Thursday, January 31, 2019

the limousine

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The limousine can wait. This day is/was so beautiful. She needs to dream a bit about it. This place on the bridge is perfect. It's at the sim Whimberly.
Nic is showing you a beautiful gown, a gift at Egoxentrikax. You need join the group. The group is free. Nic is wearing the same skin and the same necklace as yesterday. Lazy me today.
The freckles are from amias in Nic's face and from Izzie's on her body. The hair is an old group gift from Truth. Group members who don't have this one can still buy it for a reduced price in the shop. I used also bangs from an old group gift from Truth.
The limousine is a gift at Billionaire Motors. Two car gifts in that shop. Inside you can shut a blind between the chauffeur and the passengers. You can drive with the car. The car has several possibilities.
Nic has several cars in  her inventory. But wow  not yet a limousine!
I say wow but a limousine reminds me also to Lavrenty Beria, the executioner in the Stalin period. At night he would cruise the streets of Moscow seeking out teenage girls. When he saw one who took his fancy he would have his guards deliver her to his house. Brrr.

Dress: ::EGO - Elizabeth Formal Dress::  Group Gift (free)
Hair: Truth - Truth Elie ( old group gift /still available for reduced price)
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins and new store part- 7 Deadly s[K]ins - CYNAMON skin tone pineapple ( 70ld Saturday Sale)
Face freckles: amias - amias - OXANA - freckles
Necklace: RealEvil Industries - **RE** Envy Tags 1.2
Body freckles: Izzie's - Izzie's Body Freckles II
From inventory: bangs - Truth; body - Maitreya; head - LeLutka; lipgloss - Mudhoney; bag - tres blah ( gacha)
Pictures taken at : Whimberly
Bye bye, Nic

Monday, January 28, 2019


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Move that body! Not the avatar body i mean. Nic is moving that body enough ;)
But the mesh body from the dragon or fairy or whatever other animated mesh object. Fairy Pop is the first Animesh from Safybelle. It's a small Fairy who is wearing Safybelle Chrystal Wings, and the Jessy Mesh Head. So it's a complete Safybelle creation. And this one is free!
Animesh is the last update from Linden Lab (2019). This update named Animesh means that we can move and animate a  mesh object like we do for avatars. You get a hud with the object. With the hud you can influence the movements of an  object. You need to have an animesh  viewer, which means the very latest version - for FireStorm it's beta 6.0. For others who don't have the newest viewer your avatar will look weird! Tell them to update their viewer! Because this fairy is very cute! On the picture you can see another Animesh object... the  dragon. With the hud you can let him jump, look to the left and the right, walk and more. The fairy for example can sit, fly, dance and wave. The color of her wings constantly change.
By the way the new update from Fire Storm has another good new possibility. We can now also search in our inventory between the objects we bought at Marketplace and are saved in our received folder. Super! 
New is also a so called favorite tool. You can drag your often used huds to that tool. The tool can be attached to your toolbar. So not every hud needs to be at your screen. When needed you can very fast find the hud that you want use. This means that your avatar can be fast now. Huds at your screen  influence your speed. Not now anymore with this tool!
Thanks to Laura who told me this all. And gave the tip about the Animesh objects that i show here. 

Nic is wearing a jacket and pants from !!smesh. New at Designer Circle,The Event. I also bought a necklace at RealEvil Industries. You can put your name and the name of the one you love on the tags. Comes with a hud for many colors for the metals and the heart. There is a RLV version too in the shop. The small heart necklace is from [ kunst ]. I once got that one at a Midnight Mania Madness. May be you have the necklace also in your inventory. Combines good with the *RE* necklace. 
The Tattoo, Hand me a Rose Tattoo, is a preview from a hunt, the Stupid Cupid Hunt 7 (starting Feb 3rd -28th). The hunt item is 1ld. Nic is still wearing her Saturday Sale skin from 7 Deadly s[K]ins. Showed also in the post before this one. 

Pants and jacket: !!smesh at DC - !!smesh ~ Jannet Outfit (NEW)
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins and new store part- 7 Deadly s[K]ins - CYNAMON skin tone pineapple ( 70ld Saturday Sale)
Necklace: RealEvil Industries - **RE** Envy Tags 1.2
Tattoo: Lush - Lush - Hand me a Rose - Tattoo -Blog Box  TSCH7 (see text/  hunt starts febr 3rd/1ld)
From inventory: Hair - Wasabi (Everly); head LeLutka; body - Maitreya; lip gloss - Mudskin

Animesh dragon: SEmotion at Soiree - SEmotion Libellune Horned Dragon Mate Rainbow  #3 ULTRARARE (gacha)
Animesh fairy:  Safybelly - 301@Safybelle - Animesh Fairy Pop Type 1.1 - (free)
Bye bye, Nic

Sunday, January 27, 2019

the love loft

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What is the style of this loft now? A bit kinky made for lust, a bit romantic made for love. Made for Valentines times.
Nic is showing you her hearts dress/ or lingerie from *SK*. So beautiful in my opinion. In many super colors available at the Kinky Event. The hearts at the front are glittering a bit.
Nic is wearing hair from the Saturday Sale at Doe. You can choose with or without the headband and the color of the headband. Saturday sale has prices from 50 or 75 ld. Nic's tattoo is The Wonderland Tattoo from Lush, a release at Twe12ve. On the backside the text "fuck reality take me to wonderland".
The skin is skin Cynamon from 7 Deadly s[K]ins, available in the Saturday Sale from this weekend. You get an omega applier for body and head. Nic is wearing skin tone pineapple.
The cute slippers are from REIGN.

