweet friend and a family man from Bangladesh. Always gives Nic teleports to Midnight Mania boards and gifts for males and females.
Mihaly: German friend from Tirol. He always immediately lends me money when my balance is nearly zero and i can't wait till Nic's weekly money from linden arrives from her premium membership. He knows i always pay him back. He stood hour after hour near lucky boards for me to wait for the "N".
Third row:
Ukyo: Sweet helper from Mexico. He is a shy person he says. Very friendly and always helping with tips about male clothes and doing hunts for me.
Porcorosso: Amazing sweet Japanese friend ( still remember he gave me the best kimono ever in sl at new years day!). He has style and sometimes is model on my blog. He is a moviemaker in sl.
Fourth row:
Chaosfear: The Englishman in the row. There was a time when he shared his tips and was also a model for me on the blog. Now he is lesser in sl. Hope he returns and we will work together again.
Ingo: The rl partner from Soraya. He likes to be a model for this blog. Styled ofcourse by Soraya.

Dress: Paisley Daisy - Joeys Mesh Sheer Golden Sequin Gown ( i made soft yellow lingerie under it otherwise it would be to naughty Joeylin!) (J Packham Infl.)
Shoes: BSD - {{BSD Desigin studio}}Supermodel Ruffle love-gold

Bye bye all, till next year..Nic

glitter day four

Lovely glitter sets. On the first pictures you see a dress from Liv-Glam from the christmas hunt. So many hunt items. You need find a small christmas tree. Near the landingspoint you see boards with all the presents. That makes it easier to choose and search. I combined the dress with a nice jacket from Ricielli from the Halloween hunt. All old hunt items you can find in the shop. On boards they show you what sort of presents you can search.
On picture three and four Nic wears a sequin jumpsuit. The papi jumpsuit. Fresh, young and sexy.
In the kitchen Nic wears a blouse with some sequin parts. I combined the blouse with the dress from Liv-Glam.

Black/white glitter dress: Liv-Glam - LIVGLAM - K Collection Christmas Hunt {62}(15ld)
Black jacket: Ricielli - Ricielli - HALLOWEEN 2013 HUNT / ITEM #20 (15ld)
Sequin/ brown jumpsuit: Ricielli - Ricielli Mesh - Christmas Hunt item#7 ( 15ld)
Blouse: DeP - ::DeP:: Long sleeve shirt - Light pink w/ silver sequins *FREE*(1ld)
From inventory: Hair - EMO-tions; Shoes - Maitreya; Jewelry - Vendome Jewelry

Bye bye, Nic

Sunday, December 29, 2013

i couldn't resist this

Maitreya's designs are always sooooooo super. I am trying to save money for the new release in the mainshop the cute dress with cardigan and boots with socks. I was to late for the 50% groupgift from that set ((((. But now i was thrilled to find this super coat and leggings from Maitreya at Collabor88. The coat comes with short sleeves or long. And all is so well-made. Maitreya is a shop that i know from my begin period in sl and i never was disappointed in what Onyx LeShelle made. Shoes, hair clothes all is my taste. Huge compliment for you Onyx!!!
The cute bears are a groupgift from the skin shop  Birdy. Join fee is 50ld.
Now i am gonna save money again for the super set in the Maitreya shop. Hehe.

Coat: Maitreya at Collabor88 - Maitreya Oversized Coat - Linen
Legging: Maitreya at Collabor88 - Maitreya Panel Leggings - V1 Light
Bears: Birdy -  .Birdy. Snow Cub VIP gift <3 ( free/ group join is 50ld)
From inventory: Shoes- BSD Design Studio; Hair - EMO-tions

Bye bye, Nic

glitter day three

And now back into the cold. Nic is dressed in a glitter dress from Cygo. Dancer gave me the notecard from this shop already a week ago. In the note is written: " Nothing to wear at New Year's Eve ?Take this´s only FREE for my group members !" It triggered me to make glitter and glamour posts for new years eve. I wanted use this one on 31 december, but i have no patience and moreover i thought may be the gift is gone then for you. Nic combined the dress outside with a cape and the overknee boots from Coco.

Dress: Cygo - [ CyGo ] PP Groupgift (free)
Boots: Coco -*COCO*_Over-the-kneeBoots_Gray (free)
Cape: Coco -*COCO*_FurCape_Black (free)
From inventory: hair - D!va; Jewelry - Vendome Jewelry.

Bye bye, Nic

short trip to a warm place

So much snow and ice and cold weather the last times. Nic and Soraya needed a break. And here you see them at a place in Greece ( the new Mimikri sim). Nic already wears a short summer dress. Soraya is dressed a bit more warm in her pants and with her sweater. She just bought this sweater from Baiastice at collabor88. Nic shows you the openingsgift from Fission. It is a shop at the dark sim from Sn@tch. Fission is the new shop from A-Bomb, she returned to sl after a while. Nic wears hair that you can find in the group notices from the Little Bones group. Also nice pink boots in the group notices. Nic wears a necklace from Pure Poison, one of the groupgifts.Till the first of  january -90% joining group fee: 25 group gifts available!So it is 10ld now to join!!!!!
Here you see Nic in the Mimikri shop.
Nic wears:
Dress: Fission - Fission:  Grand Opening Gift (free)
Hair: Little Bones - (Wear) little bones. Avalon - GIFT (free/ in groupnotices)
Necklace: Pure Poison - PP - Yola Necklace (free/ group join now  just 10ld)

Soraya wears:
Sweater: Baiastice at Collabor88- Baiastice-Zoe Highneck sweater zebr brown (88ld)
From inventory: Pants - Erratic

Bye bye, Nic

Saturday, December 28, 2013

glitter day two

Found another glitter gift for the last december days. This sequin set from Mimikri is the openingsgift because the shop moved. Because of the silverglitter i choosed silvery jewelry. It is from a hunt at Zuri Jewelry's shopping mall, the 12 days christmas hunt.It runs from December 13th to January 2nd.You need find a christmas present box. Tip: christmas tree. There are two trees in the shop. The hair i found on marketplace for 1ld. I recolored it a bit. Made it a bit darker.

