Wednesday, September 30, 2009

#3 Time to get wild...

So I was going through my Dark Katz Hunt folder and mustered up this "wild" look:) I have never been a huge tat fan, but for my adverturous days I loved this wild cat print ^^ I love this look for Halloween,the red screams rawr!

  1. EtchaFlesh - Love cats body tattoo-Dark Katz gift
  2. Nosotr@s - Top & skirt-DK gift
  3. Fifferling-Mouth cross-DK gift
  4. Mstyle - Classic red nails-(150L)
  5. Evana-Skin-Midnight Mania
  6. Truth-Hair,Romy-Not free
  1. Sassy Kitty -Top & shorts-DarkKatz gift
  2. [HS]-Ruby red chain belt-DK gift
  3. [RQ]-Hair,Hope dirty blonde-Not free
  4. Fussy-X-posed boots-Not free
  5. On the catwalk-Skin,not released

Now for something sweet...

  1. [JT]- Candyset,rings,mouth necklace,& more..Luckyboard
  2. [soap] -Hard Candy Belt
  3. Sweets Party-Strawberry Cushion
  4. Pink Fuel-Skin,Diamond hunt
  5. Pr!tty-Hair,runway model Barracuda-Bangle/nails (not sure if still open?)
  6. Kim-Pink Mini-Mixed and Mingle Gift

Candy hearts & junk food..what more can you ask for,in a box? ^^

  1. Wisent Animations- junk food pose box,Dark Katz gift
  2. Paper.doll/STUFF-Candyhearts undie set

Just a quick post for tonight :)
Holli Thespian-The Barbie

Post #2..A Hunting I shall go..

So today I thought I would try and be a bit more organized with my hunt goodies, and TRY to combine more pieces to make one look :)
  1. Nayar-Mixed and Mingle(MM) Gift-Drawstring Tank
  2. Vixen-Hair. (MM) Gift
  3. Blackstar- Skirt,Hunt gift
  4. [JP]- Bandana,Hunt gift
  5. Obscene-Skin. @ Skin fair
  1. Black no.1-Skin found in grp notices!
  2. Thalias-Jeans,MM gift (comes w/another top)
  3. Nayar-Top,MM gift
  4. The Blue Pearl-Necklace/bracelet shown 20L for them
  5. Vixen-Hair , MM gift
  1. Axe Wear-Outfit,MM gift
  2. Mstyle-Pink Visa, 1L
  3. Jodiefied-Rainbow Neckalce,1L
  4. ETD-Hair,Felicity not free
  5. On The Catwalk-Skin,not released
  1. Axe wear-Outfit,Midnight Mania
  2. Jodiefied-Mute Rainbow Necklace
  3. ETD-Hair,Elizabeth,not free
  4. On The Catwalk-Skin, not released

  1. Blacklace -Lingerie sets,MM hunt gift
  2. Maitreya-Hair,Faye not free
  3. On The Catwalk-Skin,not released
  1. Damiani-Lingerie/Bikini,Skin fair gift
  3. On The Catwalk-Skin,not released/store closed

  1. Niniko-Big Shirt,not free (185L I believe)
  2. Belleza-Skin,grp gift
  3. Foam-Hair,store closed (?)
  4. Holli Pocket-Jeans,Classics-(120L)
  1. W&D -Red Trinity Jacket-1L
  2. Blaze- Boyfriend Buttondown,MM hunt gift
  3. Rockberry-Skin, Cinderella Hunt gift (past hunt)
~~ While I enjoy the awesome hunt gifts, I still shop and below is one of my most recent mini's :0)

  1. Karma.-Skin,Jolina-Not free
  2. Karma.-Hair,Diva-Not free
  3. C.Smit-Mini Dress Kylie-Not free..I HAD to have it :)
  4. Fussy-X-posed Boots-Not Free
  5. Iruru-Pearl Arm Brace-Not free

I'm starting to like this blogging craze..and getting the hang of it (yay me)

Holli Thespian-The Barbie

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

No longer a virgin ..x)

Hello^^ Some of you may know of my shop, Holli Pocket, and not only do I enjoy creating I LOVE to shop/hunt ANYwhere & EVERYwhere..So yeah, this is my first time blogging and I hope all the links works (lol)! Also, a big thanks for inviting me to guest blog Karina :)

Eventually my friend and I will be getting our blog together..but till then I plan to go blog crazy here!..Here goes..

I started to do the Mixed and Mingle Hunt (if you haven't attempted to do so, I would recommend waiting till all the shops are in place, quite messy) While I was searching I came across Nayar and they had some cute dollarbie tops!