In this love nest you can see the bed, rug and book shelves from unKindness from the january round of FaMESHed. Last day today. After that in the main shop. The orchids are from CHEZ MOI, the exclusive for Shiny Shabby (ends February 15th). Comes with a hud for 6 colors. The cute briefcase record is from dust bunny. In the decor you also can see the "not love seat stressed " from BUENO and the Hecha a Mano tables. Both in the Saturday sale from this weekend. The not love seat has adult, couple and single poses. May be the name gives a false impression ;) The beer fridge is from a gacha at !six o'clock!. See for other items the credits.

Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins and new store part- 7 Deadly s[K]ins - CYNAMON skin tone pineapple ( 70ld Saturday Sale)
Dress/lingerie: *SK* at Kinky - *SK* Hearts (NEW)
Hair: Doe - Doe: Sugar - Essentials ( 75ld in Saturday Sale)
Tattoo: Lush at Twe12ve - Lush - Wonderland - Tattoo (NEW)
From inventory: body - Maitreya; head - LeLutka

Loft: MINIMAL at Uber - MINIMAL - Industrial Loft -skybox-(NEW)
Bed, rug, shelves: unKindness  at FaMESHed ( last day today!) uk - Imagine Daybed Set (NEW)
Orchids: CHEZ MOI at Shiny Shabby - Orchid Colors  * CHEZ MOI (NEW)
Not love seat: BUENO - BUENO-Not Love Seat-Stressed  with adult couple and single poses (75ld Saturday Sale)
Table: BUENO - BUENO-Hecha a Mano Table-Lie and Prosper (50ld/Saturday Sale)
Fridge: !six o'clock! -!six o'clock! [COLOURFUL 60's-7] Beer Fridge* (gacha)
Briefcase record: dust bunny - dust bunny . briefcase record player . pink .
From inventory: vinyl record holder - Moco Emporium; Glasses and bottles - Salacity, Apple Fall and 220ml; lust game - !!Follow Us!! (old gift from an event); clock and tool box  - Fapple*; horse and nautical shell - Apple Fall ( free); tree  - ANHELO; bushes - Alirium; blinds ( used in the shelves) - Sway's

Bye Bye, Nic

Friday, January 25, 2019

Don't go away

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Babe i love you so...i want you to know... that i am going to miss your love.. the minute you walk out that door
Please don't go ..please don't go.... don't go away ( song part from KC and the Sunshine band).

The song texts is fitting the scene in the pictures made with the "don't go away" scene from.:Tm:., a release at Boardwalk.
No they better can spend the time together in the winter cabin from Serenity Style (was a release in December 2017, but still such a sweet cabin). Now a bit decorated with hearts and roses.
Nic got a bouquet with roses. And from the bike are hearts flying in the air. Valentine is near.

Nic is wearing a python skirt with a side split from Jeune by Rowne. In more colors available. Her hair is the last group gift from Entwined. Top an old gift at COCO. I bought the coat from COCO at Marketplace. The booties are the Fifty Linden Friday item from Pure Poison. The left shoe has a turned over part. Very cute. The shoes come with a good color hud.

Skirt: Jeune by Rowne - Jeune by Rowne.Emilia Python Skirt - Onyx
Hair: .Entwined. - .Entwined. Noella ( gg/ free/ group join fee)
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins ( and the new store part here)  at Sense - 7 Deadly s[K]ins - NUOVA lights
Booties: Pure Poison  for FLF - Pure Poison - Madeline Ankle Boots (50ld/ FLF)
Coat: *COCO* - *COCO*_CoatOver Shoulders _Grey
Top: *COCO* - *COCO*_ Gift-ScoopNeckCropTop % COlors ( old gift/ still there/ free)
Nylons: Blushed - Blushed - Seamed Pantyhose with Appliers Update
From inventory: Body - Maitreya; head LeLutka

Fence with tree and bushes, bag, cat and dog, winter grass: .:Tm:. at Boardwalk - .:Tm:.Creation GM20 Don't go Away Scene- (NEW)
Bike with red hearts : ELLAs fat Boardwalk _ ELLAs Love Up bike decor (NEW)
Hearts with package ( in the cabin): ELLAs at Boardwalk - ELLAs Sending Love Decor (NEW)
Cabin: Serenity Style - Serenity Style Taleah Winter Cabin
Roses: Serenity Style- Serenity Style- La vie en rose gacha
From inventory: porch fire - [TIA] ( gg/free/ still there)
Pictures taken at: Maison de l'Amitie
Bye bye, Nic

Thursday, January 24, 2019

let me overthink this

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"Let me overthink this" she says ... and there she goes again.... relaxing with a glass of wine in her underwear. I get strongly the impression that Nic is always is in relax mode or in her lingerie last times on this blog. Reason is that there is so much nice lingerie in sl? Or is she often in a romantic mood? Or is it because it soon will be Valentines day?

