Monday, May 30, 2022

enticing sexy


Also with free items you can make your avatar sexy. Nic is wearing a corset mini dress. It's a groupgift for the Fabulous Free group at the GeMyles store. You can find the gift upstairs in the shop, near lucky chairs and near more gifts. For the denim part is a hud with some colors. The shoes i found at marketplace.

Corset dress: GeMyles - GeMyles  ( free/ Fab Free group gift)
Heels: E.A Glamour - E.A.Glamour  Heels Eusopia Gift ( 1ld)
Fur Stole: *T.Whore* - *T.Whore* Fur Stole Wild 
Hair: Stealthic at The Fifty- Stealthic Mesmer 
Stockings: Glitzz - Glitzz Ballerina Stockings
Gloves: toksik - toksik Entice Gloves 
From inventory: Necklace( loved) - Earthstones: Chihuahua - Rezz Room;skin- [7DS]; hair band with bow - *.:Shake:.*

Bye bye, Nic

Sunday, May 29, 2022

peace out


Time yes to peace out. She found a very good spot for that. In the afternoon sun at the beach. Most people are gone. The seagulls are expecting to get some food. A young coconut drink for her thirst. A towel and more in her new beach bag. Those you can find in the Saturday Sale at Hive. Her mint jacket is in the Happy Weekend sale at Vinyl. Many colors available. I love the stripes on the hood. In the shop you can buy a top to go with the hoodie. But i took an 1ld fatpack top of Blueberry to wear under the jacket.

Top: Blueberry - Blueberry - Lace Tops Free gift ( 1ld)
Jacket: VINYL -VINYL - MoonPie Jacket Pak Mint ( Happy Weekend Sale/60ld
Bag: hive // -  hive // flor beach tote (Saturday Sale/75ld)
Young coconut drink: hive // - hive // flor young coconut drink (Saturday Sale/50ld)
Hair: tram - tram K0925 hair
Extremewideleg trousers: *COCO* - *COCO*_Extremewidelegtrousers _white
Shoes: [ VERSOV ] - [ VERSOV ] LOLITOV white (free)
Sunglasses: {C.C.M} - {C.C.M.} Nerd Glasses n Sunglasses all colors ( 30ld)
From inventory: Seagulls - TLC animals;skin [7DS] 

Bye bye, Nic

Saturday, May 28, 2022



Daybreak. It's hard to wake up for her. Coffee and the attention of the doves around her will help. Nic is showing a new outfit from Adorsy at the Cosmopolitans Sales Room and new hair from Stealthic at The Fifty. The Fifty is a luxe, highly curated monthly shopping experience in one dedictated location from the creators of Fifty Linden Friday& FLF Events. The event opens at noon on the 25th of each month. 
The top of the Adorsy set can be worn without the sleeves ( see the second picture). Shoes in a fatpack you also can buy. No free items these were,but just what i like to show you. The earrings are however a gift of Kunglers at the Cosmopolitans Sales Room.
It can't be always feast with free items.😉
Top and Skirt: Adorsy at The Cosmopolitans Sales Room- Adorsy Athena set (NEW)
Shoes: Adorsy at CSR - Addorsy Athena shoes fatpack (NEW)
Hair: Stealthic at The Fifty - Stealthic Mesmer
Earring: Kunglers at The Cosmopolitans Sales Room - Kunglers - Yvonette earrings ( free)
From inventory: doves - Serenity Style; skin- [7SD]; pose - Le Poppycock
Bye bye, Nic

Friday, May 27, 2022

be a flirt


Two dresses i show you, because i got them in the same shop, the Black Angel Store. The first one for a sunny day at the beach. The second for later at the day, when you go drink a coctail. The dresses are gifts in the shop for different groups. Also lucky chairs there and groupgifts of the shop. I combined Nic's dresses with a leather jacket of Amias, using different colors of  the hud. The jacket was an old gacha item. The lolly and the drink are groupgifts of kotte. The hair is one of many gifts with hair in the bonbon group. Group join is 99ld. A very affordable price in my opinion, when you see how much you get. Under the dresses free leggings of Addams. You get a fatpack.

