Friday, July 31, 2015

in the city

The girls in the city. Shopping but not for themselves. No presents for others. I think a book because he likes reading. She wants to surprise him.

Again some items from the Aloha Fair. Told you before i found many nice things. Nita shows you the jumpsuit and the glasses from the Fair.
Because Nita needed a new beautiful skin, i went to Lara Hurley to watch for the free skin. It gives Nita a bit a model-like look.
Nic shows you the gift from the Shey group. Fee to join. Nic's updo hair is from marketplace from A&A. I changed the color a bit.

On Nita: :
Sunglasses: J&A at TAF - J&A Sunglasses with hud (free)
Jumpsuit: B!asta at TAF - [ B! ] :BLOOMING HIBISCUS: Peach ( also in turquoise) . Silk jump suit(free)
Hair: TRUTH HAIR - TRUTH HAIR Essena -  variety (free SOM)
Skin: Lara Hurley Skin -Lara Hurley Skin - Amber(Group Gift) (free)
Shoes: Promagic - *PROMAGIC* Drug -Skin (free)
Necklace: FaiRodis - FaiRodis_Smartphone_in_cover_with_silver_chain2_pack (1ld)
Necklace: Cazimi - Cazimi Innara gold&peach partial set (1ld)
On Nic:
Blazer/skirt/ and boots: Shey in group notices- SHEY - Funda Mesh Set (free/ but group join fee)
Hair: A&A - A&A Sonera Hair Sand  blond (1ld)
From inventory: jewelry Nic - WTG ( shop is gone); black bag - Slink (old); peach bag- Creamshop ( shop is gone)
Pictures taken near the Gossamer shop.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

tu es magnifique

Life is there,..Is takes you by the arm..Oh la la la
It's wonderful..Days, all blue..Luminous kisses..It's wonderful
To give away your heart..With a bouquet of flowers..Oh la la la......c'est magnifique

The two ladies in gowns. The brown one from Nic is one day free at Paris Metro. It comes with appliers for belleza omega and slink. Walk in the shop. It's on the wall to the right. The  emerald gown from Nita is from Patulas House, a the sexy back. Nita wears a new skin. It makes her young. The skin is a gift from violetta.
The hair from Nic is a new gift from Amacci. In the package all colors.The shop gets a renewal.

Hair: Nic: Amacci - Amacci Hair - Alva - Free Gift
Brown gown: Paris Metro - Paris METRO Couture: Wolfr Flamingo II Chocolate w Appliers (free/1 day)
Blue gown: * Patulas House - * Patulas House Cian-Emerald colors Melani Dress
Skin Nita: violetta - violetta. -on a rainy day skin June Gift 2015
From inventory: eyes Nita ( at Fab free headquaters); hair Nita - Dura; head piece - Truth; jewelry- WTG ( shops gone)
Bye bye, Nic

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

whispering wind

There's a whispering wind..I feel it inside..Like a place I can feel...But never will see
Let a whisper come touch you..Come touch everything
Like the whispering wind..You sent to me..I watched your dreams

Because i wanted show some items at once in one blogpost. I took my younger sister and renewed her. She got mesh feet. New mesh eyes. New shoes. And so she could help me to show you two items from the Aloha fair. The dress and the necklace.  Nic wears a top from the Aloha  fair. Comes with a hud for more texture options. The super jeans .. so loose and comfly i got at the mini mania at Wicked. The hair i found at marketplac, a gift from rezology.
My sister still wears a skin from long ago. I need refresh it too, but had no time today.

Nita wears:
Taxi to Aloha -
Necklace: E C R U at Aloha Fair - TAF- Gift 2015- E C R U.TAF- Gift 2015- E C R U.(free)
Dress: M&M at Aloha Fair - TAF- Gifts 2015- M&M STYLE (free)
Eyes: Mayfly at Fab free headquaters - - Deep Sky Eyes (Medium Onyx) (free)
Hair: :::Phoenix::: :::Phoenix::: Laura Hair Groupgift (wear me)( free/ group join 50ld)
Shoes: *PROMAGIC* - *PROMAGIC* Drug -Skin (free)
Mesh feet: Patula's House - * Patulas House Feet Female High (25ld)
Nic wears:
Hair: rezology - rezology Save The Quenn ( 1ld)
Top: *Stars*Fashion* at Aloha Fair  - *Stars*Fashion* Top with frills - Gift (free)
Jeans: WICKED * - WICKED * Lisa - Jeans (Sky) (free/ Mini mania)
Shoes: B!asta also at Aloha Fair - [B!] :PHI PHI ISLAND: Latte . Wedges for SLink Mid (NEW)
Pictures made at: Whispering Wind.
Bye bye, Nic

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

in the summertime

In the summertime when the weather is hot..You can stretch right up and touch the sky..When the weather's fine..You got women, you got women on your mind
We're not dirty, we're not mean..We love everybody but we do as we please..When the weather's fine
We go fishin' or go swimmin' in the sea..We're always happy....Life's for livin' yeah, that's our philosophy...

