Wednesday, April 30, 2014

as promissed....

As prommised a combination from the R&Y shop. Where the clothes and shoes are 8ld! I took the top in pink ( more colors included) the blue shoes (also more colors included) and the mesh shorts ( in 2 colors). Nic wears also the new groupgift for males from ::K:: A basic t-shirt. It is also wearable for females when you change the sizes from your breast. I took the cardigan from ::K:: to complete the outfit and the anklet from Kotolier. The rings is a gatcha item from Kotolier. More nice sorts in the gatcha. I love it! The blue ribbon with pearls in Nic's hair is from the lucky board at C'est la Vie. The red ribbon is from my inventory from tram.

Shorts: R&Y - Toh-ryan-se Mesh_ Ladies Pocket Shorts (8ld)
Top: R&Y - Toh-ryan-se Mesh_Flouncy Crop Top (8ld)
Shoes: R&Y -Toh-ryan-se Mesh_Ladies Moccasins Casual Flat Shoes (8ld)
Blue bow: ::C'est la vie !:: - ::C'est la vie !:: pearl bow headband/4texture change/mesh-LB(free)
T- shirt: ::K:: - ::K:: My Daily Tank Top Tropical Red (free)
Anklet: Kotolier - * Kotolier Maiden Anklet silver
Ring: Kotolier - *Kotolier -"Aile D'Ange " gatcha
From inventory: Hair - Magika; necklace (see post before this one); cardigan -::K::

Bye bye, Nic

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

paper lanterns

In her new long skirt and lace top Nic poses near the beautiful paper lanterns from we're CLOSED. The clothes set is a new release from Tokyo.girl. You can get many colors. Nic wears jewelry from marketplace from Casual Lies. The clutch i got as a subscribe-o-matic gift from Molichino. Go to the main shop and touch the board. hair from D!va from my inventory.

Clutch: MOLiCHiNO * - MOLiCHiNO *MESH* Delirium Clutch - Cream (free)
Outfit: Tokyo.girl - Tokyo.Girl . Ixi Ruffle Top & Maxi Skirt (NEW!)
Necklace: Casual Lies - Celtic Necklace
Earrings: Casual Lies - Celtic earrings
Ring: Casual Lies: Celtic ring
From inventory: Shoes - LVLE (free); Hair - D!va
Pictures made at: caverns of Aleval

Bye bye, Nic

Monday, April 28, 2014


Nic shows you two dresses in springcolors. One from the lucky board at milky-way and the other is a gift from Hapi Rabi. It is the januari gift but i think usefull. There are many luckyboards and another groupgift at Hapi Rabi, but  you need pay group join them (50ld). I wear over both dresses a lace top. Got it from seira avon. And she was so kind to place the top in her shop for you all to get it. By the way that shop is very interesting to go to. All items are 8ld. I will show you another time a combination of items from her shop.

Lace top; R&Y - Toh-ryan-se Mesh_Loose Crop Vest Tank top (free)
Dress on the first pictures: **milky-way * - **milky-way *14-10 Cute Frills dress-Star LB (free)
Dress on the last pictures: .::Hapi Rabi::. - .::Hapi Rabi::. Jan. 1024 gift (free)
From inventory: Shoes - BSD
Pictures made at: Caverns of Aleval

Bye bye, Nic

Sydney Harbour Bridge climb

Nic on tour again. Now in Sydney. You see her walking on the Harbour Bridge. No she has no fear. She shows you her new top from Paris Fashion. You can get it in Sydney. A skirt is included. The skinny pants are a new release from Shey. Many colors are in the hud. I love the new hair from Magika, that Nic wears. The summer hat and the straw bag and the celtic ring i found on marketplace from Casual Lies. They are all not very expensive. The shoes are again from BSD, the latest release. So many nice colors!