Flower dress: BA Store - BA Store Sandra Dress ( free/ for Lara Augusta Carnelia group/ free join)
Glitter dress: BA Store - BA Store Roberta dress ( free/ for in Suna Designs group/free join)
Legging: Addams - Addams  Zury leggings ( 1ld)
Hair: bonbon - bonbon Reiko hair (groupgift / many gifts/ group join 99ld)
Jacket: Amias - Amias Gaja Jacket ( old gacha item/ search marketplace sl)
Necklace: Ecru Couture at Cosmopolitan - Ecru Couture Bea Necklace  fatpack ( free)
Drink: kotte - kotte cream soda - blue ( free/ group gift/ group join costs)
Lolly: kotte - duo lolly ( free/ group gift/ group join costs)
From inventory: ring -Fapple; ring Earthstones;Skin - [7DS]

Bye bye, Nic

Thursday, May 26, 2022

everything of value is defenseless and vulnerable

Already three month have gone by since the invasion of Russia in Ukraine. Many many women and kids have fled to foreign countries. Peacefully living people all over the world don't want war. They want peace and happiness. Didn't we learn from World War Two! I can only be sad about this, thinking about all the unfree people in our world. So this blogpost is not only for Ukraine but also for all those who live in terrible circumstances. We need to bless every day when we have a good life. Everything of value is defenseless and vulnerable.
Now about the items in the picture. The dress is a group gift at Uni-qu3. Comes with a color hud. You can change the color of the front ( the one I made yellow) and the other side ( the blue part in the picture). You can make plain dresses. There are 12 colors in the hud. One didn't work well but all the others were ok. The ice cream I got from a dispenser. The dispenser is a group gift of Marmere. Fourteen gifts are there for you at a stand outside. Group join costs however. My hair with the clips is from Bonbon. You can also wear the hair without the clips. All clips can be colored separate

Dress: Uni-qu3  - Uni-qu3 Afrodite dress hud (groupgift/1ld)
Hair: bonbon - bonbon - layla hair (naturals) 
Choker: [LIZ] - [LIZ] Flower choker (free/groupgift)
Icecream: Mamere - Icecream stand with Ukraine dispenser ( groupgift/ group join costs)
Cardigan: Lunar - Lunar - Susy Cardigan - Midnight
From inventory: European kitty - Rezz Room; skin [7DS]
Bye bye, Nic


Wednesday, May 25, 2022

just imagine


Just imagine. In your imagination all is possible. Nic in the picture for example can be waiting with lots of luggage to leave for a better world. Away from the cruelties of the real world.
We leave the bad things of the world behind and focus now at what Nic shopped for you today. 
For 50ld you can join the Vaki Kvaki store group. Then you can pick up several groupgifts. For example this sweet skirt. The top I bought in that shop for a reasonable price. Nic's bag and the earrings are  group gifts of Kotte. Many group gifts you get, but group join is 99ld. The hat of Zenith is an old gacha item that i found at marketplace. The grey one was not expensive at all. And I could recolor the hat to match Nic's new top. The metals can be changed in silver. The funny, a bit naughty disco heels of Uni-qu3 are a groupgift. They come with a color hud. 
See at the close up from the keys, that it has a letter. You get it with a hud with the alphabet. So you can personalize it.