At the first picture Nic is wearing a bra, a garter belt and a thong from the gacha from Dead Dollz at the Epiphany combined with a kimono from :::UNA::: from the Hana gacha at the Harajuku Event, From that gacha from :::UNA::: she is showing you on the other pictures a nice top and pants and garters.
The room is in the Rick Forest cabin from Serenity Style.
The blue lazy day bed ( floor or bed chair) is from Salacity for the Boardwalk Event. The sofa, the puff chair, the coffee table and the plants and the vases with flowers  are all from ~ASW~ at the Boardwalk event. The plant behind the sofa is from Plaaka.
From unKindness are the art set on the wall, the black/white knot pillows and the metal sculpture.
The bundled kitty, the vintage clock, the eye mask pillow, the tray and the stacked bowls are all from the gacha from Dahlia at the Epiphany. I love that gacha and i am lucky with what i got.
Stacked cups and the choco orange stacked cups are from a gacha at unKindness

Bra, thong and garter belt in white: Dead Dollz at the Epiphany - Dead Dollz Erotica gacha (NEW/gacha)
Kimono and top: :::UNA::: at Harajuku Event - UNA & {Buing} Hanna commons (NEW/gacha)
Pants and garters (in pink) :::UNA::: at Harajuku Event - UNA & {Buing} Hanna RARE(NEW/gacha)
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins at anyBODY - 7 Deadly s[K]ins - Marmalade Lights ( skin tone pineapple)
Soft pink nylons: Entice - Entice - Smack That Nylons - Lace - Omega/Maitreya/Classic
White garters with stockings: JuJu  - [Juju] Tokyo Sheer v 1.3
Hair: Sintiklia - Sintiklia - Hair Aurora - Dark Blondes set
Bear slippers: REIGN - REIGN Beary cosy slippers
Body freckles: Izzie's - Izzie's - Body Freckles II (Omega Appliers)

Home: Serenity Style - Serenity Style- Rick Forest Col.
Sofa and more (see text) - ~ASW~ at Boardwalk  ~ASW~the Hadley set (boardwalk)(NEW)
Lazy day bed: Salacity at Boardwalk - Salacity Poses - Lazy Day Bed Rest Photo Prop (NEW)
Plant behind the sofa: PLAAKA - PLAAKA -FicusUmbellata (gacha)
Ambition decor ( see text) : unKindness - uk - Ambition Decor Set
Bundled kitty and more (see text) - Dahlia at Epiphany - Dahlia Lazy days gacha (NEW/gacha)
From inventory: cuddle fur rug *SW*; stacked cups and choco orange stacked cups - unKindness ( tea time delights gacha); blinds  Sway's; lamps - Trompe Loeil
Bye bye, Nic

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

right here waiting for you

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"Whatever it takes, whatever you do... i will be right here waiting for you". (song text Richard Marx)

The song is a bit sad but that is not how she is feeling. She is just happy and waiting for the next moment with you.
And the way she is waiting is not bad at all. Near the fireplace on her pillow pile from DJ/Shutter Field at The Cosmopolitans Sales Room. It comes in both PG and Adult versions for both male/female and male/male avatars.  There are two textured versions for male/female  - floral and Paris.The adult versions are less than 740L and 30 - 40 quality adult animations.
I used two pillows extra for the dogs from [ zerkalo ]
The cute Decor Coffee Tray, available in two textured versions, is also out at The Cosmopolitans Sales Room at the moment.
Nic is enjoying her sweets. Huge chocolate bars and chocolate lollies. On the chocolate lollies are some naughty texts. Food can be sensual. She also enjoys the cute Shiba Mochi sweets. Mochi's are sticky rice cakes an essential part of the Japanese New Year's holiday menu. See the close up below. I think the form is from the Shiba Mochi plushies ( popular in Japan). Nic likes those cute sticky rice cakes.
And oh ....what is that? That aren't special cookies for the dogs! MADRAS goes a bit naughty for FaMESHedX. Oh and.... aha  that is why this blog gives you a warning for the content when you want view this blog. For adults only!
FaMESHedX is the part of the FaMESHed Event with items for lust and desire.

Nic is laying in her sexy shirt from *SK*, a release at FaMESHedX . Available in several colors. Also available and made for this shirt is the Arnes accessory a sort of harness for neck and upper arms. Not shown here because i wanted show the new set from amias from the gacha at Shiny Shabby. Nic is wearing one of the RARES, the Nisha RARE1 and the bow necklace, a common. Each play is 75ld.
Nic's skin is the skin Marmalade from 7 Deadly s[K]ins at the any BODY event. The Tattoo is from Lush at the Twe12ve Event. Below you can see the backside.