Many items from the Aloha Fair. I walked around an evening to pick up all the gifts and i will show you some of them today and the next days.

Nic shows:
Taxi to The Aloha Fair here
Swimsuit: Prism- TAF- Gifts 2015- Prism (free)
Bangles: Ghee - Ghee Aloha Bangles (Gift) (unpacked)
Shoes: ArisAris: - ArisAris AA43 Shimming Altitude Canvas Blue (free)
Pose together with ball (scroll below): XXY poses - TAF- Gifts 2015- XXY poses (free)
2 Head flowers on top: Vanity - TAF- Gifts 2015- Vanity Hair (free)
Lower head flower with color hud: Iconica - TAF- Gifts 2015- [iconica](free)
Necklace: ~Tantalum~ Aitreyu Necklace Gift*
Ring: Vintage Touch - Vintage Touch Gift for the Aloha Fair (free)
Tattoo: Infected - Infected - Absolute Tattoo (Appliers)
Denim vest and long skirt: Sweet temptations- Sweet Temptations Gift
Tjip wears:
Shorts: NoName - : TAF- Gifts 2015- NoName
click small pictures to enlarge

Bye bye, Nic

Monday, July 27, 2015

tous les plaisirs de l'été

Quand sur la plage ..Tous les plaisirs de l'été ..Avec leurs joies ...Venaient à moi..De tous côtés
L'amour offrait l'éternité..A cette image...De la plage ensoleillée..C'est bien dommage..Mais les amours de l'été..Bien trop souvent...Craignent les vents

When on the beach..All the pleasures of summer..With their joys..Come to me from everywhere
Love seems to be for eternity..  at this image from the sunny beach.. But it's a such pity..the love of summer...Far too often fears the winds.

I think it is the hair and the way Nic looks, that makes her feel like Brigit Bardot. The hair is a groupgift from Phoenix. Group join 50ld. No prize for such a lovely hair.
Another summer set Nic shows you. This one is a gift in the Brii shop. Comes with the shoes.
Brii has now a bikini hunt ( scroll down to see some pictures). The shirt is again from !gO!. it is a good one with many clothes not only a bikini.The bag is another present at the Aloho Fair II. Nic is waiting at home till the Fair opens on a box from Apple Fall with a free cushion from Apple Fall ( many sorts in the box)

Hair: Phoenix - :::Phoenix::: Laura Hair Groupgift (wear me) ( free/ group join 50ld)
Bag: DEW  at AF - TAF- Gifts 2015- "DEW"
Shirt: !gO! - !gO! lila Shirt -1 (NEW)
Outfit with , jewelry,sunglasses, tattoo at the back and make-up : Brii - **ESTER BOHO BLUE STYLE SUMMER VERSION COMPLET OUTFIT **(free)
Bikini with fringe: Brii - BBH #07 **DESIDERIA SUMMER 2016 VERSION RISQUE STYLE COMPLET OUTFIT ** (1ld)
Bikini blue/ white ( also in black/white): Brii- BBh#04  **DEIA SEA VERSION RISQUE STYLE COMPLET OUTFIT ** (1ld)
Cushion: AF - LTD Cushion Collection (free)

Pictures taken at my home location (All welcome /expo now pictures from Holland/ Isle Tiengemeten)
Bye bye, Nic

the heat is on.. it burns

The heat is on, Inside your head, on every beat, And the beat's so loud, deep inside, The presure's high, just to stay alive, Cause the heat is on..I've been looking out for you.
You locked yourself inside
Do you feel the burn?..Does it ease the pain when you close your eyes?..Would you give in to your desire...i would burn it down for love.. take my hand and i'll lead the way

Nic in a super cool set from !gO! A new release. You can choose several sorts of bikini's and lace shirts. She needs it because the heat is burns. The sun hat helps. It is the Vanity gift from The Hair Fair. Hair fair is over now. But may be you grabbed it. I combined it with hair from LeLutka.
The wedges are from Ben's Beauty a promo at the moment.
The bag with flamingo's is from the Aloha Fair II .. the event is still closed but i cammed and could grab this one and more. The event starts 27/7 till 10/8 2015