Top: VAKI KVAKI - black VAKI KVAKI  top ~Kule~ 
Skirt: VAKI KVAKI - cappuccino VAKI KVAKI  skirt~Nellie~ (groupgift/ group join 50ld/more gifts there) 
Heels: Uni-qu3 - Uni-qu3 Dirty Disco heels (1ld)
Bag: kotte - kotte spring bag ( group gift/ group join 99ld/many gifts there)
Earrings : kotte - spike earrings (group gift/groupjoin 50ld)
Hat:=Zenith= - =Zenith=Winter Sweetie Hat (Grey)( old gatcha item/ marketplace)
Hair: Wasabi // - Wasabi // Shiloh (F) Hair - Brunettes
Phone, keys and iced matcha drink: hive// - hive // out and about . iced matcha
Lamp post: Oh Deer! at Cosmopolitan - Oh Deer! London Calling: Lamp Post (free)
From inventory: Labrador- Rezz Room; Yorkshire - Rezz Room; vellum suitcases decor -  Bricolage ( old gift/ but with flowers on it 10ld here;Necklace - VOBE:pose -Le Poppycock

Bye bye, Nic

Monday, May 23, 2022

oh, look at me

Look at me. What a sunny dress in lemon, i am wearing! Good for warm spring time or summer days. You can get this one as a present at the Tres Chic event. The heart choker is a gift too there. I was looking around at many places and found gifts and free tattoo's at [Ame. Store] and a fatpack of pumps  at Seniha and flowers at the Cosmopolitans Sales Room. Yes i am a busy shopper. Coming home with hands full of bags and flowers. 😉

Dress: Amisar. at Tres Chic - Amisar. Agnes. lemon (free) 
Cardigan: Tetra - Tetra Off-shoulder cardigan 
Choker: Via Fulo at Tres Chic - Via Fulo Choker heart in gold and siver( free)
Pumps: Seniha. - Seniha. Sabinna pumps fatpack (free)
Hair: DOUX - DOUX - Alexa hairstyle 
Tattoo: [ Ame.] - [ Ame.] Sun Tattoo (1l)
Drink: [ Ame. ] - [ Ame.] Cute Cup in several colors (1ld)
Tulips ( rezz and hold): 8f8 at Cosmopolitan - 8f8 - Whites - Bouquet Cosmopolitan GIFT (free)
Backdrop: BellePoses - BellePoses Spring Break drop groupgift ( free)
From inventory: sunflower- Ariskea (old gift/not available); dog - Jian; table, chair, coffee, strawberry cake - Chez Moi; skin- [7DS]; bag- Tetra; flowers in left hand - [Shifuku]

Bye bye, Nic


jungle trip

A beautiful place to show you my new camo jacket in style. The jacket is the Fifty Linden Friday item of Vinyl. Also another color you can buy as FLF item. Other patterns are in the  Happy Weekend sale. You can buy tops and shorts to go with it too. But i combined all with groupgifts from Blueberry. The jacket can be combined with many pants. The pose, that i use, is in the Happy Weekend sale at BellePoses. You get them with a float drop. See the vendor below. And there is another one and many groupgift for beautiful picture making. The group is free. 
I love Nic's new hair of Doux. So cool to give yourself a style you are not so used to. Just dare!

Hair: DOUX - DOUX - Medusa hairstyle
Jacket: Vinyl - VINYL - Safe Flannel Pak FLF Camo Black ( Fifty Linden Friday/50ld)
Tank top: Blueberry - Blueberry - Group Gift - Tank Top & Denim Skirt - (free/ group join 20ld)
Sneakers: *chronokit* - *chronokit* High cut leather sneakers FatPack (new/ in sale)
Jogger: Blueberry - Blueberry - Group Gift - Joggers <3 (free)
Pose and the orange juice : BellePoses - BellePoses - Livia. (Happy Weekend sale/60ld)
From inventory: Chimpansee - Rezz Room; skin- [7DS]; necklace - MG (9mm joli petit fatal); body chain - Amias

Bye bye, Nic

Saturday, May 21, 2022

give me a reason


Give me a reason not to go shopping for free in sl. When you find quality free items the thrill of shopping for free is always there for me. There is an anniversary round of the Tres Chic event. Reason to go there for me and to see if there are nice findings. And yes i want show you some. The top is in the Scandalize gift. It is a fatpack with dress and top. Two bags, a necklace  and a fatpack with  mules i got also there for free. The jacket was some time ago at Addams in the sale. Now available as a mini pack. You can get a pack with five colors for the price of one of this jacket. Not that bad either. The high waist wide pants of Vinylas a new release at Kustom9. Comes with a hud for the belt and metals. Also wearing without the belt is a possibility. Useful when your top is a bit long, as i show you in the last picture. The blouse i got for free at GGVG Fashion. In the back of the shop are several group gifts. Group join is free.