  1. Nayar -Fishnet Sweaters tops 1l
  2. Belleza-group skin (250L fee to join) I lovve it!
  3. Truth-Farrah

Mixed and Mingle Hunt! (Just a few goodies that I found)

  1. Gift 1# Luck Inc -Complete outfit-Gotta love the boom cheek hanging out..its hot^^
  2. Nails-Although not free, when I saw these I needed them asap! *claws* Mstyle

  1. Gift95# Beauty Avatar- complete outfit & skin! I love the makeup colors..

  1. Gift 10# Kim-this is a new store to me, very nice attire :)
  2. Skin-Exodi-skin fair freebie
  3. Hair (left)-Dernier Cri (right)

More to come tomm. (hopefully) Beddy time^^

Holli Thespian-The Barbie

Monday, September 28, 2009

Saluym's Sassy Photography Studio

I'm doing a shameless plug for my friend Saluym Fallen because she takes awesome pictures (which anyone who reads this blog knows I do not) and she rocks! Edited profile pics are only 50L and up. If you interested in some pics please contact Saluym Fallen inworld. Some examples:

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Free Outfit at Badoura Designs

Many thanks to Mej for finding this one! Badoura Designs has this freebie out now as a group gift. Taxi to Badoura Designs.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Adam n Eve Freebie

Adam n Eve currently have out this cute snakeskin dress at their Hodgepodge location for free. It has two skirt options and you can find it here at Adam n Eve.


I out was wandering tonight and found a hair shop I had not been to before (as if) with a box that had some cute freebies called Kin. Some of the hair is a bit funky, but of course I managed to find one to buy as well. All their hair is 100L. Grab the freebies and check it out for yourself at Kin.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

+ Blacklisted +

Exclusive lingerie. It is more than a style. It is a feeling. Why? Because it's fun. Playful. Sexy. Chic under your clothes. Warm, with a fire on the bench. Naughty, no one sees it. Stylishly and with taste. Your body in lingerie that is worth it. A good feeling with colors to fit your body. Lingerie that accentuates your beautiful form. How often do you take the time to find something special?

In any event, lingerie is something of yourself. Nobody knows your secret, until you decide to show...

Blacklisted is a new store, initially releasing men's clothing. Recently the creator Gauge Laville decided to branch out into women's wear and poses. The lingerie shown here are from his Triple Threat Lingerie fatpack. When I received a copy of it I was immediately drawn to the fresh textures and the care for details. The little wrinkles and delicate lace trim are very well made.

Lonely Soldier, Cornbread, Be Starin'

And what in my opinion is the best quality of these releases is that they are not sleazy, but understatedly sexy. They can be ideal for seducing the one you love, but are also perfect as your little secret beneath that decent blouse you wear...

Kus Nere

P.S. The beautiful chaise I've draped myself onto is created by my friend Sophia Miasma who gracefully gave it to me for this shoot. Please visit her ManorDesigns store at her sim here to see what else she can make.

SD Wears

Just a quicky! Go to SD Wears and touch the subscribo to receive this beautiful Vestige dress...

Kus Nere

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Beachy Goodness

Wonderful end of season sale here. I love bathing suits, and I love especially SWIM. So I was excited to find that they are having a sale on their Build-a-Bikini items. Fatpacks are 25L and include several different tops and bottoms in the same pattern. Or you can buy individual pieces at 5L!!! At this price and with so many fun colors, you can mix and match to your heart's delight. And they always have a monthly dollarbie that is loads of fun too. Check it all out here at SWIM. My hair here is one of my favorites, Collette by Truth.

Poetic Colors

Currently has their Blue Autumn eyes out for free. Taxi to Poetic Colors.

Vinyl Cafe Boho Gowns

Vinyl Cafe currently has this fatpack of gowns for freeeeee. There are many more options then what I'm showing. You can find them here at Vinyl Cafe.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Perhaps some of you have heard of DeeTaleZ when it was still named Freesoul Design. DeeTaleZ offers a wide variation of avatar enhancements, not just men's women's and children's clothing, but also skins, shoes tattoos and even nails and hats. These are offered in over a dozen specialty shops. There's so much to offer DeeTaleZ has it's own sim making you feel you are walking through the city center shopping.

No wonder DeeTaleZ is referred to as Digital Avatar Artistry...

I chose this outfit since autumn is beginning in my part of the world and I felt like crawling away in a cosy sweater. This grey striped sweater dress just perfectly fits my mood with its long sleeves. It comes with the woolen socks and garters. The texturing on this dress is very refined and detailed. I'm wearing the Clara bustier from Insolence underneath to ad some sexy lace to the neckline, the leg warmers are from Cake and the sneakers from LiNe.