Shirt: Sweet Kajira at FaMESHedX -* SK * Suzi shirt Fatpack (NEW)
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins at anyBODY - 7 Deadly s[K]ins - Marmalade Lights ( skin tone pineapple)
Necklaces: amias at Shiny Shabby -  amias - NISHA - (NEW/gacha)
Tattoo: Lush at Twe12ve ( slurl not available at the moment i will add when possible)  - Lush -  Eden - Tattoo (NEW)
From inventory: hair - Monso (Ruda) , head - LeLutka, body - Maitreya; boots - REIGN; lipstick - [Reviver]

Pillow Pile and coffee tray: DJ/ Shutterfield at CSR - DJ / SF  for  Cosmo Jan 2018 (NEW)
Dick candy's - MADRAS at FaMESHedX - MADRAS Dick Candy (Rezz and unpack)
Shiba Mochi sweets: .:RINGO HANA:. - .:RINGO HANA:. - Shiba mochi Set Group Gift (free)
Chocolate sweets: [MINDS] - [MINDS] Message Chocolate Group Gift (free)
From surrounding or inventory: fireplace - Apple Fall, rug - Apple Fall, old music sheets on floor - Nutmeg. News paper on chair - Apple Fall; chair with blanket - Apple fall; plants - {vespertine}; music pillow and grey pillow - [ zerkalo ]
Pictures made at: Whimberly 
Bye bye, Nic

Monday, January 21, 2019

breakfast loft

Click small pictures to enlarge
Waking up and having breakfast in her new loft. It's her bedroom and her working place. The style is a bit industrial but with a typical touch of a woman.

First i want tell you that i am accepted as a blogger for Shutter Field/Decor Junction. For me it's cool because i loved the items from Shutter Field already many years. I can show you more in the future now.
In these pictures you see the bed from that shop and the industrial shelves. You can buy them at the January round of Shiny Shabby. More colors are available there. I gave two cushions on the bed a black color. Those are white cushions in the package. The industrial Bench was a gift for Love to Decorate at Christmas last year. From the neighbor shop Serenity Style at the same sim as the Shutter Field shop are the cute gacha items from the "Don't forget anything" gacha, available at the first round of the A+ Event. Started today. A+ Event is organized by categories, a new concept that the organizers have wanted to implement to make your purchases more comfortable. Each category have a small number of designers, that way you can complement your outfit in the most complete way. From the gacha you see the most items at the left side of the pictures and one on the ground. The super cute RARE item is the rack with the hat ( on the right side of the overview picture hanging at the shelves).
The loft i bought at Uber. Made by Minimal. This is just one corner of the loft.
From the Epiphany gacha items from unKindness from the "Living Gold"gacha. You can see the fireplace, the ottomans used as bedside tables, the mirrors above the bed and the golden lamps on the ottomans. At the Epiphany you can find a super gacha from Dahlia. The bread with the heart form egg in the middle and the juice is from that gacha.
See for my other items on the pictures the credits.

Nic is wearing the new released group gift from Addams. I combined the legging with a top from the 50% off sale that the shop had last days. You still can get this top in the sale! Sale will be short time there so run. The shoes are from Breathe from the gacha at Epiphany.
Nic's skin , named Nuova, is from 7 Deadly s[K]ins at the Sense Event (15th Jan. - Febr. 8th). Nic is wearing skin tone pineapple. Her tattoo is from Juna. Available in her nice new shop.

Leggings: Addams  // - Addams // Zury Leggings // FATPACK (GG/free/ NEW/Group join 19ld))
Top: Addams // - Addams // Terry Crop Shirt // N*44 ( 50% off Sale)
Heels: [BREATHE] at The Epiphany - [BREATHE]-Naoka Heels-Nude-M.Lara (gacha)
Hair: DOUX - DOUX - Sorcha hairstyle [Naturals]
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins at Sense - 7 Deadly s[K]ins - NUOVA  (NEW)
Tattoo: Juna - Juna: Gaia tattoo Woman
Fom inventory: head  - LeLutka; body - Maitreya

Loft: MINIMAL at Uber - MINIMAL - Industrial Loft -skybox-(NEW)
Work table, stools and chairs: [InsurreKtion] at Boardwalk  - [IK] Ethnic Collection (NEW)
Bed, coffee tray and industrial shelves: Shutterfield/ DJ at  Shiny Shabby - DJ / SF INDY BEDS (NEW)
Organizer items: Serenity Style at A+ Event - Serenity Style-Dont forget anything gacha-(gacha/ NEW)
Ottomans , fireplace and more (see text): unKindness at Epiphany -uk - Living Gold Gacha ( New/Gacha)
Eggs & Toast with juice : Dahlia at Epiphany - Dahlia - Lazy Days - Eggs & Toast with Juice 17 (NEW/gacha)
Yellow hanging lamps: Trompe Loeil - Trompe Loeil - Zeeland Lamps [mesh]
Colored rug: Ys*&Ys* - 11 Ys*&Ys* Memories rug (gacha)
Rug: Apple Fall - Apple Fall Althea Rug - Antique Light
From inventory: Industrial Bench - Shutterfield/ DJ ( Christmas gift); other egg and teapot, newspaper - Apple Fall ( breakfast clutter); white ottoman and pencil cup - Salacity; notebook - Apple Fall; tulips - {what next}; other plants - {vespertine}; dogs - JIAN; rolled towels and shower gel- Soy., perfumes - [CIRCA]; guitar on stand - {what next}; industrial lamps on the wall - CHEZ MOI; basket table - dust bunny

Saturday, January 19, 2019

the safari room

Click small picture to enlarge
Can you see how beautiful it is outside with the flamboyant trees and the waterfall in the distance. Nic is in a safari lodge planning her trip with you.