Top: Scandalize at Tres Chic - SCANDALIZE. MARIE DRESS / TOP. Fatpack (free)
Fringe Jacket: Addams - Addams Exclusive // Jamila Denim Fringe Jacket // DENIM PACK2 
Pants: Vinyl at Kustom9 - VINYL - Eve Wide Leg Pants Pak White (NEW)
Hair: Wasabi at Kustom9 - Wasabi // Ash (F) Hair - Brunettes (NEW)
Shoes: G&D at Tres Chic - G&D Mules Jenette Fatpack (free)
Bag in left hand:  Clef de Peau. at Tres Chic - Clef de Peau.Birkin Bag GG (free)
Bag in right hand: Tantrum at Tres Chic -Tantrum - Tres Chic Anniversary Gift (free)
Necklace: Savin at Tres Chic - Savin. Key x Necklace - Pack (free)
Rings: AvaWay  at Cosmopolitan - *AvaWay* GIFT SINDY Ring #3 (free)
Blouse picture 3: GGVG - GGVG ASTER BLOUSE&SKIRT ( free)
From inventory: Spanial companion - Jian; cap - [DDL] ( old gift/not available); car - Serenity Style
Bye bye, Nic

Thursday, May 19, 2022

you can't stop the waves


You can't stop the waves. Indeed the waves in life come and go. She is waiting for Tjip to go play with her boogie board. Really cool. 
She is in a tropical mood  with this dress with fringe. A gift in the second round of the Cosmopolitans Anniversary. Yes you read it well a second anniversary round with also new gifts! 

Dress: Mimikri at Cosmopolitan  - Mimikri - Aloha Fringe Detail Dress beach (free)
Sandals: Cosmopolitan  Stefania Sandals // Fatpack (free)
Glasses: BONDI at Cosmopolitan - BONDI Cosmopolitan May 2022 Lemmy glasses (free)
Necklace: .::Supernatural::. at Cosmopolitan - .::Supernatural::. Kedima Necklace Gold (free)
Rings: *AvaWay* at Cosmopolitan - *AvaWay* GIFT SINDY Ring #3 (free)
Boogie Board: Gravity Poses at Cosmopolitan - Gravity Boogie Board Cosmo 10th anniversary gift (free)
Earrings: ED. at Cosmopolitan - ED. Orioda Earrings Gift (free)
Hair: Kuni in SoKawai Sunday Sale-  Kuni Lilith color hud pack (60ld)
Jacket in hand: [SHIFUKU] - [SHIFUKU] Holdable DenimJacket & Flowers (BLUE)

Bye bye, Nic
Enjoy your presents

icecream and coctails


At trip with Tjip. Icecream and a delicious marguerita coctail. He likes to spoil her. They are looking forward to a fresh dive in the swimming pool. Nic is showing you the anniversary gift of Scandalize. You need pick up two parts for two sorts of color huds. The plain one you find near the entrance of Scandalize. And you can walk inside to the room behind the counter. There is the second part of the color hud with patterns. Many super combinations you can make. You need be in the Scandalize group ( 20ld) and in the Melody group (free).
Nic's glasses are a new groupgift at Dialogue.

