Monday, November 30, 2015

i will pick them up in the evening

We will go there in style with the oldtimer to pick-up the chandeliers. We go use them for Christmas decoration. They are gorgeous. Sitting in the back of the car Nic shows you some of the new chandeliers from Silvery K. 50% off during the event. There are more colors. You can get them at Sa-Na-Rae, ..It means ( in korean) wings of angel. Healing your soul by Dream Ocean  peaceful and calm ,.. .. a nice winter event.
At the event are in the middle of the place some lucky boards. Nic shows you the Paris ring, the blue eyes and the blue hair from those board. Go there and enjoy the event and the lucky boards.
Nic wears a super coat (unisex) from :: K:: available at this round of Shiny Shabby. Comes with and without innershirt. There is a hud for the inner shirt. And for an elegant style i needed elegant shoes. These are the newest shoes from H@S. In the shop you see them in black. But the shoes come with a recolor hud. So i choosed blue for the blue inspired post today. See some close-ups below

Shoes: H@S - H@S Miss S Patent Leather - Multicolor (NEW)
Coat: ::K:: with scarf at SS-::K:: JD Overcoat Homme/Femme@Shiny Shabby Nov. (NEW)
Hair: barberyumyum at SaNaRae - *barberyumyum*53 (mix blue)(free/ LB)
Chandeliers: Silvery K at SaNaRae - *:..Silvery K..:*Chandelier2015(NEW/ 50% off during event)
Ring: #187# at SaNaRae  - #187# Paris Ring Winter Silver BOX (free/ LB)
Eyes: { more more } at SaNaRae - { more more } Pure Eyes 3Color (free/LB)
Nails: Ashmoot at EVA - AsHmOoT_Beauty Coll_FNP Shiny Glitter H [SLINK HUD] [BOXED]
From inventory: Jeans - FA Creation; glasses- MINIMAl ( free, see post before this one)
Pictures made near the Tentacio shop.
Bye bye, Nic

Sunday, November 29, 2015

roller skater Nic

Leri Miles Designs has a nice hoodie in a gatcha machine at The little Sideshow -Otb Gacha fair ( till 4th ofdecember). You can get hoodies with ice stars or with reindeers on it in several colors. The hoodie  comes with a short top. I made the look a bit warmer. Used a shirt under the top.
I was in gatcha mood today and yesterday. Juliet and Laura learned me how to handle  my gatcha problem.. cough..cough...  I now go search for what i want at marketplace. And so i found my cute long eared Jerboa (from Half-Deer), my roller skates ( from The Secret Store), my box with sweets (oldie from Tentacio, but i still wanted this one) and in my home is now a cool waffle machine ( just 1 prim) from dust bunny. Just one wish left: nail polish with drops outside the bottle from Tres Blah. Noooo i don't go to that treh Blah gatcha place Laura... evil you!
The bag in a bag is the black friday groupgift from Shey. My sweater around the waist is a wearable demo from Orange*Pekoe. The cute glasses are a gift at MINIMAL. Necklace with wings is a tantalumgroupgift at
About the hair: Magika has some hairs in sale at marketplece ( 100ld off from the normal prize). I bought this hair so i could show and tell you about that blackfriday sale from Magika.

This was an expensive weekend, with all the super sales. But i enjoyed it.

Hoodie with attached small top: Leri Miles Designs at OtB Gatcha Fair - LMD Gacha Winter Hoodie #7 (NEW)
Sweater around waist: Orange*Pekoe - Orange*Pekoe - M&M - Uniform start pack ( 1ld/ wearable demo)
Hair: Magika ( marketplace black friday sale) - magika -01- Itch ( 100ld off from normal prize)
Bag in bag: Shey - Shey Milano Bag Black Friday (GG/free)
Necklace: ~Tantalum~  -~Tantalum~ Adri Winged Necklace* (GG/free)
Glasses: MINIMAL - MINIMAL Groupgift (GG/free)
Long eared Jerboa: +Half-Deer+ at marketplace -  +Half-Deer+ Long Eared Jerboa [Snow Deer](75ld)
Vintage Roller skates: The Secret Store  a Marketplace - The Secret Store - Vintage Roller Skates - Candy (50ld)
Sweet box: Tentacio at Marketplace - *Tentacio* sweet box RARE
From inventory: top under top- Atsumi top ( marketplace); Jeans- FA Creations ( Jessie)
Pictures made at: Hollandaise
Bye bye, Nic
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Saturday, November 28, 2015

nearly advent

Its nearly advents time. "Do you make advents posts Nic", Dancer asked me. I said: "yes.. i like it". " I'm not in the mood for Christmas", she said.."Oh why not" i asked. "Because of the cold weather".. And i totally agree with that. I love sunny and warm weather, but in sl i love snow and pictures in wintertime and Christmas. So i am glad to present to you the first advent clothes from this year: The red sweater from Luziefee. Nic wears it on an old group gift from Modanna, the pencil skirt. The pumps i bought at Glamistry. Some time ago i suddenly received a card with 300ld credits from that shop. With a bit money of my own i could get these pumps. I love these elegant shoes.