The lodge is decorated with furniture and knick knacks from the Boardwalk event. You can see the dresser with lamps, the red vase, the soft colored picture above the dresser, the metal/wood table and the rug from THEORY. Many items are also from [InsurreKtion]: the little tables ( some in half moon form), the armchairs near the window, the stools, the drawers, the bookshelf, the spotlight with accu and the round hanging lamps.
In  the antique picture frames i have placed some pictures from Nic on safari from 2016.
All wooden animals are from chronokit. The salon armchair is from a gacha from 22769. Tropic helmets and the antique spyglass are from Salacity. Blogged before here. For other items see the credits.

Nic is wearing the same hair as yesterday but now styled different. Her skin is a new release from 7 Deadly s[K]ins at eBENTO. Nic is wearing skin tone Pineapple.The skinny romper is from Celestinas Wedding, a gift at the Designer showcase. Comes with a texture hud. Boots from REIGN. Nic is wearing them now with socks.
The laying pose is from Lush Poses at the Pose Fair ( till jan 26th). On the last picture i influenced Nic's head a bit with the animare hud.

Skinny romper : .:(CW):. at Designer Showcase.:(CW):. Anais - Skinny Rompers -(free)
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins ( new shop) and the mainshop at eBENTO ( till january 31) - 7 Deadly s[K]ins - SPICY lights
Laying pose: Lush Poses at the Pose Fair -- Lush Poses - Thalia - Female Bento Pose Pack (nr 2)
From inventory: boots - REIGN (Tana); body - Maitreya; head - LeLutka; hair - DOUX (Air); choker - Avada

Lodges: Scarlet Creative - Scarlet Creative Harry Pottering Shed

From Boardwalk: taxi here
Dresser and more ( see text) - THEORY MID CENTURY MODERN FURNITURE GROUP -boardwalk (NEW)
Chairs, drawers etc ( see text): [InsurreKtion] - [IK] Ethnic Collection I - Blogger Pack (boardwalk)
Antique picture frames: Blossom MeshObject Shop - [BMS] Antique PictureFrame // Boardwalk
Brass scones: %Percent / Clifford scones Boardwalk Jan 19 / %

Salon armchair: 22769 - 22769 - Steampunk Salon Armchair - COMMON (gacha)
Ottoman: Mudhoney - Mudhoney Audrey Ottoman
Mounted Turtle Shell: Fancy Decor - Fancy Decor Munted Turtle Shell
From inventory: wooden animals - chronokit; plants {vespertine}; beetle in dome - [kosmii]; coffee cups and cookie jar - MADRAS ( Adriana Decor set; retro camera - !!Follow us!!; kerosine lamp and binocular decor - MADRAS (Victorian Jules Decor set); travel planning book and coffee - [MERAK]; glove - [NC] ( free); luggage stool - BAZAR; helmet and spyglass - Salacity; saluki - Jinx

Friday, January 18, 2019

burgers, chicken, sundaes and pretzels

Click the small pictures to enlarge
You may be will think: "oh my goodness all thickening fast food what she wants to eat", but no this is different. This is from Zesty's Diary Bar. In the UK Zesty is the leading health care market. They even offer online and mobile platforms for booking healthcare appointments. Well... so this bar here delivers healthy fast food. Do you belief it?
The bar you can buy at the Boardwalk Event and is made by Salacity. Funny designer! I placed the bar near the happy teacup carousel from {anc} in the park and placed multi chair benches from Kei Spot there so the customers can sit and eat their healthy meal. The music comes from 1950's portable radio from SimCaster Innovative Products. The radio works when it is deeded to the land, where you want use it. It has 106 stations - 15 categories. Click the radio and choose. Simple!
The super cute pretzel cart is group gift at KraftWork!
Nic is wearing a knitted high neck dress with short sleeves at the arms from Jana& Littles SLWorld. Comes of course with a color hud. Because it's still cold weather she took her ribcord jacket from Amitomo from the gacha at Kustom9 with her.
Nic's skin is the New Years Hunt skin, that you can find at 7 Deadly s[K]ins. The designer Izara Zuta  is always very good in hiding a hunt item, so it will be hard to find the Red Question Mark. But it's worth a try. The Hunt is running till the end of the month. Skin tone taupe and omega applier. The heels with garters and legwarmers i found at Phedora. When you are in the group you can buy for a lower price. You can change all parts with a color hud.