Tjip is wearing
Shorts and maguerita's with pose (and flipflops not shown): BROWN - BROWN 2205 PACK BEACH Short Drink Hand Pose Flip Flop & HUDS (90ld/promo)

Nic is wearing:
Dress: SCANDALIZE-SCANDALIZE-ASIA. FATPACK 1 (Scandalize group/group join 20ld)) and 2 (Melody group/free)( Anniversary gift)
Glasses: Dialogue - Dialogue ORIGIN glasses - group gift (free/group join 20ld)
Hair: DOUX - DOUX - Wendy hairstyle BASIC and [DELUXE HUD]
From inventory: skin-[7DS]; necklace Tjip- CODEX

Wednesday, May 18, 2022

early morning with the dogs


Early morning pondering. After a good walk with the dogs she found a nice spot at a little beach. The sun is coming through the haze. This morning i got from an old sponsor kit Pizzicato very nice high cut leather sneakers. He is from Japan. Happy he thought about me. The shop is called Chronokit. I blogged a lot for him. It was such a nice surprise. The quality is very good. Good textures, nice stitches. It is a new unisex release in his shop. In nine useful colors. So again not a blogpost with free items, but with things that i like to show to you. Forgive me. I do my utmost best to show beautiful free items or sale items in my blogposts. Yesterday i was enjoying shopping for Nic. I bought this nice hair and a silky top in a special model.

Shoes: *chronokit* - *chronokit* High cut leather sneakers FatPack (NEW/on sale atm)
Hair: DOUX - DOUX - Wendy hairstyle
Jeans: Addams - Addams piper
Top: Ascendant at Anthem - Ascendant - Foxy Crop Blouse 09
Backpack: Mr. Poet - Mr. Poet Backpack 
From inventory: dogs - Rezz Room (Shiba Inu and a Labrador); skin- [7DS] 
Bye bye, Nic

Tuesday, May 17, 2022

the last train to ...


Yes..... may be to Georgia and then further to some sl friends in the United States. But in the song it is the midnight train to Georgia. First a cigarette before leaving. No i don't smoke in rl. But here Nic does smoke because of the cute poses.
The cardigan was too warm so she has packed it in her suitcase. Also better to show you the backside of this dress of GIZ SEORN. A gift at FaMESHed (50ld). She did her hair in an updo, a groupgift hair of Faga. The cardigan is in a groupgift of Ecru Couture. Comes with a color hud.  

Dress: GIZ SEORN at FaMESHed - GIZ SEORN: Rosalie Dress [Black] (gift)
Cardigan: Ecru Couture - Ecru Couture - Debra FATPACK - GROUP GIFT (free)
Updo hair: Faga - FAGA - Dove Hairstyle - [PRO PACK] Groupgift (free)
Long hair: Rama.Salon - Rama.Salon Better Kimmy
Bag: Amias - Amias Gaja Bag coral 
From inventory: skin- [SD]; chihuahua - Rezz Room; cigarette - [ Kunst ]; stockings - Blushed
Bye bye, Nic

Monday, May 16, 2022


It was a hot weekend for Nic you can see. Today not so many free items. A bit different today, because i love this jumpsuit of Liziaah so much. There are some groupgift in the shop. A pity however they are a bit old i guess. The shoes are a groupgift at N-Core. I am wearing the shoes Paula lace. Elegant. You get many groupgifts, but there are group join costs. I am already for years in that group. The ashtray is a gift at Dutchie. Many gifts there. 
Jumpsuit: Liziaah - [LIZ] AJea Jumpsuite mait/Leg/HG/Reborn/Freya[Black}
Shoes: N-Core - N-Core Paula lace  black ( Group gift/group join costs)
Hair: Doux - Doux Mecca hairstyle
Collar: FAIKEICON- FAKEICON / mary gems collar / black 
Ashtray: Dutchie - Dutchie ashtray (gift)
From inventory: American Bully Puppy - Rezz Room; skin- [7DS]; bag - [DDL];cigarette - kunst; poses - Le Poppycock 
Bye bye, Nic 


Sunday, May 15, 2022

Happy Weekend all!