Bikini: !gO! - !gO! Lila bikini - 5 (NEW)
Shirt: !gO! - !gO! Lila shirt - 1 (NEW)
Shoes: Ben's Beauty - Bens Boutique - Marina Platform (Slink High) Promo now
Bag: ..::KnocKeRs::.. at AF - ..::KnocKeRs::..Vintage Summer Tote-TAF-Gift 2015 (1ld)
Hair and Hat: Vanity at HF - Hair Fair 2015 - Gift Box - Vanity Hair ( was free/ HF is over)
From inventory: lemon drinks (free) - Apple Fall;water melon - +9; hair short - LeLutka ( Inverted); chair - Pixel Mode
Pictures made at: Heavens Gate
Bye bye, Nic

Sunday, July 26, 2015

final day

This is our final day...This is the final thunder...Up on your roof so high...Let's stay and wait for the morning...Even if it's not in sight..And if our final day has come...Let's pretend to carry on...And if the end has now begun...Live on on..

Yes it is a sort of final day. The Hair Fair will come to an end.. Not so dramatic as the text above.. but it is worth to mention, because you can use this final day to get what you not already grabbed! Run people run. And another final day will soon be there: the end of my Attic ( at The Deck) july round. So run to get the summer outfit that Nic shows you. In may colors available.
Nic throws away all the dress forms longer needed, when it is the end. The dress forms you can get at Remarkable Oblivion . It is one of the many groupgifts that you can get there. Group join is 50ld.
Nic wears one of the hairs from Elikatira. Showed another one of the three gifts already before.
And as the end comes we need angels .. the necklace "angel's secrets"will help...It is a very good gift from Pixel Box. You can put a picture in it, so you take your angel with you..mine is grey, as you can see. It can be weared open or closed..Thanks Dancer for the tip.

Outfit: Leri Miles Designs at my Attic ( july) - LMD Cyndi Coral (NEW)
Necklace: Pixel Box  - PIXEL BOX - Necklace "Angel's Secrets" (free)
Hair: Elikatira at HF - [e] Chantal - Essentials (free)
Dress form: Remarkable Oblivion - RO - Dress Form Mannequin Container ( free/ group join 50ld)
From inventory: Shoes - Shey
Pictures taken at: Sarawak

Bye bye, Nic

Saturday, July 25, 2015


As I look around a vacant room..I see nobody left here to play...Cause I made myself a prisoner...Shackled up by all my fears..But I feel you breaking away, out the walls..Make them fall, make them all disappear..If you hold me now...Then I surrender, surrender.

This back to the fifty's swimsuit from Wicked is so sexy, that i used it more as a corset for a sensual scene. It is a hunt gift at the Beauty Lies Within Hunt.
The bedroom from Pixel Mode i also want to show you. It's a new release at Shiny Shabby.  It comes with the two end tables and the pitcher basin.The two lamps are from another bedroom set from Pixel Mode. The bed is for mature (58 animations) and pg (33 animation) and without animations.  I added from [keke]  the roses and the bottles with flowers.
The blindfold is from Tabou Irresistible, july groupgift.
Scroll for more pictures!

Bed:[PM]Pixel Mode at Shiny Shabby - [PM]Pixel Mode - Millmoon  Bedroom  (NEW)
Roses: [ keke ] - [ keke ] rose hearts - red
Tray with flowers: [ keke ] - [ keke ] summer tray w flowers - red
Swimsuit: WICKED - Wcked * Bettie - Swimsuit (Fire) (1ld)
Dotted shoes: CGG Palm Beach Pumps in Black for SLink HIGH Feet
Hair: Entwined at Shiny Shabby - [Entwined] Alessa - Naturals (NEW)
Blindfold: TI - ::TI:: Group gift - July (free)
From inventory: Lamps - [PM] Pixel Mode (Josephine); Scarf -Septem Esssentia
Pictures made at: Umbral

Bye bye, Nic

please come home

Why don't you please come home...come on home... you've been gone way too long
As times go by my days go by slower.. you've been gone way too long..come on home...

Nic prepares a warm welcome with potted lavender.. can't get enough of it. Nic went to the cosmopolitan sales room for this lovely gift. She wears a jumpsuit from Brii. Walk through that shop and  you can find all sorts of gifts. This jumpsuit also in white for example. Love the bow on the back. You see the belly of Nic. This is because the belly came through the jumpsuit. When i took a bigger size the alfa from the Maitreya mesh body you still  could see at the back side a bit. so i decided to wear Nic's size M ( no alpha's needed ) and let the belly peep through. I liked the suit  this way. But it was ment to be totally black at the front side.
The beautiful long hair  is a release at Shiny Shabby from Entwined. Thre sort of lovely hairs are released. Nic's eyeshadow and hair dress is the subscribe-o-matic gift from Musa.