Top: Paris METRO Couture -  Paris METRO Couture-Mesh Kobe Halter+ Faded Jean Baby Skirt
Pants: SHEY - SHEY - Joana Skinny Pants (NEW)
Ring: Casual Lies - Celtic Ring (15ld)
Hat: Casual Lies - Summer hat ( 29ld)
Bag: Casual Lies - Summer bag ( 29ld)
Hair: Magika - Magika Shimmer (NEW)
From inventory: Shoes -BSD

Bye bye, Nic

Saturday, April 26, 2014

happy with used clothes

How happy you can be with something old from your inventory! It can be clothes or a chair like in the post before this one. Now i am happy with this hair from Elika Tiramisu. Long time it was forgotten in my inventory. I have to dive more in the inventory cupboard i think. The cute shop where i made my pictures is Mikunch and the second name is "used clothes". They have a new location now. The t-shirt on the first pictures is from Mikunch and totally free. There is also another free t-shirt (not shown). Under the t-shirt Nic wears new shorts from Leri Miles Designs. On the last pictures she also wears the top from the release. You can get many nice sweet colors. Another dive in the inventory for the sneakers. Old ones from pesca. But when you are searchings such sort of sneakers you also can go to Mikunch.

And here below you see the designer of Mikunch. I always like to catch a picture of designers on my blog to honour them. Illmiku was standing in her shop, busy planning for the next round of Kustom9. And it was ok she said to put her on the blog and she felt honoured. isn't she cute looking?
Her hair is from Boon in case you want buy such hair.

T-shirt:: Mikunch - aught town 245 gift(DFA) (free)
Top: Leri Miles Designs - LMD Marly Halter Sky (60ld/new)
Shorts:  Leri Miles Designs - LMD Maria Shorts Sky ( 60ld/new)
From inventory: Hair - Elikatira; Sneakers - pesca; necklace - Kotolier; earrings - Pure Poison.
Clothes from the designer of Mikunch;
Mikunch     straw hat
Mikunch     antique-op beige
Mikunch     under denim(roll-up nallow) light bluePictures made at Mikunch

Bye bye, Nic

it's good to be at home sometimes

After many days running around everywhere in sl it is good to be back home and do a photoshoot there. I took from long ago this cute chair from my inventory. I remember how thrilled i was with the spring colors and the nice animations. And although much changed in sl this chair is still perfect. Today Nic shows you a fitted mesh outfit from B!asta.  It is the Grab a B!asta item in the shop and not so expensive. I had troubles with my computer to see the fitted mesh clothes in good order. Couldn't understand why i had troubles because i used the latest versions of my sl viewers. But after trying and trying  i found out  i had to set my graphic settings lower. I tell about it, so you will not get the same troubles. And my wish for rl is now to get a better graphic card. The top on the last pictures is from the lucky board at S@bbia. The boots are a groupgift in the Adjunct shop. The flowers are a gift on marketplace.

Top and skirt: B!asta - [ B! ] :MANDARIN: FitMesh blouse and mesh mini skirt . Indigo (50ld)
Peplum shirt: S@bbia: S@BBiA::Peplum Tunic (Beige) (free)
Boots: Adjunct - Adjunct - Wild Heart Boot - TV Blue (free)
Flower: nani - nani blooming daisies
From inventory: Chair - Tuli (Mon amie friends); Hair Wasabi Pills; necklace Kotolier

Bye bye, Nic

Friday, April 25, 2014

butterfly invasion

Butterfly invasion is the name of this B!asta dress. You can find the dress in the midnight mania of the shop. How could i show this butterfly dress better then with the butterfly poses from Yoga poses. You can buy the poses at the Pose Fair 2014, running at the moment. A purple dress ..then ofcourse purple shoes. Nic is standing and sitting near the water in a gentle breeze. Her new hair moves with the wind.