Skirt and top: Mimikri - Mimikri - Opening Gift ( free)
Hair: A&A - A&A Jeanelle Hair Fire ( free)
Jewelry: Zuri - Zuri Rayna Jewelry Christmas 2013 Gift~Gemmed Snowflakes ( free)
From inventory: Shoes - BSD Design Studio

Bye bye, Nic

snow shower

Tjip and Nic both outside in the snow in the evening. The winds blows every time a new snow shower, but Nic is enjoying it in her warm coat from LinealRise Designs. Tjip wears a jacket from the same shop. Both gifts.

Coat: LinealRise Designs -Gift from Linealrise Design Women (free)
Jacket: Lineal Rise Designs - Gift from Linealrise Design Men (free)
Hair tjip: Dura - *Dura-Boy*47(Black) (New)
From inventory: Boots Nic - BSD ( groupgift); Boots tjip - Coco ( free)

Bye bye, Nic

still winter

Yes  it is still wintertime. In southern Ontario there was an ice storm. 1/4 miljon people didn't have power from saturday night until last night. What a Christmas! Cold , no cooking, no washing! I heard it from Tya Fallingbridge from Pixel Mode.
Nic wears a warm winter dress from Baiastice. It is the groupgift for christmas, but also useable as winter dress. The box is under the Christmas tree.You get a blue a  golden and this red version. The boots have the same sphere. The boots are the groupgift from BSD for christmas. A pity that you need pay to join both groups.The bag is the carry-all bag from Indy&Co.

Dress: Baiastice - Baiastice_Molly dress-3 colors- Christmas 2013 ( free/ but group join fee)
Boots: BSD - {{BSD Design studio }}Thelist  boots-xmas boots ( free/ but group join fee)
Fom inventory: Bag - Indy&Co.

Bye bye, Nic

Friday, December 27, 2013

she and her cuties

Nic with some cute animals. She wears the grab a B!asta dress. The silk dress with embroidery. The dress comes with the stockings with the ribbon on the backside. The overknee boots are free at Coco Design. The skin is the groupgift from Glam Affair. Love the golden eyemake-up and the very red lips.

Dress: B!asta - [ B! ] :TWELVE NIGHTS: Embroidered silk dress
Boots: Coco - *COCO*_Over-the-kneeBoots_Black ( free)
Skin: Glam Affair --Glam Affair - Mokatana - ( Happy Xmas <3 ) Group Gift (free/ 30ld group join)
From inventory: Jewelry - Vendome Jewelry

Bye bye, Nic

Shey...yes it's me

The new Nic .. the Nic as model! Most of the time i wear my own shape and face and skin. But this time i want show you a shape and skin that i like very much. I can use it when Nic wants to be a model on the blog. Don't be afraid Soraya and readers, most of the time you will see Nic as you know her.
Nic wears the shape skin and and outfit from Shey, the december groupgift. Isn't this gorgeous?
Psst... i bought a new animation overrider at Tuty. I am so happy with this one. It is the Tuty Sensuousness Sexy Female.

Total outfit en skin and shape: Shey - SHEY - December Group Gift ( free)

Bye bye, Nic

glitter days

Glitter and glam i hope to show you in the next few days of this year. At the change of the year we want be festive in glitter or glam. This cute new release from Kanou is such an example. On a feast you look sweet and glamorous in this one. I took high heels. In rl you need special balance skills to walk elegant on such high heels. ;) And after a while your toes hurt so much! In sl no problem at all. You even can dance the year away hour after hour on such shoes.
Below a dress that i bought at the Limited Bazaar at the last round. They are preparing a new round at the moment. So sorry i am too late to inform you about this one. This dress is in the casual and new releases department from the shop for normal prize now. I  recommend to visit the Sey shop. I saw such a lovely brown coctail dress for example in the evening dresses department.

Dress: Kanou - Kanou Tigist Gold (new)
Shoes: Patulas - * Patulas House Black Christmas 2013 Heels (free)
From inventroy: Hair - Catwa, jewelry -Vendome Jewelry
Wrap dress: Shey - SHEY - Wrap Dress C067
Shoes: BSD Design Studio
Pictures made at : Wispering Wind

Bye bye, Nic

Thursday, December 26, 2013

his skybox

Tjip is happy. Because he got this wonderful sensual decorated skybox. The skybox has a typical male sphere in my opinion. You can invite your gf or bf here. She or he will like it! This is the final present from all the christmas presents at Yasum and it is still there. It contains all the furniture from all the other days. The skybox has a ground floor and upperfloor with bedroom and office desk.
Tjip wears a shirt from BlackRose Fashion. A gift under the christmas tree. Another male gift i showed with Nicandra in the post before this one. Under the shirt he wears a black  shirt from Coco. I mentioned it before: in the discount area of the Coco shop is all free now. The boots i also grabbed there.

Skybox: Yasum - Yasum*Christmas Calender* 24**MERRY CHRISTMAS**(free)
Shirt: BlackRose Fashion - Costarlos dress shirt dust ( free)
From inventory: Boots and shirt: Coco ( all free now /discount area)

Bye bye, Nic