Jumpsuit with shoes : Brii - **ELZA BLACK VERSION CASUAL STYLE COMPLET OUTFIT ** (free)
Hair: Entwined at Shiny Shabby - [Entwined] Olivia - Naturals (NEW)
Hair dress and makeup: Musa - **!Musa! Subscribe Gift July.2015
Lavender: at CSR - cynphul Lavande [Cosmo Gift] (free)
From inventory: Thistle - owl ceramic (once was a gift); earring, armband  and phone- MoiMoi ( old gift named selfie)
Pictures taken at my home place

Bye bye, Nic

Friday, July 24, 2015

a relaxed man in his beach chair ;)

click small pictures to enlarge

A relaxed man in his beach chair. It's vacation time and he feels good. Love to see this. About what is he thinking? He can dream all day. Mister Grey in relax mode.

Nic is busy with her sunoil. Always afraid to get to much sun on her skin. Today she is a bit in a mix style. A bit sweet with her groupgift lace dress from !gO! and a bit dark with her bull nose chain and her black hair. Her hair is from Besom ( former Soonsiki).
Tjip shows you the new Gizza groupgift. The tank top and relax pants. He also wears a t-shirt in grey, sunglasses and slip-on shoes from Brii ( gift)

On tjip:
Tank top outfit: Gizza - GizzA - July Group Gift [Men] (free)
Grey t-shirt, sunglasses and  slip-ons: Brii - **JONH GREY VERSION TRAINING STYLE COMPLET OUTFIT ** (free)
From inventory: Hair - Argrace
On Nic:
Dress:!gO! -  !gO! Felina - Group Gift (free/ but group join fee)
Hair: *Besom - *Besom~JADE gg (free)
Bull chain: !The Little Bat - !TLB - Bullet Chain Set (free/MM)

Bye bye, Nic

the secretary and her boss?

Hmmm secretary and her boss? It can go this way..
Oh it's what you do to me..oh it's what you do to me.
When i compliment her she won't believe me...Her lips, her lips ..I could kiss them all day if she'd let me.. These are thoughts the boss could have...

Tjip wears an outfit from Lineal Rise Design from the Midnight Mania board. Same set but with a bit another texture from the jacket is a groupgift there. Group join is just 10ld. Tjips hair is from Bade at the Hair Fair.
Nic wears a secretary dress from M*Motion. The new groupgift. Nic's hair is  also from the Hair Fair.

Tjip wears:
Outfit: Lineal Rise Design - LRD MM Board Men July/Aug 2015 (free)
Hair: Bade at Hair Fair - Hair Fair 2015 - Gift by [bade] (free)
From inventory: Shoes - Hoorenbeek
Nic wears:
Dress: M*Motion - M*Motion C15-08 Secretary Dress (free)
Hair: Blues. at HF  -Blues. Lunaire - FATPACK (free)
From inventory: Shoes - Shey; earrings - Brii ( free/ hunt gift); Armband - FineSmith ( free)
Pictures taken at: The library

Bye bye, Nic

Thursday, July 23, 2015

people get ready

One Love! One Heart!...Let's get together and feel all right...One Love! What about the one heart? One Heart! What about - ? Let's get together and feel all right..

Tjip  with Bob Marley hair. Gift at the Hair Fair.The vest with shirt is a new release from ::K:: at Shiny Shabby. new round started last days. There are several color possibilities.
Nic wears a bit a warm combination , warm dress and boots. It is from the hunt at Brii. You also get the necklace and make up. I wear the make-up from another hunt gift as well as the earrings. Hair from the Hair Fair again.

On Nic:
Dress boots and necklace: Brii - Dulce JBH#10 (1ld)
Hair: Iconic at HF -ICONIC-HAIRFAIR-GIFT-2015 (free)
From inventory: earrings and make-up - Brii ( other hunt gift - see post before this one); suit cases (shiny shabby gifts)
On Tjip:
Vest and shirt: ::K:: at SS - ::K:: Villa Vest Homme/Femme@Shiny Shabby July (new)
Hair: Sage at HF- -S- T.i.U Gift Pack ((Natural Colors))(free)
From inventory: Shoes - Kapone; piercings - Kibits ( former Pekka); earring (gift) -  19MC; necklace - Just you jewels; Pants - KlubWerk
Pictures taken at: Psy City

Bye bye, Nic