Dress: B!asta - [: B!ASTA :] :BUTTERFLY INVASION: Mesh tube dress (free/ MM)
Shoes: BSD at the Monochromatic fair - {{BSD Design studio}}LOVE BSD- (NEW)
Hair: Little bones- (Wear) little bones. Trouble - GIFT In the info and notices of the group (free)
Poses: Yoga poses at the Pose Fair  2014 - Yoga Poses - Butterflies
From inventory: pose at the third picture -Diesel works (combined with the glass pot from the Yoga poses)
Pictures taken at: Neva River

Bye bye, Nic


A nice model near her desk. Nic shows you her new pants from mon ami. It is a gift in the cute shop on a new location. I wanted combine the pants with the lucky board item from  mon ami. I had luck but the board had the wrong group. I wrote the owner to warn, but it is a designer from Japan so i am still waiting at a message. Now i took the mesh tank from Coco, an old groupgift. The cute earrings are from Pure Poison, a groupgift. I think you need not wear them only at Easter. Bunny time is always ;). The hair is a new groupgift in the little bones group. We got so  many presents already. Now it took a bit more time, but the hair is again lovely. You need wear it with a hair base. You get it with a HUD for more colors. The shoes are from BSD. Same sort as what i showed you better yesterday (with the cute snake). This is the black white gold version.

Pants: mon ami - mon ami 1L gift (1 ld)
Tank: Coco -*COCO*_Gift_CroppedTankTop (free)
Earrings: Pure Poison - Pure Poison - Bunny Earrings - Group Gift{wear only} (free/ but group join fee)
Shoes: BSD at the Monochromatic fair - {{BSD Design studio}}LOVE BSD- (NEW)
Hair: Little bones- (Wear) little bones. Trouble - GIFT In the info and notices of the group (free)
Pictures taken : in the mon ami shop 

Bye bye, Nic

Thursday, April 24, 2014

fleur de printemps

A nice subscribe-o-matic gift from Paradisis. This pink gown. On many blogs you already could see this dress. But i wanted the dress on this blog. There is also a blue version of the dress in the Paradisis shop. You need join the frees&Offers group to get it. The board to join that group is on the same table. I combined my dress with he the new released shoes from BSD Design studio. New exclusives for the MONOCHROM fair 2014, all at 50% OFF !! On the last picture you see the  golden snake. Beautiful.! The BSD shoes look beautiful and no slink feet needed. I love Nic's shade sunglasses from BSD very much. The shades comes with 6 mirror colours. It's an exclusive at The Collective. For the Collective EXCLUSIVES. 60% off ! new at this event.
An for those who can't afford the shades i show below glasses that i found at TOV Korea. You get 4 sorts. They are simple but good for a nerdy look.

Dress: Paradisis - PARADISIS Fleur de printemps Pink (free) blue also in tthe shop ( free)
Glasses : BSD at the Collective  - {{BSD Design Studio}}Sunglass- OliviaP -(NEW)
Shoes: BSD at the Monochromatic fair - {{BSD Design studio}}LOVE BSD-pink (NEW)
Glasses on last picture: TOV Korea - {*::1mg::*} merry 6x6 (free)
From inventory: hair: Eaters Coma; jewelry - Lazuri
Pictures made in the PurpleMoon shop

Bye bye, Nic

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

gowns near a landhouse

Nic shows you 3 gowns. The first one is the groupgift dress from PurpleMoon. The others are from the easter egg hunt at Zanze. Every egg is 5ld. The eggs are easy to find near the gowns in the shop. Nic wears jewelry from Lazuri. Fall jewelry, an old groupgift. And she wears the latest groupgift from Lazuri.

First gown: PurpleMoon Creations -:: PM :: Drew Gown - Group Members Gift [MESH] (free/ but group join fee)
Second gown: Zanze - [ZE] Deanna {BEADED}  ( 5ld)
Third gown: Zanze - [ZE] Lacie Dress {SNOW} ( 5ld)
From inventroy: jewelry - Lazuri; Hair - Eaters Coma.
Pictures made at: Mexico Lindo

Bye bye, Nic