The green hat and the green dress you can find at EVA round 16. Eden of Virtual Arts a bi weekly sales event. The hat is from Xen's hats. The dress from Two Foxes. More colors there. Because of the cold Nic also wears a warm parka with fur over her dress. Not always easy to combine two mesh items together, but this worked. I will make tomorrow a picture of the back part of the dress and add the picture then. Now i need go sleep.
At Pixel Box are at the moment several Christmas trees under every tree i found a gift. Nic shows the necklace from Pixel Box.
The pose with throwing snowflakes (last picture) is a gift at Creators Collection Box. The pose with the christmas box i also found there as a gift.
Oh and the Hummer ( the  huge white car) is a group gift today at the Kingbal Store

Red sweater: Luziefee - LUZ - 1st Advent 2015 (free)
Skirt: MoDANNA - MoDANNA [GG May 2015] Pencil Skirt Black (free)
Hat: Xen's Hats at EVA round 16 - XH Asteria Hat Desert Sage Green (NEW)
Dress: Two Foxes at EVA - TF Asteria Dress Desert Sage (NEW)
Shoes: Glamistry - Glamistry Ramonda Heels ( bought with a random given credit card )
Parka: ::Moonstore:: - ::Moonstore::Mesh Ladies Parka / Fur1 (10ld)
Necklace: Pixel Box - PIXEL BOX - Necklace SEE (box)
Pose: DDD at CCB -DDD_Present box with Handpose_box (free)
Pose:  LDG at CCB - LDG-Let Snow Go Pose Props Gift (free)
Hummer: Kingbal Store - KS HUMMER H3 WHITE GIFT (free  only today)
From inventory: Hair - Truth ( Essena)
Pictures taken at: Cape Juniper, Hollandaise

Friday, November 27, 2015

prey or prayer

He will help her with her prayers or will help find her prey. He knows what she wants. Wisdom and prayers both can help.
Nic with her symbol of wisdom ( the owl) is standing near an Japanese rack with fortune telling paper strips (omikuji or omikuzi).
We are thinking about the victims and their family in Paris.

But Nic was also busy with more simple things: finding things in sl for you. And there is a lot to inform you about. All the Black Friday sales are overwhelming. It gives  me nearly high blood pressure problems. ;) There are so many attractive sales. One of them is the sale at Elika. All hairs 50ld till 6 december!!!Gorgeous. I recommend the hairs: Noire ( on the pictures), Katharine, Dylan and Estelle ( blogged before on an event then). Noire is a good one for wearing under hats. The others are all relatively new hairs.  The dress, boots and stockings are a gift at Brii. I went there because of .... yes...ofcourse ...the Black Friday sale. 500 items are in sale 50% off. Nic's French bonnet is from a black friday outfit as well as her glasses.
The snow owl is from a gatcha machine at Silvery K in the mainshop.

Hair: Elika - [e] Noire (50ld /black friday sale till 6 december)
French bonnet and sunglasses: Brii - part of  **LEVANAH BLACK VERSION WINTER CASUAL STYLE COMPLET OUTFIT** ( in black friday sale)
Outfit+ necklace and boots: Brii - **GARETH WINTER ROCKER STYLE COMPLET OUTFIT **(free)
Snow Owl: Silvery K -*:..Silvery K..:* Magical Gacha [snow owl]15 (gatcha)
Pictures made near the Silvery K shop.

Bye bye, Nic

black friday sales and a present

Now is the time to grab what you always wanted for a sales prize, Because of black friday i got lots of notecards about it. At amaible is a black friday present the warm cosy muffler. Comes with a hud for 5 colors. And it comes in rigged and non- rigged version. Nic was wearing the vest with shirt from StormCrow Designs in the warm yellow tones already. Showed this before on the blog in pink and turquoise (here) Now in black friday sale  prized ( 80ld!!!!)  The yellow has the cute dots. With the muffler Nic was looking warm and cosy. In the blackfriday sale at amiable i saw this long wide pants ( nearly a skirt). It combines all very well. All in the Stormcrow shop is 50% off till sunday midnight.