Another dress available in DeeTalez is this brown mini dress, which I'm not sure is even allowed to be called a mini dress... It's hardly covering anything and with its deep V-neck and it's lush texture it makes this dress one of the sexiest on the grid. And you haven't even seen the backside of it yet... Here's a little peek of the behind.

As I said, this is not by far all that is to be found in DeeTaleZ, tp over and check out for yourself what surprises await you there.

Kus Nere

Sunday, September 20, 2009

New Hair and Freebies at

Not as if I needed more reasons to be more endeared to this shop - has some super cute new freebie blouses and belts out as well as more hair. I'm wearing the new Rashelle hair in all these pics. Can find it all here at
Wide Waist Belt in Fruit Punch (includes two other colors as well).
Ruched Button Down in Spice
Ballet Sweater in Berry

Top2Toe Dollarbie

Top2Toe is currently offering the teal version of it's Izabela dress for 1L. This comes with a skirt and several top combinations. You can grab it here at Top2Toe.

The Macabre Hunt

The definition of Macabre is gruesome and horrifying; ghastly; horrible. That does describe the items in this hunt. So no real fashionista items in this one but some neat things for Halloween or just to freak out your friends. Not sure why but a lot of the shops seemed to equate Macabre with Alice in Wonderland and Little Red Riding Hood. If your interested in trying, your looking for apples and can begin the hunt at the starting point here.

Color Me Chaos - Interesting dress, hair and skin. What you can't see in the picture is the prim skirt actually "moves" and has smoke coming off it - pretty cool actually. (Bloody hands included).
Pixelbody - Nemesis Skin with Madness & Mayhem - Little Red Riding Hood (the outfit came with a very disturbing shape and skin as well).
VampArt - Creeping Beauty Skin with Distorted Dreams - Twisted Snow White Dress
Dilly Dolls - Darkened Snow White
Pie Hole - Wicked Queen. This is a complete avatar and includes a poison apple that kills you!
Sweeter then Candy - Alice outfit, complete with knife. This came with a skin and shape as well. My favorite of the hunt!

Friday, September 18, 2009

I'm up too late!

And I don't feel good.. but in the interest of bringing beauty to sl I will suffer for the cause and to bring you some quick freebies to grab:

Above and below - free dresses from Solange! Fashions. Lucky Dare in black on Melissa.
The Crystal City - Purple/Gold Allure Dress on me. Also the hair I have on this pic is from Exile which currently has all hair on sale for 100L!

Boots from Ordinary Designs currently for 0L. Outfit and skins are group gifts from *Staged*. 50L now to join this group (worth it and more) - check past notices.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


I was exploring a bit today and stumbled across a cute little store named Oyakin. I had never heard of it and immediately fell for the nice ambiance in the store. Oyakin has a small range of cute looking items and basics. In the above picture I am wearing the antique tunic in brown, which I just had to buy.

Then after being satisfied with my new purchase I found a closet containing some nice freebies. Among a few other items I found the cute leggings with the frills on the cuffs and the shorts. Also the dress on the last pose was among the freebies. I was excited to blog about this new find of mine and headed home to take some nice pictures. After all, a cute store ánd freebies on top of that! I knew I found something good.

Then I did my usual daily round of freebie blogs and was surprised to see Linda Mensing from Second Life 24h also blogged about Oyakin! That girl is so fast... Here I was left being proud of my own new discovery. Linda mentioned another group gift in the notices and in there I found the frills skirt in the first pose and the armwarmers. So many thanks to Linda for telling about the gift in the notices too! Proof that her blog is really worth following, youre sure to know about new things first.

Kus Nere

Style credits:
Hair: W&Y - hair 37
Skin: Curio - Petal Beach Pure
Tanks: !Ohmai - HighRise Tank
Pumps: Periquita - Beda Sandals

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Anya Ohmai has recently opened a little store of her own, named !Ohmai and I must say I'm impressed with her stock so far. She has a lot of very nice quality basics and currently all the white basics you can pick up for free!

The pocket cardigan on the left and the racerback and leggings in the middle are free. The color versions of these are very reasonable priced. I also found fatpacks with five colors of tanks available for only 5l a pack. I'm wearing the color Pig on the left and Orange on the right. In my opinion these are just perfect, they show just the right amount of boobage and are truly nice basics to mix and match with every outfit.

On the right I'm wearing my new high waist pants I absolutely love. They are from Karmic and my friend Dido tipped me of on these. The texturing is very nice and detailed, and I saw a few other bright and colorful clothes that are worth checking out.

I suggest you drop by these two stores and drop some lindens there! :)

Kus Nere