Dress: Jana&Littles SL World - -JL- Sasha Dress
Jacket: AMITOMO at Kustom9 -AMITOMO - Be Your Love GACHA - resize - 7(gacha)
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins  and 7 Deadly s[K]ins new part of the shop- & Deadly s[K]ins - LONNEKE Omega FACE&BODY Taupe ( free)
Heels with garters: PHEDORA / - PHEDORA / Sabrina / 30.C
Hair: DOUX - DOUX - Air hairstyle [FATPACK]
From inventory: head - LeLutka; body - Maitreya

Boardwalk even taxi here
Benches: Kei's -Kei Spot multi chair bench for Boardwalk(NEW)
Zesty's Diary Bar - Salacity - Zesty's Dairy Bar Boardwalk (NEW)
1950's Portable radio - SimCaster  1950's Portable radio(NEW)

Pretzel cart: KraftWork - KraftWork Pretzel Cart (free!)
From inventory and surrounding: happy teacup carousel - {anc}; fritter ( on the ground) - Tentacio; french fried ( at the bar) and burger with cola ( on the bench)- UNA ( Lunch day gacha); fastfood on the bar- Pixel Mode ( le Petit Chef items) ; burger ( in Nic's hand)- Cleo Design
Pictures taken Near the Phedora Shop; seagulls - TLC; orange juice and the bin - PLAAKA
Bye bye, Nic

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

a boathouse cabin for my boats

Click small picture to enlarge
As promised in another blog post, where i only showed a glass of champagne from Anna's Attic, i show you now the rowboat. They sell at Boardwalk this cute boat in which Nic is sitting. My advisor Dancer told me  yesterday, that she found a nice rowboat for me and so the idea of a boathouse with boats came in my mind. The rowboat from Dancer is the one with the curl. It's the daydream nautical bed. It is from the 25LT Event. Each Tuesday, some of the top Gorean/Fantasy/Role-play content creators Second Life has to offer will place an item or two in their main store marked for sale at 25ld. This fantasy boat is from ~*Souzou Eien*~. The other two boats are from unKindness from Nic's inventory.
The boathouse cabin is very cute. Land impact 40. The cabin has also a first floor and a balcony. I love the many windows from the cabin. The cabin can be unlinked. So i could use a piece to make the outdoor sitting place ( the dock) larger.
Nic's new car can be parked nearby. It is one of the gacha items from Serenity Style at the Man Cave. I love them all, they are super cool. This is a military 4x4 collection with 2 rares and 6 commons.  They are modi/trans but also resize so It can be use by adult avis or kids for fun.They can be driven or just use as decor.
I took the blue one for near the water and to use it for transport of the surfboards.
On the dock you can see the daybed with blankets from Raindale. comes with a hud for the textures and colors from all parts. Land impact = 10 (in default size). 20 solo, 20 couples (PG) animations +27 MF animations in Adult edition.
Inside the cabin you may be can see a lamp, two tables, a low cupboard (dresser) and a painting. Yeah i agree that you can't see them well. Will use them another time in a room setting. These furniture pieces are from THEORY and are mid century modern style.
Last important items from the decor are my totally adorable river otters from TLC. They are soooo cute. You get them upright, standing and swimming and upright, standing and swimming in a wet version. And there is an animated fish in the package.

Nic is wearing the newest group gift from Luas. Her hair is an old group gift from no.match. The skin is the newest group gift skin from WoW Skins. On the first picture without lipstick is how you get this omega skin. Boots from REIGN.

Dress with fur vest: Luas - Luas Elo Fatpack January VIP Gift ( free/ group join 50ld)
Skin:  .::WoW Skins::: .::WoW Skins::: Kamila GROUP GIFT ( free/ group join fee)
From inventory: hair - no.match ( GG/ group join 50ld); head - LeLutka; body - Maitreya

Boathouse cabin: Simple Things & Forever Summer - Michael's Modern Boathouse Cabin ( 40 landimpact/12x17/ 99 linden!)

Taxi to Boardwalk here
From boardwalk event:
Furniture inside the cabin ( see text) THEORY MID CENTURY MODERN FURNITURE  (NEW)
Boat ( at which Nic is sittng): Boardwalk Gentle Waters  from Anna's Attic (NEW)
Daybed: Raindale - Bridgwood daybed - bloggers (NEW)

Boat with curly front:~*Souzou Eien*~ -  ~*S.E.*~ Daydream Nautical Bed (25ld 25LT EVENT )
Military 4x4: Serenity Style at the Man Cave - Serenity Style-Military 4x4- (gacha/NEW)
River otters: TLC - TLC river otter*
From inventory: lights - {what next}; marsh pant - 3D trees ( marketplace); surfboards - Silvery K; rescue band - Spiders Design; 2 boats unKindness (old gift); bags - BAZAR; lantern - Serenity Style
Bye bye, Nic

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

i regret nothing

Click small picture to enlarge
"I regret nothing". Is this about drinking much champagne or about what Nic does in sl? Who knows. I see a hang over cure kit with pills, an eye mask, vitamins, a small bottle with a whiskey shot, chewing gum in the kit on the ground and on the bed the barf bag. That has to do with a hangover. Well may be the evening in this cosy love bedroom was a bit too romantic and thrilling and then she needed more alcohol. But she is looking fresh and happy. I think she is going to clean the room. Wearing her fur jacket over her beautiful sequin dress, that she was wearing the night before.