Happy weekend all. I did some shopping this morning and found nice things in the Happy Weekend sale. The top of COCO and the cheese fries of Hangry. I was last week too late for the Fifty Linden Friday hair at Wasibi, but found in the shop the FLF hairs in a corner for an affordable price. When i was at COCO i found the sneakers for a very affordable price too. They come with and without socks. The bag is a 10ld gift at marketplace. Happy Nic today.

Top:*COCO*- *COCO*_LaceCropTop_White ( Happy Weekend Sale/60ld)
Sneakers:*COCO* - *COCO*_Sneakers+Socks_PaleGrey ( affordable price)
Jeans: ROULY - ROULY :: The Ripper Jeans - Basic
Hair: Wasabi // - Wasabi // Klara FLF Ed. Hair - Absolute Pack
Heart earrings: Wasabi - Wasabi // Heart Earrings - Group Gift (free)
Fries: Hangry - Hangry - Cheese Fries ( Happy Weekend Sale/60ld)
Bag: ::ALTER:: - ::ALTER:: Bianca Bag with Pose TIFFANY ( 10ld)
From inventory: Sheep dog static - Marketplace; skin- [7DS]; Chihuahua Companion- Rezz Room

Bye bye, Nic

Saturday, May 14, 2022

what are the plans today?

Nic and tjip in Paris. You still know tjip may be. He is the alt of Nicandra. I use him as partner for couple pictures. And to show free male items. Today for example he is wearing a free jogger pants.
Nic is wearing lingerie from the easter hunt at Ricielli combine with stockings from Silvery K. The scene is made with the Onsu appartment, that i had in my inventory, long ago a gift. Now at normal price in the shop ( affordable price). I used a free pose, that i got at the Cosmopolitan event. 

Nic is wearing:
Lingerie: Ricielli - Ricielli - Roxy Lingerie Easter Hunt 2022 ITEM # 06 It's one piece item ( 15ld)
Hair: Yomi - [Yomi] Iris Hair
Tattoo: [White~Widow] - [White~Widow] Unsane - White 
Pose: B(u)Y ME: at Cosmopolitan Event - B(u)Y ME: Request CP. ( free/ comes with another chair)
From inventory: stockings - Silvery K 

Tjip is wearing:
Jogger pants: Redangel - RD - Austin Joggers ORANGE (All Bodies) ( free/gift fab free group)
From inventroy: Head - Catwa; body - Signature ( Gianni); body hair - Signature

Scene made with : chair, table and picture - Nutmeg/ReKa; Bread with egg - Dahlia, love plant - Hive ( free/groupgift), Cappuccino - Dahlia; sky box - Onsu ; curtains - Nomad
Bye bye Nic

Thursday, May 12, 2022

dangerous place?


A little bit creepy is this place. So it's good she has her Doberman dog with her to defend her. She had to do some shoppings her for the blog. The bag was bought nearby in the Happy Weekend sale. Several sorts available. Comes with a hud to change the colors of what is in side the bag. I thought this striped one match nicely with Nic's shoes. The shoes i found in a pack with more shoes on the counter at ChicChica. The legging is in a fatpack gift of Vision at Marketplace. Also at marketplace i found the milkshake as a gift.

Hair: Stealthic - Stealthic - Lilium (Browns)
Legging: {Vision} - {ViSion} // Ivory Leggings - FATPACK - GIFT <3( 1ld)
Shoes: :::ChicChica::: -  :::ChicChica::: Gift shoes  (free)
Top: fleur. -fleur. kenna top / pattern 2 
Milkshake: Dahlia - Dahlia - Sara - Milkshake - Pumpkin (free)
Bag: Midna - Midna Isla Bag ( happy weekend sale/60ld)
From inventory: Doberman - Rezz Room; lipstick- Reviver; skin- [7DS]; locker - Earthstones
Bye bye Nic