Muffler: amiable - {amiable}BLACK FRYDAY2015 Special Gift(free)
Loose wide pants: amiable - {amiable}Frilled Loose Wide Pants_YE(50% off  sale/ 100ld)
Vest with shirt: StormCrow Designs: SD VEST/SHIRT WITH HUD (50% off 80ld/ black friday sales prize)
From inventory: Boots (Serena) - Bens Beauty; hair - Argrace.
Pictures made near the amiable shop
Bye bye, Nic

Thursday, November 26, 2015

she needs a master?

What does she want to be? Submissive or not? You should think so when you read the name of this new ligerie from *ZD*: leather slave harness in black. There is also a white , grey and brown version.
The peeking blindfold is cute. May be a sign that she wants to know all, what will be done. Not so submissive! The gag also is included. Nic's heels are at the Midnight mania board at ILLI.

Leather harness: *ZD* - *ZD* Leather Slave Harness Black (NEW)
Pumps: ILLI - ..::ILLI::.. Black Pumps (MM/free)
From inventory: Hair - Argrace (Hotaru)
Pictures taken at: Umbral 

Bye bye, Nic

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

blowin' in the wind

click small pictures to enlarge and see details
Yes, how many times can a man turn his head..Pretending he just doesn't see ?Yes, how many ears must one man have..Before he can hear people cry ?...Yes, how many deaths will it take till he knows
That too many people have died ? The answer my friend is blowin' in the wind
The answer is blowin' in the wind.Text parts from Bob Dylan... still very vivid in my opinion.

On the pictures Dancer  and Nic and the wind. Their struggle is much simpler, then the struggle in the song.
Again nice clothes from M*Motion, from the lucky board. The sweater has near the hand and on the breast a light brown part with M*Motion on it. A sweet detail. On the pictures hidden under the new necklace from Pure Poison. The woodland boots are from [QE}. Join the group for 50ld and you get these boots and a dress in orange. Nic's hair is the subscribe-o-matic gift from Miss.C. You get a fat pack.
Dancer wears shoes from The Dirty Turkey hunt. Already tjip showed them but now you can see them in another color. The hunt will soon be over! Dancers outfit is from the Midnight Mania at Entice.Necklace from Pixel Box.

Nic wears:
Sweater: M*Motion - M*Motion C12-24 Cropped Sweater LB (free)
Skirt:M*Motion - M*Motion C12 -24 Skirt LB ( free)
Necklace ( + earrings): Pure Poison -Pure Poison - Aisha Jewelry Set (NEW/99ld)
Hair: Miss C. -Miss C. - Alice Subscriber Gift - Fat Pack(Wear Me)
Boots: [QE] - [QE] Woodland boots ( free/GG/ 50ld group join)
Nails: Alaskametro - alaskametro "harvest nail polish appliers ( free/ get the code on alaskametro facebook/promotion tab/ click the board in the shop/ fill in the code )
Bag: Illy from the tdbmp hunt - ..::ILLI::.. Hunt Handbag (Halloween Edition) (1ld/ still there)
From inventory: hat - LeLutka (old)

Dancer wears:
Skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins -  -7 Deadly s{K}ins - Kittie (LC/ free)
Hair: Tameless- Tameless Hair Beatrice - Naturals (Freebie)
Outfit with jacket, shirt, jean: Entice - Entice - Come Join the Murder - MM prize, group only board (group is free to join)
Shoes: [nn] - [nn] Clark Sneakers NoName - men's hunt prize for the Dirty Turkey Hunt, but can be resized to fit women :) ( 3colors)(free)
Necklace - PIXEL BOX - PIXEL BOX -Necklace Time Machine (free)
Pictures made at: near the Besom shop
Bye bye, Nic

Monday, November 23, 2015

winter outfits part 2

Again winter outfits and christmas trees. Love these also very much. Making pictures in the wood with the flickering and all the glitter from the christmas trees from Silvery K made me in the mood for christmas with all the lights in the dark. Below you see Nic in her circle of lights in the dark wood.
Yeah it's early for christmas posts, i know. But make up your mind.. now it's the time to buy your Christmas tree. I recommand these shiny glittery ones. Although i like the simplicity around christmas too. We need not forget that it started in a poor situation. Let us use lights to show where we stand for .... for love and unity.

The pink dress is the welcomes gift from M*Motion. Comes with a hud with 4 clors( brown, grey, black and pink)
The warm sweater with skirt set is from amiable for The Creators Collection Box. Love the bows at the sides and the lace part of the skirt. The hair is from Damselfly at On9. Love it.