The sequin dress and fur jacket and the shoes are items from the Yume gacha from :::UNA::: at the Epiphany. Opens today. In that gacha are 1 dress (RARE with a color hud), 1 fur jacket (RARE with color hud) , shoes, body suits and skirts. I love this combi but also the skirt and body and jacket combi.
The decor is again made with furniture and knick knacks from the Boardwalk event. The bed, rug, the Amsterdam wall frame, and what you see on the nightstands are from ~The Green Door~. The chair and the tables (used as  nightstand now) are from[ Generation X ]. It is furniture for outside, but i like it also this way. On the wall a pulsing heartbeat sign and a hearts decoration with lights. They are from *SO* at Boardwalk. Yeah Valentines day is coming sooner then you might expect! So hearts and more are coming our way at the blogs and in the stores.
The fireplace is part of living room furniture from Dench Designs at Boardwalk. The fireplace makes the bedroom cosy in my opinion.

Dress, shoes and jacket: :::UNA::: at the Epiphany - The Epiphany . UNA Yume gacha (NEW/gacha)
Hair: Stealthic - Stealthic Fleeting (browns)
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins  (new location in the air) at the Event (former Fitmesh Plaza) - 7 Deadly s[K]ins - AQUA regulair (discount price)
Necklace:  - CODEX - CODEX-ZARAH necklace
From inventory: body - Maitreya;  head - LeLutka

Taxi to Boardwalk here
Chair and tables: [ Generation X ] at Boardwalk [ Generation X ] Boardwalk 2nd (NEW)
Bedroom items(see text) ~The Green Door~ at Boardwalk 19~The Green Door~ Alexandria Bedroom Set (NEW)
Fireplace: Dench Designs at Boardwalk - Boardwalk R2 - Dench Designs (NEW)
Heart decorations: *SO* at Boardwalk - *SO* Heart Decorations Pack  (NEW)

Sky box: =EliBaily=  - =EliBaily= Skybox ( i think an old gift)
Red bra: Love inspired - Red bra on the floor
Pipe rack and ashtray with pipe: 22769 at GachaLand - 22769 Pipe rack and ashtray with pipe (  2 gacha itms)
Hang over items: Mad Pea - MadPea Hangover Cure Kit
Frames right side of the room and black vases : Kraftwork - KraftWork Suspended Cabinet GROUP GIFT (free)
Guitar Nutcracker - Thunk! - Thunk! Guitar Nutcracker  Group Gift ( free)
From inventory:Tea tray on the bed - dust bunny; dogs - Black Bantam; hanging plants - dust bunny; bags - Izzie's ; pouf - Warm; champagne bottle - Contruct; wine rack - Pixel Mode
Bye bye, Nic

Monday, January 14, 2019

you make a cloudy day look sunny

Click small picture to enlarge
In rl the weather is changing from grey and rainy days in some sunny days and then again cold days. But you make cloudy days sunny. Sunshine for my heart. We are meant to be together.

To make your cloudy days a bit more sunny in sl this garden corner with flowers and benches can help. Nic is enjoying in festive mood her sunny dreams on the tree seat from Kix. The tree seat you can place around a tree (that's clear of course). Also the lantern hanging on a tree branch is from Kix. The bench has a hud  for animations and for recoloring the bench and the pillow and blanket. The four wood textures of the bench are: grey, like on the pictures, mossy and snow color. All is available at the new round of Boardwalk. Starts tomorrow.
From the event are also the champagne from Anna's Attic. At the event you can buy nice rowboats from that shop for just 99ld. I will show them in another blog post.
The wall behind Nic with the arch and the owl bench and flowers is another release at Boardwalk from EED Home&Garden. I placed the scene in a row. You can create a nice wall with arched corners with it. See below. In the decor cheese and bread trays from a set from CHEZ MOI. And the garden shelf with herbs is also from CHEZ MOI. The table is from a free set with chairs from Kraftwork.

Nic is wearing great items from amias. The top with the net top and the cool bracelets with the watch. All with huds with many colors. I love also the high waist shiny pants from Jeune by Rowne. Nic's shoes are from Essenz and the hair is from Exile.

Now an announcement: The very talented designer Tallux of the brand Gulabi opened his in world shop.In a very beautiful building!!! Seeing the building i said wow in rl.  I am blogger for him. He sold his clothes on Marketplace. Now in this cool building you can find his products. To celebrate the opening of the store, there is a launch sale of 50% off for group members on most items! Joining the group is free. The customer will get half the money back instantly, as long as the group tag is set to active.
Find the Gulabi store here.

Bracelets and watch: amias  was at CSR, soon in the main store but now under the skybox ;) - amias - SIGNY pack (NEW)
Top and net top: amias at The Level Event  - amias Sydne pack ( NEW)
Pants: Jeune by Rowne - Jeune by Rowne.Enza High Rise Skinny - Pink
Hair: Exile - Exile - Shape of You - Blondes
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins at The Event   ( formerly named Fitmesh Plaza)-7 Deadly s[K]ins - JUDITH lights pack skin Pineapple
From inventory: head - LeLutka; body - Maitreya; shoes - Essenz - Reclife ( old MM item)

At Boardwalk Event ( open 15th January!)
Tree seat and lanterns: KiX at Boardwalk - KiX tree seat and lantern stand (NEW)
Champagne: Anna's Attic - part of  Gentle Waters from Anna's Attic (boats will be shown later!)(NEW)
Spring garden with owl bench: EED Home&Garden at Boardwalk - Boardwalk 2nd - EED Home&Garden - BB Woodford (NEW)

Table: Kraftwork - part of KraftWork Gipsy Set GROUP GIFT (free)
Garden shelf: CHEZ MOI - Garden Shelf  * CHEZ MOI
Cheese and bread trays: CHEZ MOI - part of Orchid Patio Set (BLOGGER) * CHEZ MOI
From inventory: snow drops -[keke]
Bye bye, Nic

Sunday, January 13, 2019

the music room

Click small picture to enlarge
After some days of intensive cleaning from Nic's inventory and after a day with very nice meetings with friends i finally found time to make a new blog post. I made this music room in the Paris Loft sky box. It is an old gacha item (the Rare), but i could buy this one now for a very affordable price at Marketplace. Some furniture, that i used, is a preview for the upcoming Boardwalk Event. Starting 15th of January. And i used some items from this weeks Fifty Linden Friday and also i went with Nic to the Saturday Sale.
From the boardwalk Event are: the chairs, the round tables ( a clock version and a normal version), the blue planters and the rug from Storax Tree. The dominants piano ( with animations) from ~DsR~ ( RLV and BDSM furniture shop) and and the potted rubber fig plants from *Bent*.
From the Fifty Linden Friday are: the watercolor paintings from [FOURTH WALL], the leather lounge with blanket ( with color hud) from floorplan, and the cute cat from Jian. In the package are a companion and a wanderer version. Also available as FLF item at Jian is the Forest Cat. I already bought that one some time ago for the full price ( what a pity!).
The Paris cabinet from Madras i unlinked. The ornaments with candles are above the piano now and the green box is now used for the tabby cat. The chocolate drink in Nic's hand and the set on the table are gifts at Andika.
The table and the paperwhites are from the december gift from Granola.
The Paris books are from Madras and the Eiffel tower was once a gift from Yasum.

From the Saturday Sale is the sexy business jacket from Fashionably Dead. About the stockings i can tell you this. There are three versions: high, middle and low waist.They are recolorable. There is a hud with a cute animation for pulling up the stockings. You can choose this down version that Nic is wearing or the normal version. And there is a naughty wet version in the hud. Nic's shoes are a gift at the Designer Showcase event.

Jacket: fashionably dead - (fd) Sexy Business Jacket - Rose (75ld/ Saturday Sale)
Stockings: INFINITA - Style Pantyhose Mesh Gracia Rhombus Maitreya (free)
Shoes: ElvenElder at Tres Chic  - !EE Moon De Soul High heels (free/but gone)
Skin: 7 Deadly s[K]ins at Designer Showcase - 7 Deadly s[K]ins - AURA lights (NEW)
Nails: PS... at DS - PS...Nails Just A Shimmer HUDS(free)
Hair: DOUX - Doux Earth Hairstyle [Fatpack]
Pose: Salacity at Pose Fair - Salacity Vargas Girls 4
From inventory: head - LeLutka; body - Maitreya

Skybox: Apple Fall - AF Paris Loft Skybox RARE ( gacha)

Boardwalk Event (starts January15th);
Blue chairs, rug etc (see text): Storax Tree at Boardwalk-StoraxTree @ Boardwalk January (NEW)
Rubber fig plat: *Bent*at Boardwalk - *Bent* #RubberFig (NEW)
Dominants piano : ~DsR~ at Boardwalk- ~DsR~ Boardwalk Exclusive [The Dominants Piano](NEW)

From Fifty Linden Friday:
Cat: JIAN - JIAN Ragdoll Cat Collection (50ld)
Frames: [FOURTH WALL] - [FOURTH WALL] Woodlands Watercolour FrameCollection (50ld)
Leather lounger: floorplan. - floorplan. leather lounge / cream A (50ld)

Sleepy mouse: TLC at Japonica ( until Jan 14th) - part of TLC 'Fox's Den'*(NEW)
Paperwhites and table: Granola. - .Granola. December Group Gifts 2018.(free/ but group join fee)
French desk lamps: Park Ave. & Posh  - Private Label Gift French Desk lamp (free)
Chocolate drink and set: Andika  - //andika[[Unhurried time]]cup-wear and decor (free)
Flying music sheets: Boudoir - Boudoir Enchated Flying music sheets
Music book (at the piano) - Fancy Decor - Fancy Decor Music Book (gacha)
Beethoven, Händel, Mozart portrait: Fancy Decor - Fancy Decor Portraits (gacha)
Old Music sheets ( on the lounge ) : Nutmeg.  - Nutmeg. Old Music sheets (standing and floor)
From inventory: Paris cabinet - madras; tabby cat - Foxwood; Eiffel tower - Yasum (old gift); Eiffel tower books - MADRAS; violin - unKindness
Bye bye, Nic