Pink dress: M*Motion - M*Motion Special Thanks! Group Gift (free)
Sweater and skirt set: amiable at CCB - {amiable}Long Knit Bow Sweater with Skirt_Pink(NEW)
Hair: Damselfly at On9 - *~*Damselfly*~*Henny Rigged-Mesh Dark Blondes (NEW)
Necklace: Moon Amore - :Moon Amore: Luise -Tiny Flowers Tiara (Pink) used as a necklace.
Pulsin star halo in hair: keke - Gift from [ keke ] (free)
Christmas trees: Silvery K at CCB - *:..Silvery K..:* Christmas trees (NEW/ 30% discount at event time)
From inventory: Boots - Bens Beauty
Pictures made near the Vespertine shop
Bye bye, Nic
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Sunday, November 22, 2015

favorite winter clothes

For snow and frost are these outfits very useful. Looove them. It's Mama Tunwarm from M*Motion, who designed these warm new clothes. The red sweater is from the lucky board at the HoOOochan town mall. The white one is a new release in the shop. And because there is color hud it isn't very expensive in my opinion. You can combine it with a lot. The hair with hat is a groupgift from BC322 Skull&bones. Comes in 4 hair colors. It was first available in a hunt as i was told.  The cowl scarf is from Lutricias Luxurie ( from a hunt last year). The boots are from Ben's Beauty. Showed them last year too. But they are so cute that i am happy to wear them again.

Behind Nic two christmas trees from Silvery K. New releases for the Creators Collection Box. 11/21(SLT0:00).2015 start----- 12/12.2015 close. You can get more colors. 30% discount during the event.

Red sweater: M*Motion at HoOOochan - M*Motion C15-24 Rolled Neck Sweater LB (free)
White sweater: M*Motion - M*Motion C15-25 Knit One-piece (NEW)
Hair: BC322 - *BC322 KnitCap Group Gift(box) (free)
Christmas trees: Silvery K at CCB - *:..Silvery K..:*Christmas tree(Mesh)(NEW)
Poses: Le Poppycock at TCF - *Le Poppycock* Skin Deep B (New)
From inventory: skis - the Weather Channel (from long ago); boots - Bens Beauty; legging in grey - Karla Boutique; jeans - monaLISA; bag - Mr. Poet; Cowl scarf - [L]
Bye bye, Nic

Saturday, November 21, 2015

be prepared

Christmas morning will come soon. May be you want decorate your home.These goodies around Nic are so cute. To begin with the trollley with drinks and wine behind Nic. It is a subscribe-o-matic gift from Aphrodite. I was in that shop to watch two dinner tables. One with sweets and the other with christmas sushi, sandwiches, cheese  and more. Realy making you hungry, when you see it. I recommend to go and see. Then the  christmas coffee (1ld), pudding (1ld), icecream (1ld) and wine (10ld), at marketplace from Frangipani. The wine bottle you can give away and you can add your personal label. Great gift for friends. Love all the tiny details from the Christmas goodies.
Nic wears a corset and a silly pijama. Two different styles to surprise him. And you even can give him such a silly pijama too. Ever an Angel opened the Ever For Men shop. Group join there is free. And the gift is transferable. Cosy silly times together!
But first the Americans get ThanksGiving. Nic sexy dressed in red for that! See below.

Pijama: Ever an' Angel -  Ever An' Angel - Nov''15 Group Gift (free/ but for women group join fee)
Same pijama for him: Ever for men - Nov'15 Group gift ( free/ group join free/  and transferable)
Corset top: Moonstore - ::Moonstore:: Jean Top //Black (10ld)
Red dress ( below): BlackRose - Blackrose Halter belted Dress (free)
Coffee (1ld), icecream(1ld), wine(10ld) and pudding(1ld): Frangipani 
Trolley: Aphrodite - Aphrodite drinks trolley (free)
From inventory: Hair - little bones, shoes - Pure Poison ( was a group gatcha gift); Panties - Maitreya
Bye bye, Nic
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Friday, November 20, 2015

the first snow in the morning

Sunglasses for the whiteness of the snow. First snow today and Nic wants to go out for a drive. The open car and the first outfit was too cold for her belly.So she decided to take the black car and this outfit from BlackRose. Love both outfits. The first one i won at the lucky chair at Brii. Make-up and sunglasses  included. And see my new winter friends the raccoons. Found them in a gatcha machine at Mutresse.

First outfit+make-up and sunglasses and more: Brii - **CLEONICE WINTER STYLE COMPLET OUTFIT ** (free/lb)
Long dress: BlackRose - BlackRose Cowl Dress  Grey Striped (free)
Boots: ISON - ISON - cult riding boots (black)
Boots: ISON at C88 - ISON - leather knee boots (black) (NEW)
Necklace: Ninety - Ninety Venus necklace  with color hud (free)
Raccoons: Mutresse - Gasping and dancing racoon ( they has animations)( gatcha)
Fom inventory: Hair - little bones (girl)
Pictures taken at: Park Circle
Bye bye, Nic